“The Invincible Iron Girl” Indiegogo Campaign

by HM

Invincible Iron Girl 1 175x98 The Invincible Iron Girl Indiegogo CampaignIf you’ve ever wanted to contribute to an Indiegogo campaign to bring a superheroine parody film to life, here’s your chance: The Invincible Iron Girl is in development right now, and the producer is actively seeking contributions. (Thanks to Stagger Lee for pointing this out in a comment).

The Invincible Iron Girl

Oh hey there Super Hero fans! Thanks for stopping by to check out my “awkwardly desperate plea for donations towards a project that will create zero profit”, or ADPFDTaPTWCZP for short.

Now before you leave thinking, “Zero profit!, why the hell should I give my hard earned money just to enable this guys naive, fetishistic dreams of someday possibly being a neurotic, depressed out of work filmmaker?” Which is, in all honesty, a valid but pretty harsh question. Go easy man, let me tell you more first.

The film

Will be a short gender bending parody of Iron Man, played by a woman as Iron Girl. The story involves Iron Girl having to stop a Mutant hunting Sentinel that has run amock.

My last film Thor vs Loki was a similar Marvel comics parody and is free to view here.

My films, if you haven’t guessed already, showcase the sex appeal of super heroines dressed in skin-tight spandex. They are campy fun and definitely worth repeated viewings. This film will be no different.

Click here for more info…

Invincible Iron Girl 2 560 The Invincible Iron Girl Indiegogo Campaign
Invincible Iron Girl 1 560 The Invincible Iron Girl Indiegogo Campaign
Invincible Iron Girl 3 560 The Invincible Iron Girl Indiegogo Campaign
Visit The Invinsible Iron Girl Indiegogo campaign

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1 Stagger Lee July 31, 2013 at 4:39 pm

Thanks for the shout out! Now let’s see some people fund this!!! I want my custom message :)

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