“The Invincible Iron Girl” Indiegogo Campaign

"The Invincible Iron Girl" Indiegogo CampaignIf you’ve ever wanted to contribute to an Indiegogo campaign to bring a superheroine parody film to life, here’s your chance: The Invincible Iron Girl is in development right now, and the producer is actively seeking contributions. (Thanks to Stagger Lee for pointing this out in a comment).

The Invincible Iron Girl

Oh hey there Super Hero fans! Thanks for stopping by to check out my “awkwardly desperate plea for donations towards a project that will create zero profit”, or ADPFDTaPTWCZP for short.

Now before you leave thinking, “Zero profit!, why the hell should I give my hard earned money just to enable this guys naive, fetishistic dreams of someday possibly being a neurotic, depressed out of work filmmaker?” Which is, in all honesty, a valid but pretty harsh question. Go easy man, let me tell you more first.

The film

Will be a short gender bending parody of Iron Man, played by a woman as Iron Girl. The story involves Iron Girl having to stop a Mutant hunting Sentinel that has run amock.

My last film Thor vs Loki was a similar Marvel comics parody and is free to view here.

My films, if you haven’t guessed already, showcase the sex appeal of super heroines dressed in skin-tight spandex. They are campy fun and definitely worth repeated viewings. This film will be no different.

Click here for more info…

"The Invincible Iron Girl" Indiegogo Campaign
"The Invincible Iron Girl" Indiegogo Campaign
"The Invincible Iron Girl" Indiegogo Campaign
Visit The Invinsible Iron Girl Indiegogo campaign


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Stagger Lee
Stagger Lee

Thanks for the shout out! Now let’s see some people fund this!!! I want my custom message 🙂