Damien Wagner’s “Pentacle 3”

UPDATE: Now available at Heroine Movies.

Damien Wagner presents Pentacle 3. Check out more information below, and keep an eye on this post during the next few days for some interesting bonus content!

NEW! Bonus clip from Pentacle 3


First 8 minutes of Pentacle 3


General trailer for the Pentacle series


In Pentacle Episode 1, heroine Eiona was defeated and left for dead while she was trying to rescue her friend who’s been captured by the Beast. She wakes up in a dark strange place, actually between life and death, and Kifrin, the guardian, explains to her she’ll have to fight against the five elements to get her life back.

In Pentacle Episode 2, Eiona had to fought against two tough enemies, the Troll and Jira…

In this third episode, will Eiona be able to win against water-vilain Sirene, and against another strange and beautiful enemy…?

This fantasy/fetish/adventurous movie includes fight in the water, belly punches, drowning, belly fetish, bondage, mind tortures, scratch tortures…

This movie is 28-minutes long – 720p – mp4

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I'm a french director and producer. I produce "peril" movies, full of bondage, fights, tortures and interrogation scenes. Please find out more here on my blog (link bellow)! If you want to see a lot more, you can become a "patron" on Patreon.com, looking for me!

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Please release it soon!


Received my copy about a week ago. It is easy to understand why one might be impatient. The water combat sequence is rather amazing.


So it’s finished? What are they waiting for?!


Can’t wait for the third film. Love this series and the heroine Eiona. I know it won’t happen this episode but I really hope that in the final episode after her incredibly long journey that Eiona receives a long and brutal defeat.


Loved the first two! May I ask when the release date is?


Pentacle looks gorgeous, any chance we get a video with a lose ending with her any time soon?