Meet Chris Styles, the New Director of Punished Heroines

How to Destroy a Superheroine III from Punished HeroinesThe bad news is that Rye is no longer the creative force behind Punished Heroines. The good news is that the new guy has a really cool-sounding name, a lovely model for his first production, and will be supervised (at first) by Rye, which should ease the transition.

Statement from Chris Styles

It’s been a long time since PH has released anything new but that is about to change. Hi, my name is Chris and I will be heading up Punished Heroines to free up Rye with his other productions. The next releases will feature a new Superior Girl actress seen below, Jessie Rogers, and will have the same costume used in 1984. The first movie is a custom order from a regular board member here, then followed by a story from Rye. Production starts Oct 6th.

It is my goal to bring the same production values over to the PH realm as seen in Rye’s latest PG releases. I can be reached at Anything I can’t answer I will forward to Rye or just ask him to pop in. Thanks for reading and let me know if there are any questions. There is still one available day for an additional custom order.

  1. More Superiorgirl with the 1984 costume always sounds wonderful to me. The new actress looks great as well. I look forward to seeing what the new guy brings to the table (hopefully some kick ass fight scenes and some nice, teasing views with that short red skirt). Also looking forward to whatever Rye has in store for the 1984 fans as well.

  2. Glad to see someone will be continuing the PH content for a slightly more adult theme, your videos have been a favorite of mine and I look forward to continuing to support PH in the future. Good Luck Chris and thanks for all the work you have put in Rye!

  3. ranger87

    It’s a shame to see Rye move on, but it sounds like both Punished Heroines and Rye’s pg productions will both be getting the full attention they deserve from now on. Can’t wait!

  4. Jessie Rogers should be awesome! I’d love to see an alternate outfit of the red skirt and blue crop top to show off her toned stomach!

  5. Brad Baker

    Does new ownership mean the old models aren’t available? I ask because I really like seeing Ashley Rose in the Supergirl outfit.

  6. PowerGirlFanboy590

    Looking forward to the new guy’s take on Punished Heroines! Welcome aboard and you have my support.

  7. some kind of ninja

    I second the calling for a bare-stomached version of the Supergirl costume.

  8. I appreciate all the support for this style of heroine movie and hopefully I can take Punished Heroines in a direction that resonates with you guys. I was chosen because of my experience in Film outside of this genre and for my love of Superheroines.

    The custom script we are shooting has a large amount of costume destruction so SG might end up in a two piece of the end of the movie for those wanting that. The overall feel for this movie will be brutally sexy if that makes any sense.

    I have forwarded 3 custom requests on to Rye as a result of this thread and another like it. All three were vetoed by Rye so there is still one day available with Jessie for a custom.

    The 1984 costume + this new girl + Punished Heroines + pg production values??? This is the best news i’ve heard this year! If the customer doesn’t mind could you be so nice to share an overview of the story or even just tell us what types of villains and perils she will face? Anything would be great!

  10. Curious

    Pg production for punished heroines has got to go in my opinion. It used to be a good site that I spent money on, but now its just like every other site. Bring back the old PH, with this actress of course lol.

  11. I agree with above poster this pg stuff should be independant from ph. Stay with rated r and you will have contiued sales. If not no thank you.

  12. Sean and Curious, I think you are misunderstanding my comments. Neither Rye or myself have any intention of doing a pg punished heroines movie. That really wouldn’t make much sense considering Rye is already doing pg movies right?

    I think the confusion is when I said “PG production Values” which has nothing to do with the content of the movie, and only to do with how well its made. I can assure you that the movies scheduled for next month are very punished heroines content wise. What I am trying to convey is you will be getting a Punished Heroines movie at the same level of Quality that Ryes lighter movies are at.

    Sorry for the confusion, and I hope this info clears things up.


  13. Awesome! And I’m happy you mentioned costume destruction because I hate when the actresses get their costume slowly pulled off instead of angrily torn and ripped off. I’d gladly party an extra couple bucks a clip for costume purchases.

  14. Really looking forward to this new girl. I feel like since Amanda and Raven left I have not seen many attractive women working with Rye in the regular videos(non movies). Looking forward to seeing this girl regularly appear in punished heroine style movies. Jessie Rogers looks incredible.

  15. Any update on a Jessie Rogers video? And how do I go about discussing a custom?

  16. ranger87


    Per Chris’ message in the body of the topic, it sounds like production doesn’t start until October 6th with Jessie. We can probably look for updates in the weeks following that weekend.

  17. would be good according to superior girl1984 made ​​a new scene in the pool

  18. Filming for the Punished Heroines movie to end all Punished Heroines movies starts Saturday. Previews will follow shortly!