KickAssKandy and Next Global Crisis to Team Up?

KickAssKandy and Next Global Crisis to Team Up?Here’s an interesting piece of news: Kandyman, the producer over at KickAssKandy, is joining forces with Next Global Crisis on a story-arc that is expected to span several episodes involving characters from KickAssKandy and BadAssKandy.  See below for more information. 

Now, there’s a good chance you may be familiar with both, but if not, here is some info, Q&A style.

Q. What do you know at this point?

A. Not much. I do know that starting this month the two producers are going to write scripts for eight episodes that will tell the ongoing story of the war between Kickasskandy and Badasskandy. Remember, this is just the writing of the scripts. The actual release of these movies is probably several months off.

Q. What is Kickasskandy?

A. Kickasskandy is a girl power/spy girl website featuring stunningly beautiful models fighting a seemingly endless army of goons and always prevailing. The production values are first rate and the films are all just a blast to watch. In the last year they opened a second website called Badasskandy. It features much of the same content as it’s sister site, but the girls are “bad.” Although the primary focus of both sites has always been girl power, they have recently experimented with F/F fighting and in my opinion, peril.

Q. Are there any episodes you would recommend?

A. All of them. Seriously, I don’t think they have ever produced a bad one. But, if I had to pick one it would be Sex, Lies and Kick Ass Tape. This was the first ever crossover between the two companies. It was their first real attempt at F/F fighting and the good girls seemed to be in real danger of losing the fight, hence, in my opinion, peril. For me, this may have been the single best film of last year in the “girl power” genre.

Q. What is Next Global Crisis?

A. Next Global Crisis is a superheroine site that offers incredibly high production values, and in my opinion they consistently tell the best stories the genre has ever seen. They have beautiful models, incredible costumes and they are the one website that I think challenges Zen Pictures for title of best producer in the superheroine genre. They are that good.

Q. Are there any episodes you would recommend?

A. All of them. Much like KAK, I don’t think they have produced a bad episode. The season finale, Episode 9, was probably NGC’s crowning achievement. If I had to pick one episode, that would be it. (Or maybe the new Season 2, Episode 1.) For me, it’s between this and Sex, Lies and Kickass Tape for best video of 2011.

Q. Does anything else connect these two producers now that they are collaborating?

A. They are both British, I believe they are both headquartered in London, but the thing they have in common that I most like is one Claire Yellowlees. She is an actress that is known as Bluebird over at NGC and Silver over at BAK. I don’t know if any other girl on either site mixes beauty, charisma and stage fighting ability better than Ms. Yellowless. She is a real talent.

Q. Should these two producers initiate a full time hot chick exchange program?

A. Yes! A thousand times yes! How has this not happened already? Is there anyone out there who wouldn’t want to see someone like Suki Deluxe or Angel as a Kandygirl? How about Vixen or Hi-Kix as a superheroine? Kandyman, NGC, this needs to be a topic of conversation in your writing sessions. I demand that this happen and I bet I get a lot of support for the official KAK/NGC Hot Chick Exchange Program. I am of course kidding. But not really.

And that’s it. We’ll keep you in the loop with more updates as they come available.

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Ah so it is NGC providing scripts. i thought NGC was going to MAKE videos with KAK. Don’t see anything wrong with that. i was concerned the NGC videos would themselves make KAK type videos. Good to hear NGC will continue to respect their own client base.


@MrCreep: I think you’re misunderstanding the nature of the collaboration. NGC is helping Kandyman with the “scripts” for this project. From what I read up there, the totality of the videos will be set in the Kandy-verse, staring the Kandygirls and released in the KAK/BAK site. NGC won’t have to soften his style at all because nothing of this will come out in his site. Is that right?

There’s also the detail that just because NGC is a great peril site, it doesn’t mean that the people behind it only like peril to the exclusion of everything else. Maybe they would like to experiment with something else but don’t do it out of respect for their client base. KAK for example, for a long time did exclusively one-sided F/M, but they recently tried their hand in evenly matched F/F.

If anything, this is good news for you. This project would give NGC an outlet for any non-peril creativity that he might have without affecting the output of his own site in any way.


Why is Next Global Crisis, a great site with great peril in their videos be teaming up with the guys who detest peril, Kickasskandy? I have been to KickAssKandys site and they about blew a fuse when discussing peril in their videos. I doubt K.A.K. will consider doing any real peril and force NGC to soften their style for this team up. Very skeptical. Will wait and see how it turns out.


Absolutely fantastic news this! Please gentle Jesus, let someone get tied up in the course of this production. Either way, can’t wait to see it! It’s a fine time to be a heroine fan (by which I mean the movies, not the…oh, never mind). Good luck to all involved!


Two of the best producers out there in my opinion. And they definitely without a doubt have the hottest ladies in this business between the two of them. I hope they don’t include these episodes in the NGC canon storyline though. I like NGC the way it is now, its perfect.


Thank you Kandyman !!! We are waiting, Joe and Sampy are right. I also hope for little twists like Casino Kickass until F/F movies…


@Kandyman – lol, thanks

Hope Andrew can bring some more twists into the mix 🙂


Knock those girls out cold!


low blow, low blow, low blow !


I’m so excited about this Project that words absolutely fail me! The F/F possibilities of such a war are positively endless. And the ladies involved are of course the fairest of them all.

I really don’t know how I’m going to endure the wait until the first installment sees the light of day.


Not forgetting Swampy! he’s been contributing ideas along the way too! This is going to be a season that will run on As the great Sidekick mentioned, is where the good girls live and is the land of their arch nemeses. There’s only room for one gang of deadly gorgeous deadly warriors and the war of words between the two has been going on between the 2 for some time. This series is inspired by multi layered epics like 24 and Prison Break and will pit the 2 sides against each other in one massive bust up. Its in its infancy right now but give us a few months and we’ll have it.



No. It’s explained under the first question.

“Eight episodes that will tell the ongoing story of the war between Kickasskandy and Badasskandy.”

The producer at NGC is just helping plan the storyline and write the scripts. This is a Kickasskandy project and has nothing to do with Season 2 of NGC.


So im confused…is this gunna be part of Season 2 of NGC or a totally separate thing?


This should make the series even better.

Having already thrown quite a few ideas into the mix I can tell you there’s going to be plenty of peril 😉

But bringing Andrew on board is sure to give it that extra flare!

Yes No