Nemesis from FightGirlz2000

Nemesis from FightGirlz2000FightGirlz has just released a movie called Nemesis, which features lots of hand-to-hand fighting like the company’s previous videos; however, this episode is a little more fleshed-out and polished than the company’s previous efforts.

A couple months back, the FightGirlz story canon established that a team of women called The Covert Operatives Group was in the midst of trying to take down another team of women called The Evil Girls Gang. This episode resumes that storyline with Jacqui Weston, played by the popular Michelle Kira, getting orders to apprehend Evil Girl Nikita Carson, who is played by newcomer Rochelle Cassidy. Along for the ride is another newcomer, Olivia Gibson, who plays a trainee named Lucy Lee.

Nemesis from FightGirlz2000Nemesis from FightGirlz2000Nemesis from FightGirlz2000

Jacqui and Lucy track down Nikita to her hideout, but things don’t go smoothly. Lucy is a bit of a bumbler and is quickly knocked out. Jacqui and Nikita fight for a while, and it is very much a back and forth affair with neither one really gaining an advantage. Some sirens are heard in the background, and Nikita makes a break for it. During a chase through the woods, there is a bit of gunplay. Lucy is knocked out for a second time (by her own trainer no less) and Nikita is able to get the drop on Jacqui and escape.

Nemesis from FightGirlz2000Nemesis from FightGirlz2000Nemesis from FightGirlz2000

Personally, I have always seen a lot of potential in FightGirlz, and I think little by little we are seeing them grow. Their earliest movies consisted of girls punching each other back and forth across a room. I understand there is a place for that kind of video, but in order to garner a bigger audience I think people want and expect more. With Nemesis, FightGirlz2000 delivers more.

Nemesis from FightGirlz2000Nemesis from FightGirlz2000Nemesis from FightGirlz2000

It’s nice that they are telling bigger stories. I liked the Repo Girl series, but boat repossession doesn’t deeply engage the viewer. Two spy girl organizations duking it out—that does engage the viewer. I hope they keep telling bigger stories like this. I do have one criticism, and I know they are working on a solution. They need to shoot in other indoor locations besides the same house. They film in a cold weather state and finding quality locations at an affordable price is difficult, but until they have some variety I think they are going to top out production value wise. Basically, they need more space to stage their indoor fights. There just isn’t enough room for the fights to flow.

Nemesis from FightGirlz2000Nemesis from FightGirlz2000Nemesis from FightGirlz2000

Before I finish I wanted to discuss the actresses. Michelle Kira has been around for a while now and has garnered a good fanbase. I liked Olivia who played the trainee, although she was used mostly as comic relief in the episode. I’d like to see more from her before passing judgment, but I think she has a lot of talent.

Nemesis from FightGirlz2000Nemesis from FightGirlz2000Nemesis from FightGirlz2000

The girl I think most fans are going to gravitate to right away is Rochelle. Wow! She was really good. She is a great actress and knows how to flash an attitude much like Cholo. Where she really excels is in her ability to pull of a fight scene. She is a real life martial artist and can throw good looking punches and kicks. She is also fast. Really fast. There are times in the film where the other girls were having obvious problems keeping up with her speed. She was very impressive and one to watch.

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John Connor

I appreciate and understand your comments, Lojerky. We’re working really hard right now to secure new shooting locations (especially with the onset of winter in our area), and have taken steps recently in our editing to avoid obvious ‘misses’ slipping into the final cuts. Also, we now (finally) have hired two new male actors to go up against our Girlz, and although those releases are a few weeks away (we are backlogged with geting our more recent shoots produced and released), we hope to get a bit closer to providing the kind of product you’d like to see.

Thanks for the feedback. It is appreciated more than you know. We will continue to strive towards improving our products and creating the type of clips you’d really like to see.

All the best,

– John

John Connor


I all agree with you, sir. To be honest, I almost lost interest in their product until I saw this new girl, Rochelle. She is really good! She is pretty and hot, and her acting is good,too. Most important, just like you said, she is a real life martial artist and can throw good looking punches and kicks.
But they still have some problems to be resolved.
1,They do need to expand their location.
2,There is some obvious slip during the fight scene that obviously the two girls did not hit each other. They should still improve their acting and shooting skills.
3,Personally, I prefer mixed-fighting videos, but they just have one male actor and cannot shoot enough mixed-fighting videos yet……