“Liberty Girl 2” from SHG-Media

"Liberty Girl 2" from SHG-MediaHere’s a blast from the past…  With my recent post about the upcoming Liberty Girl video, a lot of interest seems to have been generated about Liberty Girl 2, a fairly old video from SHG-Media, produced when the company was (I think) fairly new to the video world, having established a successful line of photo stories.  Liberty Girl 2 is a really fun video, even though from a technical point of view it may not be quite as good as some of the company’s recent efforts.

"Liberty Girl 2" from SHG-Media"Liberty Girl 2" from SHG-Media"Liberty Girl 2" from SHG-Media

The video begins with Liberty Girl making her entrance into the infamous SHG dungeon/hideout wearing a two-piece Wonder Woman-inspired outfit.  She encounters three thugs who are standing around guarding the area.  The three guys circle around Liberty Girl, waiting to make their move.  They attack, successfully at first, until Liberty Girl manages to break free.  The fighting goes back and forth for a while with Liberty Girl being dominated most of the time.

"Liberty Girl 2" from SHG-Media"Liberty Girl 2" from SHG-Media"Liberty Girl 2" from SHG-Media

Eventually, Liberty Girl defeats the bad guys and then magically changes into a new two-piece, casual costume.  The henchmen return and restrain Liberty Girl, which allows the evil Dr. Vaughn to make his debut appearance.  Dr. Vaughn injects Liberty Girl in the leg with a chemical that knocks her out.  The bad guys carry her to a room where they chain her arms to a metal bar behind her back.  Dr. Vaughn announces his intention to “study every part” of Liberty Girl.  But first, he orders one of his henchmen to torture Liberty Girl by delivering multiple belly punches and low blows.  Liberty Girl eventually passes out from the punishment.

"Liberty Girl 2" from SHG-Media"Liberty Girl 2" from SHG-Media"Liberty Girl 2" from SHG-Media

This time, when she awakens, Liberty Girl is tied down to a table.  Dr. Vaughn instructs Liberty Girl (and home viewers) that a device at the end of the table “forces waves of pleasure that drive normal women mad.”  Dr. Vaughn turns on the device, and Liberty Girl tries really hard to fight the waves of pleasure that drive normal women mad.  In classic villain fashion, Dr. Vaughn informs her that the device is only turned on to the first level.  He slowly increases the levels of pleasure, causing Liberty Girl to writhe around on the table.

"Liberty Girl 2" from SHG-MediaSHG-Liberty-Girl-2-11.jpg"Liberty Girl 2" from SHG-Media

Liberty Girl transforms back into her Liberty Girl costume, and now the bad guys torture her with an electric prod.  After a while, they place a gas mask over her nose and mouth and slowly knock her unconscious.  Then they get creative, shocking her with electricity as she’s being knocked out (how rude!).  The villains finally turn the “device” back on and torture LG for a few more minutes with it before she loses consciousness.

"Liberty Girl 2" from SHG-Media"Liberty Girl 2" from SHG-Media"Liberty Girl 2" from SHG-Media

I have to admit, I enjoyed this episode a lot more than I expected to.  I’ve been a fan of SHG-Media for a while, but I always felt their early videos were lacking in the technical department.  And in a way, that’s the case here, at at least in the early scenes, which involve fighting and action.  There are multiple jump cuts, and the action is pretty unconvincing.  But the torture scenes are handled really well, and I think it’s a good video.  With a new Liberty Girl video currently in pre-production, it’s interesting to look back at this older video to see the kind of video the company produced in the past.  It’s different in a lot of ways, and maybe lacking in certain technical areas, but it’s still really enjoyable.

"Liberty Girl 2" from SHG-Media"Liberty Girl 2" from SHG-Media"Liberty Girl 2" from SHG-Media

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@ Bert: i know i’m guilty of thread necro here, but where did you see Liberty Girl photo-sets? I have never seen these. Thanks in advance.


She also directed JG: The Prototype. Oh! I’ve said too much. 😉


You nailed this review. Amateurish production, but very entertaining. What saves it is the actress playing Liberty Girl. She’s very attractive, has the best hair in the genre and does a great job of acting the role. She’s good being cocky, and even better in the peril scenes. I thought she was out of the game when the Liberty Girl photo sets ended (sniff!) but she showed up in a recent SHG video as a reporter, so hopefully she’ll be starring in the new vid as well.

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