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Project Superwoman - Site ReviewThis review will examine a superheroine video producer that not many people seem to know about—Project: Superwoman, which is an interesting site to say the least.  I know that is not the most interesting evaluation, but after you read this review I think you’ll understand why I chose the word “interesting” to describe the work they do.

1. The Girls – The one thing you get with the girls at Project Superwoman is variety.  What I mean by that is they cast women with vastly different body types as the leads in their films.  Some of the girls are very thin and petite; others have bodies comparable to the most popular actresses over at Next Global Crisis, and others are cut like fitness competitors that you occasionally see bouncing around stages on ESPN 2.  I’m not making any judgments about what people like or dislike when it comes to a woman’s body, I’m just letting it be known that this site is a veritable smorgasbord when it comes to casting.

Project: Superwoman - Site ReviewProject: Superwoman - Site ReviewProject: Superwoman - Site Review

2. Wardrobe – In one episode, you may get the lead actress in a tank top and jeans.  In the next episode, you may get an incredibly well-designed and original superheroine costume.  The next episode may feature a revealing version of a Supergirl outfit.  Once again, a lot of variety that may make potential customers interested in one episode and completely ambivalent about another.

3. Peril – How do I explain this?  Let’s say that KickAssKandy is a zero on the peril scale and Zen Pictures is a ten.  I would say that Project: Superwoman clocks in at about a 3.0.  Maybe even a 2.5.  There is definitely more of a “girl power” feel to the episodes, and there is probably not enough peril to satisfy hardcore fans.  There is an occasional throat lift, and there has been a kryptonite weakening scene or two if I recall, but nothing like you would get in, say, a Rye-produced movie.

Project: Superwoman - Site ReviewProject: Superwoman - Site ReviewProject: Superwoman - Site Review

4. Fight Choreography – Not great.  Not embarrassingly bad, but not great.  It’s better than New Goddess Cinema, but far below the standard set by Next Global Crisis.  To be fair, they don’t center the action around fight scenes like other sites do, and when they have, it’s been average work at best.  There are some F/F fights for those of you who are interested in that type of thing.  (On a side note, whatever happened to New Goddess Cinema anyway?  I know the site is still open, but they don’t update nearly as much as they used to. They were my proverbial “gateway drug” to the peril world. I hope they aren’t throwing in the towel.  Anyway…)

Project: Superwoman - Site ReviewProject: Superwoman - Site ReviewProject: Superwoman - Site Review

5. Locations – Once again, an interesting dichotomy that changes from film to film.  One day, they may shoot in someone’s living room while the next, they’re out in the city, in a parking garage, or in the woods.  You just never know from one film to another what level of quality you are going to get from these guys.  Am I getting my point across that this site is interesting?  I mean that in both a good and bad way.  Sometimes they go the extra mile in production quality while other times their hearts don’t seem to be in it as much.

Project: Superwoman - Site ReviewProject: Superwoman - Site ReviewProject: Superwoman - Site Review

6. Producer – Let me relay a story: I discovered Project: Superwoman several months after they released their first video.  When you buy a film from them, you get emailed a download link.  After I bought my first video, I waited about an hour for the link to show, and it never did.  I emailed the producer, and he responded quickly and suggested that I check my junk mail folder.  I did so, and the e-mail was not there.  I emailed him back, and while he fixed the problem, the tone of his email seemed to suggest he really didn’t like the fact that I contacted him.  Now, I may have just caught him on a bad day.  He could very well be the nicest guy in the world.  He fixed my problem immediately, and that’s the important thing.  He just didn’t come across as a person who craves feedback or enjoys communicating much with his audience.  Again, not judging.  This is just what my limited experience with him tells me.  Hopefully, he reads this review and lets it be known that he loves feedback.  More communication between fans and producers has only resulted in a better quality of films being produced.

Project: Superwoman - Site ReviewProject: Superwoman - Site ReviewProject: Superwoman - Site Review

7. Special effects – I never really felt the need to do this category on the other site reviews, but I think it’s important to do it here.  The special effect work they do is spectacular for an independent web producer.  I have to imagine the post-production work on their films takes weeks if not months to complete in some cases.  The have-well done flying effects, heat vision scenes that look great, and a fantastically done invulnerability scene in a recent movie where bullets bounce off of a Supergirl character when she gets shot a few hundred times by a large robot.  I would say that their special effects work is for the most part on par with Zen Pictures, if not superior.  I just purchased a film from them entitled Super Michaela: Showdown, which has hands-down the best special effects I have ever seen done in this genre.  I highly recommend this episode for the effects alone.

Project: Superwoman - Site ReviewProject: Superwoman - Site ReviewProject: Superwoman - Site Review

8. Bang for your buck – Project: Superwoman offers a pretty good value.  Their films are generally around ten minutes long and usually cost $5.95.  They also have photosets and comics for sale.  All products are purchased via Paypal.

9. Storyline – The episodes usually stand alone.  There really isn’t much continuity from one to another, but there have been a few films that have more than one part.  Events in one film generally don’t influence events in another like in the Next Global Crisis universe.

10. Acting – Solid.  Not the best, but not cringe worthy like some other sites.

Project: Superwoman - Site ReviewProject: Superwoman - Site ReviewProject: Superwoman - Site Review

Final Verdict – Personally, I think Project: Superwoman is a good website.  However, when I watch a video from them I always feel a little disappointed because I think they have the potential to be great.  They just come up a bit short in some areas that are probably important to a lot of you.  The have peril, but not enough.  They have decent, but not great, fight choreography.  Some episodes have tremendous costumes, and in others I think they just shoot the girls in whatever they show up in that day.  Despite these flaws, there are some incredibly well put together episodes.  I think it would be worth your time to look and see if anything they have produced may be of interest to you.  If you purchase anything, feel free to let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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Thank you for the feedback guys. I think I would advise everybody to at least check this site out. I bet most will find a film or two that they will enjoy.


I like this site because they dont go to far. They have nice stories and pretty good special effects. I like Supergirl the most and they have good stories of video and Pictures… I like Aubrie and Michaela the best as Supergirl….Shelly and Sierra also do a nice Job…I like the stories because they wear the costume under their clothes. Alot of other sites have a magical change and that kind of ruins it for me as far Supergirl goes..Your right not a lot of peril but nice acting and they look the part. The scene that Sidekick touch on about A Supergirl character getting shot by a robot and shows what under her shirt is my favorite scene yet. As for my experience with the site i have contacted them before with a problem Download and they got right back to me…I like this site alot because I can download what I like at the time I want….Waiting for part 3 of Super Michaela: Showdown ..My 2 cents….


Some of these girls do look yummy but yeah, shame about the lack of peril. This is becoming a common theme in the world of internet heroines. They either have peril or are against it. Wish some of those sites would venture out more from their safety nets.