“I Kickass” from KickAssKandy

"I KickAss" from KickAssKandyHere we are with a review of the best KickAssKandy film of all time. Yes, the best of all time. Here’s my review of I Kickass, which features “possilby the most powerful Kandygirl of all time,” according to the KickAssKandy web site. 

First, let me tell you a little story about a girl named Vixen. I think we’ve only mentioned her once before, but she is absolutely an A-List Kandygirl, right up there on the same pedestal as Hi-Kix, Silver, and a select few others. She’s a tall, incredibly sexy blonde, with an absolutely flawless figure. And I’ve always been a big fan, but what I didn’t know is that she is truly a great actress.

"I KickAss" from KickAssKandy"I KickAss" from KickAssKandy"I KickAss" from KickAssKandy

You see, I’ve seen her one more time than everyone else in the fan base. And that’s because on top of the custom that will kick off this summers forthcoming Kandy Crisis saga featuring Hi-Kix, I also commissioned a second custom starring Vixen. And my God, was she great in situations that she normally does not play in a KickAssKandy film. Now, to the review.

In a black catsuit and boots, Vixen rounds a corner and gets a phone call from Kandyman himself. And he tells her that Silver has come out of hiding. She arrives at Silver’s hideout, knocks on the door, and comes face to face with a masked goon who won’t let her in. So to distract him, Vixen unzips her catsuit and gives the goon a little preview of what’s underneath before punching him in the nads. She then proceeds to absolutely destroy him like she has done to so male goons in the past.

"I KickAss" from KickAssKandy"I KickAss" from KickAssKandy"I KickAss" from KickAssKandy

She enters another room and finds another goon and after taking a punch, she decimates him as well. Vixen then sneaks up some stairs and runs into one of the bigger male goons I’ve ever seen in a Kandy film. She hits him twice across the face with a clipboard, but it doesn’t hurt him at all. He then grabs Vixen by the waist and hoists her into the air. But she breaks the hold with a headbutt and hits another low blow. She then hits a couple more kicks and punches but she is shocked to see that he is still on his feet and pretty much unhurt. But she eventually gets the better of him when she gets behind him and hits three hard punches to the face.

Vixen easily takes out two more male goons and then we get to one of the things that makes this episode so great, and that is the introduction of the female minion to the KAK world. More on this later. But the female minion isn’t alone. She has two other goons with her, one who sneaks up behind Silver and locks on a choke hold. And then the female minion comes in and starts hitting stomach punches on Vixen. The female minion then hits a roundhouse kick and the other goon hits some hard face punches.

"I KickAss" from KickAssKandy"I KickAss" from KickAssKandy"I KickAss" from KickAssKandy

But Vixen fights back, drops the two male goons, and sends the female goon down and onto a couch. Vixen pulls the female goon up by her throat and hammers her with punches and a kick to the face. But the female goon fights back, hits some kicks to Vixen’s face and pushes her away. But in the end Vixen is too much and she knocks her down with a hard punch to the face. She then destroys the other two goons and then heads off to go find Silver.

Since this is the best KickAssKandy film of all time, there are four things I need to discuss.

1. The KAK custom program – It’s incredible and I can speak from experience. Just look at the last three releases. We got the awesome beatdown of Skarlet and her friend by Diva. We got Ella Palfrey in a tremendous looking Wonder Woman costume. And we got this film. Not to mention the Kandy Crisis event coming this summer. All of the films mentioned above were customs. All four are different films with different scenarios and appeal to different tastes. But the one thing they have in common is that they are all awesome. If you are interested in a Kandy custom, here you go: http://KickAssKandy.com/custom/ And yes, they will do peril.

"I KickAss" from KickAssKandy"I KickAss" from KickAssKandy"I KickAss" from KickAssKandy

2. Vixen – Yeah, I’m not done talking about her. I’ve said that Ella is the best martial artist of the girls and that Diva is the most athletic, but nobody is more physical than Vixen. And I think one of the things she does better than anybody is deliver kicks and punches that look real and extremely powerful. She just really is the whole package. A top of the line performer in all respects.

3. The female minion – I imagine most of you noticed but just in case let me tell you that this character was played by none other than Clare Elise herself. And kudos for the man that goes by the name of Darklord over at the KAK message board for thinking this up. The main event which is coming is obviously Vixen vs Silver. But instead of having Claire sitting on set all day doing nothing, why not throw a mask on her and make her a goon? I wish I would have thought of something like that. We have had a Darklord post at this site and I don’t think they are the same person. I imagine Darklord is a popular internet name, but whoever you are out there Darklord, thank you. This was phenomenal.

"I KickAss" from KickAssKandy"I KickAss" from KickAssKandy"I KickAss" from KickAssKandy

4. I have not had a chance to ask Kandyman yet, but since the Silver vs Vixen fight is F/F, I’m guessing he is going to release it under the KickAssFemmes label. Maybe next Friday? Don’t quote me on that. It’s just a guess. I don’t know for sure. Kandyman visits this page so I am sure he will let us know.

My only gripe is that I wish it was a bit longer. I would have loved to see Vixen struggle a little more with the big dude and also go at the female minion a little more. But that doesn’t stop me from still calling this the best KickAssKandy film ever made. And I hope you all give the Vixen experience a chance, because she is a special performer.

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11 comments on “I Kickass” from KickAssKandy

  • Jun. 6, 2014 at 9:52 am

    This episode was incredible! Absolutely the best film I have seen from them. More female minions in the future would be great.

  • Jun. 6, 2014 at 12:00 pm

    Thanks for another wonderful review Sidekick and cheers Jerkstore too. You are correct, this does lead on nicely to an epic battle between Silver and Vixen, crossing over nicely to Kickassfemmes. Whether we release that next week, well, it’s up to you guys – how wants it?

  • Jun. 6, 2014 at 12:47 pm

    Is she bearhugged for while?? I’d like that!

  • Jun. 6, 2014 at 3:33 pm

    I have been waiting for a vixen release on kickassfemmes

  • Jun. 6, 2014 at 4:41 pm


    I think you may have taken the following “He then grabs Vixen by the waist and hoists her into the air” as a bearhug. It isn’t. She is just lifted in the air, not squeezed.

    And I vote for the Vixen vs Silver release this Friday. And so does HM. I am legally authorized to speak for him in all Vixen vs Silver related matters.

  • Jun. 6, 2014 at 6:20 pm

    Up for ANY KAF release!!!

  • Jun. 7, 2014 at 2:40 am

    I too vote for Part 2 to be released on Friday – it’d be criminal not too! What better way to celebrate the start of the World Cup!

  • Jun. 8, 2014 at 3:18 pm

    YES! Great movie. The female minion was the best aspect to me. More female minions please, and put them in catsuits too 😀

  • Jun. 9, 2014 at 7:48 pm

    I’m so glad you liked my KAK custom, Sidekick. If you think this is good, wait until you see part 2 – I’m sure you won’t be disappointed!

    I have commented here on HM before, but there are at least 2 “Darklords” around here.

    I have to say, Vixen is absolutely AWESOME – I saw the comment recently (here, or on the KAK forum ??? – I can’t remember) that no-one wears a catsuit as well as Vixen, and while that can be open for debate, I agree – she is a delight to watch in a catsuit :) Vixen has appeared several times in Kandyman’s heavier, leather (?) catsuit, but not, that I could recall, in one of his tight spandex ones, so that was a request I made when ordering the custom, and K’man delivered – she looks amazing clad in skin tight spandex!

    I’m also glad you liked my female minion, Sidekick, – every villain should have one (or several ! ) As you say, it would have been nice to see Vixen go at her a little longer, but as it was, what started out as one 9 minute project became two 10 minute episodes! Now that Kandyman has the costume, hopefully the female minion will re-appear from time to time.

  • Jun. 9, 2014 at 8:16 pm


    Thanks for posting! I didn’t like your custom, I loved it. I still hold that overall it’s the best KAK movie ever. It was just executed so well and I think everybody enjoyed the female minion idea. Hopefully it’s not a one time thing and Kandyman will use the female minion again.

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