Nicole Oring in “Black Falcon 3 – Ninja Hawk: Origins” from Superheroine World

Ninja Hawk: Origins is the third installment in the Black Falcon series from SuperHeroine World and Hawk Heroines.  The first two episodes introduced us to Nicole Oring’s Ninja Hawk and Paris Kennedy’s Black Falcon.  This time, Nicole Oring is the only heroine character, and as the title suggests, we learn a little about her backstory and once again watch her thoroughly defiled, tortured and humiliated by the bad guys.  I loved the first two installments, and even though I found this one to be not quite as strong as the previous episodes, I still enjoyed it for a well choregraphed and edited fight scene and Nicole Oring’s performance as the traumatized Ninja Hawk.

Nicole Oring in "Black Falcon 3 - Ninja Hawk: Origins"Nicole Oring in "Black Falcon 3 - Ninja Hawk: Origins"Nicole Oring in "Black Falcon 3 - Ninja Hawk: Origins"

After a recap of the previous two episodes, we begin with Ninja Hawk already tied AOH to an X-cross and being whipped by an unidentified villain.  Now, there’s nothing at all wrong with any of this, except that the whipping scene in Slayer Paris, Episode 4 was better, in my opinion, and I would have loved a more convincing scene with Nicole Oring as the victim.  Nevertheless, we still get the lovely Nicole Oring and her excellent reactions to the whipping.

Nicole Oring in "Black Falcon 3 - Ninja Hawk: Origins"Nicole Oring in "Black Falcon 3 - Ninja Hawk: Origins"Nicole Oring in "Black Falcon 3 - Ninja Hawk: Origins"

Then, we enter a flashback, where we learn a little bit about Ninja Hawk’s childhood and her decision to become a hawk-based superheroine.  I found this sequence really entertaining and original for this genre.  Instead of another heroine seeking an ancient relic or rescuing a helpless victim, Ninja Hawk: Origins shows us the history of the title character and explains the forces that motivate her to seek revenge.  Even though it’s all done with humor, and it’s ultimately just an excuse to have Nicole Oring whipped and sexually assaulted, I still enjoyed the thought put into the story.

Nicole Oring in "Black Falcon 3 - Ninja Hawk: Origins"Nicole Oring in "Black Falcon 3 - Ninja Hawk: Origins"Nicole Oring in "Black Falcon 3 - Ninja Hawk: Origins"

Eventually, Ninja Hawk faces her primary opponent, a deadly ninja who has been the object of Ninja Hawk’s quest for vengeance.  They battle it out in a really well done fight scene, with the bad guy (of course) getting the upper hand and beating up Ninja Hawk (and taking the time to sexually molest her while he’s at it).

Later, we get a fairly long scene of naked Nicole Oring slowly putting on her Ninja Hawk outfit and then some more torture and groping by the hands of unseen bad guys with Oring tied to the cross from the opening scenes.

Nicole Oring in "Black Falcon 3 - Ninja Hawk: Origins"Nicole Oring in "Black Falcon 3 - Ninja Hawk: Origins"Nicole Oring in "Black Falcon 3 - Ninja Hawk: Origins"

This is a good follow-up to the previous Black Falcon episodes, and I’m a big fan of Nicole Oring, so I enjoyed this one, even though, as I said, I think it’s probably the weakest in the series.  The previous episodes featured a zanier and really entertaining bad guy (played by Wolf Hudson), Paris Kennedy completing the other half of the duo, and a great scene that just happens to coincide with a lot of my personal preferences in which Nicole Oring is tied AOH and belly punched.  So by comparison, this episode seems to have a little less energy.  But I still really like it and recommend it to fans of this company.  It still features great lighting, acting, choreography, editing, etc., so if you liked previous episodes, you should enjoy this one as well.

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[…] and conveys a sassy attitude very well.  (She also conveyed youthful innocence quite well in Ninja Hawk: Origins, which makes her performance even more […]


When I heard this video was coming soon, I was really excited to see a video highlighting Nicole Oring as Ninja Hawk. I like the Black Falcon series, but the series should be named “Ninja Hawk and …”, because Nicole is so much more hotter than Paris Kennedy. This video is good, but not as good as the previous two. After the overly lengthy recap, the actual running time is 15 minutes! This video is for those who enjoy looking at Nicole and they don’t hesitate to get right to the goodies. Mere seconds into the video. we get exposed Ninja Hawk boobies, and not much later, we get to see Nicole stripping, and showing off her big ol’ ass. The fight scene was interesting, but I was disappointed to not see Ninja Hawk being a total bad ass; throughout the series, we’ve only seen Ninja Hawk defend herself against the enemy, but we’ve yet to see her whip someone’s ass before the tides are turned. That shouldn’t take anything away for how good Nicole’s ass looked in that red outfit when she was bent over. I even enjoyed the following scene, watching naked Nicole putting on her Ninja Hawk outfit, and she makes some great faces during her forced orgasm scene (Paris Kennedy makes a cameo). Unfortunately, there wasn’t much more here than what’s already shown in the trailers, and even thought it was filled with goodies, it felt rather short and unsatisfying. If you’re really into Nicole, it’s worth checking out, but it’s not full of action/eroticism like the previous two.


Videos by Alex Bettinger are awasome. Maybe a review about the new Slayer Paris, or Mina the witch episodes?

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