Reviewed! “Luna Crush 2.0” from SHG-Media

"Luna Crush 2.0" from SHG-MediaUPDATED with review! The name “Luna Crush” should ring a bell for SHG-Media fans who have been around for a few years. Either way, prepare yourselves for the upcoming release of Luna Crush 2.0, which (I’m guessing) either reboots the character or picks up where the series left off many years ago.

Review by Sidekick

[Spoilers below] I only have a vague memory of the original Luna Crush. I think I purchased one or two episodes of the original series, and they were downloaded on computers that are now well past dead. And to be honest, I don’t remember thinking all that highly of them. They simply weren’t very good in content or execution, but you have to remember this was several years ago and most of the videos in the genre at that time weren’t very good in content or execution.

Luna Crush 2.0 is a big improvement over the original series in just about all facets. It doesn’t revolutionize the genre in any way, and there are some issues, but they are issues that are eminently fixable for future installments.

The episode opens with Luna tied to a chair, interrogated, and slapped across the face. Sound familiar? It should. The entire scene plays out similarly to the scene in The Avengers where Black Widow is being interrogated. Just as in the movie, Luna breaks free and quickly downs the goons.

Later on Luna gets a text message with orders to locate and apprehend Vanessa Prescott. Meanwhile, at her hideout, Vanessa schemes with her sister Veronica and the two henchmen that Luna defeated in the opening scene. The girls inject the goons with something. Its never expressly said what but I’m guessing its a formula that makes them stronger. They track down Luna and slap a chloroform rag across her mouth and she passes out.

They take her back to HQ and strap her down on a mattress. They remove her boots and strip her down to her bra and underwear. They then chloroform her a second time but she doesn’t pass out right away. Between chloro attempts they do hit her with a few stomach punches. Things look bad but this version of Luna has some mind controls powers. She turns the goons against one another and is able to free herself and escape.

Later on the goons are getting a tongue-lashing from Veronica who gives them pills that make them immune to Luna’s mind control power. Luna suddenly busts into the room and in what I think was probably the lowlight of the episode for me, basically lets the two goons grab and restrain her. It just wasn’t a great scene. She enters, say that she’s here, and just kind of stands there and allows herself to be taken.

She is hit with more stomach punches and has her head rammed into a wall but eventually emerges victorious. Luna then squares off against Veronica and they exchange several shots before Veronica locks on a choke hold. Luna breaks free, takes control of the fight, but the henchmen restrain Luna again, and hit her with several low blows until she passes out.

Luna awakens, this time tied upright to a table, and in a skimpier outfit. Veronica fondles Luna a bit and then using a computer from the early seventies, activates a device that makes Luna positively orgasmic. She resists the effects of the device so Vanessa starts to deliver knee lifts to Luna’s groin area. Vanessa raises the power of the device to its maximum level which eventually makes Luna pass out. Vanessa leaves Luna to her goons who hit her with more stomach punches and another low blow but Luna eventually drops them both and in the end swears to hunt down Veronica.

I like the leading ladies in the episode. Alex David is always good, despite her limited screen time here.  I like the new Luna Crush, and I think most people will recognize the villainess from Rye’s Wonderous Girl vs. The Zandor film and as the victim from Steve Noir’s Revenge: Gang Thang. I apologize, I don’t know her name, but I think she was the highlight of the film.

On the downside of things, Luna gets restrained a couple different times without putting up much of a fight at all. At least not much of a fight for a super spy girl with meta-human abilities. I think most fans of this genre agree that its important to believe that even when a heroine is caught or defeated she at least be seen as capable and competent. Luna Crush isn’t always portrayed as being that in this film, and I do think it hurts the overall quality to some degree.

In the end, I think there’s a lot of potential here for a good series, and this episode was a solid if unspectacular start. I personally would have liked the villainess to inject herself with that formula and take it to Luna, but it was mostly the guys doing the damage. Maybe next episode. There is a heavy does of the aforementioned fetish moments and fans of lows blows and stomach punches should be well served by this episode.

"Luna Crush 2.0" from SHG-Media
"Luna Crush 2.0" from SHG-Media
"Luna Crush 2.0" from SHG-Media
"Luna Crush 2.0" from SHG-Media

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18 comments on Reviewed! “Luna Crush 2.0” from SHG-Media

  • May. 1, 2013 at 1:01 pm

    I was a big fan of Luna Crush, they had great photo stories and Luna was hot, the series got very repetitive at the end. Their photo stories were very good, good quality and good outfits, but their videos were in general quite poor, very weak action and not very good acting, I hope this reboot fixes that, fingers crossed. This new actress is quite hot, but I still prefer the original Luna.

  • May. 1, 2013 at 1:38 pm

    Yeah, whatever happened to the original Luna?

  • May. 1, 2013 at 6:15 pm

    hoping for some belly action of some sort. Kissing, rubbing, touching, licking, punching, whatever.

  • May. 1, 2013 at 7:52 pm

    The villainess in this video who also plays the villainess in Wonderous Girl vs The Zandor has got the sexy crotch grab completely mastered!

  • May. 1, 2013 at 10:14 pm

    @Larry – I think she just moved on but that was a long time ago too.

    @some kind of ninja – There are rubbings, touchings and punchings but we didn’t work any licking in. Sorry dude!

    @Kevlar – Yes, I believe she has unlocked the crotch grab achievement. Ding!

  • May. 4, 2013 at 5:46 pm

    It’s now for sale!

  • May. 4, 2013 at 6:46 pm

    And its fantastic! The original Luna Crush film is possibly my favorite heroine movie of all time so this one had a lot to live up to. I loved it. if your a fan of the original I think you’ll enjoy this.

  • May. 4, 2013 at 10:45 pm

    So is this a “sequel” or “remake”?

  • May. 5, 2013 at 2:29 am

    It’s sort of both. The opening and a cameo establish this is a new Luna and that these events take place after the first, then it goes on to repeat the same beats and perils from the first (and brief snatches of dialogue). It’s great, I enjoyed it.

  • May. 8, 2013 at 3:20 am

    Will someone plz review this vid…….N how many low blows are there……N howz the leads acting?

  • May. 10, 2013 at 9:32 pm

    I would be interested in a review of this one myself. This is the first Alex David directed film and I helped her out with it. Would like to know what the fans/critics think.

  • May. 12, 2013 at 7:43 am

    I loved the original Luna. Need to register again to see her stories once more. I look forward to this new version and I absolutely adored the original film too. Hope the orgasm scene involves a lot of touching.

    Will there be more films like this to come?

    And why did the original Luna leave? I was totally devastated when she went. No reason given or what she is doing now? Is she still modelling? I even downloaded some of her model pics too.

  • May. 12, 2013 at 11:50 am

    I still have the original movie on dvd as I purchased it and to me it is still better than the reboot.
    Molly was the original and best in my opinion.
    This new version is not cheap but was never going to hit the mark without Molly or Alex David playing a lead role, current LC fans will enjoy it though.

  • May. 12, 2013 at 12:32 pm

    Yeah Rayman I’m with you all the way regarding the original movie. I got it on DVD too, though I can’t watch the outtake scenes properly due to some quality problems with the disk (that’s a formal complaint to you guys who made it and sent it to me, sorry! Not sure if you can do anything about that)

    I’m sure I’ll like the new version. For one thing the villainess looked pretty good in the Wonderous Girl Vs Zandor trailer.

    I still can’t get over the original Luna going away and why or where she went though!
    Still can’t wait to adore the new Luna. She looks quite lovely.

  • May. 12, 2013 at 6:06 pm

    Well I got both and this one is good and a nice evolution from the first one.

    Some takes like the chloro one could have been better but still pretty cool.

  • May. 13, 2013 at 11:37 am

    what is the full name of the villain I cant find it anywhere

  • Jun. 28, 2013 at 9:24 am

    Apologies to Alex David and BPD! I am a full 2 months late buying and reviewing Luna Crush 2.0 but here goes!

    I recently bought and reviewed (here on HM) three movies: Luna Crush 2.0, Guardian Aurora, and Wonder Desi vs Alien Hunter. I’m a little surprised to say that Luna Crush 2.0 was my favorite of the three! Had I paid closer attention to who was directing and who was shooting this, I probably would have purchased it sooner. I remember when the original Luna Crush came out, but I never bought it so have never seen it, so I am going into this movie with perhaps fresher eyes than most.

    I highly recommend you give this movie a chance because it is *sing-songy* awesome! Alex David and BPD make an excellent team, as they have before with the Liberty Girl movies. Both their signature styles are very evident here, so if you like their work, you will love this, because to top it off, Josie Lane is outstanding as the lead.

    It starts out with a short interrogation scene which Luna escapes, which serves to illustrate that Luna is a kick-ass heroine. The ceiling lamp dodge punch combo is freaking awesome. Scenes like these, along with the flaming intro, are great because setting up the heroine as a bona-fide heroine ensures that any ensuing capture, defeat, etc are made more tense and exciting this way, rather than jumping right into a beating.

    The chloroform scene that follows is really something. Dramatically lit by what appears to be a single streetlight which often leaves the villain in the shadow and Luna in a spotlight, and when Luna coughs and catches her breath and asks the villains “who are you people?”, the villains just watch silently and then attack her with chloroform again, release her, and then attack her again, without saying a word. It’s very creepy!

    The chloroform scene that follows that one with her tied up in red underwear in the lair is also great. I love the way she squirms around while they mercilessly chloroform her – very sexy. I don’t even normally like chloroform scenes but these are just so awesome and relentless. The male villain’s acting is excellent which is a rare bonus. Unfortunately you’re missing a punch sound effect for that first cunt-bust move, but her reaction is very sexy and it’s fun to watch her try to reach for her crotch with her wrists tied up. The camera angle with the henchman running his hand up her thigh and going to pull off her panties is amazing – classic BPD creative camerawork at it’s best. I’m sad to say that the goons don’t last long at this point, but this is more of a PG-13 flick so it’s to be expected.

    As good as the male villains are, they don’t hold a candle to Starli’s villain acting. She seems genuinely angry and strong, and plus she looks very sexy in her silver costume. The fight between them is great. I love how BPD does these lewd closups from time to time throughout the movie. The high leg hold and triple low-blow, and Luna’s reaction after, is so awesome that it’s probably reason alone to buy the movie. This is gonna sound like a weird compliment but BPD filmed low-blows are my favorite in the business.

    The next scene with the torture machine is great too. There is almost no action in this scene, so the whole scene rests on the shoulders of acting and camerawork, and it does not disappoint, with a few choice lines of dialogue to boot. Oh wait.. More low-blows! Hmmm Luna DOES seem to enjoy it. And I love how Starli enjoys her work. Seriously, watching Starli’s reactions was every bit as enjoyable as watching Josie suffer. The combination of both of their strong performances and BPD’s filming made this scene very strong.

    I loved that she leaves Luna to the goons once Luna is defeated. Very dark. Of course Luna manages to turn the tables and prevail, through the use of two very sexy leg attacks – an awesome overhead kick and a heel choke! Ouch! The camera angle that shows just the side of her face and her outstretched leg choking the henchman is awesome, very original, and a very sexy angle.

    Being who I am, I have to throw this out there. I wish there was multiple endings. I would have LOVED to see a ‘Luna loses’ ending for this, but that’s just me I like heroine loses endings, and where it was headed it probably would have been too dark for this particular production, and I know from the many photo-sets and videos I’ve seen that Alex David’s realm almost always has the heroine prevail at the very end. It’s ok, because having her win this day just makes me want to see her defeated even MORE! I wonder who is this Josie Lane and where can I find more of her? She was fantastic and is mega-hot.

    I seriously will buy just about anything that Alex and BPD work on together. Their stuff is that good. Sometimes it’s hard for me to describe what’s good about it. I think you just have to watch it and get the vibe for yourself, but if you’ve seen Liberty Girl ‘the return’, it definitely has a similar vibe to that. For me this was a hidden gem that I really didn’t see coming. There is not one thing I dislike about it. I don’t know the original Luna Crush well, so I can’t compare them, but 2.0 was phenomenal in my book.

  • Jun. 28, 2013 at 3:56 pm

    @decendingskulls – Thanks for the great review. I’m really glad you liked the video. I know I haven’t been doing many vids lately but I have a couple things I’m working on this summer with Alex David, so keep a look out.


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