Jasmine Sinclair in “Superwoman: Weak and Bound”

Jasmine Sinclair in Superwoman: Weak and Bound[Adults only] Superheroine Peril has introduced a new video starring Jasmine Sinclair as “Superwoman,” who finds herself doing battle with, as the site says, an “infamous evil female megalomanic, Nina.” The costume and effects looks nice, and there’s some sexual content too.

Jasmine Sinclair in Superwoman: Weak and BoundSuperheroinePeril-WAB-3SuperheroinePeril-WAB-4






SuperheroinePeril-WAB-20SuperheroinePeril-WAB-21Jasmine Sinclair in Superwoman: Weak and Bound


Sexy Jasmine Sinclair transforms into Superwoman to confront the infamous evil female megalomanic, Nina.

Nina’s attempts to kill the mighty super heroine with a gun fails as the bullets simply bounce harmlessly off her chest. But the evil woman has a backup plan, and when she pulls out a synthetic crystal made of a new compound called Ninomite, the powerful super heroine falls to her knees in pain.

Nina beats up the weakened super heroine as she lies helplessly on the floor before knocking her out with a metal bar.

Superwoman wakes up to find herself bound and tied in cuffs, and Nina enters the room in a sexy black catsuit.

Superwoman is then subjected to the humiliating ordeal of being groped, prodded and violated by the evil megalomaniac. Weaker than a human, strapped and bound against her will, and helplessly under the control of Nina, Superwoman succumbs to Nina’s biding.

Superwoman has no choice but to bend to Nina’s will and when Nina starts kissing Superwoman’s neck, the heroine finds its easier to enjoy the experience than fighting it.

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I also echo Kaizars comments, good material but just wish it was more regular. Quality models and costumes, mainly just kissing and fondling with most of the material from what ive seen on their sites.
Certainly more potential with this producer,and would consider having a custom with them, I really think they should consolidate their sites (supersexhheroines/ultrasexyheroines etc ) to keep it simple.


This looks great. They have MY money.


@sugarcoater – is there any sexual peril beyond what is pictured? Ie fingering, dildo play, etc? Or is it basically just a make out session? Lol

Either way still tempted…


I also love this site and echo Kaisar’s comment about the length between updates, but perhaps that’s what it takes for such quality material. Bought this video and was quite happy with it. What you see is what you get. As for the filming, it looks to me to be standard definition.


I love this site.

I just wish it wouldn’t take so long to make new videos each time. But its all good anyways, so I’ll stop my bitch’n.


I agree with GigaFiend. The models wear their costumes very well. Does anyone know if this is in HD (which is usually 720p) or standard def.?


Some very attractive models for this little flick… I may have to check it out! Too bad they didn’t use the other model that was in the first three… That brunette who is one of the most goregous women I have ever seen! Anyone know what her name is?