Agent Files Case 2: “Bait and Switch” from Heroine Legends

Agent Files Case 2: Bait and Switch from Heroine LegendsHeroine Legends has just released Agent Files Case 2: “Bait and Switch” featuring the heroine Fuchsia, who previously appeared in both Torture Chamber Session 5 and Heroine Academy 2: Georgia’s Initiation (for those of you keeping track of these things… as you should!) 

Agent Files Case 2: Bait and Switch from Heroine LegendsAgent Files Case 2: Bait and Switch from Heroine LegendsAgent Files Case 2: Bait and Switch from Heroine Legends

Agent Files Case 2: Bait and Switch from Heroine LegendsAgent Files Case 2: Bait and Switch from Heroine LegendsAgent Files Case 2: Bait and Switch from Heroine Legends

Agent Files Case 2: Bait and Switch from Heroine LegendsAgent Files Case 2: Bait and Switch from Heroine LegendsAgent Files Case 2: Bait and Switch from Heroine Legends

Agent Files Case 2: Bait and Switch from Heroine LegendsAgent Files Case 2: Bait and Switch from Heroine LegendsAgent Files Case 2: Bait and Switch from Heroine Legends

Review by Sidekick

Agent Files Case 2: “Bait and Switch is a well-produced piece of action filmmaking, and it’s the first film that got me thinking about the business side of making these movies. The reason? The cast is absolutely huge, especially for this genre. There’s one heroine, and over the course of the film, she faces down at least ten goons. All have lines, all have a part in the action, and I have to assume it was pretty expensive to pay them all for their time.

Logan could have easily cast three guys to play henchmen for this movie and nobody would have blinked, but he decided to go much bigger. That demonstrates to me that no matter what you may think of the movies Heroine Legends produces, nobody can say they short-change customers in effort or fail to reinvest the money they make back into their films. I think fans appreciate this kind of dedication from producers.

The film itself opens up with a great-looking girl sitting on a couch and receiving a message that some bad guys are getting together in a park to make some kind of deal. The film itself is not all that plot heavy. There’s some talk about a schematic, but I didn’t truly know who the bad guys were, so I consulted to web site and here’s the synopsis.

Fuchsia, a good friend of Hawke, works for the same Secret Agency that Destiny does, but when a mission involving mobsters that know of her strength goes wrong, Fuchsia becomes a bargaining chip between two very dangerous and powerful Mob bosses. She is hoping her Academy training will kick in once she can get them where she wants them.

Bait and Switch mostly follows two-thirds of my favorite formula for these films or as I call it the “Zen Pictures method.” In Zen films the heroine always starts out strong, eventually loses to a superior opponent or falls into a trap and then finds a way to win in the end. I don’t know why that’s the formula I like. I guess I just like knowing the heroine can handle herself, and I like her to have to overcome formidable obstacles.

In this case, Fuchsia interrupts an exchange in the park and after a long, well-choreographed fight scene, she takes down all the goons. She leaves the bad guys tied to a tree for the police and goes home. Big mistake. When she learns that the bad guys have not been arrested she returns to the park and falls into a trap. She is knocked out, brought back to a hideout, and roughed up.

At first she is tied up in chains and beaten, then tied to a table and beaten again. A half dozen goons pound on this girl for the bulk of the second half of the film. It’s mostly punches to the face and stomach, but she is gagged twice for those of you who like those kind of scenes.

Aside from not knowing all the players involved and what exactly their motivations were, I was thoroughly entertained by the film. I liked it more than the first episode and it ends on a cliffhanger, and I’m looking forward to finding out how Fuchsia’s story continues.

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  1. mblostprophet

    I loved it! I am the biggest fan of the outfit although I know there are many who would disagree. I can’t wait to see more of Fuchsia. This episode was peril heavy! I really like this girl a lot :)

    My favorite favorite favorite part of the episode was the villian tied to the tree denying the “let her go” line… HALARIOUS!!! it was acted out so well too, I was laughing my ass off.

    Looking forward to the follow up.

  2. As I mentioned about this vid in another thread, I really enjoyed this one. The heroine is beautiful and has the cocky, defiant attitude you expect in a superheroine. I’m not the biggest fan of the outfit, but that’s a minor point for me. The fight scenes are well done and I liked the fact that Fushcia gets the upper hand for a while before eventually being defeated. The heroine being beaten while she is tied (or in this case, chained) is a staple at sites like Giga and I am glad to see a US producer using this approach. Finally, I have always been a big fan of the heroine being captured and abused by “normal” villains. I really don’t get into the monsters or supervillains as much. I think it is incredibly humiliating for a superheroine to be beaten down and taken prisoner by normal crooks with no powers. I’m looking to a continuation of the story where Fushcia is now the prisoner of a new group of thugs, who get their chance to get some payback. Keep up the great work, Logan

  3. @mblostprophet: We will be filming her 2nd episode in August – I got confirmation from her today to sign on and continue her episode! The tree scene had us laughing as well – I love infusing comedy into our series (if you guys haven’t noticed) :)

    @mjk: The ‘restraint during torture’ is going to be captured in the new “Torture Chamber’ once we release it 😉


  4. Sasha

    I loved this – any chance we can get the shorts removed next episode? Would be a nice part of the humiliation for her plus she’d look great!

  5. I’ll go along with Sasha and descendingskulls, mostly out of selfishness. I want to see Heather without the shorts!!

  6. mblostprophet

    Who wouldn’t… Like I said earlier we’ve been a little spoiled with her in the past few apperances. I like this girls acting, she’s fun to watch.

  7. Take of the Shorts!

    yeah take off the shorts! it would be a 9/10 and I’ve never even seen it! I wish I could but no money…. :( take off the shorts!

  8. @Sasha. @Decensingskulls, @mjk, @mblostprophet, @Take of the Shorts!: Well, it seems we have a request? 😉


  9. deathcake

    I also would like the shorts removed 😀 I’d like to see her get them back though! Or perhaps get them ripped off, and get her putting them back on (once she’s beaten the bad guys, of course ;)), and they are in tatters, but still wearable :)

  10. @deathcake: I see there’s a common interest here! May I ask, for anyone to answer: Other than the obvious sexiness of it, and the possible removal of costume as symbolism, is there any other reason you guys want this removed so badly? I want to be on the same page as my viewers on every aspect and don’t want to miss anything!

    We have incorporated a ridiculous amount of low blows into our new projects, throat lifts, more peril scenes, and intriguing scenarios. The more I know, the better each subsequent film can be! Thanks again for following “Heroine Legends”!!


  11. Logan:
    You hit on the obvious reason: Fushcia is hot and the more we can see of her, the beter. Besides that, however, there are two main rasons I want the shorts removed. 1. It seems like an obvious move for a group of male villains who have captured a beautiful heroine against whom they are seking revenge and 2. costume removal, or at least partial costume removal, is one of the ultimate forms of humiliating a heroine The low riding manner in which Fushcia wears the shorts and the obvously high cut leotard underneath them almost seems like a dare to her enemies to remove them

  12. @mjk: That’s something we will look into for future episodes – I basically knew why it seems – just making sure I’m there with y’all!!

    We are filming “Heroine Legends” ‘Cast of Shadows: Ground Zero’ right now and we have 3 days of filming left – and it’s turning out AWESOME!!! So excited to get it out to you! If interested in 2 new characters, visit our website – under “Characters”, check out ‘Celestia’ (a Heroine) & ‘Allura’ (Villainess) for a photo! :)