“Genesis” from Punished Heroines (Review)

"Genesis" from Punished HeroinesAfter lots of discussion on this very web site about whether or not Rye should even release his latest video, Genesis, the movie itself is finally available. Is it a total disaster? Is there anything of value here? It it even the least bit watchable? Yes, absolutely.  In fact, I think fans of Punished Heroines will be pleasantly surprised.

The movie begins with a low-life female criminal (played by the lovely and talented Carly Quinn) who discovers a mysterious black helmet which speaks to her. (Is there any other kind of black helmet with speaking ability other than the “mysterious” kind?) It promises her that she will receive extraordinary powers in exchange for being reunited with its body. Seems a reasonable enough deal to me. She reunites the helmet with its rightful owner (named Ro’gash) and indeed receives the aforementioned powers, revealing a plot point that Punished Heroines fans should get a kick out of.

"Genesis" from Punished Heroines"Genesis" from Punished Heroines"Genesis" from Punished Heroines

The villainess gets the chance to test out her new powers on the ever-present Superia, played once again by Ashley Rose. She toys with Superia and frustrates her by disappearing and reappearing. Eventually, the villainess creates a trap for Superia, in which the superheroine is lured into a fight against Ro’gash, which really doesn’t go well for Superia. Superia receives a serious beating and is rendered unconscious.

"Genesis" from Punished Heroines"Genesis" from Punished Heroines"Genesis" from Punished Heroines

This is followed by a scene in which a scantily clad Superia is tied AOH, fondled by Ro’gash (he may be some kind of weird alien creature, but he’s really just a horny, red-blooded male at heart). Ro’gash follows this fondling session with a beating of the bound Superia, delivering stomach punches and face punches. Eventually, Ro’gash strips off all of Superia’s clothes and sexually ravages her. Poor Superia…

"Genesis" from Punished Heroines"Genesis" from Punished Heroines"Genesis" from Punished Heroines

Ro’gash gains control over Superia’s mind, and eventually, Superia’s sister Superior Girl arrives, played by an actress who I believe is new to the Punished Heroines scene. To make a long beating story short, Superia and her new master, Ro’gash, double team Superior Girl and just beat the living hell out of her for a long time. Things progress from there in typical Punished Heroines fashion, with Superior Girl being sexually abused at the hands of her sister and the incorrigible Ro’gash.

"Genesis" from Punished Heroines"Genesis" from Punished Heroines"Genesis" from Punished Heroines

Having now seen Genesis, I have to say that I don’t understand what all the fuss was about. If this video had been released with no word from Rye, I don’t think anyone would have complained about it. I suppose there is one drawback that might stand out a little bit, and that is the performance of the actress who plays Superior Girl. After being spoiled by Ashley Rose’s acting, it’s just not quite the same to see this version of Superior Girl, who doesn’t quite have the same “sprightliness” as Ashley Rose. But I really don’t think that’s enough of a drawback to consider not releasing the video.

"Genesis" from Punished Heroines"Genesis" from Punished Heroines"Genesis" from Punished Heroines

So, this is good news for Punished Heroines fans because if you’re a fan of Rye’s work under that banner, I don’t see any reason why you aren’t going to really enjoy Genesis. I don’t think I would have suspected that anything was “wrong” with this video if a big to-do hadn’t been made over it. I guess we can all be our own worst critics sometimes, but I think this is a very enjoyable video that Rye’s fans will really like.

Purchase Genesis at Punished Heroines,
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  1. Judging from the trailer, this doesn’t look as bad as it was made out to be. I am not a fan of the new actress though. She’s attractive but she just doesn’t look like the heroine type. She looks more like a villainess. The costume looks great though and I love how they updated the Power Girl costume with the blue gloves and blue boots.

    Still, I am going to pass on this one. If Rye is not satisfied, I know I won’t be either. It’s still pretty cool of him to come out and say it and gives us the fans an option on whether to see this bad boy or not.

  2. The costume looks great and, at the discounted rate, I’m definitely purchasing. I agree with Jose on the actress, however. She looks good/hot, but doesn’t have the girlish cuteness/innocence of a Supergirl type character. Still, this looks like fun and I love the SG costume and, so long as she has the red skirt and some take on the movie costume, I’m always willing to purchase.

  3. RJ123

    Agree with both comments above, the new costume is awesome but not so keen on the actress, i will be purchasing this though as it is discounted! Hope to see a different actress wearing that costume in the future and been slowly weakened and defeated by a kryptonite necklace!!!

  4. Lloyd Ferrigon

    I can’t wait for this movie to come out. As I said since you put so much into this it would be a waste to just dump it.

    I am looking forward to this. Superia is hot.

  5. These movies all seem to pretty great and I’m new to this genre where do I purchase these films and are there any good recommendations out there for this live action stuff?

  6. swampy170

    Many of them, including the one above when it comes out, can be found on Clips4sale.com under the “Superheroines” section. Also others are from DTwrestling, here: http://bit.ly/n02AnL

    The full reviews normally contain links to the sites, this is an announcement thread.

  7. I saw a lot of videos thanks guys I will be ordering some soon I hate to sound so adult but I wish there was more girl/girl action

  8. I agree Superheroine World is an AMAZINGLY good site. And I say that with no vested interest. They simply put out excellent, high quality content.

  9. ImNoSuPeRmAn

    it look’s pretty good but I think I’ll be passing this one or saving it for later, just doesn’t look as good as other video’s from Rye, by the way does the costume get removed, at the end of the trailer that is would it sort of looked like but I couldn’t tell to be truthfull.

    P.S. Rye are you going to make a sequel to “return of the jeckle” because it was a great film and I think it would be even better with a follow on.

  10. sugarcoater

    Forgive me for posting such a long story here (and for the redundancy, as I posted it on the superheroine forum page), but I was hoping someone might be interested in making this into a video to sell. As I mentioned on the forum, the script allows for a simple setting and does not require special effects. In fact, the only real issue would be to establish the superheroines chaste past before the upcoming events occur. So here is the first quarter of what I have:

    Supergirl slowly squatted down, her firm thighs spread wide. Gently she lowered herself onto the cylindrically shaped metal rod that rose three feet from the floor. The pole pressed firmly up against the blue fabric that covered her crotch. A soft sigh escaped her lips as she felt the metal against her skin.
    “Oh fffuuuucckkk,” she moaned as she pressed herself against the end of the rod.
    During the last rescue mission, Supergirl had accidentally found herself checking out some of the firefighters. The same lustful urge had overcome her and she had hurried home to address her needs. She put the pole in place, unbuckled her belt and let her mini-skirt fall to the ground. Then she lowered herself on the pole. Her unisuit slid smoothly against the cool steel. She rubbed herself against the pole, slowly at first then gradually with more speed. An orgasm quickly began to build within the Girl of Steel. Faster and faster she began to bounce herself on the pole. Suddenly she felt a tearing sensation and a split second later the pole was in her. The fabric around her crotch had ripped, and Supergirl was now lowering herself onto the pole and giving it full access to her womanhood.
    It was as if she did not even notice. Supergirl began to bounce faster and faster on the rod. Her breasts bounced up and down with each recoil. She was panting now. Her body was slick with sweat and her legs were burning, but the climactic sensation within her loins kept her moving—grinding—up and down on the rod.
    ‘I wonder what that would feel like. Seems so wrong…but still…’
    Supergirl reached further back to pull away more of the fabric that covered her backside. ‘I’ll just let it touch, nothing more. Just got to know what it feels like.’ Smoothly she lowered herself on the rod, positioning herself so the pole wouldn’t go up her womanhood but so it would touch up between her two butt cheeks. The rod was wet and warm—it slipped easily between the two cheeks. Just as it touched her ass, her legs began to wobble and she slipped. The rod entered her! To Supergirl’s surprise and delight, the feeling was orgasmic. She squealed in ecstasy.

    * * * * *

    “What’s your name punk?”
    “Rod,” moaned the burglar.
    Supergirl was suddenly overcome with a desire to do something bad—really bad.
    “How would you like to be my own…personal Rod?” asked Supergirl.
    Though the burglar was only semi-conscious, he was suddenly aware of a change in Supergirl’s tone. ‘What does this bitch want?’
    Supergirl hesitated, but her desires were strong. And standing over this man—allowing him to look up her skirt—was strangely titillating. Why couldn’t she have feelings as she did? Why did she have to always be the good girl? Why couldn’t she…
    “I’ll tell you what, you do as I say and you may get just be lucky enough to avoid jail this time.”
    “What…what do you want?” asked the man.
    “Here,” she stood over the man and grabbed hold of his wrist. “I want you to rub me here.”
    The man was stunned. Supergirl had grabbed his hand and shoved it beneath her mini-skirt! She was moving his hand over her crotch! “Rub me until I’m wet,” whispered Supergirl. “Rub me until my panties are soaked.”
    The shiny blue metallic fabric was cool to the touch. It was like liquid metal. The texture was cool and smooth to the man’s touch. He began fondling her, pressing up against the tightly stretched blue fabric covering her womanhood. Supergirl tilted her head back and began to emit quiet moans of pleasure. ‘Feels so much better having someone do the work for me,’ she confessed to herself.
    Admittedly, the burglar was having an incredibly hot time himself. Obviously this was a fantasy beyond his wildest dreams. And seeing Supergirl gyrating above him moaning more and more loudly made him rub all the harder.
    ‘Maybe she wants something a bit more than just a rub-down.’ Gently with his index finger, he lifted up the side of Supergirl’s blue panties. A firm hand clasped him by the wrist.
    “Don’t even think about it.”
    The man didn’t need any further warning. He felt his bones almost break under her grip. Tentatively, he began rubbing her again. As the rubbing continued, he began to feel a warm wetness spread on Supergirl’s panties. ‘Damn, I think Supergirl’s cumming!’

    Suddenly, Supergirl reached down and lifted back her panties. With a gentle prod, Supergirl pushed the man’s hand under her panties. He felt warm moisture and smooth skin. “I thought you—”
    “Shut up and finger-fuck me,” gasped Supergirl.
    Supergirl began to gyrate as the man’s fingers explored her body. Her legs shook. Then, with a loud moan, Supergirl climaxed. “Oh fuck!” Her hands were clutching her heaving chest as she recovered.
    After a minute, Supergirl had partially recovered. The superheroine reached between her thighs and pulled the man’s hand from her crotch. “Now get the hell out of here,” gasped the winded Supergirl. The superheroine looked incredible: her tight costume clinging tightly to her soaked body, her panties soaked and out of place, her nipples practically piercing her top, her mini-skirt around her ankles and her hair completely disheveled.

    Supergirl kneeled down on the floor and unbuckled her mini-skirt. It fell to the floor. She inhaled deeply, then reached between her thighs and cupped her crotch. She swooned as she felt the cool slick fabric press up against her. Slowly, then with increasing frequency, she moved her hand up and down her crotch. The sensual feeling she had experienced the night before began to grow within her. Soon she found herself panting as her hand moved with blazing speed along the skin-tight fabric. Wetness was spreading beneath the fabric. She was panting and sweating and on the brink of climaxing. But somehow she couldn’t climax.
    “I’ve got to find that guy.” Supergirl flew from her house toward Metropolis.

    Rod heard a knock from the sliding glass door in the back of his studio. Pulling back the blinds, he was stunned to see a gorgeous blonde dressed in red, blue and yellow standing on the other side of the glass pane.
    “Supergirl!” Rod pulled open the sliding door.
    “Quickly, I only have a few minutes. Do what you did to me last time.”
    A disheveled and sweaty Supergirl quickly walked into the living room. Rod was in shock. That night when he had first fingered Supergirl had seemed like a dream. Yet here the superheroine was, in his own living room, asking for it! “Here, lay down on the couch.”
    Rod sat down and Supergirl straddled him. Lifting up her mini-skirt, she gave him full exposure to her panties. “Rub me down,” she ordered.
    A thrill of excitement shuddered through Rod as he stared in delight at Supergirl’s sexy crotch. The shiny fabric felt incredibly smooth to the touch. Supergirl shuddered as she felt the man’s hands on her. Rubbing her back and forth, Supergirl quickly began to get wet. The man felt his hands grow slick as they slipped up and down the smooth fabric tightly covering Supergirl’s womanhood.
    “Want me to—”
    “Yes!” exclaimed Supergirl. She rapidly pulled back her panties. The penetration caused that same powerful sexual tremor inside the young superheroine. Head titled back, Supergirl emitted a deep sensual moan. Then she climaxed.

    “That felt so good,” admitted the Girl of Steel a few minutes later as she plopped herself down on Rod’s couch.
    “Glad to hear it Supergirl.”
    Brushing her hair out of her face, Supergirl began to regain her bearings. “It’s a nice place you have here.” She tried to start up a polite conversation, but after a few minutes, Supergirl began to feel out of place. “I’m going to go now.”
    “You don’t want to climax again?” Rod was desperate to please the Girl of Steel. If she was willing to stop by his place and ask for this, who knows what more she might ask for. And besides, how many people could claim to have fingered Supergirl?!
    Supergirl hesitated. This second time wasn’t quite as good as that first time. She wanted that same sensation she had felt that night at the bank.
    “Okay, let’s do it again!”
    As Rod worked his fingers on Supergirl, the superheroine found herself somehow not quite able to climax as easily. In fact, she wasn’t feeling that same sexual arousal.
    “Let me try something here,” suggested Rod. “Stand against the edge of the couch and prop yourself against it.”
    Supergirl did so. Rod stood behind her and pulled back her hips. “Now let’s try it from this angle.”
    It was working. Supergirl felt herself approaching a climax once again. But as she felt herself about to cum, something inside of her was preventing her from climaxing. A vague idea came to her head and she gave it voice.
    “Tongue me,” gasped Supergirl.
    “Stick your tongue in me.”
    This was the opportunity Rod had been waiting for. It was time to begin turning the tables on the Girl of Steel.
    “It’s called oral sex Supergirl. You sure you’re up for it”
    Supergirl was suddenly aware of what it was she was asking for. But there was no time for false pride. She wanted to cum—badly!
    “Yes…just do it.”
    Supergirl felt Rod’s mouth against her panties. His warm breath penetrated the thin blue fabric and sent a tingling sensation throughout her womanhood. Then she felt his tongue pressing and pushing against the slick fabric that was the last line of defense between dignity and ecstasy. It wasn’t fair for the young superheroine: she pulled back her panties and let the man’s tongue slip up into her. Supergirl creamed in delight as she felt his probing tongue explore her womanhood.

    Supergirl hesitated to ask. Wasn’t it enough that this average guy got to touch her? “Um…what do you want?”
    “I want to get off too.”
    Supergirl grimaced. Rod knew she wouldn’t even consider what he hoped she might someday allow, but if he started slowly, allowing Supergirl to suggest the first step. And this was the third time Supergirl had stopped by in just one week. The Girl of Steel was clearly struggling with some long suppressed sexual urges.
    Supergirl bit her lip. “What do you suggest?”
    “What if you gave me a hand-job?”
    “NO WAY!”
    “Come on Supergirl. After all I’ve done for you, you could at least return the favor. Give me at least some incentive to keep getting you off.”
    “As long as I don’t have to…touch it…I could…” Supergirl hesitated. ‘That wouldn’t be so bad I guess. I can always take off after I get off if I don’t want to anyway.’
    In a matter of seconds, the man’s head was beneath Supergirl’s skirt, his tongue exploring Supergirl’s womanhood. Supergirl gripped the man’s hair as she gyrated on top of him. It didn’t take long for her to climax.
    “Okay, let’s get you off now.” Supergirl hadn’t planned on doing anything of the sort, but after the orgasm she was somehow more open to this sort of behavior. She stepped behind Rod and slipped her hands down his pants. Upon feeling Supergirl’s smooth hands wrap themselves around the boxers that covered his manhood, he became hard instantly. Yet after Supergirl had fondled and rubbed him for a few good minutes, despite her best efforts Rod wasn’t climaxing. He was hard, but he wasn’t cumming. Supergirl began to get frustrated: Here she was, the Girl of Steel, practically giving a man a hand-job and he wasn’t getting off on it! It was embarrassing.
    “Can we try something else? I can’t seem to get off this way,” asked Rod.
    “Maybe we should.” Supergirl reluctantly acquiesced. She wanted to leave as soon as possible. “Did you have something in mind?” She hoped it involved him taking care of the problem by himself. But Supergirl was not about to be that lucky.
    “What if we tried this: you sit back on the couch and let me try something.”
    Supergirl sat back as Rod undid his belt and unzipped his pants. Then he made a move to straddle Supergirl, but he was forcefully stopped by Supergirl’s scream, “NO!”
    Rod stopped in his tracks. “It’s not what you think Supergirl, I promise.”
    “It better not be! I think we better just stop things right here tonight.”
    “Fine,” Rod was beginning to get upset. “But just remember this the next time you’re in one of your moods. Maybe I might be uncomfortable and you can just get yourself off.”
    Supergirl paused. She had become accustomed to the late night escapades. She wasn’t ready to slow things down.
    “Well…what did you have in mind?”
    “Look, at some point you’re going to have to ease up if we’re going to have any fun here. I’m not asking for a blow job Supergirl, just for a different kind of hand-job.”
    Supergirl found herself curious. “Ummm…what did you have in mind?”
    “Just this.” Rod straddled the seated Supergirl and began to massage her chest. Supergirl began to moan again in pleasure. “Mmmm…this is good for me but how is this getting you off?”
    “I’ll show you in a moment. Just relax and enjoy this.”
    Supergirl’s breasts were beginning to swell as she became more and more aroused. She noticed Rod’s hands had slipped beneath her top and were forcefully groping her chest. Then she felt her top being pulled down. Her breasts bounced out of the confining uniform. Supergirl titled her head back and let out a deep moan. Then she felt something firm and wet between her breasts!
    Rod had placed his manhood between Supergirl’s breasts and was grinding up against the Girl of Steel’s chest. Supergirl should have been mortified by what he was doing to her, but somehow the rising sensation of eroticism prevented her from stopping Rod’s advances. Supergirl tried to relax. She could tell Rod was really turned on. Already he was cumming all over her chest. But what should have been a disgusting experience for the young superheroine was amazingly erotic! A buzzing sound from her belt startled the two of them.
    “I’ve got to get this,” muttered Supergirl.
    Rod dislodged himself from Supergirl’s breasts in frustration. “Just make it quick.”
    Supergirl was annoyed, but decided to ignore Rod’s rudeness. She also wanted to continue. After a brief conversation, Supergirl snapped her phone shut. “I’ve got to go,” she hesitated. “Do you mind if we call it a night…?”
    “Yeah I mind! I get you off and just when I’m about to get off you leave! I thought we agreed this would be a bit more of a mutual situation.”
    “Look, I really need to go.” Strangely though, the need for her to leave made the moment even more intense. Supergirl decided to go with her lust. “Can you finish real fast?”
    Supergirl climbed on top of Rod and pulled down her top, exposing her gigantic breasts to Rod’s manhood. Rod quickly began jerking himself off onto Supergirl’s exposed chest.
    “Ungh! Just…relax Supergirl…ungh…I’ll be done in a second.”
    Her hands rubbed Rod’s cum all over her exposed chest as Rod climaxed all over her. Supergirl tilted her head back and moaned as she felt Rod cum on her.
    “Fuck! That was amazingly hot Supergirl. Hope you don’t mind the mess.”
    Supergirl suddenly became conscious of what she was doing. Of greater embarrassment was the way Rod was looking at her. Quickly she pulled her top back over her soaked breasts. As left Rod’s place and took to the air, she was intensely self-conscious as she felt the wet and crusty emblazoned “S” on her uniform pressed up against her chest.

    It was only a few days later that Supergirl found herself laying on her back with Rod straddling her chest jerking himself off onto her chest. But this time Supergirl found herself fantasizing, toying with the idea of further debasing herself. Strangely, every time she behaved in a manner that was totally improper and immoral, yet erotic and arousing, she found that she liked the sensation. The shear magnitude of she—Supergirl—behaving in this manner was a powerful aphrodisiac. She watched Rod’s manhood grow larger as he approached climax.
    ‘I seriously know I shouldn’t do this—it’s so disgusting!—but maybe if I just…’
    Rod was too busy getting off to notice what Supergirl was doing. Suddenly he felt something wet and cool envelop his manhood. He stared down in shock: Supergirl was sucking on his cock!
    “Ith thith okay?” asked Supergirl, her mouth full of Rod.
    As if to reply, Rod started to cum all over Supergirl’s luscious red lips. He couldn’t help himself. Gripping Supergirl’s hair, he shoved himself as deep as he could into her mouth. Supergirl gagged. She had not been prepared for the climax; she only meant to briefly suck on Rod just to see what it would be like. Now she was spitting and swallowing, trying to catch her breath.

    “Okay, my turn,” grinned Rod.
    “Look, every time you fuck my tits, I have to clean my uniform. Let me take off my top first.”
    Rod hesitated. He really got off on climaxing on Supergirl. Taking off her top would remove part of that mystique. He was also aware of the change in Supergirl’s diction. When Supergirl had first started hooking up with Rod, she was fairly mild-mannered and even somewhat prudish. Supergirl seemed to have loosened up since those first few occasions—her language certainly had.
    “What if we tried the same thing elsewhere.”
    “What do you mean?”
    “Instead of your tits, I could rub it out between your cheeks?”
    “You mean you want me to suck—”
    “No. I mean…well,” Rod looked down at Supergirl’s hips. Supergirl quickly figured out what Rod meant.
    “Isn’t that like…?”
    “That’s not what I mean. I would just do the same thing as I was doing with your tits, just between your butt cheeks.”
    “You promise you won’t try anything funny?” Supergirl asked in a very serious tone.
    “I promise.”
    “Okay, let’s try it.” Supergirl got down on all fours and flipped up her mini-skirt. Rod knelt down behind her, pulled down her panties, and slipped himself between her firm cheeks.
    “Oh fuck,” moaned Rod as he began to gyrate against Supergirl.

    “Fuck! I can’t cum!” screamed Supergirl.
    Rod’s head came out from under Supergirl’s mini-skirt. “What do you expect? You can’t get off from the same thing every time.”
    It had been several weeks now that Supergirl had been stopping by Rod’s to get herself off. Unfortunately for the superheroine, she had found each visit was becoming less of a turn-on for her. Orgasms were harder to come by. Admittedly, the first time Rod had tongued her had brought her back to that first night. Still, even oral sex was becoming somewhat tedious.
    “What the hell do you mean by that?”
    “You know. Don’t try to pretend that you’re some sweet, innocent little superheroine with me. We both know what you need.”
    Supergirl faltered. How dare this man take this sort of tone with her! Yet he was right. Even when she came, it wasn’t like the first few times. And it had felt so damn good at the beginning! And Rod seemed to know what he was doing. But she couldn’t bring herself to suggest the unsuggestable.
    “What if I—?”
    Supergirl slapped him hard before he could even finish the sentence. “Don’t even dream about this.” She turned and flew out the window.

    It was three days later when Supergirl came back to his house. Rod had come home to find Supergirl sitting on his couch, looking at him in what he thought was a very seductive manner.
    “Okay, I’m ready to listen to your suggestion.”
    But Rod still wanted to see if he could embarrass the Girl of Steel just a bit before giving in to her. “Why would I want to suggest anything? After the way you acted last time, I don’t know if I want to continue…pleasuring you.”
    “What are you talking about? Are you telling me you don’t want to hit this?” And Supergirl rolled over on the couch, exposing her ass to the man.
    “So you are suggesting that we take things to another level?”
    Supergirl tried to catch herself, but too late.
    “Say it. Tell me what you want to do.”
    “You already know it,” she muttered.
    “Yeah, but I want to hear you say it.”
    “Come on, you know you want it too.”
    “Tell you what Supergirl. I’ll do whatever you ask, but you have to ask.”
    The superheroine didn’t want to say the words, but she knew she couldn’t stop herself. The feeling was too powerful and her desires too strong.
    “Fuck me,” she whispered.
    “Say it again.”
    “Fuck me. Fuck me hard!” She hadn’t anticipated saying that last part, nor saying it so forcefully. Even Rod was momentarily taken aback. But it took the work of a moment for him to strip down and for Supergirl to drop her panties.
    “Wait! Before we start, what about my safety?”
    “What do you mean?”
    “Considering you’re Supergirl, if you get as turned on as I think you will, you could kill me as you climax. I don’t think we should do this, as much it would be the fuck of a lifetime.”
    Supergirl was confounded and frustrated. There had to be some way around this. And she wanted it bad!
    “If only there was a way to weaken you for just a few minutes.”
    An idea hit her. “Hang on a second, I think I have an idea. I’ll be right back.”

    But Supergirl didn’t return for several hours. Rod had given up on her when he heard a ring at the doorbell. “Supergirl? What happened?”
    Supergirl looked exhausted. She was still recognizable, but she was dressed in slacks and blouse instead of her usual Supergirl costume, and was carrying an attaché case.
    “Just give me a second.”
    Supergirl snapped open the case and pulled out a metallic box Rod opened it to find a tiny red rock.
    “Is this what I think it is?” asked Rod.
    “Yes. It’s a tiny kryptonite rock. Batgirl had it in case something happened to me and she needed to stop me. It almost weakens me to the strength of a normal woman. I had to drive back to your place because it also takes away my ability to fly.” Supergirl placed the rock in its container on the coffee table by the couch.
    “Why is it red? I heard kryptonite is supposed to be green.”
    “It comes in a lot of different colors. I’m not really sure where Batgirl found it, but it works.”
    “I see…guess we can get down to business now.”
    Though the strain of the consistent exposure to the red kryptonite had clearly affected the Girl of Steel, the knowledge of what she was about to engage in revitalized her spirit. However, Rod seemed to be wavering.
    “What is it? Like I said, you don’t have to worry—I’m now just a bit stronger than your average female athlete.”
    “It’s not that…do you have your usual attire by any chance?”
    Supergirl smiled. She seductively unbuttoned her blouse and unzipped her pants. Her costume was clinging to her sweating body—she looked amazing. What Rod had thought were red high-heels were her knee-high red boots, surreptitiously covered by her black slacks.
    “Okay, how should we do this?” asked Supergirl.
    “Like this.” And Rod aggressively took hold of the Girl of Steel. He turned Supergirl around and pushed her down to all fours. Supergirl was stunned as she fell to the floor. ‘Is this what it feels like to be weak?’ But she would have little time to appreciate that phenomenon. Rod was already down behind her. He flipped up her mini-skirt and grabbed her by her hips.
    “You ready for this Supergirl?”
    Supergirl inhaled deeply. It was a moment she had never anticipated would be played out like this. ‘This is so wrong! He doesn’t even know me, he just wants to fuck Supergirl,’ she thought to herself. But her hormones were raging: Supergirl needed a good fucking. Logic supplanted lust. Supergirl wanted to be fucked, and wasn’t it about time? How often had she denied herself this pleasure? Why should Batgirl have all the fun with her boyfriend? Couldn’t the Girl of Steel get off from time to time?
    The moment had come. “Give it to me!” grunted Supergirl. She gasped as she felt something large enter her. And it entered her deeply! She wobbled a bit on her knees as she clutched the carpet. Her body swayed forward and backward as she was repeatedly penetrated. It was a surreal experience, better than she had imagined. Supergirl felt him pull out, then push himself back into her—deeper into her. Supergirl’s hands slipped as the intense sexual sensation overwhelmed her. She steadied herself on her elbows and forearms. She found that the slightly lower position allowed Rod better access to her womanhood. He pressed himself harder against her, in and out and in again, his throbbing cock penetrating repeatedly deeper into the Girl of Steel. Feeling him deep inside her brought Supergirl to the edge of climax. She moaned in profound sexual bliss and pushed her hips back against Rod’s hips. Then she came.
    But the orgasm did not diminish Supergirl’s sexual lust. As she continued to move in rhythm with the man, she couldn’t help herself. She looked at her reflection in the mirrored closet. What she saw both embarrassed her and turned her on: Supergirl in her uniform, save for her panties, on all fours with her mini-skirt riding up on her hips and her ass exposed, being forcibly driven into by some guy.
    “Oh Rod! Oh Rod! Oh Rod!” gasped Supergirl repeatedly as Rod drove himself into her. Rod caught sight of Supergirl looking at herself.
    “Quite the image, huh Supergirl? Do you like seeing some guy fucking you?”
    She wasn’t about to admit it, but she did.
    “I’m fucking you Supergirl,” Rod whispered in the superheroines ear. “I’m fucking you Supergirl.” He continued to repeat it. Supergirl’s nipples were hardening and she felt herself slipping further into her carnal lust. As if he could read her thoughts, his hands began massaging her swollen chest, pinching her nipples. She squealed in delight. Her super-hearing had picked up lewd comments about what various guys wanted to do to her, but hearing this guy actually saying what he was doing to her was an intensely arousing experience. He was fucking Supergirl!
    Rod flipped her onto her back. “I want to look at who I’m fucking before I cum.” Supergirl was somewhat shocked by Rod’s words. They were harsh, almost mean in their indifference. ‘He’s fucking me!’ She began to realize that Rod had probably had sex with a number of women before her. The idea of being just one of many women suddenly intensely irritated her.
    “You’re having sex with Supergirl!” Supergirl tried to emphasize to Rod. She pulled back for a second, but Rod grabbed her by her hips and shoved himself back into her. “No, I’m fucking some superheroine slut. Now give it up to me Superbitch,” he grunted as he once again penetrated the Girl of Steel.
    Supergirl was now stunned. This man was pounding her and the superheroine could do nothing. Part of her wanted to escape the situation, but she had already allowed herself to be penetrated. This was it: her first time was over—she was no longer untouched. ‘How could I let this be my first time,’ she whimpered to herself.
    The only solution for her was to allow her lust to take over once again. It wasn’t hard, as Supergirl began to feel the arousing sensation of another orgasm mounting within her. She gave way to her lust.
    “Fuck me harder! Harder!” she demanded.
    “Then relax, you’re too freakin’ tight bitch.”
    Supergirl was flipped over again on her backside. She spread her thighs to allow Rod a better angle to penetrate her. “Fuck me like a whore! Fuck me like the slut I am!” panted the Girl of Steel. Supergirl tried to blend her anger at herself and at Rod into a lustful fantasy. Much to Supergirl’s thrill, it was working. But despite the man’s taunting, it was incredibly hard for him not to climax. As he felt his hips pressing up against Supergirl’s gorgeous butt, the smoothness of her firm, slick body was overpowering his stamina. He was starting to climax. With a final, powerful thrust, he pressed himself firmly up against Supergirl’s backside and penetrated her as deeply as he could. Then he came. His body shuddered and went limp. Supergirl fell to the ground under his weight. They both lay there for a few minutes catching their breath.
    “You can pull out now.” Supergirl broke the silence.
    “Sorry,” muttered the man. It still felt really good to be inside the Girl of Steel.
    Supergirl began to clean herself up. “Where’s your bathroom?”
    “Just up the hall.” Rod pointed past the living room.
    Supergirl picked up her panties and quickly walked into the bathroom. She turned on the water in the sink and began to clean herself. The awkwardness and shame of the situation was sinking in. What had she done?! She—Supergirl—had let this fuck her! He had cum inside the Girl of Steel! She snapped her panties back into place and tried to brush back her disheveled hair. Her uniform was soaked in sweat and bodily fluids. With a towel she tried to clean it as best as possible. Then she unlocked the bathroom door and returned to the living room.
    “I’m going to go now.”
    “Don’t feel too bad about what happened here Supergirl. This is a good step in our relationship, don’t you think?” teased Rod.
    “What do you—oh just shut up,” snapped Supergirl.
    “When you get over feeling bad and you’re ready to be bad again, you know where to find me.”
    Supergirl just wanted to get away as quickly as she could. She didn’t want to leave the kryptonite behind, but she wasn’t about to drive home in her current state. “Keep that rock someplace safe. I’ll be back for it later.” Then she hastily flew away in disgust. But by the end of the week, she found herself fantasizing over the image she had seen in the mirror. And by Saturday, she was back at Rod’s apartment.
    “You know, you’re killing any chance I have at a relationship Supergirl.”
    “Can we just get down to…just get to the…”
    “Get down to fucking?”
    “Yes,” muttered Supergirl.
    “With that kind of enthusiasm, I’m not sure I’m in the mood yet.”
    “Come on, you know you fantasize about me. I’m Supergirl! You’re telling me you’d rather get it on with someone else?”
    “Maybe. You’re not experienced. And we only mess around on your schedule. What about when I want to fuck you? If you want to keep this up, I want you to be on call as well.”
    Supergirl reluctantly agreed.
    “So how am I going to get ahold of you?”
    Supergirl wrote down a number. “Call and ask for Linda. Now can we get down to it?”
    Rod pulled Supergirl into him. Turning her gently, he slowly unbuckled Supergirl’s belt. Her mini-skirt dropped to the ground. As her panties were pulled down to her knees, she felt Rod’s breath against her ear. “You’re a gorgeous slut Supergirl,” he whispered, “I’m really going to enjoy fucking you.”
    Supergirl knew she should be shocked and angered. Yet those words were exactly what she needed to get herself completely in the mood. She pressed her hips back against Rod’s hips, arching her back to allow him clear penetration into her. Her mouth was puckered in anticipation.
    The penetration felt better than she had anticipated. Her body bucked and squirmed in Rod’s grip as he worked himself deeper and deeper into her.
    “Yes! Yes!” was all the Girl of Steel could grunt.
    Rod could feel Supergirl shudder as she began to cum. It was time to humiliate the young superheroine. If he could get Supergirl to react as he thought she would, the superheroine would be his.
    “You’re such a cunt Supergirl,” whisper Rod into Supergirl’s ear.
    The response was exactly what he wanted. Supergirl shoved her hips back into Rod as she angrily fucked him. “No…no I’m…I’m a good girl!” she protested.

    Supergirl was back at Rod’s less than a day later. The young superheroine had been overwhelmed by just how much she liked sex. But she wasn’t having sex, the Girl of Steel was getting fucked. And she liked it. Already she felt herself getting wet as she landed on Rod’s veranda. Quickly she opened the sliding glass door to Rod’s living room.
    “Oh Rod,” Supergirl cooed.
    A startled Rod popped out from his bedroom. “Wha—?”
    “You busy?”
    Rod was dressed in a suit and tie. “Are you kidding? It’s 7:30am! Isn’t it a bit early for this?” But Rod was far from upset, he just had not anticipated Supergirl’s reaction to be as sudden and intense.
    “Come on, you know you want me,” taunted the Girl of Steel.
    “Yeah, but I have to get to work on time too. Some of us don’t have the luxury of setting our own hours.”
    Supergirl began to get frustrated. Was this guy seriously not going to fuck her? Rod could see that Supergirl’s lust was getting the better of her and decided to play off of it.
    “Tell you what Supergirl, if you beg for it, I’ll give it to you.”
    Supergirl was discomfited by the humiliating suggestion, but her lust countered by the image of her on her back with her legs in the air and Rod on top of her. She gave in.
    “Please,” she meekly asked.
    “That’s not begging, that’s just asking! Beg for it. Otherwise I’ve got to get going.”
    “Please…please,” Supergirl continued. She wasn’t comfortable at all being in this position. The humiliation of asking some guy to do her was still bothering her. Rod decided to help her out.
    “Look Supergirl, if you want a good fucking, you need to ask for it specifically. You may want to get down on your knees.”
    Supergirl hesitated.
    “All you have to do is get on your knees and beg for a good fuck. You do that, and you’ll have me in you Supergirl. Just think of how good it will feel.”
    Rod’s ploy worked. Supergirl slowly got down on her knees. “Please Rod…”
    “Ask me to fuck you. Say the words.”
    “Please Rod, fuck me,” she begged.
    “Say it like you want it. Make me feel it now or I’m heading out.”
    “Please Rod, please fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me now!” begged the sex-starved Supergirl.
    Rod complied. Within seconds, he had stripped down the Girl of Steel, put her on her back, and was pounding her on the floor.

    “Just what do you think you’re doing?”
    Supergirl stood, hands on her hips, smirking. The two burglars were completely incompetent. Not only had they tripped the silent alarm, but they hadn’t even considered that the jewelry store was in the middle of Supergirl’s home town. Of greater irony was that she had been just three floors above at Rod’s apartment. The whole situation was just too simple.
    “You two must be new in town,” taunted Supergirl.
    “What the fuck is this? What kind of chick goes around in a mini-skirt late at night?!”
    “You mean you don’t know who I am?! Haven’t you heard of Supergirl?”
    “What are you supposed to be? Some kind of slutty cheerleading cop?” jeered one of the burglars.
    Supergirl was incensed, both for rude comment about her attire and because they seemingly didn’t even know who she was. They wouldn’t make that mistake again anytime soon. “You two jerk-offs are going down.” Swiftly she walked over and grabbed both men by the collar.
    “Damn! This bitch is strong!”
    But even as she tried to lift them off the ground, she found they were too heavy! ‘What’s wrong with me! Why am I so weak?!’
    Supergirl was suddenly shoved against one of the jewelry display cases.
    “Back off you fucking slut, we’re not done yet with our withdrawal.”
    One of the men punched Supergirl in her midsection. She doubled over in intense pain. A kick to the head dropped her to the ground. For another minute, Supergirl was manhandled by the two men.
    The fallen superheroine lay on the ground dazed. Through the pain, she could just make out a few words.
    “…does have a hot body…” Supergirl felt one of the men’s hands on her butt.
    “You really think we have time for this?”
    “…give it to her quickly…”
    Fear cleared Supergirl’s head. She had an inkling of what the two men might be talking about.

  11. Lloyd Ferrigon

    Sugarcoater, I read your story in Superheroine Forum and wanted to post a comment but for some reason, I am refused access even after I tried to log on.

    Anyway, the story is good although my question is how, when and why did Supergirl’s transformation start? I get that Rod exposed her to Red Kryptonite which we know has a strange effect on Superman and Supergirl but maybe you could at some point tell us at what point did Rod get the idea and with success turned Supergirl into his sex toy.

    Again, the story is good. Can’t wait for more.

  12. Just finished reading it. Hot story but frankly it’s just porn. Where is the peril? I read the end with two burglars but that is only a small portion.

    There is also a couple of plotholes. Why is Supergirl acting this way? Why does she have these urges? Is it because of a previous encounter with a villain or just because? If it’s just because, than that would just be lame

    Also, you write that Supergirl pulls up her panties from her costume and pulls them down as well. Are you implying that Supergirl has a two piece costume and not the Helen Slater one? All the two piece costumes I have seen out there of Supergirl look rather cheap and most of them look store bought.

    Again hot story but it’s just pornography throughout the entire story. As fan, I would hate to watch an entire movie of just simulated sex scenes.

  13. Swampy170

    After all the talking it down this video was okay. There are some issues with the acting which do take away from the plot somewhat – but all things considered, not too bad at all. By no means the best video I’ve seen from Rye, but certainly not the worst I’ve seen recently overall. Worth seeing.

    @sugarcoater – It’s well written, especially the description the various sexual acts – just the right amount of detail, something I always struggle with. I have to agree with the previous comments though, there needs to be a reason for acting this way. It seems like you’ve started with episode 2.

    If there was a previous episode where Supergirl is captured and implanted with some special plot device, which makes her horny the whole time it would make alot more sense.

    I think I read a story on the superheroineforum where Lex Luther puts a green kryptonite marble deep inside supergirl’s sex to make her permanently weak – perhaps something similar but with pink or red kryptonite?

  14. sugarcoater

    Thanks for the feedback and the excellent observations, and apologies for the brief change in the theme of the thread.

    1. Good point about the peril. There certainly needs to be more, and there is in the latter half of the story. But the start is definitely slow in terms of action. I’ll try to work some in earlier in the story.

    2. I have four Supergirl outfits and need to be more explicit about which one she’s wearing. She has the Helen Slater classic unisuit, the two piece (but not the one with the bare midriff), a latex outfit that is pushed upon her, and a fourth “Superwoman” outfit.

    3. Nice observation by Lloyd about the red kryptonite. I’ll add more detail to explain the situation. Rod was not to be a master villain who plans this all out, but rather a manipulator who takes advantage of an extremely unique situation.

    Again, thanks for the comments and critique–it definitely helps when otherwise I’m left with only my perspective and I can’t see what I’m missing because in my head I can envision both what’s already happened and where the story is going, and it might not be clear in print.


  15. Thanks for the review Harry!
    I responded at my yahoo group but I will echo a few things. I think its very well done and very sexy, however I am not sure I would be the best producer for it. I think there are some other producers that could do it more justice that I could.

  16. sugarcoater

    That is debatable–I’ve truly enjoyed all your videos and you do an exceptional job of paying attention to the details. But I understand that this type of story may not appeal to enough of an audience to warrant making it, or that the plot may not interest others as it does me. Regardless, thank you for taking the time to read it Rye. I will be adding more to the story in the superheroine forum page, so perhaps some of the action may find its way into a video somewhere somehow 😉


  17. ranger87

    I posted this same review at superheroineforum.com

    I’m not going to summarize since that is in the clip info, but here is my review:

    -Usual great outline from Rye. Heroines fight, are defeated, and are screwed.
    -Story. Good origin Story for Synestra, who has been featured a lot in previous films.
    -NEW COSTUMES! Not only is the great Superia/Powergirl costume we’ve gotten used to in this, but Rye has a brand new Supergirl costume of amazing quality, and a brand new villain costume!
    -Sexual content-Well above par! Both heroines are beaten and screwed, and one after mind control, licks the others crotch while she is being held! To top it off, two of my favorite sex positions for vids are in this film!
    -New Model. She fills out the new costume EXTREMELY well, and her acting is actually better than I thought it would be. Her line deliveries aren’t great, but they are about average for the genre…which is below average for Rye, so I see why he is worried. But during the fighting and sex scenes, she really shines with her facial expressions and the sounds she makes!
    -Better effects, both visual and audio. When a heroine is getting punched repeatedly in the same area, you can hear a cracking or crunching sound in the punching sound effect, making it sound a lot more devastating. We also get some nice visual effects during the mind control process!
    -Outside scenes! Not something we usually get in this fetish, but it turned out great, and gave the story a bit more credit.

    Needs Work-
    -The new villain, R’Gosh, needs gloves. He’s supposed to be some sort of robot or something, but his hands are bare. It puts me off.
    -New Model. I know I put her in the other category, too, but she is new. While her fighting was fair and her sexual reactions great, she needs some work on line delivery. But that comes with time. I personally hope she gets hired again. She looks great in the outfit, does the sex stuff great, and is better than most at making the fighting look believable. If demand is high enough, I really hope Rye brings her back.
    -TO BE CONTINUED!!! This happens way too much in Rye vids, but since this is an origin for an already established Rye villain, we need to see a part two where our heroines win…or are at least released from the mind control. They don’t have to win, they just have to get free and live, even if it means they are left used and cum covered in a gutter. At least they can come back to fight Synestra another day, then, as they would in the previously released films that feature that villain. I really want to see a conclusion to this, which is another reason why I’d like to see the new girl back.

    It’s a fantastic video well worth the value. Rye discounted it to $20 because he wasn’t satisfied with the new girl’s acting. However, compared to just about every other producer in the genre, she’s actually quite good. She just doesn’t live up the standards Rye himself has created for himself through his previous films. At least she hasn’t yet. I think with some work, she could be really good. I understand she doesn’t look young or innocent enough to play Supergirl, but people forget there was a version of Supergirl who wore the one-piece suit who was actually in her mid-late 20’s. Granted she wasn’t Kryptonian, but this girl can still pull it off.

    If fans REALLY need a young supergirl (legal of course), another model can always be found. I’d say stick the younger girl in a 2-piece blue supergirl outfit, and call her Sheeria (another name Rye used in the old days) or something. Then you can have 3 superheroines and change up the line up every once in a while.

    I’m getting off topic. Anyway, the video was great. The only things that bring it down are the R’Gosh hands, the new girl’s rookie acting, and the fact that it’s to be continued. But getting a 35 minute vid featuring 2 gorgeous girls is worth $20. Well worth it.

    I give it a 4 out of 5.

  18. RJ123

    I just viewed the video and loved it!!

    The Supergirl costume is awesome and i must say the actress looked gorgeous in it, she has an amazing body! I so hope that Rye uses her again in that outfit and has her slowly weakened by kryptonite, that would be so hot!!!!

    Keep up the good work Rye!

  19. decendingskulls

    @ranger87: Hilarious and too true about robots with bare-hands. Hilarious because the solution (gloves) can cost under five dollars. Maybe the actor wanted to make sure he could feel the girl with his hands – can’t say i would blame him if that’s the case 😉