Photoset: Vixen & Athena V Red from KickAssKandy

Photoset: Vixen & Athena V Red from KickAssKandyKickasskandy is gearing up for one of its biggest releases this Friday, and the company is giving a glimpse of what you can expect with a big new photoset. The photos are available now, and they tease a lot of the action. The video itself is the long-anticipated crossover between Kickasskandy and Badasskandy. 

For those of you who are KAK newbies, here’s a quick breakdown of the lovely ladies that appear in both the photos and video.

Red – Originally a Kandygirl, she is probably considered the first lady of Badasskandy after her defection six months ago. She has appeared in numerous videos for both websites.

Vixen – A powerfully built, blonde, beauty, who has quickly become a fan favorite.

Athena – A new Kandygirl. Don’t know anything about her except she appears to be about 90% legs. I mean that as a compliment.

Photoset: Vixen & Athena V Red from KickAssKandyPhotoset: Vixen & Athena V Red from KickAssKandyPhotoset: Vixen & Athena V Red from KickAssKandy

This is KAK’s first ever real attempt at F/F fighting action. Will there be peril? I guess we’ll find out. I do know Athena is tied to a chair in some of the photos. For you girl-power lovers out there, rest assured that there is some vintage KAK type action in this film. Vixen is going to take on three men. I haven’t seen the film, but I’m guessing she is going to take them out with relative ease.

We will have a video review up soon after its release. In the meantime…

Buy the photoset at KickAssKandy

  1. O.O … Wow, looking like a significant improvement! If it’s as good as it looks this’ll be awesome!!

  2. Well, outstanding. Quite simply. I encourage everybody that have the financial resources to buy both the photoset and the movieclip when it comes out, let’s show Kandyman how much of a bigger fanbase a F/F version of KAK would have! Together with TBFH, NGC and ZEN they’re by far the best. Let’s hope this becomes a regular addition to their products line.

  3. JadeOwl

    As a F/F fan, for a long time my relationship to KickassKandy has been analogous to a Victorian orphan with his nose pressed against the glass of a restaurant watching other people having a feast. And now I get to come inside and eat my fill. :)

    Let’s make sure the F/F keeps coming! Let’s show our appreciation!

  4. Thanks for the support so far guys and…..drum roll…. here’s the trailer!


  5. I’ll definitely be making my first KissAssKandy purchase when it’s released :-)

  6. mantower

    I bought the picture set right away and they are uber high quality; the action shots with hair flying all over are fantastic and at four Pounds (which is like, 7-8 bucks) a steal. I just watched the trailer and as soon as the full vid comes out I will be buying it! I can’t wait and I hope Kandyman will be producing more of this in the future, Badass v Kickass, brilliant!

  7. Vixen & Athena vs Red will be my first movie from KickAssKandy. The girls fighting agains each other was the best idea Kandyman had. I just hope you make others like this, KAK vs BAK. I bought the photos, can’t wait for the movie.

  8. darklord

    i’ve never even thought of buying a KAK film before (no interest in heroine winning and dominating) but this is a must purchase… hopefully this is successful and you guys continue with this “change in direction”

  9. SlawDiesel

    Throw in say 8-10 mins of one of the females in peril, little belly punching little slapping and a low blow here and there, KAK will have me sold w every video

  10. mantower

    Kandyman, it must make you real happy to see the interest the new video has raised on here, what was the feedback on your website like? Are people digging it as well?

  11. sabrejack

    Dude, start throwing a few gas/chloro KOs for these babes into your movies, and I will renounce my firmly-entrenched heterosexuality, marry you and have your babies… wait, hang on, there’s something inherently contradictory in that sentence… oh well.

    Great stuff!!!!!!!

  12. Please no gas/chloro. There’s enough of that around as it is. Lets just have some good old fashioned girl fighting. There’s not enough of it.

  13. This is just great! Bought Video and will buy photoset too. You’re going in a good direction and for me personally, i’m going to buy future coming content in this area f/f too. Honestly, your models and their style is breath taking. Thanks for this small change in direction.

  14. Thanks for the comments so far…. apart from Sabrejack who truly scares me :) haha – we’ve had positive feedback on our forum so far but the proof of the pudding comes after 24 hours when i measure it against our regular FM films. As long as i’m directly the hottest women in the UK in action I don’t care whether its FF or FM as long as it looks damn good! so, fingers crossed the sales figures will persuade us to make more.