Primal’s “American Avenger – Power Siphon”

Primal's "American Avenger - Power Siphon"[Adults only] Here’s a new video from Primal’s Darkside Superheroine called American Avenger – Power Siphon. “American Avenger is one of the most feared superheroines in New Arcadia and with good reason. She is fast, strong, agile and tough as nails…”

Primal's "American Avenger - Power Siphon"Primal's "American Avenger - Power Siphon"Primal's "American Avenger - Power Siphon"

Primal's "American Avenger - Power Siphon"Primal's "American Avenger - Power Siphon"Primal's "American Avenger - Power Siphon"

Primal's "American Avenger - Power Siphon"Primal's "American Avenger - Power Siphon"Primal's "American Avenger - Power Siphon"

Primal's "American Avenger - Power Siphon"Primal's "American Avenger - Power Siphon"Primal's "American Avenger - Power Siphon"

Primal's "American Avenger - Power Siphon"Primal's "American Avenger - Power Siphon"Primal's "American Avenger - Power Siphon"

American Avenger is one of the most feared superheroines in New Arcadia and with good reason. She is fast, strong, agile and tough as nails. She has tracked a thief who somehow managed to steal secret technology from a government lab. She orders the thief to surrender but instead he pulls out his 9mm and opens fire. With an incredible display of acrobatics she dodges the shots and covers the space between them, disarming him and delivering a powerful blow to his stomach. The thief is a seriously tough customer himself and doesn’t drop, but takes a swing at AA. She cartwheels away from the blow and then does a back flip when he tries to sweep her legs out. She soon beats the thief down and then stands over him gloating while he begs for mercy

AA is too over confident and the thief surprises her with a zapper that stuns her and makes her scream in pain as her body convulses and she falls. 100,000 volts is not enough to keep AA down and she begins to rise, but the thief zaps her again and she drops convulsing even more. Again he zaps her, gloating as he does it. He then rolls her over to see her face and zaps her a final time. He then retrieves his 9mm and points it at her head, he can be the one to put an end to AA and be famous and feared! But he gets a better idea. Thief takes her back to his lair, carrying her limp body over his shoulder


Thief is going to use the Power Siphon on AA, but first he must weaken her and forces her to cum over and over, groping and force kissing her. She is very defiant but cums over and over, towards the end losing control and kissing thief as she cums, she is crying and cumming and ends up begging for just one more orgasm.

AA is weakened and beaten and she is overcome with sheer terror as Thief explains how much the Power Siphon is going to hurt. She screams in agony as the device drains her strength and powers and collapses as the device becomes full

She has survived the siphon so Theif strips her and then ties her up and dumps her in an ally. AA wakes up, she is ashamed and scared but rallies her strength and gets free


PROLOGUE- American Avenger has been spending time recovering mentally and physically from her ordeal with the Power Siphon. Meanwhile a rash of violent crimes has broken out in New Arcadia. Finally AA can not stand to be on the sidelines any longer and she dons a new uniform (that she has never considered wearing before) and she goes out to restore order to the city

AA responds to a call about a break in at a medical clinic and finds herself face to face with Thief, At first Thief is scared but he takes aim and is about to pull the trigger when AA does a lightning fast cartwheel shattering his 9mm with a perfectly aimed boot. It is payback and she slams Thief against the wall. But he is stronger than he was before and she is weaker and it becomes a tough hand to hand fight. He almost beats her with a iron grip low blow but she prevails and gloats over him

Her confidence is fully restored and uses the phone to call the police, but Thief is not down for good, he has too much of her power to be easily beaten. He uses the syringe and jumps her from behind. As the room spins and she gets groggy Thief explains he was taking the medicine to help slow his super elevated heart rate, a side effect from getting her powers that has been making it impossible for him to sleep. He lifts and slams AA down and then uses two full sets of restraints to keep her just where he wants her.

Thief gloats and promises to let her have her powers back if she can resist cumming before his tongue gets tired. “Just do it” she says in contempt “you’ll never make me cum!”

AA is wrong, his now super speed strength and endurance is too much and he eats her pussy with so much power she cums over an over despite her best efforts. She sobs in fear as he once more brings out the Power Siphon and this time the pain is even worse. Once more she fills it up and survives. She is still conscious but Thief uses another syringe to take the last fight out of her and says he should just keep letting her go and treat her like cattle.

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Is there a way I can buy just part 1 alone?


Yes, she is BY FAR our most popular model ever. I am backed up on custom orders and honestly have too many of my own script ideas to even come close to shooting with her


WAY late to this thread, but this actress is just incredible. Looking forward to more videos showing her fighting…and losing.


Hey now! Why the hate for the sock boots! They look just fine on her!


@Darkside No offense intended. The audio thing was a pretty big blunder, which is what I was referring to. Obviously you guys have a ways to go before your overall production is on a level with Rye or Alex Bettinger, but from where you started a year or two ago (I have the first superheroine vids) to where you are now, you’ve come a really long way. Your store is one of the few that I will always look closely at when I see a new release. Not all are to my taste, but the ones that are always hit the nail on the head, or at least aim for that target. That’s a big leg up on a lot of other producers who don’t necessarily understand what the fanbase wants out of these videos, or cater to sub-fetishes that I don’t share. Keep doing your thing, and I’ll keep buying your vids!


@Scando it is literally rendering as I write this


Hello everyone,

@ Descending Skulls, thanks for the review. Personally, I hate the “sock boots” too, but there was NO WAY she could do flips in any kind of boot. There is just no way we could risk an injury. The same goes for the one piece zentia costumes, just too slippery. As you can see, we got her into real boots for the more confined fight scene and she pulled of an amazing cartwheel, it is impressive that she did that cold, no trial run, just perfectly landed on the gun with enough real force to crack it. She is pretty damn amazing and we have another two releases coming out, one is a sequel to the phoenix video and the other is a short fight with capture and spanking with sexual destruction. The shorter one is plagued with the same audio as we did a marathon of shooting and only spot checked the daily’s. We will discount that release to make up for it. The problem is solved now but it was pretty terrible.

@saxman314 umm, ouch, and thanks…I guess lol.

@Scando We actually sent the video to HM right when we released it, we just never TOLD him it was in his dropbox folder lol. Literally when we were about to email him to ask him to post it I got the first email about the audio, after my friends and family talked me out of seppuku I forgot to email HM. Yes we didn’t know about the audio because the levels looked right in the editor and we always cut video if there are any audible mistakes and we were so excited to get the video up we didn’t do the final full viewing


Just a follow up: I did receive the link as promised by Primal. Basically the third chapter is great for the same reasons the first two were. Plenty of mixed fighting, some pretty athletic moves, groping, taunts, spunky defiant heroine acting, cocky villain acting, and sex. All told you get three different defeats, each with a different sexual punishment followed by the siphon – first vibrator wand, then pussy licked, and finally fucked missionary and doggy style. Also each fight features a different costume because with each defeat he keeps her costume as a trophy which he hangs on his wall, so she’s forced to go get her spare costume(s), and it seems like each subsequent costume is more revealing. The third one is pretty much all g-string. Great stuff and gotta say thanks to Primal for offering the free video to make up for the audio problem.


A great video and I really hope we will see these reviews here more often and closer to the original release date. This also acts as a good forum for the producers to keep the fans up to date on what’s going to happen next in terms of new shoots and whatnot.

…which leads me to my question: What happened to the batman/catwoman sequel? I thought there was going to be a follow up on that…


Ditto to what saxman314 said about the movie’s strengths. The thing that really made this video great IMO was the acting and the dialogue between the heroine and the villain. I love that the heroine remained spunky and defiant throughout everything even as she was tied up and molested. There are some really great lines of dialogue and also lots of good monologue when she’s tied up and left in the alley. My favorite line is when she’s strapped spread eagle to a chair and he’s going down on her and she says “I’ll never let you finish me!” That was fantastic. Only problem is that in certain parts of the movie, due to the sound problems, sometimes you can’t hear what’s being said. But most of the time you can hear it fine.

I would ditch those sock-boots she wears in the first half. I understand that not having heels makes her more agile and that’s obviously one of her strengths considering she’s able to do back-flips, but personally I think they’re really ugly. I would go with heeled boots like she wears in the 2nd half I mean hey she was still able to cartwheel the gun out of the villain’s hand wearing them so it’s not all bad! Anything but those sock-boots honestly.

I have yet to receive the free link to the other video but I’ll weigh in again once I do.


It’s true. They felt bad about the audio problems in this series, so they’re giving away the second vid to whoever buys the first one. As for the video itself, obviously their production skills kinda blow, but they GET the genre, as far as I’m concerned. That counts for a lot to me. Also, while they do try out a lot of girls, and some are not so great, in general, they’ve been getting better and better. THIS actress, to me, is one of their best, and totally makes these vids worth it. She’s hot, she can act and she’s sexy as hell. Also has some really impressive moves! I also really liked that thicker girl from the recent video that had her in a red spandex suit and then a green bathing suit… forget the name. She’s another keeper, for sure!


Thought you guys might want to know: Supposedly if you download this video above, which comprises chapters 1 and 2, you can get a FREE download link to the third and final chapter. I’m downloading this video currently and I’ve sent the sales receipt to the company so now I’m just waiting for it to be manually verified. I’ll weigh in again once I’ve had a chance to watch all of it.

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