“Pentacle 2” from Damien Wagner

Damien Wagner’s Pentacle Episode 2 is now available here at Heroine Movies. Check out a trailer and more information below.


In Pentacle Episode 1, heroine Eiona was defeated and left for dead while she was trying to rescue her friend who’s been captured by the Beast.

She wakes up in a dark strange place, actually between life and death, and Kifrin, the guardian, explains to her she’ll have to fight against the five elements to get her life back.

In Episode 2, Eiona will have to fight against two tough enemies, the Troll and Jira…

This fantasy / fetish / adventurous movie includes fights, belly punches, kicks, bondage, magical electricity torture, strangulation, peril, struggling and more…

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I'm a french director and producer. I produce "girl in peril" type of movies, like the adventures of Claire Stone, the explorer; and Jade Hunt, the parisian journalist. Please find out more here: wagner.over-blog.com!

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That picture, third in the top row, is fucking fantastic. This looks like it could be a lot of fun to watch. Anyone see the it (and the previous instalment) and want to give us new folks a recap?


Love this series! Can this just be realesed now? Can’t wait to see Eiona get her butt kicked


I received my copy almost a week ago. This probably means that I have at least a three week head start. I a patron supporter and I get some very cool BTS as well as lots of photos and grabs..


I want to do that but can’t at the moment. Would you say the film was better than the first because it looks like it is


Tough question to answer as we probably have different tastes. For example while I like very much this series, I am more into Fanny Eder, Jade Hunt and even more so Abdomonde and Acherontia. Damien has a great way of balancing a great story with peril and in some films erotica and sexual tension as well. Returning to your question, there are plenty of belly and face punches as well as blows to her head. There is also some very cool (perhaps hot) special effects. Elisa’s reaction to the punishment is terrific.Probably better than the first instalment, at least in my opinion.


Does the main character have more fighting/peril in this one? There was only like, 2-3 minutes tops in the first episode, most of it was dialogue or other people and a lot of just walking around. If this one has a (much) better ratio of other content to fighting/peril then I’m interested.


On second thought, it is definitely better than the first one.


That sounds right up my alley. Love belly and faces hits. I just love seeing the heroine beaten down until she is defeated in a way where the villain really got the best of her. I really dig the outfit of the main character and the story seems like a really interesting one as I am really invested in what happens. The actress does a great job of selling the peril and this is evident in her facial expressions in the screenshots where she is getting electrocuted. She really sells that fact that she is in agonizing pain and I feel like her character will go through absolute hell by the time the series is over. I know Damien has said that he prefers when the heroines win but I hope that isn’t the case here. I want the Eiona to be defeated in the most epic way possible by the time her journey is over


I won’t give the ending away except to say that there are more instalments to come and so I recommend that you manage your expectations re the fate of the heroine.


I know that wont happen probably this episode I meant I hope she loses at the end of episode 4 when the journey is over. Only time will tell

Yes No