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Mighty Honey from Zen PicturesSupergirl versus Zombies. That’s the short pitch for the latest Zen Pictures release, Mighty Honey, starring the beautiful and talented newcomer Risa Saiki as the Supergirl-esque title character in a movie that represent something of a return to form for Zen Pictures. 

I’ve been a little hard on Zen Pictures in recent reviews. The movies haven’t been bad, just not up to the standard they set when I discovered the site a couple years back. I thought Might Honey was a good step back in the direction that made Zen my favorite producer in the genre.

Mighty Honey from Zen PicturesMighty Honey from Zen PicturesMighty Honey from Zen PicturesAfter a torturously long opening credit sequence we are treated to a nice f/x shot of Might Honey flying over a forest. She makes her way to the city and finds that it is quite literally on fire. She locks on to the villains responsible and confronts them.

If you’re familiar with Zen Pictures, you know what’s coming. Mighty Honey flies in and makes short work of the bad guys. This is actually a well-choreographed scene that utilizes some impressive stunt work and incorporates a lot of slow motion to good effect. Oh, yeah. This is as good a time as any to mention that Might Honey is played by an actress who is just about flawless. She is a stunning woman, and she is outfitted in a terrific variation of a Supergirl costume. Her name is Risa Saiki and this is her first Zen Pictures appearance.

Mighty Honey from Zen PicturesMighty Honey from Zen PicturesMighty Honey from Zen Pictures

Now, there is a storyline, but I’ll be darned if I can figure out what it is. If I had to hazard a guess, I think the civilian persona of Mighty Honey is that of a reporter. She and two other guys seem to be investigating an old factory that may be responsible for tainting the water supply. One of the men betrays Mighty Honey, and the two bad guys from the opening sequence are waiting for her. She takes down one of them, but the other injects himself with a substance that gives him incredible size, strength, and a zombie like appearance. He drops Mighty Honey with one punch, and, you know what that means, cue the torture music!

Mighty Honey from Zen PicturesMighty Honey from Zen PicturesMighty Honey from Zen Pictures

Might Honey is tied up AOH, exposed to green glowing sticks, choked, punched in the stomach repeatedly, wrapped in chains, and electrocuted. This is a long and drawn out torture scene that I imagine many peril fans will enjoy. The bad guys leave her to die, but she is saved by her friend. She flies off again and tracks the bad guys to a new hideout, only to run into more trouble. She is captured a second time and has to square off against the giant zombie again.

Mighty Honey from Zen PicturesMighty Honey from Zen PicturesMighty Honey from Zen Pictures

It’s not much of a fight at first. They have a test of strength that lasts for over five minutes and then the zombie crushes Mighty Honey in a bear hug. All seems lost, but like almost all Zen films, the heroine digs deep down and finds a way to win in the end.

Mighty Honey from Zen PicturesMighty Honey from Zen PicturesMighty Honey from Zen Pictures

To me this felt like classic Zen Pictures. Heroine dominates in the beginning, heroine gets in a great amount of trouble, heroine wins in the end. That’s my personal favorite formula for these kind of movies. If you do buy this film, I encourage you to watch the making of clip that comes with the download. They show a lot of behind the scenes footage of how they choreograph fights and how they execute their flying sequences with the use of a shop-vac that is set on blow, not suck. (Sorry, couldn’t pass that one up.)

Mighty Honey from Zen PicturesMighty Honey from Zen PicturesMighty Honey from Zen Pictures

The best clip ends with the director giving what must be a rather poignant speech, because the actress breaks down in tears. If anyone out there speaks Japanese and sees this clip, I would love to have a translation of what the director said. I swear, the actress is on the verge of completely losing it before they fade to black.

Might Honey is a entertaining film and feels like a classic Zen effort.

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chris houston
chris houston

She is very good at superheroine peril and she keeps on her outfit, adds that much more to hr vulnarbility!!!

Guillermo Sanchez
Guillermo Sanchez

I have only watched half the movie, but one the things I’ve noticed is that
the torture scenes are getting longer and sometimes I just get bored with
them; I recently watched “Hyper Sexy Heroine NEXT New Trino” CHSH-07,
and the movie starts with a torture scene that lasts almost 15 minutes, that’s a
lot for a movie that barely lasts an hour. Same thing with their latest “Killing Angels”
ZDAD-35 lots of torture and little action; this one runs for about 50 minutes and the
last ten minutes or so they just show the credits and the girls posing for the camera.

I agree, the girl that played mighty honey is very beautiful; hopefully she’ll make more movies.


Towards the end, the director or whoever it was complimented her on something which I couldn’t quite understand. In the end he said thank you, no really, thank you very much. And I think she must’ve felt overwhelmed by the compliment and broke down


I agree that the chick is hot and the torture scene (especially the AOH part) was nice and long