“New Superior Girl” from Punished Heroines and SHG-Media

New Superior Girl by Punished HeroinesPunished Heroines is back!  In between episodes of his superheroine epic Avalon, Rye has produced New Superior Girl, starring the actress from Dark Robin vs. Freakmaster.  Unlike that previous film, this is no evenly matched underground fighting contest.  Superior Girl is basically manhandled almost the entire time and subjected to multiple punches, kicks, bear hugs, low blows, and other forms of torment.  I’m a big fan of the actress in this film, and felt that Dark Robin didn’t really give her a chance to show her skills.  This time, she is subjected to several minutes of Punished Heroines-style peril at the hands of the evil Gormak.  All in all, I really liked this film and recommend it to fans of the genre, particularly those of you who enjoy Punished Heroines.

The plot is something like this: Linda Saree (a.k.a. Superior Girl) sneaks into the bad guys’ lair/office to find information she can use to apprehend the evil Professor Terok (with a name like that, you pretty much have to choose a career as an evil mastermind).  However, Superior Girl is unaware that the bad guys have set a trap for her.  While she works at a nearby computer to locate evidence she can use to put away Prof. Terok, the Professor and his assistant plan to use a secret green chloroform to take away Superior Girl’s powers.  The assistant attacks her from behind, applying the chloroform and rendering Superior Girl unconscious.

New Superior Girl by Punished HeroinesNew Superior Girl by Punished HeroinesNew Superior Girl by Punished Heroines

She wakes up in a dark room and, after getting to her feet, transforms into her Superior Girl costume. The bad guys introduce Gormak, a monstrous creature that will fight Superior Girl.  Superior Girl defeats him very easily at first, but the bad guys, via remote control, gradually increase his powers, making him more powerful and an increasing challenge for Superior Girl.  Eventually, Gormak is able to completely overpower her.

New Superior Girl by Punished HeroinesNew Superior Girl by Punished HeroinesNew Superior Girl by Punished Heroines

The majority of the film features the domination of Superior Girl by Gormak, as the bad guys watch on a monitor.  We see all kinds of fighting, including bear hugs (which, from the sound of it, actually crush Superior Girl’s bones), hair pulling, dragging across the floor, belly punches, face punches, crotch kicks, crotch punches, choking, backbreakers, etc.

New Superior Girl by Punished HeroinesNew Superior Girl by Punished HeroinesNew Superior Girl by Punished Heroines

Like I said, I really like the actress here.  She looks great and gives an awesome performance.  She reacts very well to punches, kicks, etc., does a good job of dominating her opponent in the beginning, and even makes great moaning sounds during the torment.

I liked just about everything in New Superior Girl.  It’s a simple heroine peril film in the style of Punished Heroines, only with no explicit sex or nudity.  If I had one complaint, it would be that I didn’t particularly care for some of the use of slow motion throughout the film, especially during the belly punching scenes.  There are a couple of editing glitches as well, but nothing disastrous.  Overall, I liked the film, especially for the beautiful actress who plays Superior Girl.  I give New Superior Girl a B+.

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  1. deathcake

    Hey man. Thanks for the review. I was going to purchase this anyway, but it’s nice to know it’s worth it! Cheers!

  2. Glad you enjoyed the review, deathcake! And I hope you liked the movie as well.

  3. Fabio

    Has anyone seen the 2nd part to this vid? Just wondering which one was better with the peril

  4. Thanks for the heads up, Fabio. I have not seen the sequel yet, but I have created a post for it. If anyone has seen it, feel free to leave comments about it there. I’ll try to get a review up soon…

    UPDATE: The review of “New Superior Girl 2″ has been posted here.