Next Global Crisis – Season 2, Side Mission 2

Next Global Crisis - Season 2, Side Mission 2Side Mission 2 from Next Global Crisis features a new Bluebird costume, an intense f-vs-f fight scene, and a surprise I won’t spoil in this review. I enjoyed this side mission more than the first one, and I’m really impressed with Claire Yellowlees’ performance in particular. 

The first sequence in Side Mission 2 involves some very nice editing as we find Bluebird already in the heat of battle with a male opponent. She’s in “street clothes” at this point; the new-costume reveal comes later. The scene is intercut with a flashback explaining the need for a new Bluebird costume (it’s not just for appearances; there’s actually a practical story reason for this). As Bluebird quite easily dispatches her initial opponent, her “real” adversary appears—Eliza Rose, a female fighter in skin-tight black leather and red boots who wants to take Bluebird down permanently.

Next Global Crisis - Season 2, Side Mission 2Next Global Crisis - Season 2, Side Mission 2Next Global Crisis - Season 2, Side Mission 2

The fight begins, and it becomes apparent that the fight choreography, which a few commenters may have found somewhat lacking in the previous Side Mission, is back to its typically high Next Global Crisis standards.  This is a very well-done fight scene, with Bluebird taking a real beating (lots of stomach punches, suffocation holds, etc.).  Eliza Rose wants to test Bluebird’s alleged “second wind” power and decides to force the issue by trying to render Bluebird helpless as early as possible.

Next Global Crisis - Season 2, Side Mission 2Next Global Crisis - Season 2, Side Mission 2Next Global Crisis - Season 2, Side Mission 2

I don’t want to spoil the remainder of the episode, but the fight continues between the two lovely ladies, and it’s a pretty fierce battle.  The two characters even get a chance to critique each others’ costumes. Speaking of which, I really like the new Bluebird costume, which makes its debut appearance here.  I actually think its an improvement over the previous costume, but I’m sure this could potentially be a point of controversy amongst the illustrious Heroine Movies commenters.

Next Global Crisis - Season 2, Side Mission 2Next Global Crisis - Season 2, Side Mission 2Next Global Crisis - Season 2, Side Mission 2

I feel that everyone can agree that both ladies give terrific performances. Anna Wilde, who plays Eliza Rose, is suitably sinister and intense (I love the very slow head-turn towards Bluebird in the beginning).  I hope to see more of her as the series continues.  And by now, everyone knows to expect great acting from Claire Yellowlees, and she delivers here with the usual blend of sassiness and pureness of heart that makes Bluebird such an appealing character.  She’s super attractive too, so that doesn’t hurt either.

Next Global Crisis - Season 2, Side Mission 2Next Global Crisis - Season 2, Side Mission 2Next Global Crisis - Season 2, Side Mission 2

Next Global Crisis fans really should check out Side Mission 2. The quality of the acting, editing and fight choreography is very similar to that of the main episodes, so if you’re a fan of the company’s work, I recommend this episode.  (If you’re not familiar with NGC’s work yet, this video provides enough background information to explain the scenario for newcomers as well.)

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46 comments on Next Global Crisis – Season 2, Side Mission 2

  • May. 12, 2012 at 6:12 pm

    Well I actually liked this one a lot, I like her new custom a lot and the fight was pretty cool.

    Hope for more like this into the future and hopefully some more kos from heroines with nice comacks from them at the end to.

    This one was pretty cool.

  • May. 12, 2012 at 6:38 pm

    I was pretty into this one, if only for the scene where she gets pulled over the knee.

    I was a bit skeptical of the costume from images I had seen before, but seeing it in action changed my opinion.

  • May. 12, 2012 at 6:54 pm

    Here we go…

    The first order of business for me HAS to be the costume–which by now I know my thoughts on aren’t a secret. And again, I have to preface this by stating that I know it’s all about preference. It’s impossible for me not to have a strong opinion on any changes to Bluebird’s look, as it was the combination of Claire Yellowlees’ sex appeal and THAT original costume that grabbed me by the lapels and screamed in my face, “DUDE! BUY THIS VIDEO!” Which in turn is what sucked me into the NGC Universe. So the original Bluebird costume will never be JUST a costume to me, nor will any modifications to it be JUST a costume change.

    I noted before that, ironically, in NGC’s efforts to make their costumes more distinctive and character-specific from the more off-the-rack quality of the early days, in Bluebird’s case the efforts have made the costume MORE generic. At one point in previous discussions, the good folks at NGC commented that (quoting roughly from memory) if one could take the new Bluebird costume, put it on another character and say it was bad, then they’d have to admit they’d screwed up. The more I think about it, the more this thought exercise actually illustrates the problem here. Because I CAN picture this costume on just about any other heroine, with it having more or less the same results. But I can’t really picture anyone else sporting the original, or anyone other than Claire Yellowlees making the original as outstanding as it was.

    (I also understand that there were practical considerations leading to the transitional costume we saw in Season 2 Episodes 1 and 2. I’ve said before that those considerations made the original alterations understandable, if not desirable.)

    Now, is the new Bluebird costume horrible? Absolutely not. Is it an improvement on either the original or the revised version? In my view, no. Will I continue to mourn the passing of those earlier costumes and hope that at some point the costume redesign bug encourages the folks at NGC to go back to first prinicples? Absolutely.

    But will this costume change cause me not to buy any more NGC videos? No. Does this costume change nullify all the good that was a part of Side Mission 2? Hell to the no!

    I mentioned when I saw the trailer that it looked like NGC had gotten inside my head in crafting this vid, because OTHER than the costume change this thing played out like my ultimate fantasy heroine vid. Breathtaking, well-acted heroine? Check. Sexy, imposing villainess? Check. Amazing fight choreography? Check. HOM? Check. Well plotted, tense, gripping plot? Check. Outstanding cinematography? Check.

    (I anticipate, considering the criticisms the last video got for how Angel’s situation was shot, that this video might see similar comments made. I really don’t understand them. To me, there’s little I can think of more boring than a simple wide, full-body shot. Give me a close up on a victim’s face as she’s struggling… on her arms or legs as she’s trying to hold on… on her attacker as s/he presses the advantage. It’s those well-framed and timed transitions to me that are FAR more evocative of the peril going on than simply sticking the camera on a tripod and getting a wide, static shot.)

    And if you’d like me to say one good thing about the new costume, that shot of Bluebird wrapping her wrist, right before the start of battle? That was, for this view, an AMAZING pause-rewind-play-and-shudder-in-delight-at-its-awesomeness moment.

    In short, this is an OUTSTANDING product. I pity anyone who thinks otherwise. :)

  • May. 12, 2012 at 7:13 pm

    I’m glad people enjoyed it, we were really pleased with this one and all the actors really played it instinctively. I should mention that if you want to see the exclusive ‘Shadowstar’ pictures they will not be up for much longer!

  • May. 12, 2012 at 7:16 pm

    Great video — definitely a purchase!

    The *only* complaint I have (and this may just be a matter of personal preference) is something that I’ve been noticing happen more and more in NGC videos recently: the fight shots have become *too* tight in many cases. Before, I felt like you would see more of the girls in full frame. Now, it seems like a lot of focus is given to parts at a time. For instance, in this video there’s a point in the fight where we cut to just Bluebird’s legs several times, when I feel like a wider shot would have served better. The girls are all pretty talented stage fighters and all really great looking — let’s see all of them at once 😉

    A nitpick, to be sure. But I’m not sure how other people feel about it.

    Also, is that Claire’s natural hair color? In the first season videos, she was much lighter — I think the dark hair suits her better :)


  • May. 12, 2012 at 7:18 pm

    For the love of god… Enough with the nitpicking of the costume! Please?

    Anyways who wins this fight? If you’re afraid to post a spoiler please email me the answer to:

    Only interested if the heroine losses. Doesn’t have to die but at least get captured? Hope so

  • May. 12, 2012 at 8:19 pm

    I loved this video, the fights were outstanding with some nice little bits of peril, excellent choke holds with arms and legs! Can’t wait for Shadowstar 😀

    @Alyadmirer Generic costume? Did you not see what appears to be a big BLUE WINGS across BLUEBIRD’s chest…?

  • May. 12, 2012 at 8:24 pm

    low blow?

  • May. 12, 2012 at 8:27 pm


    I saw ’em. But the mere presence or absence of a logo does not, in my view, necessarily make a costume more or less unique to an individual character. As I said, I can take this costume, picture it on just about any sort of heroine I can imagine and would have exactly the same sort of, “Hmmm, not bad” reaction. Conversely, I can’t do the same with what came before. It’s that intangible factor, not some wings, that make it work.

    But lest I incur the further wrath of Darklord, I’ll shut up now. :)

  • May. 12, 2012 at 9:04 pm


    The issue for people I think with close cropped action scenes is it feels to inspired by the current Hollywood “Shaky cam” techniques. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with some close up shots of the heroine and good reaction shots at all, but traditionally, a wide shot take for action sequences is the most enjoyable way to appreciate choreography.

    Think Batman Begin vs the Matrix You hardly saw batman in that movie, you saw every punch kick and outstanding leap in the Matrix (even if you also saw the plot quality degrade as the films continued on) Today’s action sequences in general just PALE in comparison to the mid nineties early two thousands.

  • May. 12, 2012 at 9:33 pm

    I would have to point out that this film was shot in 4-5 hours. With The Matrix or any Hollywood action film they have several days to get what they need from every fight sequence. We plan where the camera needs to go in the space and the time that we have, and we seldom have enough of either. I’m more than happy to discuss these elements because I think it means you are looking at the video as something which isn’t throwaway tat. This is pleasing because by critiquing the story-line so hard, or the choice of shots you must feel it has merit. I’m not out to knock anyone else but this isn’t shot with a camcorder in one take (possibly two if the thing completely breaks down). We have to consider the acting, the line, the lighting and casting shadows, whether or not each move actually plays correctly or not, sound. We rehearse for a day beforehand and then shoot the film in 4-5 hours, 9-10 if it’s an episode. Even if we do get all of the angles we might find in editing that one or another spoils the flow of the action. I’m not against wide shots, but if we only have time to get one and it doesn’t work when viewed later then we can’t use it. I promise you that time is our main enemy, we could have made this film even better with more of it but it’s expensive. Every dollar and cent goes back into production though, and I’m spending about 50% more this year than last. My crew work on major film sets and genuinely cannot believe how much we film in a day, let alone that it ends up a complete and coherent scene. We are striving to add all of the embellishments you would expect from something you might see on TV, but it takes time and your continued support. I love this video though, I don’t love everything we do, I’m generally content or pleased, but I love this one.

  • May. 12, 2012 at 10:01 pm

    I generally enjoyed this flick, like most of everything NGC does, but I also have some complaints. The choking ko’s gotta stop. I mean, I understand the need for them in certain situations, but theyre in every video now it seems. There are a myriad of ways to knock out heroines and villianesses; we should start using them, if only in the interest of shaking things up.

    Also, this probably wasnt the best place for it, but Im still waiting for that one definitive Bluebird ko in a future release. I know a bunch of us have asked for it in the past, and I hope you would at least consider it for a future release. I fear she might be getting a bit too powerful with this new Third Wind power. Remember, a heroine who is too powerful is an uninteresting heroine.

    Anyways, the Shadowstar video seems to be next on the docket. When can list members expect it?

  • May. 12, 2012 at 10:07 pm

    I can’t believe that no one has mentioned that NGC has finally added bruising and blood to the plot. It might seem minor, but it is a very difficult thing to add this element to a story in terms of filming and continuity within the actual shoot. Basically, the stakes have been raised – both in terms of the story line and the production value. To turn out a second side mission within the span of a month is to be commended. In 11 minutes of pure action, the overarching plot was advanced with our heroine gaining a new ability and the introduction of a new villain.

    I really rather not weight in on the whole costume discussion other than to point out that it is blatantly apparent that these costumes are being custom made for each actress and that the seamstress/costume designer should be noted for these updates. These costumes are clearly not “off the rack” or from the local ballet shop. Yet the prices of the “missions” have not been raised to off-set the cost. The transition of the costumes is much like the plot of Lost. Lost started out as a basic action/survival story that transitioned into a full-blown sci-fi timey-whimey romp. My interpretation of the costume updates is that NGC is transitioning from street level fighting to full on heroic story telling a la Smallville. Or I could be totally wrong and NGC is just catering to the fans that love tights and leotards. 😉

    Ok, so I’ve completely contradicted myself and wasted an entire paragraph on costumes.

    The choreography was spot on again as the ever athletic Claire Yellowlees flexed her chops. It was nice to see her work with someone physically larger than her, which posed a greater challenge as evidenced by her “tapping out” 3x.

    Overall, I cannot complaint about the progression of the side missions as they are superior in every way to the training missions simply because there is something significant at stake.

    A direct question for NGC: Will Magenta or Athena ever make a reappearance in the second season?

  • May. 12, 2012 at 10:07 pm

    NGC – I’m glad you are proud of this video, because it’s outstanding. Claire Yellowlees is a superb actress in addition to being extremely attractive and impressively athletic. Towards the end there is a moment where Bluebird is punched several times and drops to her knees with a bruise on her cheek and a tiny trickle of blood on her lip. The expression on her face as she falls onto her back is amazingly evocative. The video is filled with moments like this, testimony to a well crafted script and fine acting.

    As far as the costume goes, I really like it and it looks fantastic on Ms. Yellowlees. I appreciated the earlier discussion about close vs. wide shots. While I enjoy the creative use of angles and nice close-ups of reactions, there were a couple times when I wished a wider shot had been included. My thinking was – why not do the up close stuff and use what works, but also cut in a wide shot for something like a back-breaker to show the heroine really draped across the villain’s knee? I now understand that time constraints dictate shot selection and I wholly defer to NGC’s expertise in this area – the work speaks for itself.

    When a short video like this can have a good story, be suspenseful, contain really great action sequences and be chock full of memorable moments, you’ve knocked it out of the park. Congrats to everyone involved, it doesn’t get better than this.

  • May. 12, 2012 at 10:55 pm

    Saw the video, loooved it! (flamboyant gay guy voice). This one might possibly be my favorite or at least in my top 3 videos of awesome heroine peril,and its not even an actual episode!! I never really saw what the big fuss was about with Bluebird until now. She looks so much sexier in that costume and the dark hair color fits her so much better as well. Im a huge fan of stomach punches/kicks so this one was perfect for me. I hope this villainess becomes a top dog in the Red Mist pyramid because she won me over as soon as she mentioned that she was purposely trying to get Bluebird to use her second wind, instead of trying to avoid it. Made her look like a complete bad ass. She was super strong too without the need of those pills. Not to mention she has a sexy costume as well. There really isnt anything negative to say about this video. Only that I wish it was longer. Im sure the next episode will be this good or even better though. Speaking of which, when will we start hearing about that? Whats next on the agenda? Great job NGC you just gave me another all-time favorite.

  • May. 13, 2012 at 2:33 am

    Loved the costume, peril and whole film. Keep it up!

  • May. 13, 2012 at 5:08 am

    As usual, it’s hard for me to review this video as a fight fan, knowing that it isn’t really a fight video, as such. Oh, there’s fighting in it of course, a lot of it very good. But I always have to remind meself that the onus here is peril first, fighting second.

    I certainly preferred the action in this video to my last NGC purchase (S2; E4). Whilst it was still pretty stop and start, the fight was allowed to flow in places, and there wasn’t too much time ‘wasted’ on reaction and posturing – which, again, I say strictly as a fight fan… I do understand that aspect of the action is an integral part of the Superheroine/Peril genre.

    With regards to Bluebird’s new costume, I don’t have any opinion on it from a superheroine standpoint. However, from a purely shallow blokey standpoint, I did prefer the old one, simply cos it was hotter.

    And to follow up on the comments about wide angles and close ups, I have to admit, that was something that stood out for me too, even before reading some of the comments here. It just seemed odd that in both leg-choke/scissor scenes that we never saw the hold being applied ‘in full’, so to speak. In fact, the cutting from one shot to another almost made it look as though the Bluebird and Thorn’s scenes had been filmed on different occassions, like when you see 2 actors having a conversation in a movie but never on screen at the same time. I even had visions of Bluebird holding a pair of mannequin’s legs against her neck in Thorn’s absence, such was the seeming reluctance to show the hold in it’s entirity at least once!

    Still, for £6 it wasn’t too shabby. Probably not a video I’ll watch again that often, but good enough to maintain my interest in NGC’s stuff.

  • May. 13, 2012 at 5:52 am

    Well, I bought this video yesterday and I must say it was truly awesome. I was one of those that didn’t really get the fascination with bluebird, but that all changed with this video. The dark hair suits her so well and I love the new costume. her acting was splendid, she sold the pain and her fightback so well, I really enjoyed it and I enjoyed the fact that the video was full of action, not much ‘fluff’ around it.

    So the negatives? Well, not too many in all honesty, I agree that a few more full bod shots would have been nice, especially in the headscissors scene, but seeing a zoom shot of her legs trashing about was very nice as well it must be said, so not really a gripe in reality. Anybody who has seen my posts before will know that I am always screaming for high heeled boots, and this never changes as I think the costume would be so much better if she was in heels. However, having seen one of the KAK girls almost wreck her angle in one of the recent videos I totally understand the logic behind the flats. And it was nice to see the villainess in those sexy high heeled numbers, so I did get my fill of that in this video too. So even that isn’t a gripe.

    Conclusion? A truly splendid effort with which I really find difficult to find any flaws – event he flaws I mentioned above weren’t really flaws or complaints as they had been dealt with well. IMHO this is a great improvement from the first side mission with Angel, it is great value for money and it has left me wanting more.

    Well done!

  • May. 13, 2012 at 8:14 am

    This for me was one of the best if nots the best NGC video!
    For me has anything that i want. Great choreography, great perfomance, great camera and edition work.
    I love it! and i recommend it to everyone!

  • May. 13, 2012 at 8:21 am

    NGC, the model that plays Shadowstar looks alot like Alison Carroll. Just wanted to confirm. That would be a major coup as she was easily to most athletic model to be the Lara Croft spokesperson.

  • May. 13, 2012 at 9:26 am

    I’m glad people are enjoying it, I’ve received many individual emails which is very nice.

    @Phoxy_B – No, Shadowstar isn’t Alison Carroll. Also, I think I’ve divulged in one of these threads that Athena will be returning very soon.

    @Fabio – The next video is Shadowstar, and it will open an entirely new production that we are very excited about. I don’t know how much I can give away about that now, except that it has the potential for some fan involvement within it’s story.

  • May. 13, 2012 at 12:26 pm

    @Phoxy_B – perhaps you’re thinking of a KAK production. Alison Carrol has starred in on of their recent productions 😉

    @NGC – Ooh, fan involvement! 😀

    lol – loving this vid though! Bluebird’s character has always been awesome – and I feel this cements that even more. Great vid, great peril – and an awesome new costume to boot!

    Freakin awesome, and pretty damn inspirational! If I can make productions half as good, I’d be a happy bunny 😉

  • May. 13, 2012 at 1:07 pm

    So is there a release date set for list members on the Shadowstar film?

  • May. 13, 2012 at 4:13 pm

    @Mike – Our aim for Shadowstar is 3 weeks, so 1st of June. It is quite involved though as it will have it’s own title sequence and various other things which make it differ from typical NGC films so far. I’ll be talking a lot about the concept on the blog as it get’s closer.

  • May. 13, 2012 at 7:00 pm

    OK, firstly I enjoyed the HELL out of this vid. It got straight down to business at a breathtaking pace and only slowed briefly to reveal the new villainess and Bluebird’s new costume (more on both those in a minute). The fighting was slick and hard-hitting, the script was concise and featured some amusing dialogue, the acting was believable all-round and the production was up to the usual high standard. All this should go without saying but bears repeating because it’s simply great value for $10. Other than Cult Retro and a couple of others, very few Western producers offer this much bang for your buck, unless of course you’re talking porn but then it’s bang of a different sort.

    So to Bluebird’s new costume. Like Darklord I’m kind of bored by the nitpicking. I’m all for freedom of speech but come on, it must be a bit disheartening for all involved to hear such repeated criticism, especially when the costume is actually very nice. I was a fan of the old shiny material too, but we had several videos featuring that, and it wasn’t THAT amazing, especially when you see the two side-by-side in this video. The cut and fit of the new one is FAR better, which in my opinion outweighs any slight negatives. The dark blue will take a little getting used to (it looked a bit brighter in photos) but the bright blue emblem and silver bits are badass, so overall I dig the upgrade.

    I must give kudos to Anna Wilde who plays Eliza Rose, she was very imposing and seriously sexy in her skin-tight catsuit. I don’t usually find the villains hot. I can find them objectively attractive – like Nina Hellfire, who is truly gorgeous – but they lack the ‘heroine gene’ which pushes my buttons. However, I enjoyed (SPOILER) seeing Eliza get choked out and left sprawled out on the floor (END SPOILER) almost as much as the scenes of the heroine in peril! Her frantic struggling and the sweat on her brow was a lovely contrast to her confident persona from before, and you really felt that she wasn’t used to having the tables turned – no wonder she wants revenge on Bluebird!

    Which brings me briefly to the camera angles. I was just as puzzled as everyone else at the bondage scene in the last video, and I do understand some people wanting wider shots of the struggling in particular. However, nothing in THIS video felt misplaced to me. The expressions of the actresses are the most important part when selling the fantasy and therefore the camera must get close for long enough to convey that. For me the heroine’s sexiness doesn’t just come from her physical plight, but from her emotional struggle and how she is trying to overcome it mentally. This elevates it above just an action film. I wouldn’t mind wide shots being added but I didn’t miss them.

    Oh, and Shadowstar? Yes please. Cannot WAIT for that, and am quite intrigued by the “fan involvement”. What kind of involvement exactly? Probably not the kind I’d like, ha ha.

  • May. 13, 2012 at 10:32 pm

    Of course I bought this the minute I got the email.

    I enjoy everything NGC does. This is no exception.

    Only one comment, but please don’t think I am criticizing. As I said I love your work and buy every episode since day one. My comment is: Why the high waisted belt on the villian?

    I think our villian would look infinitely hotter with a belt around her hips rather than up near her chest.

    Anyway, like I said. I love what you folks do. Thanks. Keep up the good work.

  • May. 14, 2012 at 12:12 pm

    So who won? and I liked bluebird’s original costume better. It was sexy and made her different from the other heroines, but now she just blends in more.

  • May. 14, 2012 at 12:54 pm

    @Richard – Thanks for the nice comments, I’m glad you enjoyed it. The fan involvement will be small initially, I think we might start by showing people what we mean, but it will be the opportunity to pick a side and put a message on the screen. You’ll see what I mean.

    @Jobber Lover – Thanks, again I’m very happy that it was enjoyed. The belts thing? I’d not thought too hard about it but I will now I promise.

    @Paul – I’m sorry you don’t like the new costume as much as the old one, I think if Bluebird blends in anywhere then that is a place I would want to be!

  • May. 15, 2012 at 10:16 am

    Hey NGC, just off side, will you ever get another really really big villain? someone like Leadfoot from season one? These female villains and smaller male villains just don’t seem threatening enough. Still quality videos. I just miss having a really big villain. Makes it look more scary for the petite heroines.

  • May. 15, 2012 at 10:20 am

    @Chris – Yes I definitely plan to. The actress who played Eliza was about 6’1 in these particular boots and a good 5 inches taller than Bluebird (who is still quite tall for a girl) so I like the dynamic. I have someone in mind who could fit the bill but it won’t be very soon. I hope you understand.

    Do other people have preferences in terms of villain sizes?

  • May. 15, 2012 at 11:15 am

    @NGC – No problem, it’s a great vid. The message thing sounds pretty interesting, any interaction is welcome! Maybe some time you can do a fully interactive video where the viewers vote on what happens next, sort of like the Choose Your Own Adventure books but with multiple choices at the end of each video rather than the bottom of each page?

    @Chris – Yeah I agree that big villains are generally best. Sebastian is one of my faves for that very reason, and now Eliza also. Wasn’t the idea of a Terminator-esque cyborg tossed around a while back? That could be fun to see… emotionless and unstoppable!

  • May. 16, 2012 at 12:48 am

    Im not sure about literally “big” villains, but I do agree with more threatening villains. I like female villains 100% of the time. Eliza worked great for being threatening, she was definitely a force to be reckoned with, unlike Alexa who was defeated almost too easily in the beginning. They can easily be made threatening just by their portrayal, giving a brief description of their background and powers, with that you can make them as menacing as you want.

    This doesnt mean Im not open to male villains though, I do happen to be a big fan of Luner and especially Leadfoot. I really liked his description, now THAT was definitely a threatening power, breaking bones with a single punch, I can already imagine a good scenario where the heroine inevitably dodges all his punches knowing how dangerous they can be until he eventually lands one on her.

    Im definitely with Chris though, Im all for it. A threatening villain with unmatched power would set the stakes pretty high and would make a very interesting video. With maybe 2 or more heroines having to team up to be able to win. Or one coming to the other’s rescue and then fighting along her side. No that was not Avengers inspired lol.

  • May. 16, 2012 at 5:54 am

    Well don’t worry, they won’t all be big, I will throw them in now and again. Actors generally aren’t that tall in my experience. I understand the need for imposing villains but it’s also good to have tricky villains or to have something of a pecking order, a chain of command that the heroine must uncover.

    One of the issues with having a big cast of characters is that you don’t see some people from one year to the next. But the advantage of this is that you seldom see the same two fighters going at it over and over. Unless a very nice rivalry has been built. I think the rivalry in this film has good potential. I hope you agree.

  • May. 16, 2012 at 5:55 am


    Your mentioning Eliza’s height made me realize a positive that I left off my initial review. One of my absolute favorite moments in the vid was Bluebird on her knees at the Thorn’s feet–and the choice your director made to shoot upward from Bluebird’s POV and downward with the cut to the Thorn’s. Another example of the shot selection serving to heighten the mood of the moment, and why IMHO it’s preferable to a simple wide shot.


    I’m with you, re: female villains. They’re my preference as well, though I too have a soft spot for Luner.

  • May. 16, 2012 at 6:01 am

    Oh yes… @Richard – I like the what happens next concept… BUT… people at this time would have to get used to wide gaps between making the choice and seeing it happen. For example, the upcoming Shadowstar film will be released more than 3 months after poling, and that’s about as quickly as I could do it. If we had our own premises this would become more possible.

    @AlyAdmirer – Yes, those shots were irresistable.

  • May. 16, 2012 at 9:24 am

    I always thought that at least in heroine videos the bigger the opponent the better. I thought the best episodes that NGC produced had physically menacing opponents like Sebastian, Leadfoot, and now Eliza.

    My dream villain would be a Red Mist version of Ms. Freedom. Someone the Bluebirds and Suki’s would have a ton of trouble with.

  • May. 16, 2012 at 11:22 am

    Id really like tonsee you actresses deliver cheap shots and I know I’m not the only one. Your actresses are among the hottest and best acting and I just curious on if you guys can ever throw a few low blows in a few of your videos!

  • May. 16, 2012 at 5:19 pm

    There is a brief one in Season 2 Episode 3, but really we don’t have a big need for them. I’m sure many other producers can accommodate that.

  • May. 17, 2012 at 11:26 am

    /agreed with M.

    @Next Global Crisis: you’d be surprised at how few actually do.

  • May. 17, 2012 at 3:39 pm

    Agreed with witman and M
    @Next Global Crisis : We are not talking about other producers here but for NGC and the assured quality of whatever you guys pretty much do.I think that a cheap shot (Low blow) is something that a vilainess would defenatelly use against a heroine(cause she is a bad person) and your actresses have the skills to sell a low blow.

  • May. 17, 2012 at 4:21 pm

    I’m not one to dodge questions, although I’m sure I’ve answered this one before but you may not have read it. As I said in my earlier comment there is a low blow in Season 2 Episode 3, and it is portrayed in the only way I would portray it; A desperation move to get out of a difficult situation and run away. If you’ve not seen the video I highly recommend it to you, of course.

    Some background on me – For 4 years on and off I have been a practitioner in Krav Maga. If you don’t know what that is it’s sort of a street fighting martial art for psychopaths. I am confident I can remove eyeballs from their sockets and crush windpipes very quickly, I’ve also kicked or punched different people (99% men) in the goolies hundreds and hundreds of times – and had it done to me as often. I’m something of an expert in this field, certainly when compared to the average man in the street. In the context of a fight it’s a quick shock move in order to run away or land something far more decisive to the face (like an elbow… or two). Now admittedly we’re in comic book land so you can argue that realism is a bit redundant. I accept this but if you are hoping for either repetitive blows or one long shuddering punt alongside a 5 second facial reaction that says “Ow that really hurt, but I may have also just cum.” Then I’m afraid that I will never be able to deliver. I am pleased you believe that our production values and excellent actresses could deliver this so well, but I would beg to differ because my crew and my actresses won’t want to shoot it, and the only actresses I could get in the UK who would just ain’t good enough at anything else. If you can find such a move in a comic book or a mainstream film then I’ll admit I must be a prude, but I can’t think of any. In the correct context it is fine though, and we’ve already done it. I hope that makes my position clearer.

  • May. 18, 2012 at 3:39 pm

    We all know Bluebird’s superpower is “Second Wind”. But this photoset demonstrates that Claire Yellowlees herself has a superpower: the ability to turn grown men into gibbering puddles of goo. Wow. I thought I loved both the actress and the character BEFORE buying this photoset.

    I had NO idea… :)

  • May. 19, 2012 at 10:26 am

    Yeah, nice photos. Really great quality and a nice variety of poses – again demonstrates how much better the new costume fits IMHO. It is actually pretty cool because you have some angles different to the video, and you get a lot of images for your money, plus I’ve never seen images this big and detailed. Personally I’d like to see more of these, maybe even some photo comics? I know they are a bit old fashioned but they capture moments so clearly even compared to high quality videos.

    Oh and thanks for the explanation about fan interaction, I understand timings are tricky.

  • May. 20, 2012 at 7:18 am

    I’ve been one of NGC’s harshest critics lately after being left feeling underwhelmed and if I’m honest, disappointed following Season 2 Episode 4 and Side Mission 1 following what I considered such an amazing start to Season 2. However, after seeing both the video and photo set for this Side Mission, I can say without a doubt that my faith has been restored! Even though I’d been a massive fan of everything that has previously featured Bluebird, I’ll admit I was worried about this one. Failures from a ‘quality’ prospective (something I never expected to say about NGC) and a new outfit that from my personal prospective isn’t a patch on the original left me fearing the worst. I guess I should have known better where Claire Yellowlees is concerned!!!

    I could rave on and on about just what qualities the extremely talented and lovely Claire brings to proceedings and how her and NGC seem to be a ‘marriage made in heaven’, but as I’ve done so many times in the past it seems pointless to go into the specifics. Suffice to say that the ‘marriage’ is still going from strength to strength, and these releases are both absolutely amazing! Top quality all around, with so many lovely little touches (if NGC are ever interested in hearing what they are, I’d be happy to go into detail), overall this is back to being right up there with the best that the NGC guys and girls have produced. Only slight negative is that I’m still not a massive fan of the new outfit though – sorry!

    Overall, I can’t recommend purchase of both the video and photo set enough, even if like me, you’re not a fan of the new Bluebird gear! Go get it guys and girls – you’ll not be disappointed!

    And two other points if I may. One, I’m in total agreement with what Richard said, in both quality / value of the photo sets and I too hope these continue and are even expanded upon. In addition, I love his idea about photo comics too – the potential with something of that nature is massive! Seen a few examples of this in the past, and it allows many aspect that a small company couldn’t introduce as special effects in a video, such as laser blasts, aliens etc. rendered into the picture / story, and I really liked what I saw!

    The second point is a question for NGC – after her recent (and superb) outing for KAK, any chance of the NGC Universe seeing the lovely Alison Carroll? Now that is something I’d love to see!!!

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