“Power Drain” and “Honor Among Villains” from Project: Superwoman

"Honor Among Villains" from Project: SuperwomanI’ve always found Project Superwoman to be one of the most fascinating superheroine sites out there, but not for any of the reasons I normally find these sites fascinating. I’ll explain and cover the most recent two episodes from Project: Superwoman below.

I actually find Project: Superwoman fascinating for the things they don’t do. To my knowledge, the producers never actively market their products. I have never seen them with any kind of presence on the superheroine sites where almost every other producer pumps up their films. They have a blog that hasn’t been updated in well over two years, and frankly I have no idea who the producer even is.

Perhaps money and exposure are not at all a concern to them, which is fine by me. Perhaps they are happy with their current fan base, which is, again, perfectly fine. I actually count myself among their fans as they make mainly girl-power films that include some of the genre’s best special effects work. They cast attractive and exceptionally fit women as their heroines, and I always thought with some minor tweaks and more exposure, they could be a huge player.

We’ll probably never know the real reasons, but they’ve been telling a continuing story, and their last two episodes are probably as close to peril as they’ve ever gotten before so I thought it may be worth a look.

Super Michaela: Power Drain

"Power Drain" from Porject: Superwoman
Synopsis: “You cannot keep a good (super)girl down for long! After her latest brutal battle with her doppleganger, Super Michaela is back to her old self — and with her old costume! Imagine a new enemy that possesses one of Super Michaela’s greatest weaknesses (magic) and now somehow is granted the same awesome powers of Super Michaela herself! Bent on revenge our new supervillainess lures our favorite Super Woman into a trap as an VFX-ladened showdown of these two characters ensues in classic PSW fashion chocked full of action with car lifts/tosses/catching, heat vision, superhearing, superspeed, flight, and throat lifts.”

Basically, a woman who has powers like the DC Comics character The Parasite intentionally wrecks her car to draw out Super Michaela. With her super hearing Michaela hears the woman’s calls for help and flies off to save her. When the heroine arrives the villainess shocks her with a downed power line. She then grabs Michaela by the back of her throat and lifts her off the ground. The heroine is able to reverse the hold and administers a throat lift of her own, but the skin-to-skin contact just allows the villainess to keep absorbing her powers.

The villainess continues the power drain and catches one of Super Michaela’s punches. Michaela breaks free and the two play catch with a car. The villainess is able to grab Michaela again for a few seconds so the heroine decides to retreat which leads us to…

Super Michaela: Honor Among Villains

"Honor Among Villains" from Project: Superwoman
Synopsis: “Super Michaela is back! As she returns to deal with the superpowered witch from the last episode, Michaela uses her powers to capture the villainess for the SWAT team, or at least she thinks so, to return back to her apartment and investigate her clone’s blood sample. But as she is researching, the witch proves too powerful for the SWAT team and seeks help to gain even more power from the help of the superpowered clone who proves to be pretty super herself!. Lots of action this go round including superstrength, throat lifting, freeze breath, flight, and heat vision.”

This episode picks right up where we left off. But now, Michaela has a large train car that she drops on the villainess as a means of containing her. Thinking she’s done enough Michaela leaves things to the SWAT team and flies off. Bad idea. The villainess escapes and is joined by an associate who takes her to a evil clone of Super Michaela who was created in an earlier episode. The clone is under sedation so the villainess is able to suck out her energy but midway through, the clone awakens. They have a heat vision exchange and trade some punches until the clone freezes the villainess with her ice breath. The clone then changes into a costume that matches Michaela’s and spins through the floor just before the villainess frees herself from her icy prison. And that’s where things pretty much end although I imagine more episodes will be forthcoming.

I did enjoy these two films. Fans of power draining sequences may find these two episodes particularly good. I would describe the two actresses as “Amazons” and I mean that in a good way. They’re both tall, attractive, and obviously spend a lot of time at the gym. There are perils, but I can’t call this a full blown peril film. They could be heading that way, it just depends on how they approach the next episode of the series. We’ll be sure keep and eye on things for everyone.

Purchase both videos at Project: Superwoman
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Project Superwoman / Random321

Sidekick – I can’t thank you enough for doing another review and being complementary even if our stories don’t exactly fit into the normal fan base. It’s nice to have feedback and support. It’s good to have you as a fan.

You are correct I do keep a rather low profile. I post here and there from time to time but rely on a lot of word of mouth. It’s nice to cover production costs but money isn’t my main driver. The superheorine fan segment for comic style stories is small. I’ve always been a heroine fan and I like being creative so t works. The update page/blog slowness is mostly because I’d rather get back to making content for fans which I find rewarding and fun.

I’m glad you’re actually following the story. I really worry sometimes if people can’t or the writing/acting isn’t clear. PSW will never be a peril page. I feel like there are plenty already. I do want to make the stories more involved and dynamic so if that includes more “challenges” that people like – great! I enjoy making others raise their bar since I’m trying to raise mine all the time.

SG-Fan, Norm, Markko, Sgal-Fan thank-you for all your complements and support! It’s greatly appreciated! I’m glad someone recognizes that we try to be “substantive.” Some of the filler and dragged out videos or titles out there just kill me so I try to edit down ruthlessly.

No worries superwomen and their amazing powers will always be our fun focus!

RandomFX/Random321/PSW’s Producer-Editor-Director…


The BEST site out there for genre-based visual FX! While some sites incorporate and occassional throatlift or heat vision blast, Random’s video’s show superheroines being SUPER (as well as supervillainess’s being SUPER). Best value also in terms of dollars per substantive minute in my opinion. Kinda light on the peril for a lot of folks here, but the heroines take some punishment (punches, Green K exposure) in certain episodes.


The webmaster is Random321 and often writes in the superwomenmania forum (link http://superwomenmania.com ).

One of the best surely, have bought like, 90% of his videos ^^;

Just Norm
Just Norm

I agree with everything SG FAN Said …. They are getting better with every film and they are not expensive at all… Easy buy every time …


I have been enjoying PSWM vids because each one is getting better in acting, effects, and stories. No Honor has probably the best effects I’ve seen yet. Plus they seek to have struck a geeat balance between peril and girl power. Plus these are very afforable vids with most being under 10 bucks.

Really looking forward to more from PSWM.