“Princess Leia: No Escape” from FightGirlz2000

Princess Leia: No Escape from FightGirlz2000FightGirlz2000 recently released a new fantasy-based video that might be of interest to Star Wars fans. Princess Leia: No Escape features Rochelle Cassidy, in the world famous “Slave Leia” costume, who battles fan favorite Zoë Hammar. Check out images and a trailer below.

Princess Leia: No Escape from FightGirlz2000
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Fantastic news @John Connor! Can’t come soon enough! And a happy new year to you too!

John Connor

Thanks for the kind words, follks.

The Princess Leia series will definitely continue (with Rochelle winning a few and losing a few as the series progresses – and yes, that costume will live on!), and some of the footage for our Wunder Woman sequel has already been shot. Leia will indeed be interrogated ala “Nemesis IV: Launch Codes”, as will Wunder Woman, when the leader of the alien race responsible for Wunder Woman’s capture is intent on finding Paradise Island.

And here at FG2K, we all agree with Dan Femwrestlingfan: Rochelle DEFINITELY has a body built for that Leia costume!


I hope they continue with this series – love the premise/costume! Also hoping against hope they throw a little bondage/interrogation into the mix ala their recent spygirl release! (Also hoping they continue that Wonder Woman series they started!)

Dan Femwrestlingfan

I will say that Rochelle has a body made for that costume. Not many women can truly pull it off, as plenty of epic fails I have seen from women wearing that costume, but she can.

Got to say glad to see they mix it up and let her lose in that costume.



Yeah, Rochelle loses.


I want to know to!! Please answer DKM’s question…


Rochelle is beyond hot as Leia, but I think she’s won all of her videos in that outfit. Anyone know if she loses in this video?


I would have prefer “Gia Diablo” as the antagonist.

Yes No