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@ maar13,

and I will NEVER output to wmv, absolute craaaap format. Alex Bettinger has moved from .wmv to Mp4 and has never looked back. The difference is outstanding.

Enjoy your artifacts mate.


@maar13 – back off man.

Disagree. Dont got out and create mischief by implying that I am out for RD. Absolute nonsense!!

So your approach to someone who is trying to raise an issue is to abuse them eh?

I have discussed the issue with RD and they have been very co-operative.

There is an issue here, I am not imagining it. Maybe the problem lies with the GOP.

I floated this matter in the forum to get some feedback. You are way out of line Mister!



Well sorry to continue on this but I got the video you got too, after watching the whole thing, The only part I see pixeling is the flashing entrance so that has nothing to do with rendering, if it would it would have follow the same patron during the entire movie. During the moves there was no the same effect so is not the codecs.

Besides your comparison between .mp4 and .WMV is way off since It could be player’s choice, Had compared both and both can be reliable in the end, .wvm can has as much quality as a .mp4 with pretty much the same size, depending of the source file, which is usually not a .wmv because that would be compressed already, usually the capture source is either .avi or a mpeg-2 and no, it is not only a single click to change the content.

So the crappy vision comment was way off, you said you were not knocking on them but you seem to want to bury them with those comments.

So what you said is true, you have bitch to them about it and that is what you continue to do here.


Yes you are right about that, at the beginning it seems like you said, but the rest was OK.

Also, before you jump to conclusions, I was actually asking you for real, not being a smart ass if that is what you think I was with the comment. So if that came off like that, I am sorry.

I ask you again, Do you perceive the same on the Movies?

Also, from what I can see, it was just in the intro but you are the one who has got DVDs from them, during the whole thing do you also perceive this? Because I wanted to try and get a few besides the .wmv file at some point or maybe even get a custom with both things, the DVD and the Download option.


@ maar13

Re your .wmv file RD purchase…What about the intro with the flashing lights as the girls enter the ring? How is the picture? Does it pixelate, de-res. IE loose definition.

I’d love to upload a screen grab to show everyone.


Oh, have never purchased a RD DVD, but the rendering looks good on a 32″ LCD screen from the original .wmv. And the movies look good too actually, do you perceive the same issue in those?

I got the 2 I mentioned earlier and the looked fine, I specially liked the one with Destiny and Arianna since i a a fan of Destiny.


Oh, forgot to add, even when you buy a RingDivas DVD you get the same pixelation issue.

As if they have just dumped the same WMV render onto a DVD timeline and burnt the DVD.

It’s frustrating and a crying shame, when RingDivas have such fantastic action. Clearly they can do better, IF they want to.


RE Complete Destruction of Madison

Purchased this last night. Boring as. Nice gals, but no flowing action, a flat performance.

Granted this is going to happen from time to time. $39.95 ouchie. I should have blown it on a quality AB production and had some cash left for a beer and pizza.

RingDivas always boast about their high definition vision, but nothing could be further from reality. Its not just about pixel resolution. This clip, especially at the start is laced with artifacts from crappy compression codecs, notably WINDOWS media file format.

So good other producers on here have switched to MPEG4 codecs, razor sharp HD vision especially when it counts, during the action sequences.

I have bitched to RD about this in the past, but they cant see the issue. Maybe they are watching it on their NLE edit screen on a laptop. Suggest they try a 50inch screen, HELLO?!

Dont get me wrong RD are a fantastic outfit, they just consistently fall flat on the vision quality. Wish they went MPEG4, I’m sure all it would take would be a simple mouse click on their NLE to provide this.

Or maybe they want to pump out crappy vision for fear it will be illegally broadcast elsewhere, I dont know.


Good, nice to see Destiny vs Arianna and the POV one seems interesting, not really much into male domination but The girl is hot.

Yes No