The Lexxx Files 2 from Punished Heroines

UPDATED: The Lexxx Files 2 Now Available![Adults only] New Punished Heroines director Chris Styles is about to make his grand debut with Superior Girl in The Lexxx Files, starring an absolute beauty by the name of Jessie Rogers as the title character, who undergoes… well, just about everything.

The Lexxx Files Part 2 – Now available (here)!

UPDATED: The Lexxx Files 2 Now Available!UPDATED: The Lexxx Files 2 Now Available!UPDATED: The Lexxx Files 2 Now Available!

UPDATED: The Lexxx Files 2 Now Available!UPDATED: The Lexxx Files 2 Now Available!UPDATED: The Lexxx Files 2 Now Available!

UPDATED: The Lexxx Files 2 Now Available!UPDATED: The Lexxx Files 2 Now Available!UPDATED: The Lexxx Files 2 Now Available!

Lexxx and his Cyborg Corben have captured Superior Girl keeping her powers in check with Corbens Krypto heart. In front of the entire nation Superior Girl faces total destruction and humiliation as she is put through a terrorfying chain of perils for Lexxx’s entertainment.

Original post – The Lexxx Files Part 1

Punished Heroines - Superior Girl: The Lexxx FilesPunished Heroines - Superior Girl: The Lexxx FilesPunished Heroines - Superior Girl: The Lexxx Files

Punished Heroines - Superior Girl: The Lexxx FilesPunished Heroines - Superior Girl: The Lexxx FilesPunished Heroines - Superior Girl: The Lexxx Files

Punished Heroines - Superior Girl: The Lexxx FilesPunished Heroines - Superior Girl: The Lexxx FilesPunished Heroines - Superior Girl: The Lexxx Files

Punished Heroines - Superior Girl: The Lexxx FilesPunished Heroines - Superior Girl: The Lexxx FilesPunished Heroines - Superior Girl: The Lexxx Files

Punished Heroines - Superior Girl: The Lexxx FilesPunished Heroines - Superior Girl: The Lexxx FilesPunished Heroines - Superior Girl: The Lexxx Files

Superior Girl in The Lexxx Files

Story Description

Superior Girl is left alone to defend earth while her more experienced cousin is sent to a distant planet for a peace keeping mission. Superior Girl is lured to a remote location where she finds herself fighting a Cyborg with super strength. After a few rounds she disables him but soon learns he isn’t an ordinary cyborg as a familiar green liquid starts to pour from his wound…

Note from Chris Styles:

If you have been waiting for a good Superheroine flick with strong male villains and one insanely hot Superheroine, look no further! This will be a two part series with both regular and extreme versions.

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  1. Now this is what I’ve been waiting for….

    If I’m being honest, I haven’t really cared much for Rye’s recent stuff. Personally of course. This looks more my thing…….

  2. SWEEEET JESUS BATMAN! I knew after seeing Jessie Rogers that I was going to love this movie but words cannot describe how amp’d I am now! Take my fucking money please!


  3. TheLecher

    I hope that this two-part series doesn’t stop at a “hard R” rating. I hope that either part one or part two, in either the regular or extreme version, will include hardcore content. In my opinion, with Jessie Rogers cast in the heroine/victim role, not including hardcore would be a waste of an excellent hardcore performer.

  4. Looks like a very promising story, excited to see how it turns out.

    One question about previews, has any discussion been made to using a different location for video previews? I always thought it was odd for the PH videos to be using youtube, since policy there makes it rather tough sometimes to give an idea of the video content.

  5. Curious

    Omg slow costume destruction during the fight, FINALLY! And she looks amazingly hot, hopefully she will be the mainstay for the new punished heroines. Can’t wait for the release!

  6. ShadowFax

    Am I the only person whose interest is shredded in equal proportion to the costume? I don’t know why but a good 60% of a superheroine’s allure for me is the costume.

  7. uhzoomzip

    Wow. If you get the hardcore content right (that is to say, if she doesn’t suddenly warm up to the idea of being utterly defiled and start to derive too much pleasure and is instead forcibly taken) this certainly looks like a “must-buy.”

  8. EKG, we are working on a more hardcore trailer right now and will likely post it on Daily Motion.

    Shadowfax, The costume stays on for both movies, but yes it does take quite a bit of abuse.

    uhzoomzip, I don’t think you will be let down.

  9. decendingskulls

    YES. This is what has been missing from my life πŸ˜›

  10. Everything looks good except based on the trailer, her reaction is a bit on the weak side? Hope there are scenes showing her strong and defiant as a heroine.

  11. curious

    No no keep the costume destruction coming, rip it to shreds lol!

  12. Chris, I have to ask…. Did you include low blows? How many and how are they delivered ;-)!!!

  13. M, yes there are punches, kicks, crushing, etc

    Ximi, Yes she has a nice display of powers including flight, heat vision, super breath, and she stays defiant.

    You guys may have noticed that Lexxx is carrying a camera? A fun spin in this movie is her destruction is filmed and we get to see normal people tune in from home and watch. Some rooting for her, and some rooting for the villains. Rye made sure we got plenty of inner dialogue from Superior Girl so you will know what is going on in her mind.

    My personal favorite scene is the AoH shots which includes a beating, breath taking spanking scene, and a forced orgasm.

    There are a ton of other great scenes and I should add this isn’t a movie with random shots of peril for the sake of having peril. They all have purpose and fit the movie quite well.

  14. Now this looks like it hits all the right notes in all the right places (or whatever the appropriate saying is).

    Nice job guys.

  15. Is there blood and does she die at the end of the extreme one?

  16. How about we just wait for the video ?

    Great stuff Chris!!

  17. G-reaper2001

    This looks great! My only question is will the extreme version be available anywhere else except nicheclips? Their security certificate worries me a bit.

  18. sugarcoater

    This video looks really impressive. A great combo: hot model with hot action. If it’s not too much to ask, any chance of an ETA for this amazing looking video? Can’t wait to check this one out. Really great looking stuff so far!


  19. Sounds amazing!! What date are we shooting for for release?!!!

  20. ranger87

    Man, this looks so tight! I just can’t wait. If it just filmed this weekend, I don’t really expect a quick release. But this looks to be worth the wait!

  21. ranger87

    Sorry to post twice. But I can’t stop looking at those screens! This looks so cool! I see green krypto goo or something in one of those pics. Between Chris’ comments and these screen caps, it looks like we get super powers, a beat down, gradual costume destruction, over the head bondage…and if it’s Punished Heroines, even with a new director, it’s certain to include some form of forced orgasm or sex. I can’t wait!

  22. mantower

    Well, this looks amazing. The model looks banging, the action sees extremely promising (I love the shot of the back breaker, I hope there will be more than one of these and that they will be long, painful and with some fondling) and it really seems to hit all the right notes in terms of my ideal peril video. I know I will be buying the extreme version and I think that as long as the performances live up to the potential shown in the previews it will be one of my favorite heroine films of all time. When can we expect the release?

  23. question: what is the difference going to be between the regular and extreme versions?

  24. mantower

    The difference with punished heroines is that the extreme version features the heroine being killed by the villains, whereas the regular cuts off before that and ends with her still alive, just thoroughly defeated. Other than that, as far as my experience with their videos goes, there isn’t a difference.

  25. Looks solid Chris. The more of that costume that comes off, the better!

  26. Thank you very much everyone. I have been a Punished Heroines fan for many years so in many ways it was dream come true to be on the creative end. I just hope that I am able to do the brand justice.

    G-reaper2001, I’m not entirely sure about the logistics of the extreme version but I will try and let you know as soon as I can.

    Mantower, If back breakers are your thing you will not be let down. I wasn’t expecting her to bend that far but Jessie delivered. The length is great and they do include the villain taking advantage of her while she is being stretched over his knee.

    DKM and Rizo, I would agree with Mantowers comments on previous movies. I am not sure if that will be the case this time around but I will update as soon as I figure it out.

    To those wanting an ETA on the Release we are going to try our best for October 19th for part one. This is not a hard date by any means and only my best estimate.


  27. I would like to add the payment issue again. Money Orders are a no go for me. I have tried them before but being in the UK I just experienced too many difficulties. Will there be an alternative for purchasing or will you just accept you may have to lose quite a bit of potential businerss?

  28. ranger87


    I completely hear you on the payment issue for the extreme versions at nicheclips. Now, I’m not sure if Chris will be able to make some other arrangement on single cases. But the reason those are only usually available on nicheclips is because they manage to get around credit card companies’ strictness with internet content. Visa and the others are very up tight about death porn and porn that portrays “unwanted sexual attention”. In fact, I know a while back Rye’s clips4sale store was shut down for a while because one of the videos he posted there violated those guidelines, and somebody reported it.

    Now I LOVE the extreme content. It’s my favorite when it comes to the superheroine genre. And I also think having to use money orders is super lame. But after discussions with a few producers, I see why it is necessary with this more extreme superheroine content.

    But if Chris is anything like Rye, he might be willing to work something out when the video is released. But I don’t think he’ll be able to do that for the general masses, as he would have to process each transaction individually, and that would become incredibly cumbersome for all customers. But since apparently money orders just aren’t an option for you, I hope he can help you out.

    To others who are looking for the extreme version and have access to money orders, I personally suggest doing what I do. Once a video is announced and I know it’s going to be released on nicheclips, I fund my account ahead of time, usually with $40-50, maybe more for this two parter (I don’t know if just part 2 with have an extreme version, or if both will). That way, by the time the video is released, my account is funded and ready to go.

    Just a thought for you guys.

    Maybe you’ll be able to answer this. Will part 1 have an extreme version at nicheclips, or just part two? This may help some of us fund our accounts appropriately.

  29. Jobber Lover

    I don’t know… I think it would have been nice if you could have gotten a good looking gal to play Superior Girl?

    But if Jessie Rogers is the best you could find… whatever?

  30. GigaFiend

    I think this girl is the hottest girl don a Supergirl costume since that one girl in the alternate universe episodes of Battle For Earth. (I know she moved, but damn she was gorgeous) And she may also already jump into top 3 best looking actresses for me (Randy Moore and Jayden Cole being the others)

    Anyway, I can’t stop staring at these stills! This is something I will definitely dish out money for… The extreme version that is! I hope my anticipation doesn’t ruin it for me

  31. FlameChucks76

    I’m not going to lie, over the last few months I have been anxiously anticipating something like this every since this site showed us first pics of the model as well as who was directing and what it would consist of. I am extremely excited for this project and wish you and your team the best of luck. Costume destruction has always been my thing and when done correctly it can almost always guarantee a buy from me. Glad to see this fitting right up my alley.

    All i can say is this, i look forward to seeing this up soon.

  32. Holymolydude123

    Movies that contain only sexual peril have never really been my thing, but this appears to have a decent mix. I’ll certainly be picking it up to see the new guy (lol) and what is brought to the table. I just hope there is some physical punishment, not just sexual.

    Supergirl is my favorite heroine to see dominated btw, so I am happy to see her again.

  33. sugarcoater

    Any chance that we can have the stills if we buy the video? Seems like a nice addition to the purchase of the movie. Can’t wait for this release–looks simply amazing.

  34. kingles

    I’ll be buying this one. There’s no question about that…

  35. decendingskulls

    @ Chris Styles, I totally agree about vibrators. Saying the videos are saturated with them is an understatement! And plus I’ve never been much of a fan of vibrators in a peril movie or porn. Just doesn’t seem at all realistic or perilous. As if a thug or villain is going to carry a vibrator. But I think the biggest problem with them is that while they may feel good, they aren’t much to watch in a video, because there is basically no movement. You’re just holding a wand to her crotch for a long time. I find it boring, unless the girl makes up for that by making a big show of her reactions. Personally for this kind of film I find it much more entertaining to watch her be molested by the villain’s hands, etc.

  36. Does Supergirl put up a fight? Rye’s vids were very up and down when it came to that stuff. Either the heroine puts up an awesome fight and i love it or she just gives in and gets dominated as soon as the tide turns (like when kryptonite is brought out)

  37. A few more screen caps

    holymolydude, There is plenty of physical peril for our heroine.

    sugarcoater, I don’t see why not. There are 80 or so pics I believe.

    Jerry, All the parts of this movie with kryptonite were actually written by Lee and not Rye. I can say that she does try to fight back after being exposed but the cyborg was almost as strong as her to begin with so it doesn’t go well each attempt. She is eventually exposed to so much that she can barely stand.

  38. ranger87


    With each now screenshot I get more psyched for this vid. Just don’t give everything away in screens before we get this!

  39. Any previews of the “extreme version” of The Lexxx Files?

  40. Jessie is cute. Like a Dean Yeagle drawing come to life.

  41. Decendingskulls

    @ Chris Styles: Have both parts 1& 2 been filmed? Will they be realeased together in October? Or will the release dates be staggered?

  42. sugarcoater

    To echo Sergio, any extra screen caps would be really cool.

  43. McGheenie

    This film looks great! Chris looks like you have a winner, congrats. I have to say this is on the top of my list. Jessie Rogers is hot as Superior girl. I hope to be purchasing many more adventures with Jessie as Superior girl.

  44. This is the movie of superior girl that I have dreamed of . She is the perfect superior girl she is beautiful the way she needs to be. I will pay cash for this movie & the next one . If I could choose how an episode would be I’d make it like …….. Superior girl walks in talking super confident trying to stop a criminal gang from doing some kind of criminal activity & kicks ass showing off her super strength & her super powers & deflecting bullits of her super body .Then the female gang leader brings out a suit case & opens it to show kryptonite inside , superior girl is shocked she only thought a few of her superheroine pals new about it . Superior girl keeps strong for a while bashing the gang made up of criminal girls & guys then she starts to struggle for the first time ever , the kryptonite is slowly draining her powers .The bullits hitting her chest are starting to sting a little she panics & with just enough power left superior girl begins jumping into the air trying to fly away… But 3 big guys grab onto her cape just in time. Superior girl zooms off lifting up the 3 big guys hanging onto her cape, smashing through a glass roof bringing the whole glass roof down smashing on the gang, they run & take cover then continue shooting at her, superior girl stops about 20 metres into the air above the abandoned warehouse , to get the men off her… One of the guys liftes himself up her back very quickly & begins punching superior girl in the head & chest then pulles out a gun , she turns her head & shoots lazer vision into his face , he screams & falls through the broken glass roof to the abandoned warehouse floor to his death. The kryptonite has weakened the streangth of superior girls costume…
    Her cape tears off as the 2 big guys hang from it, superior girl instantly looses her ability to fly, she screames in terror as the 2 big guys fall with her through the broken glass roof smashing down with great force on the hard abondoned warehouse floor . The 2 big guys are both dead. Superior girl lays face down moaning , her skirt in tatters along with her blue super panties , her super symbol on her chest torn, she flicks off the glass & roles around for a minute or so panting . Superior girl trys to get up then the gang comes out shooting at her she still can deflect the bullits each bullit hits her like a bee sting .Two big mean woman start punching into her she struggles & throws them off her & gets up , then more guys run in . The gang closes in on superior girl surrounding her. She punches & kicks & decks a few more but struggles her costume begins getting torn more with the gang attacking her . Soon because of the kryptonite & the number of criminals in the gang , superior girl is pushed down & overpowered . She was invinciable her whole life, but now she feels the real power of criminals & also defeat for the first time…Superior girl screames ,her panting, her super costume torn to tatters exposing her super athletic body all on live camera around the world. The female leader of the gang lookes down on superior girl ,& says Ive been waiting for this night for years as you have cost me a great deal of money… We found out your kryptonite secret when we captured wonder girl 3 years ago . We used her magic lassoo of truth on her, then we used it to erase her memory so that she couldn’t remmember being captured & then we set her free after a few days…
    They take superior girl away & put her in chains in a room in the abandoned warehouse…Superior girl is questioned about the secret location of the superheroine head quarters, & her secrets about her powers & of other superheroines. Superior girl
    is bold,defiant & refuses then is punished ,costume torn off ,orgasm, spanking ,tazor shocks,etc. Superior girl begins to have her confidence shatter & begs her captors to stop ,superior girl is broken , she tells them everything .Later wonder girl arrives & saves her …Wonder girl uses her magtc lassoo of truth on the whole gang & erases all of their memories of what superior girl told them…They both walk out as the police arrive to arrest the gang…..

  45. ^ sounds like a great script, except for the part where Superior girl walks out without having sex. But still really good.

  46. All time the same with the clips now with Supergirl (Superior Girl sorry, you have not the rights for Supergirl).
    All time the same peril, the same actions, we know how it will end…only the girl change.
    Without sex, it can also be better, even better but after you need a story πŸ˜‰
    It is only for teenagers who masturbate these films there with Supergirl in peril, Supergirl and sex.

    We need a change, not only the girl.


  47. TheLecher

    “It is only for teenagers…”

    Do you think that you speak for everyone? If so, what is it exactly which gives you the right to decide what other people should and shouldn’t enjoy?

    One reason why multiple producers continue to produce the same type of content, regardless of the fact that people know roughly how the scene will play out, is that people like it when the scene plays out that way, and they want more.

  48. To change the subject,
    Will this be ready tonight like you’d hoped it was going to be… Awesome… Thanks man.

  49. ranger87


    After reviewing Chris’ previous posts, I believe his projected date was Friday, October 19th. He still has 2 days to meet that. On top of that, we don’t know for sure if that’s the day because he (rightfully) did not promise us a hard release date.

    I’m as excited for this as anyone, M. Believe me. But the more awesome the vid, the more patience we must have.

  50. sugarcoater

    Well put TheLecher. Seems odd that someone would speak for all fans without most (or any) of them.
    As for ranger87, right on. I really hope people don’t start writing frustrated posts if the 19th doesn’t hit. If nothing else, producers will quit giving us estimates in the future if they receive irritated posts for their efforts to estimate a due dates week(s) ahead of time.
    I don’t mean to sound like a shill for the producers, but without them and their willingness to put up money ahead of time and take a chance that they can find a good customer base, what would we have?

  51. This looks really interesting, will be checking this one out I think

  52. Thank you everyone, the release date for part 1 has been pushed to Sunday which should be easy to meet. I will try and post some more screen shots tomorrow.

    Diamondsareforever, that is a pretty cool story.

  53. I presume the normal version with be available for purchase the normal way, and the extreme version through Money Order on nicheclips? Will the only difference be the ending? I ask because one time Rye included extra little bits throughout the entire movie in the extreme version which mainly showed blood. It wouldn’t bother me just missing the death scene at the end, but I wouldn’t like to miss extra peril that may have been cut from the normal version.

  54. darth_maelo

    When will you guys post the hardcore trailer in dailymotion very curious to see it so far Im very interested in buying especially if the actress is this hot and from what I read is pretty good at doing hardcore stuff

  55. Wow Jessie Rogers looks stunning! When and where is all i need to know concerning this video! I’m sold!

  56. Hmm… release date is delayed? I’m expecting this movie so musch

  57. Decendingskulls

    You know you have a good thing on your hands when you have to give your customers release dates and they get mad when you are late :)

  58. Stop guys! it’s no bad it’s delayed, you will not have to masturbate haha

  59. Decendingskulls

    “…You will not have to masterbate…”

    Damn guys, we just got SERVED.

  60. sugarcoater

    …and in an original manner too. Who else would have thought of that zinger?

  61. HolyMolyDude123

    That was quite an interesting retort. Made me laugh.

  62. kingles

    @Chris Styles: Cool…because I don’t agree with Pedro’s viewpoint at all. πŸ˜‰

  63. mantower

    Take your time Chris, this video has too much potential to be plain incredible to be rushed! Need to get it right.

    By the way, you have made your own job very difficult, you have built up expectations so much that it will take a truly special video to meet with them. I have faith that you will succeed, of course, just pointing out the obvious :)

  64. TheLecher

    Once you’ve released the first installment, will you perhaps be releasing a slightly more explicit version of the trailer? I know that Daily Motion has its limitations on how explicit you can be, but I’d like to see a trailer which goes beyond PG-13, so that I can get a better idea of what the clip will contain. The stills you’ve released are a good indication, though they haven’t included any hint of hardcore, but seeing it in motion with audio is much more compelling.

  65. Any more info about the extreme version?
    I’d like to buy it but I’m really put off by having to use nicheclips. I hope there will be another option.

  66. holymolydude123

    I too would like to buy the extreme version, but perhaps a method outside of Nicheclips. I have PayPal so it shouldn’t be a problem.

  67. ranger87

    @Lycan and holymolydude123

    I know there isn’t another mass option for the extreme version other than nicheclips. I only know this because I’ve had numerous chats with Rye, and Chris will most likely be selling his clips through the same routes.

    There isn’t really an effective way to sell extreme versions to the masses. C4S and other outlets would bust the clips right away for the violence and forced sexual content.

    Overall, I think it’s going to break down to how willing Chris is to sell the extreme version on a one-on-one basis with people. But that won’t be a viable option for everybody just because nicheclips is “inconvenient”.

    But, on the bright side, you don’t really have to worry about that until part 2, as part one, to my knowledge, will not have an “extreme” version.

    If you have access to nicheclips, and want the extreme version, I would fund it now (especially if you have to fund by money order). That way, you’re all set to buy right away when the extreme version comes out. I get that it’s not the most convenient. But I also see it from Chris’ side, in the sense that doing a paypal agreement with every person who wants the extreme version would be overwhelming, since he’d have to create the links and send them individually for each person.

  68. Hariharan

    NO actually you can use ur credit card to fund ur niche clips….i do that.

    You need to mail nicheclips and tell them you need the option to add funds through credit card and provide them with your account id. They will then activate the option to add funds through credit card for 24hours.

    I hope this helps

  69. Guys – stop chomping at the bit. For every excited post here I’ll bet the price is going up. (Just kidding – the guys involved in this project are too cool to do that.)

  70. Lexxx files part 1 is finished and should be live and for sale on both SHG-Media and Punished Heroines around 6pm Pacific. Part 1 does not have an extreme version, only part 2. Now that part 1 is finished I will work on another trailer with some of the more intense scenes.

  71. Decendingskulls

    I fund my nicheclips account using a credit card all the time and i would say 99% of the time the money is in my account in under 5 minutes.

  72. For win a lot of money, you need:
    1- a pornstar
    2- a supergirl costume
    3- a camera

    I’m looking for a pornstar, someone knows one? I paid her only in liquid.

  73. For win a lot of money, you need:
    1- a pornstar
    2- a supergirl costume
    3- a camera

    I’m looking for a pornstar, someone knows one? I paid her only in liquid.

  74. kingles

    @Alfred: I’m not sure that you’ve thought your business plan through very well…

  75. kingles

    I’ve said this before…I don’t understand all the issues people have with Nicheclips. I’ve never had a bad download, never gotten a virus, not a single issue of any sort. I fund my account by electronic transfer from my bank account, which usually takes about 5-10 minutes. The only real drawbacks to this are that they(their bank) charge a 1$ processing fee, and they use 20$ increments(so the cost of the video(s) you buy might not exactly match up to what’s in your account). I don’t really care if my account has 2$ left in it after I buy my video(s), because I’m going to eventually buy more.

    Certainly this is not as convenient as buying it directly with a credit card. However, there’s a reason that you can’t buy the extreme versions of Punished Heroines videos on their website, or SHG, or C4S. The presence of Nicheclips allows making an extreme version of their videos to be a viable thing to do. As far as I’m concerned Nicheclips provides a great service.

  76. Holymolydude123

    My issue with Nicheclips is the lack of a PayPal option mostly. I have used Nicheclips in the past and things went smoothly, I just prefer PayPal when buying online.

  77. The last two days, we have identified many suicides, the cause: a sex video in late.

  78. “Pedro October 23, 2012 at 4:23 pm
    The last two days, we have identified many suicides, the cause: a sex video in late.”

    That actually made me “LOL”

  79. TheLecher

    PayPal has a policy against processing payments for pornographic materials (other than the porn sold on eBay, that is). Some people do it anyway, but they’re just slipping through the cracks. It’s not something which any producer could do on a large scale and be able to get away with it, which means that it isn’t Niche Clips’ fault that they don’t offer PayPal as an option to fund your account.

  80. Just bought this one from shg-media…. Have yet to watch it so if anyone else want to buy it already… It’s up!

  81. ranger87

    Got mine. You can really tell it’s part of a 2 part series, because it has me chomping at the bit for part 2.

    For those who normally cut the vid after the credits roll, stick around for a minute. There is a very, very brief, but tantalizing clip from what part 2 will bring.

  82. since this is part 1, how much of the rated R stuff is in this one?

  83. ranger87

    Part 1 has topless nudity, and the two villains sucking on her chest and her pussy. Plus a lot of molesting over the costume. Part two looks to be insane when it comes out.

  84. Echo419Alpha

    Got mine. Waited ever so patiently for it too. Only complaint…it a .wmv file, and those aren’t very iPad friendly (my only cpu is an iPad). Video and Audio didn’t sync at all. Just sayin…hard to find anything to complain about in that movie though!! Just wish we had different format options, but I totally get constraints on time, equipment, budget, etc when it comes to rendering and output files.

  85. LeeCarl

    Hello, all.

    I thought it was time I poke my head out. My name is Lee Carl, and I am co-writer and co-producer on this little venture. I am very interested to received your feedback on part 1.

    One thing I can guarantee is that you are really in for a treat for part 2. Like you all, I anxiously await it’s release. Hopefully part 1 will satiate you in the meantime.

  86. mantower

    I can’t wait to get home tonight and download this! I was up until 2 am last night in the hope I would catch it, but it wasn’t posted on time. Lee, I will be posting my opinions on it later today once I have downloaded and seen it.

  87. Dimondsareforever

    Superior girl looks beautiful in the trailer clip. I can’t wait to buy this movie & the next movie episodes of her. It looks like a movie with a good story line, great sexy superior girl action, plenty of sex & peril & fun. Great because it’s all in a superheroine fantasy theatre & anything can happen.



    Here is an alternate ending to my 1st created Superior girl movie episode ,” I would love the current actress Jessie Rogers to star in this movie as Superior girl with another beautiful actress to star as Wonder Girl & another to star as Mistress Sanchezz…

    It would be very hard to get this many extra people for the gang numbers in this movie , but it would make a few great superior fight action clips for Superior girl & Wonder girl… The invisiable jet flying & the inviSiable jet crash clip could be done with computer graphics to give a shocking superheroine peril clip where the tables turn for the superheroines…

    If this is too hard, then something like this story line with not as many gang members & amazing clips but with these same characters ” I think would make a great Superior girl movie episode…

    A few hours later at the superheroine head quarters wonder girl arrives back after stopping another bank robbery. Wonder girl looks on the superheroine HQ computer, to find all the superheroines have completed their emergency call outs & have returned back to base except superior girl. Wonder girl finds a note on the job screen, saying ; had to leave in a hurry on orders from the president about a matter of national security. Gone to stop a gang of criminals who have stolen secret weapons from a military base, I must stop them from getting sold into the black market . Information given to me says they are at an abandoned warehouse at ; 35 hard st, Sandtown, an old abandoned town in the Arizona desert ; superior girl 12:00 pm … Wonder girl looks at the wall clock, it says 3:00pm she is concerned & decideds to go to the abandoned warehouse & see if superior girl is okay. Wonder girl blasts off in her invisiable jet, on her way wonder girl is updating her job task on the jet computer about her being concerned about superior girl & that she is on her way to an abandoned warehouse at Sandtown, 35 hard st, Arizona desert ; Wonder girl 3:00pm …

    As wonder girl trys to send the update off to the superheroine head quarters computer, her jet is hit by a lightning bolt as she passes through an electrical storm. Wonder girl looks at her control panel to see her computer communication device is knocked out, her update didn’t get sent & she has no way of communicating back to the superheroine head quarters . Wonder girl knows superior girls life could be in danger, she continues on & later arrives at Santown in the middle of the Arizona desert, she finds the abandoned warehouse… Wonder girl lands her invisiable jet near the back door entrance & lowers the invisiable jet ladder then walks down to the cement floor, she looks around then runs to a big steel door & kicks it open, she walks in to see a long hallway. Wonder girl runs fast up to the end of the hallway to see she has come to a very large room with a smashed roof & the floor was covered in fhe roofs broken glass, wonder girl walked around the room, the sound of glass was breaking under her feet . A few minutes later in horror wonder girl ran to the edge of the room to find a torn bit of superior girls costume then another bit of her superior girl symbol.

    Wonder girl looked behind her to see a doorway, she ran super fast through it then down another hallway going down to an underground level, wonder girl ran downwards along the hallway for about 100 metres or so, then suddenly wonder girl could hear in the distance superior girl screaming then the sound of electric static & the sound of her being given a very harsh spanking, Wonder girl walked very slowly until she got to the edge of the doorway entrance, then she quickly ran in & hid behind some boxes, wonder girl could now see superior girl … Surrounded by the gang & the woman leader of the gang who was tazoring superior girl & spanking her tanned tight flexing ass demanding superior girl tell the location of the superheroine head quarters, superior girl shouted to the gang leader, “fuck you! Instantly wonder girl jumped over the boxes & over the gang crowd with gymnastic precision & landed infront of the gang leader then punched her in the chest sending her flying backwards with super force & power into a heap of guys then into a brick wall knocking her & all the guys out… The gang startS to attack wonder girl shooting their guns at her but wonder girl deflects all of their fire until they run out of ammo. Then they all charge at her but she smashes everyone of them until after about an hour or so all the gang surrenders & stops fighting wonder girl… She unties superior girl & melts the klystanite in the suit case near superior girl with her heat vision, instantly superior girls powers return except the power of flight, which she can’t get back until she gets back to the Superheroine HQ for another costume…

    Wonder girl says are you okay, superior girl shouts Iam fine, thanks for saving me, I’ll make it up to you ! Wonder girl looks down at superior girls partial naked beautiful superior athletic body & tattered costume then looks up at her model like face & says Iam sure you will… Wonder girl stands bold & proud with herhands on her hips, her red boots with her long sexy tanned legs, her blue panties over her tight wonderful ass, her big knockers under a red singlet top made out of a stunning material with white stars spangled across it, her silver bracelets with a red stars centred on each & her model like face with black wavey shoulderlength hair, her gold tiara with a red star in the middle, her invinciable golden power belt & her golden magic lassoo of truth…

    Wonder girl walks over to the female gang leader who is still passed out laying on the floor & kneels down, then with one hand lifts her up by her throat & raps her magic lassoo of truth around her waist with the other hand…A second later wonder girl slaps her in the face, the female gang leader awakes, wonder girl shouts at her,” what is your name ? The gang leader instantly tells wonder girl … My name is ; Mistress sanchezz, where are the stolen military weapons mistress sanchezz ? Behind you in that locker, wonder girl shouts what are they ? They are teleportation devices, they have the power of teleporting an army anywhere, anytime in the world in seconds, they are fresh out of the lab in testing the only ones ever yet invented … Superior girl
    rips the locked locker doors open to see the small electronic box shaped teleportation device, she grabs it…

    Superior girl & wonder girl push all of the gang & mistress sanchezz into a sealed cement room used for storing goods, wonder girl punches through the wall a few times to allow holes for ventalation . Superior girl bends the steal door so that it jams locked stopping the gang from escaping until the police are called & can arrive to arrest the them…

    The gang watches through the holes wonder girl made as Wonder girl & superior girl walk out of the abandoned warehouse with the teleportation device . As wonder girl & superior girl get near the ivisiable jet, wonder girl activates the visual setting so they can see the jet .Wonder Girl & superior girl climb the stairwell up to the cockpit, They both buckle up to prepare for the trip back to the superheroine head quarters. The jet lifts off like a harrier jet & hovers 200 metres over the abandoned warehouse. Suddenly the invisiable jets warning engine light starts flashing… Wonder girl shouts dam it I went through an electrical storm on the way here it smashed out the jets communication system, it must have done some real damage to the jets electrics too… Suddenly the jets engines give out wonder girl & superior girl both scream as the invisiable jet falls with great speed towards the abandoned warehouse.

    Two seconds later the invisiable jet smashes through a brick wall then crushes up & stops around a one metre thick steel beam, the whole abandoned warehouse
    shakes, superior girl & wonder girl are dizzy & have both sustained a few scratches, superior girls costume is torn a bit more & wonder girls costume is also now torn a fair bit in various places… The jet is no longer invisiable, the force of the crash smashed open a wall in the storage room that the gang was locked in, the gang starts running out like bull ants, wondergirl girl says to superior girl, I could’nt get the job update sent to the superheroine HQ because of the electrical storm, no one knows we are here… Superior girl says oh my god… Superior girl smashes an opening in the jet wreakage for her & wonder girl to get out, superior girl jumps out to have a look around . Superior girl walks around on the jet wreakage for a few seconds when she notices that the jet crash has cracked open one of the walls in the storage room that the gang was locked in & the gang is escaping out & running to a hidden ammo box that they couldn’t get to before because wonder girl was in the way, all of them are reloading their guns . Superior girl looks away for a second & does not see mistress sanchezz quickly putting a black box into her pocket…

    In seconds the gang surrounds the downed jet & it’s pilots… Mistress sanchezz looks up at superior girls torn blue costume & her beautiful superior athletic tanned body then up at her model like face & smiles at her with the look of lust, then shouts Seize those superheroine bitches… The gang begins climbing the crashed jet, “superior girl shouts out to wondergirl “the gang has escaped” Wondergirl trys to follow her out but looks down to see her invinciable golden power belt & her golden magic lassoo are missing, they must have got ripped off in the force of the crash, they must be crushed somewhere under all this wreakage, wonder girl quickly tries to lift up some of the wreakage but it now exceeds her strength & ability, she is unable to find them . Wonder girl quickly thinks to herself for a second or too, I now only have normal amazon strength which is still very stong, “I can still deflect bullits ,”hmmm… Wondergirl jumps out of the opening to see superior girl is kicking ass & deflecting bullits off her tits & ass…

    Superior girl uses heat vision on ten guys making them fall off the crashed jet to their deaths, superior girl jumps down to fight the gang… Wonder girl can see hundreds of gang members all around superior girl . Wonder girl begins her battle on the gang once again only this time beltless, the gang instantly begins shooting hundreds of rounds at wonder girl, she deflects the bullits as she always did . After about two hours or so the gang runs low on bullits again & stops shooting superior girl & wonder girl… The superheroines continue hand to hand combat with the gang, now the gang is down to only about one hundred guys & girls left alive, they keep strong smashing to death all that try to attack them as they are now fighting for their own lives… Mistress sanchezz feels that she has had enough & takes out a lead box out of her jacket pocket, she opens it to show bullits of klystanite made in a criminal science lab capable of knocking superior girls powers out in three shots for an hour, mistress sanchezz loads them into her gun…

    Mistress sanchezz pushes through the crowd until she gets near superior girl, mistress sanchezz stands about ten feet away from superior girl & wonder girl watching them kick ass … Mistress sanchezz shoots the first bullit at superior girl hitting her in the back … The bullit turns to a green liquid on impact… Superior girl turns around in shock just as mistress sanchezz shoots another round into her, green liquid instantly runs down superior girls chest on impact… Superior girl trys to push through the crowd to get to mistress sanchezz but the klystanite is draining her powers & she is only able to push away a few guys, wonder girl tries to get to mistress sanchezz before she shoots but the gang pushes her back as mistress sanchezz shoots her last round at superior girl hitting her again in the chest, Superior girls chest is soaked in green liquid, all of her powers have been drained . Wonder girl looks around in shock as superior girl is struggling & fighting with mistress sanchezz…

    Wonder girl is surrounded alone by the gang, the last ninty two attack her, Wonder girl fights on alone for about five minutes then screams out in shock… “superior girl”, when she looks over to see mistress sanchezz punch superior girl to the floor knocking her out cold… At that moment of break in focus & without her invinciable golden power belt, wonder girl experiences the first punch to hit her body ever in her life . Instantly it changes her beautiful model face causing her head to twist violently & her lip to split sending blood spraying into the air & running down her chin… Wonder girl screams instantly as she blocks another hit . The gang closes in on her pushing her back, her left breast gets punched tearing her top open exposing her full massive tanned breast, she screams again, her costume material lost all it’s strength after she lost her invinciable golden power belt & her golden magic lassoo… She punches & kicks another 20 gang members down then runs & does an athletic gymnest jump over ten guys running towards her, she lands with precision behind them as her other strap brakes on her top sending her other massive tanned breast to tear out of her tattered costume, she kicks a round house kick taking them all down…

    She attemps another athletic gymnist jump as 23 gang members charge at her, but in mid air a man catches her by her blue panties grabbing tightly as her body is in a role motion causing them to rip off from her crutch & causing wondergirl to fall down hard on her back instead of landing on her feet . Wonder girl slowly roles over, her beautiful black furr covered pussy is exposed along with her perfect tanned tight athletic wonderful ass… Wonder girl is attacked by the 23 gang members as she tries to get up, knocking her back on to the ground . Mistress sanchezz walks over to wonder girl & points a gun to wonder girls head while pulling off her tiara & says get on your knees bitch, wonder girl instantly gets up on her knees… Mistress sanchezz cocks her gun & says to wonder girl ” Ive been waiting for this night for years, you & superior girl have cost me way too much money…

    Wonder girl looks up at mistress sanchezz, then suddenly “Superior man zooms in & appears then kicks mistress sanchezz in the head sending her flying into a metal door, mistress sanchezz lays on the abandoned warehouse floor dead after the powerful kick… Superior man uses his lazor vision to kill the last of the gang … “Wonder girl is amazed to see superior man & says thank you superior man… ” How did you know we were here ? Superior man says the second in command of the gang, a guy by the name of tarkazz made a phone call to the New York police , saying him & his gang had captured you & superior girl & that he wanted 2 million dollars for you both to be released or mistress sanchezz would shoot you both dead “, the police traced the call to here… I killed him first ,” I saw his name on his jacket… Wonder girl says nice work superior man ! Wonder girl kneels down & lifts up her golden tiara off the dusty floor, then puts it back on her head…

    Superior girls eyes opened up just in time to see superior man arrive & take out the gang & hear how he was able to know where they were, instantly she got up & ran over to superior man & hugged him saying thankyou superior man… Wonder girl then hugged him too ! superior man hugged them back… superior girl says how can we ever repay you, superior man says “I am sure we can work something out, wonder girl says “Iam sure we all can… Superior man could not control himself & cracked a giant hardon that suddenly pushed hard under superior girls torn blue panties lifting her up an inch or two off the ground, superior girl shrieked in shock then looked down to see superior mans giant cock tearing through his red pants then up through a tear in her blue panties into her pussy… Uh superior girl panted as she began to ride superior mans giant cock , hard & fast… Superior man instantly rips open superior girls torn costume & starts sucking her sexy tanned breasts, Wonder girl watches them both fuck hard & fast for about five minutes or so in pure lust then superior girl orgasmed, superior man lifts superior girl off him & lays her on the floor as she keeps panting, then he grabbes & lifts up wonder girl & pushes her beautiful black furr covered pussy down hard onto his giant cock, wonder girl screams in pleasure as superior man fucks her hard & fast as he feels her beautiful tanned breasts…

    Minutes later wonder girl orgasmes, superior man lifts her off his cock, wonder girl kneeles infront of superior man & leanes in, then starts sucking his giant cock, then superior girl crawls over & starts licking his balls, they both start sucking different parts of his giant cock… superior man instantly blows his load in superior girl & wonder girls mouths & all over their model faces … Superior girl falls down panting on her back as wonder girl continues sucking his giant cock licking it clean, superior man looks down at wonder girl, he can only see wonder girls beautiful black shiney wavey hair & her golden tiara going back & forwards over his giant cock with all her might hundreds of times building up speed, until superior man suddenly grabbes wonder girl by her neck stopping her in motion holding her gagging on his whole cock, superior man empties another load into wonder girls mouth she swollowes the whole lot & then fulls back panting…

    About half an hour later they all make their way to the damaged jet, Superior girl & wonder girl both climb back into the jet, superior girls powers have returned after the klystanite wore off… Superior girl lifts up a few bits of jet wreakage until at last they find wonder girls invinciable golden power belt & her golden magic lassoo, Wonder girl puts them on, instantly her powers return… They look to see the control panel storage box is still intact, superior girl looks inside to see the teleportation device is inside undamaged… Superior girl & wonder girl sit in their seats in the jet, the seats are still okay, superior man lifts the jet up with all its wreakage & superior girl & wonder girl inside, they all zoom away back to the Superheroine Head Quarters…

    They all make it back to the Superheroine Head Quarters a few minutes later, superior man puts the damaged jet down in the courtyard, superior girl & wonder girl climb out of the damaged jet & start walking in to take a shower, superior man says goodbye ladies, they both smile & wave to him goodbye as he zooms off taking the teleportation device to the president at the white house…

    THE END…

  88. mantower

    Well, how’s that for irony. For all the talk of having problems with Nicheclips, I am now having trouble buying it from SHG Media. I have contacted them to help me out, I hope they will be able to sort it out today, I am dying to watch this!

  89. decendingskulls

    Loved it! Keep up the great work! Overall the production of the movie and the fan-service it delivered was outstanding, and Chris Styles has done an excellent job with this. My only gripe is that Jessie’s lines sometimes are delivered a little half-hearted, and in that sense I would like an improvement in her acting, but otherwise her acting and facial expression was excellent and she did not break character. I am not trying to be negative and please don’t take it personally; just offering a little constructive criticism. I am definitely psyched about part 2 and will eagerly keep eyes on anything this team works on!

  90. Her dialog did sound a little forced, but with she is fighting and acting to the blows, she’s perfect….!!!! The action is A-list and I think they did an awesome job. Jessis rodgers does not disappoint!

  91. How was it? Did the heroine actually act like a heroine or did it just turn into a “porn with costumes” after the kryptonite came out?

  92. Decendingskulls

    @Chris: this is a Punished Heroines flick in every sense. It’s not Battle for Earth or Next Global Crisis with their intricate plots and characters, it’s not a porn nor is it a porn company making a superoine “parody”. It’s not an underground fetish production by a no name producer on nicheclips either. I have watched all of the above. This is punished heroines. If you follow these guys, you know what to expect. It is very superheroine-based but focuses on the tragic destruction and sexual humiliation of the heroine, and doesn’t let too much plot get in the way, but by no means is it simply porn.

  93. I would like to know if there are belly punches in this video

  94. Thanks descending skulls. I’m a fan of both the NGC/TBFE/HL style as well as the Punished Heroine’s style, but don’t like the porn superheroine parody genre at all. so if it is in line with the usual punished heroine standards, it should be decent. I’ll give it a try. I think of Punished Heroines as basically NGC/TBFE/HL with poorer fight choreography but superior sexual content. Alex/Paris stuff is kind of like that too.

    Will write about this tomorrow.

  95. Decendingskulls has nicely captured the feel of this video. Good villains, a heroine that looks the part and sells the action pretty well, and the production values are pretty good. It’s not NGC, but it’s not trying to be either. The actress isn’t very good at dialog, but she’s quite good in the fighting scenes and has great reactions, both vocally and physically.

    Personally I would have preferred the fight to go on longer on a more even level before the kryptonite weakens the heroine, but I suspect that would put me in the minority for Punished Heroines fans.

    I’m pretty sure that most people who pony up the dough for this release won’t be disappointed.

  96. Oh, sorry Beast, yeah there are quite a few belly punches – and they are well done ones too.

  97. @ Bert, I too prefer more of a fight. Before and after the kryptonite is brought out

  98. Masmune

    I enjoyed this video a lot. Jessie does quite well. I didn’t have any problem with the dialogue. Super(ior) Girl is an alien after all. The lines should seem a bit unnatural in a sense.

    It’s definitely action-packed, though with a story. Also, she spends the whole video in costume.

    It is definitely a PH-type video, though I think it’s better than several previous PH videos (sorry Rye) because there’s a bit more variety. In previous ones, for me personally, a particular punishment (such as stomach punches) seemed to go on a bit too long. In contrast, I think this video has a better flow and the action is a bit snappier. The variety also means that there is something (KO, upskirt, low blow, sexual content, etc.) for everyone without any particular peril being especially dominant.

    My one criticism is that I think the oral from the villain went on a bit too long. This is completely personal, but I never feel like the villain licking the heroine is very dominant. Again, it’s just a personal preference.

    If you’re looking for comparisons, I would say this video is a darker version of episode 8 of TBFE (which is one of my all time favourites).

    All in all, in Lexx Files you have a very attractive actress in a Super(ior) Girl costume in a video with plenty of action and some quality adult content. If that interests you, I highly recommend it.

  99. I couldn’t be more pleased with a first release and thank you to everyone all current and furture customers of the Lexxx Files. Never playing superheroine before, Jessie did a great job. Jessie’s portrayal of being broken, crushed, beaten, and sexually humiliated is something you don’t want to miss out on if your a fan of Punished Heroines.

    A few notes:
    I don’t have an ETA on part two just yet but I estimate early November is likely. Part two features a very brutal sexual conquest with more beat downs and of course costume destruction.

    Jessie is from Brazil, not the US, so that did contribute so some of her (minor) dialogue delivery, but I agree that her performance is what counts and she did a fantastic job.

    I know that Rye previously wanted to do an epic Wonder Woman style PH movie and I think that might be my next project. I would like to incorporate a very physical duo of Female and Male Nazi villains and some sort of creature.

    I am open to suggestions though so feel free to hit me with what you would want in a PH style WW movie.

  100. tDimondsforever

    ” I Just watched the new superior girl movie , with magic special effects that made superior girl look super powerful , great exciting story line build up, superior girl looked beautiful, her fighting was powerful & bold , she was perfect… She plays her character well as the tables turn on her… Superior girls voice was sexy & tough .The sexual content was nice & kept neat & decent, I can’t wait to see part 2 .

  101. kingles

    This was awesome! Jessie did a great job with the action and the peril. It goes without saying that she’s also hotter than hell, but I don’t mind saying it anyway. I also loved the inner dialogue, which was very well done. Also since it’s obvious that Superior Girl’s main weakness is kryptonite, it was cool to see her get exposed to it in a new way(at least it was new to me).

    I’m REALLY looking forward to part 2 now. It looks like Carly might be getting herself into some peril in part 2 as well, which would be a nice bonus…

  102. Decendingskulls

    PS, having the attack broadcast live and showing Babs watching Supergirl’s defeat and humiliation on TV is a GREAT angle. I like when she says “Hang in there Kara!”

  103. smart00

    Awesome vid. Can’t wait for part two. Quick poll. Which is your favorite between 1984, Skyfire, and Lexx files. Maybe a little unfair as only 1984 is completed.

  104. Going to go on a limb here and assume she doesn’t die in this one and there’s an extreme version of Part 2 coming? Let me know! I’m looking forward to buying that version if it exists

  105. Looks great..but just wanted to know what kind of peril elements are here besides the sexual humiliation? Thanks

  106. ranger87

    @ Rebelfriendz

    I don’t think part 1 will be on nicheclips. Nicheclips is usually reserved for the “extreme” content, and part 2 isn’t really that extreme. But I think Chris confirmed that part 2 will have an “extreme” ending, which will most likely be on nicheclips.

    Now for my little review of this vid!

    First off…Jessie Fuckin’ Rogers. Holy crap. Smokin’ hot. My ONLY critique is her dialogue delivery earlier in the film. But, she is a mainstream porn star, so her acting is not expected to be fantastic. On top of that, English is her second language.

    Besides that early dialogue, she’s fantastic. And she really shines when the tables turn on her, as her reactions to blows were fantastic. Her reactions for the backbreakers…there are no words. It was priceless.

    I think I head someone complain that the costume was too big for her. I don’t think that’s the case. It fits great in the beginning, but Corben, the cyborg character, grabs her by the front of the costume a LOT, pulling hard. Add to that the fact that this costume was likely the same used in Rye’s movies Genesis, How to Destroy a Superheroine 3, the Bloodlines movies, AND 1984 (as well as some brief use in Skyfire), and it might not be holding up that well. Plus, I think they could be as rough with it as they wanted in this film. Judging from the screens of part 2, they’re just going to shred it anyway by the end of the second part.

    Let’s talk about action. Superiorgirl holds up well at the start. Fighting back, inflicting damage. We slowly see the tables turn as Corben reveals more of his strength. Finally, she’s forced to use her superpowers on him, like heat vision and arctic breath. I won’t spoil plot, but let’s just say blasting him with heat vision turns out to not be her best idea.

    The fight gets one sided now as Corben wails on her. We’ve got face punches, stomach and chest punches, kicks to the stomach, a kick to the crotch. 3 devastating backbreakers. Just badass. And Chris has some awesome sound effects he added for Corben’s blows to SG, as well as for when he’s doing his backbreakers to her.

    Carly has some nice cameo action in this film, which I HOPE turns into a tie in film of her own down the line. Sexual content is there, but considerably lighter than what I imagine we’ll get in part 2. In part 1, we get fondling of the chest, both under and over the costume, and Lexx goes to TOWN munching her crotch. Then, they Corben chokes her out while they prep for part 2.

    Also, WATCH UNTIL THE END AFTER THE CREDITS! It’s very brief, but there is a very nice clip that gives us a sense of what we get in part 2.

    I highly suggest this film. We haven’t gotten a Punished Heroines film since April, and it’s back in full force!

  107. @Chris,

    An epic WW video would be absolutely amazing!

    Here’s what would make it the ultimate WW defeat video:

    – Gorgeous model with a face and body to match Jessie Rogers
    – Heroic character, valiantly tries to resist, until she is totally defeated
    – Long, epic physical destruction of WW, completely and utterly beaten, even after she is near helpless, the punishment continues – her perfect body devastated using a variety of methods – blows, weapons, backbreakers
    – Steady costume destruction as she is beaten, gradually revealing WW’s smoking hot body, eventually leaving her costume in shreds and barely hanging onto her. Super sexy and dramatic!
    – Backbreakers when her costume is shredded, showing her nearly naked body, taut and stretched would be amazing
    – Sexually assaulted and dominated while being beaten, and after she is destroyed
    – Shots of her defeated body in various sexual poses – on her knees, bent over, arched backwards, head hanging down, held up limply by her hair, neck, etc
    – Extreme ending available

  108. Thank you all for a great reboot and thank you for all the great comments and feedback. Here is a quick list of the peril to help decide if this movie is for you.

    Krypto weakening
    Face/Belly punches
    Stomach/Crotch kicks
    Several Backbreakers (and groping/stretching after she is broke over his knee)
    Bearhugs front and reverse
    2 on 1 groping to all the important lady bits
    Hair pulling
    Multiple KO’s
    Craddle Carry
    Front hand choke
    2vs1 forced orgasm via oral stimulation
    Topless nudity

    Part 2 is going to have an even darker tone.

    Ralev, thank you for the Wondie suggestions. I am going to start the casting process as soon as possible and will try and update when I have someone.

  109. deathcake

    Lara Croft style character in future perhaps? I’m really excited for your stuff!

  110. I like the Lara Croft idea, but what about Red Sonja? The sword and sorcery theme hasnt been explored enough.

  111. Sugarcoater

    Can you give us an idea of the set and location(s) available for both the WW video and others? This would make it easier to add ideas that would be feasible.
    Also, in part 1, I liked the voice overs. Any chance of adding more of them to part 2? Possibly having the heroine reveal more of her shame and humiliation, then admit how she can’t control her body’s reaction to all the sexual attention. Then finally admitting that she is climaxing perhaps.
    Lastly, any chance of more preview pics? Loved the ones you posted so far.
    Thanks Chris.

  112. ShadowFax

    @ Sugarcoats

    Let’s not make these live action Henti comics please.

  113. The Parolee was my favorite punished movie but that has changed. The back breakers, stomach kicks, and forced orgasms were damn hot in lex file was exactly what I was hoping for (Brutal) and (Forced). I love the pg stuff that Rye did and will be looking forward to the next skyfire but Chris I need to say thanks for reminding me what I was missing out on. For WW I would like to see your take on the Zandor fight please.

  114. uhzoomzip

    Part 2 can’t come fast enough. Would also love a Wonder Woman-style film, as I feel like Rye’s last work with punished heroines was focused strictly on blondes? I prefer brunettes, and to see a strong, sexy Wonder Woman brought down as only Punished Heroines can do would be a treat.

    This film is highly recommended, and really sets us up for what looks like an awesome seocnd half.

  115. Rye’s Wonderous Girl vs. Gigantor was excellent. You couldn’t go wrong taking elements from that.

  116. Curious

    I definitely agree with the Red Sonjia type character! A medieval sword and sorcery is long overdue, possibly against orcs or something like that. A lara croft type character is also intriguing.

  117. still have my fingers crossed for a jungle girl/Sheena-type production, but i’m too broke for a custom. anyway, great work by all on this vid. thanks, guys.

  118. Wonder Woman needs to be next, but I like the idea of Red Sonja down the road. Rye gave me his script for the Wondie movie that never got made so I will take a look and see if there is anything I want to steal.

    Sugarcoater, I will try to find some time and get you some more screen caps. I don’t have any locations locked down for wondie but I think I could likely get anything within reason.

    Thank you everyone who picked up The Lexxx Files. I am working on part two and will get it for sale as fast as I can.

  119. Curious

    It’s probably just me but I’ve never been a fan of the wonder woman costume, it’s too similar to super girl. I personally wish you could put that script on the backburner and go with something new…like the red sonjia or maybe even a female punisher? …keeping jessie rogers of course lol.

  120. @Chris

    Great.. a couple more things:

    – Apart from voluptuous, ideally the model would also be long-limbed, athletic and toned, as a heroine should be!

    – Multiple KOs would be great

    – Would LOVE to have WW’s body be gleaming with perspiration as she gets beaten, and shown off by her torn costume. Really adds to the realism, drama and sexiness to see the heroine glistening with a sheen of sweat, and it really highlights her body!

    Example images:

  121. Poison Ivy

    Hey Rye, any idea when you will have that
    “more extreme” trailer finished? I really want a peek at some of the things in the second video, especially the strap on sucking! I am a definite buy for sure, just excited to see. Does she change btw? become a slut or broken? I love trans, just asking

  122. I’m a bit late to the party, but finally purchased this video today. I am going to extremely honest here; I was a bit DISAPPOINTED! That doesnt mean the video is bad and i do believe that Punished Heroines is in good hands. Here are some criticisms to maybe improve upon in the future.

    – The pace was all screwed up when it came to the peril. Rye was guilty of this too, but I hate it when the peril gets too sexual too soon. It might just be, but whenever the sexual stuff is mixed in during the fighting or other types of peril it kills the video for me. You give us too much too soon!!! Save the best for last, which includes fondling and pussy grabbing.

    – Supergirl was too weak. I had a hard time believing she was super. It may be due to the characterization she was given with being all inexperienced, but in the future I’d like to see more powerful superheroines. Jessie Rogers is extremely gorgeous and that ass is to die for, but she showed no confidence with her line delivery.

    – Obey the 180 degree rule during dialogue scenes. Rye was also guilty of this, but when you shoot dialogue scenes where the camera switches from Person A to Person B, keep them on the same side of the frame where they were in the establishing shot. There were a lot of scenes where Lex is talking looking to the right and when the camera switches back to him, he is looking to the left. It’s very disorientating for the audience. I know this may sound nitpicky, but it’ll give more polish to your movies.

    Other than that, I think you guys are on the right track and I look forward to future productions. I loved that bearhug where Supergirl’s skirt was lifted and we got a great ass shot!

  123. Re: RyanD
    I can’t agree with you more about Supergirl was too weak. In the beginning Supergirl should be able to easily handle a super strong robot (or any other bad guy or beast) that strains to overpower her but is easily out powered. Supergirl should be just that – super. For this one particular film, I liked the robot sound effects with the motor straining sounds. Just have Supergirl be the reason the motor stains, because she is way to strong. Then, for whatever reason the tables can take a turn. This is a standard complain for me on most superheroine videos.

    My rating-
    Super hot Supergirl – I give her a 9.
    She is very cute.
    (Personal preference for me – I like my superheroine girls to be a little more lean, fit, and muscular)

    Costume fit very tight – 9.5

    Story – 8
    (Looking forward for part 2)

    Robot bad guy – 9
    (Great sound effects for him)

    Overall – 9
    If I could make thoughts changes at the beginning (a strong Supergirl for maybe 5-10 minutes) I would give this a 10 out of 10.

  124. This is the thing with Rye’s movies. His great movies feature strong heroines who put up a good fight like all his videos with Amanda and the Supergirl/Skyfire movies, but those don’t feature sexual content. Then you have movies like this one where there is decent sexual content but the heroines are not actually heroines and just sit there and get dominated.

  125. Curious

    I think jessie rogers is the perfect size. I hate when the girls being used in these superheroine videos are too thin with no curves or muscle to them.

  126. ranger87


    The reasoning behind that is the girls who DON’T do porn…well, they can actually act. The girl who played Skyfire was a blackbelt, I believe.

    Now, I personally enjoy the adult material. But I get that, in terms of acting, I can’t have my cake and eat it too. I personally wish we could get someone as hot and talented as the SG from 1984 to do an adult Punished Heroines film. But it will never happen.

    You can tell they TRIED to make her superpowered in this. She fought back, used various superpowers. She wasn’t just a girl in a costume being beaten. But it doesn’t matter how well you script a video if the girl can’t pull off what you write. Don’t get me wrong, I think Jessie is hella attractive. But I think any limitations on the portrayel of the heroine as powerful may be on her head. After all, she always plays a submissive or a victim. Playing Supergirl must have been a complete 180.

  127. TheLecher

    Hold on… You’re saying that not doing porn makes you able to act? So the fact that I’m not a porn star means that I can act, right? I mean, that is what you said. I quote, “…the girls who DON’T do porn… well, they can actually act.”

    You then proceed to tell us, presumably as a contrasting example, that the girl who played Skyfire was a black belt. From this, I infer the further dubious assertion that girls who are black belts can act. So if I take a girl who has a brown belt, and who can’t act her way out of a wet paper bag, and make a black belt of her, she’ll gain the ability to act?

    And then you say outright that, while you enjoy the adult content, you understand that, when if comes to acting, you can’t have your cake and eat it too. By which you mean, of course, that good acting is not to be found in the world of porn.

    This misconception that porn and good acting are mutually exclusive is something which I run into quite often. I’m not sure why this old chestnut keeps circulating and just refuses to go away, especially given the huge amount of porn out there which features decent acting from decent actors and actresses. Maybe it’s just the power of stereotypes. The notion of porn producers as sleazebags is another example. Once these stereotypes gain wide acceptance, people sometimes talk about them as if they’re irrefutable facts which ought to be common knowledge. But the problem is that they aren’t facts at all.

    Okay, not all adult performers are good actors and actresses, or even decent actors and actresses. In fact, you usually don’t have to look very far to find bad acting in porn, or bad plots and bad scripts, for that matter. But you really don’t have to look all that far to find good acting in porn, either. I can name probably more than a dozen porn performers who are good actors or actresses, and some of them are very good. So yes, where acting and porn are concerned, you can have your cake and eat it too.

  128. mantower

    Well,I have been catching up on the chatter in response to this video ad I just wanted to say that to see a Lara Croft character get dominated in this type of video would be amazing! I know Wondie is a lot of fans favorite, but Lara Croft was most teenager’s wet dream about 15 years ago, so she needs more attention in our little niche. One comment to make in regards to the WW film and any other heroine movies, including Lara if Chris ever takes it on, put them in high heeled boots just like you did with Superior Girl in this one. I just think a heroine in this genre isn’t complete (with few notable exceptions) without a sexy pair of high heeled boots.

  129. blueman

    Any ETA on part 2 or new screen caps? Can’t wait!! Hope you respond to this. Thanks Chris for an awesome part 1!!

  130. ranger87


    You’re right. They are not mutually exclusive. But casting someone who can do both is extremely difficult, and casting someone new is always a gamble. When casting for pg13 material like 1984 or Skyfire, the PRIORITY is that they can act and pull off the fight scenes. For adult material like Punished Heroines, the priority when casting is that they are okay with the content. Not all porn stars going to be affordable, and even less are going to be okay with content that is essentially forced sex.

    Would I prefer he cat an adult star who can act? Yes. But you have to be MUCH more cost conscious with superheroine porn. It’s not going to have as wide an audience to buy it, and it’s going to get pirated a lot more than non-porn superheroine material like Skyfire or 1984.

    For this reason, one has to accept less acting skill in trade for willingness for the content. There are porn stars who can do both. But Punished Heroines is not based in a porn capital like California, so you have to tack on flight and hotel fees as well. With adult material, you have to take what you can get.

    I agree with you 100% Lecher. But casting a person who can do both, while not impossible, is extremely difficult.

  131. TheLecher

    I don’t agree that it’s extremely difficult to cast someone who can turn in a decent acting job, in addition to doing the hardcore sex. Difficult, sometimes and/or for some producers, depending on a number of actors. Extremely difficult, no, not usually, not unless you’re being extremely picky or are dealing with other difficulties. Yes, the options are limited, but they aren’t sparse.

    As for casting someone new being a gamble, that’s more the case when you’re dealing with a relatively unknown performer or someone who is new to the industry. Yes, when you hire someone new, as opposed to someone with whom you’ve worked well in the past, there’s the question of whether or not you’ll establish a good rapport with them, but if they have any considerable body of work, or if they have worked with other producers, then you can have a pretty good idea of how suitable they are for the role in which you’re thinking of casting them. I honestly can’t say whether or not it’s as common for producers of fetish porn as it is for producers of mainstream porn to talk amongst themselves about their shoots and the talent, but it’s a very common practice in mainstream porn for producers and directors to compare notes about talent. And I know of at least a handful of producers of fetish porn who also talk between themselves and compare notes. So yes, I do agree that hiring someone who is new to your productions for the first time is a gamble, but not that much of a gamble, at least not in many cases when the producer has done a bit of homework beforehand.

    I do get what you’re saying about the difference in the criteria for casting a PG-13 fetish clip and a hardcore fetish clip, and you won’t get an argument from me on that point. Yes, when you aren’t shooting any explicit sex, the importance of the acting does go up, at least in most cases. It’s the difference between one selling point and two selling points. But it doesn’t necessarily follow that, just because the importance of good acting is higher in the PG-13 clip, that the performers in the clip are actually going to be better actors and actresses than the performers in a hardcore clip. In at least some cases, the performers in the hardcore clip simply aren’t given material to work with which is of sufficient quality to allow you to know what their acting ability actually is. But I’m certainly not going to attempt to dispute that, when you aren’t offering sexual content, the quality of the dramatic content becomes that much more important.

    Regarding the affordability of various porn stars, unless you’re trying to book one of the top tier girls (in terms of popularity, I mean, not necessarily in terms of the quality of their performances), then the fees are pretty standard. Yes, different girls are going to offer different rates for the same sex acts. Girl A might want this much money for a regular boy/girl scene, while Girl B might want a bit more for the same scene, but generally speaking, there is a standard range for each class of scene, and most of the available performers will have scene rates which fall within that range. It’s usually only when you’re dealing with the top tier girls that you run into large deviations from the standard price range.

    So while I agree with you that not all porn stars are going to be affordable, the majority of them are going to have rates which are fairly close to the standard.

    As for your statement that, within the set of porn stars who have affordable rates, it will be an even smaller number who are okay with filming forced sex scenes, I don’t regard that as a safe assumption. On what were you basing that statement? There are literally scores and scores of women in this industry who are perfectly okay with filming forced sex. Nor is that surprising, in my opinion. In that regard, the porn industry resembles society as a whole. The single most frequently reported sexual fantasy among females is rape fantasy (Rape fantasy actually scores slightly lower in popularity with males than with females, at least according to available data.), so I think it’s to be expected that female porn stars, as a group, are likely to reflect a similar pattern. Given that female porn stars are arguably a sexually advanced demographic, it might even be expected (though certainly not a given) that this tendency would be more concentrated among them than among the general female population.

    Will all female porn stars be willing to film rape scenes? Certainly not. I can name a few who have stated their dislike for such scenes. But for every one who I have seen publicly state that she doesn’t care for forced sex fantasies, I’ve seen multiple others who have admitted to having a liking for such things and being interested in shooting scenes with that theme. When it comes to forced sex content, I think that I can safely say that the availability of willing performers far outstrips the availability of willing producers.

    If scene rates are reasonably standard, and if there isn’t any shortage of performers who are willing to appear in roles of this sort, then I don’t agree that it’s necessary to accept less acting ability as a sort of trade-off for finding a girl who has an affordable rate and who is willing to shoot this type of content. Let me be clear, though, about the fact that I’m NOT advocating only hiring girls who can give good dramatic performances, as well as good sexual performances. While I will always prefer good acting to bad acting or mediocre acting, I’m not dissatisfied, on the whole, with the acting we get in most of the fetish porn advertised and reviewed on this site. I’m not saying that producers need to hire only girls who can act well. What I’m saying is that the obstacles to hiring girls who can act well in addition to doing hardcore aren’t that great.

    I’m not sure how we got onto the subject of Punished Heroines not being produced in California and the extra costs and difficulties which that entails, but this is a topic which I’ve already addressed in another thread on this site. Yes, it’s easier and more convenient and less costly to produce adult content in California or Nevada or Florida, and yes, you’re going to have a wider selection of talent if you’re in one of those areas, but those obstacles are surmountable for the producer who’s willing to show diligence and resourcefulness in finding and booking talent.

  132. LeeCarl

    @TheLecher and Ranger87

    It seems like you two have beaten this topic with a stick by now, but as co-producer and co-writer of this film, I thought I would clear some things up.

    The script did have Superiorgirl as more powerful in the beginning. There was originally much more dominating on her part, in addition to the superpowers she displayed in the film. But, Jessie Rogers had not done superheroine material before. We cast her based on assumptions based her body of work with various other sites. However, things do not always go the way you plan. Her acting was decently done, in my opinion. But fight choreography was a new concept for her. There was originally supposed to be a lot more in the beginning, with her dominating, then there being a slow, gradual transition to the cyborg turning the tables. Chris, as the director, did what was possible to teach her. However, she had had MUCH experience in her previous work being dominated as a submissive or victim.

    As for being diligent in casting, I won’t get started on that. This project was in the works for a long time before hand. Numerous actresses were considered, and it was originally planned with someone completely different, but they flaked out. If the area in which Chris works had a larger base of adult film stars, perhaps we could have actually auditioned people they way Rye did for Skyfire. But that was not the case. We made the best casting choice we could for acting and adult content based on pricing, portfolio, and the type of model we needed. And I’m quite satisfied with the turn out. Part 2 will really shine.

    But I can say, as I had input in every concept of this film except for direction and editing, that casting the “ideal” actress is not as simple as you guys make it sound. And TheLecher, actress pricing is an issue. Say a model is $700-$1000 per day. That’s a lot if you need her more than one day. Then, as Ranger added, there is airfare and hotel costs.

    The bottom line is, come time for the shoot, you don’t always get everything you want. And that is why there isn’t more of the heroine dominating at the beginning of this video. I hope that puts things to rest between you two.

  133. TheLecher

    Let’s clear up a couple of points, since you seem to be confused about what I said.

    Point one: I did not, I repeat, I did NOT make any criticism of Jessie Rogers’ performance in this role, nor of the decision to cast her in the role. Nor did I make any criticism of her acting ability. The discussion which ranger87 and I have been having is on the theoretical question of whether or not hardcore performers can also be good actors and actresses, and how difficult or rare it is to find someone who can do both things well. I can’t speak for ranger87, but I assure you that nothing which I said on the subject was directed at Jessie Rogers or at this production or anyone associated with it. And that should have been clear from even a cursory reading of my previous posts.

    Point two: Regarding my comment on being diligent in casting, again, nothing I said was directed at this production or anyone associated with it. Nor did I speculate on how long the pre-production phase of this project ran. If I had speculated on that, I would have guessed that some considerable time went into it. All of that being said, my comment stands. When I said that, by doing their homework, producers can minimize the extent to which booking new talent is a gamble, I knew what I was talking about. Since no one has so far advanced a strong argument to the contrary, I don’t feel the need to defend the point further. But to be clear, I never said, nor did I seek to imply that there is no risk or gamble involved in booking someone who is new to you and your product line.

    Point three: Neither ranger87 nor myself made it sound as if it were a simple matter to cast the “ideal” actress for this or any role. ranger87 in particular was arguing in favor of the difficulty of that task. My position was simply that, given the number of hardcore models who have at least decent acting ability, it isn’t “extremely difficult” to cast someone who satisfies both of those points. Granted, Chris Styles situation of not being located in one of the geographic centers for porn production does add an extra difficulty, but I was not specifically addressing either Chris Styles or this production in my main points in my previous posts. On the question of those extra difficulties, however, I still maintain that they can be overcome through diligence and resourcefulness in finding and booking talent.

    Point four: You say that actress rates are an issue. How so? If you mean that the cost of paying your actress’s rates has an impact on how long you can afford to let the production run, then of course that’s so. Of course you have to pay your performers, and of course their rates are going to impact your budget. Did you honestly think that I suggested otherwise? If so, then you should have read my post more carefully. My point, which should have been very clear, was that, given that any performer you cast in a role will have to be paid, and given that the majority of the girls in the porn industry have rates which fall within a fairly standard range, the question of what you have to pay your talent will not usually have an impact on whether or not you can hire a girl who has decent acting ability. All other things being equal, a good actress and a bad actress will charge similar rates to do the same scene. Nor are either you or ranger87 telling me anything I don’t already know when you talk about airfare and hotel costs. Did you actually think that I was under the impression that producing these scenes isn’t expensive? What did I say in my previous posts that would make you think that? On an unrelated note, if you guys are really getting your female talent for $700 to $1000 per day, then you aren’t doing too badly on that side of things. Most girls get between $800 and $1200 per day when they’re shooting hardcore, depending on what the scene entails. Of course, it may be that you were just throwing out a hypothetical figure there.

    My fifth and final point: You don’t need to worry about “putting things to rest” between ranger87 and myself. That’s not your job. He and I aren’t scrapping children, and you aren’t our parent. Nor were either he or I trolling this thread or flaming each other. We weren’t insulting or verbally abusive to each other or to anyone else, nor were we using obscenities or profanity with each other or typing in all caps or committing any other breach of forum etiquette. We were debating a theoretical question, and we were talking point and counter-point. You don’t have to participate in our discussion if you don’t want to, but if you do want to and choose to do so, then I would ask that you do us the courtesy of remembering that we’re all adults here, and that he and I don’t need your mediation. If you honestly feel that our conversation is too much of a distraction from the topic of this thread, then you should say as much to HM, and he can be the one to judge whether or not that is so and to intervene, if he believes that intervention is necessary. Personally, I feel that our discussion, while not directly related the new Superior Girl release, is nevertheless relevant to the topic of hardcore fetish porn, perhaps of interest to other fans of the art form, and even potentially helpful to producers.

  134. “And that is why there isn’t more of the heroine dominating at the beginning of this video.”

    Just FYI, this is not what the problem is. The problem is the heroine goes from winning to being utterly and hopelessly defeated instantly. That’s not what a superheroine video should be like. They should continue fighting away and finding ways to be effective in the fight for a while despite being overpowered by their opponent and manage to stay in the fight. Rather than getting ragdolled around as soon as the going gets tough.

  135. ranger87


    After this post, I’m done trying to show you my point. This whole discussion between you and I started when I made an quick comment in reply to Chris earlier about how it looks like they at least tried to make the heroine tougher at the beginning, and I made a comparison between non-pornographic actresses having a higher quality of acting skill than porn stars. Could I have illustrated that point better? Yes. The the main point was that most people, that I know of, don’t watch porn necessarily for the quality of the acting. Thus, the demand for high quality acting in adult actresses is minimal.

    Then, as if I had purposely insulted you, you proceed to dissect my comment like it was meant derogatory manner. Then, I reply back to you trying to clarify what I meant in my original post. For some reason, it turned into this giant debate about pornstar vs non-pornstar acting quality. I was merely trying to say, initially, that it appears they did try to have the heroine be more “heroic” at the beginning.

    I think that is another portion of this thread that LeeCarl may have been addressing. But I can’t say for sure. I was never trying to debate with anybody. I was just trying to clarify/defend my original post. And to have it picked apart like that in such detail, frankly, puts me off from posting on this forum. It was an opinion, and I should be free to have that on a forum without having to defend it to you. I never wanted to even get off topic. I wanted to focus on this video, because I personally liked it. If you didn’t, that’s fine.


    I see your point. I guess I just accept this as Punished Heroines style…they’ve always been quick to the defeat, and I’m personally okay with whether the fight is long or short. As long as there is an actual story involved instead of just porn in costume, I’m happy. Honestly, 90% of the other heroine fetish studios out there (that I know of) go to the defeat just as fast, if not faster. At least the ones with adult material. The one exception I can think of is Alex Bettinger’s videos. They always have decently drawn out and choreographed fights. But his and Punished Heroine’s vids have always been the only ones I know of that focus on fighting AND adult material…although I can say, quite honestly, that Alex is better overall at fight choreography, in my opinion. If you know of other studios that focus on that type of fight at the beginning and also have adult content, I would love to hear them. I’m always looking for other sites I might not be aware of. The ones I actually like are few and far between. I know NCG is great at the fighting part, but they are pg13. That’s not to say they aren’t fantastic, but I personally prefer the adult material.

  136. TheLecher

    Um, when did I say that I didn’t like this video? I think I’ve made it pretty clear that I’m not offering any criticism of this video, or of the talent in the video, or of the production team, nor have I criticized any of them at any point in this thread. In fact, I stated it in so many words that I wasn’t criticizing them.

    Nor did I at any time make out that you had insulted me. In my post immediately preceding this one, I stated clearly that there were no insults between us on either side.

    It’s unfortunate that you feel that you were under a personal attack, but since I didn’t attack or insult you, and never intended to do so, and never had any desire to do so, I’m not going to accept responsibility for your oversensitivity on this point. I’m sorry that you were offended, but I don’t see any good reason for you to be, and I’m not going to cop to the blame.

    Regarding your freedom to have an opinion, I absolutely agree that you should be free to have one and are free to have one. However, if you think that being free to have an opinion means being entitled to hold that opinion without having it challenged or contradicted, then I would say that you’re confused. Surely, if you’re claiming the right to have an opinion as some sort of basic human freedom, then you must also recognize that I, too, have a right to an opinion. And if my opinion is contradictory to yours, and I choose to express that difference of opinion, then by what right do you silence my dissenting opinion? The freedom for everyone to hold an opinion guarantees the possibility of differing opinions. It doesn’t guarantee your freedom to express your opinion without fear of contradiction.

    However, I would also agree with you that you are free to not defend your opinion or engage in debate. If you want to leave the matter there, then that’s fine with me. I don’t object to you saying “I’m done with this discussion,” and I wouldn’t object to HM saying “Guys, take this discussion somewhere else please,” if he felt that it were necessary to do so. What I objected to in my last post was some other third party taking it upon themselves to admonish us about our discussion.

    Again, I made no personal attack on you, nor did I ever have an interest in doing so. It’s unfortunate that you felt that you were being attacked, but I assure you that it isn’t so. I didn’t have any problem with you before, nor do I have one now.

  137. TheLecher

    That’s good news, Chris! Do you have plans to post any preview stills, as well, or just the trailer?

  138. Woo!

    Chris! Chris! Chris! (let’s get some damn enthusiasm back into this thread)

  139. Rebelfriendz

    @ Rstuff

    With you mate….

    @ Chris

    Anxiously waiting …… :-)

  140. blueman

    A trailer and some stills would be great! When can we expect Part 2 to be available?Anxiously waiting also!!!!

  141. mantower

    Link doesn’t work it only opens daily motion’s homepage and I couldn’t find the video on there.

  142. Jobber Lover

    Trailer looks great! I loved the first one and looking forward to this one. Too bad Jessie Rogers is so homely! (YES, that was sarcasm!) Damned that girl is hotter than fish grease!

  143. Jobber Lover

    Okay, I know everyone probably asks this but… When will this be available?

    Me needs more Jessie Rogers now, Urg!

  144. TheLecher

    Looks good. Any chance of seeing a couple of screencaps or production stills?

  145. @Chris Styles
    New trailer looks like Supergirl gets dominated most of the time.
    Is there any part of part 2 that has Supergirl kicking anyone’s ass?

  146. The actress is smoking hot, the costume is great, the film quality is awesome — it just sucks that I won’t be viewing this one. While I like heroine peril (especially KOs), I’m not a fan of gang rape, which is what this looks like. The production values look great, I just hope they do another one with her without the gang rape.

  147. WIll there be another trailer for part 1? That trailer didnt show me shit. I have no idea what Im in for peril wise. Im looking for the heroine taking a beating. Preferably blows to her torso, stomach kicks, ab rakes and low blows. Is any of the fighting big on any of those moves?

  148. blueman

    Thanks for the trailer for Part 2. Looks great! Can you give us any kind of a timeframe for its’ release? Aweek or two or more than a month? Any response from Chris would be appreciated!

  149. I would like to know if this second part is all about rape or if i can exepct belly punchs or some kind of fight ..

  150. Part two has a variety of perils but there is more sexual content than part one for sure.

    In the same spirit as part one we can plan on several belly punches, head kicks, low blows, bear hugs, slaps, spanking, Kryptonite charged electricity torture, very long and beautifully shot KO, Costume destruction, Krypto goooo, AoH punching and forced Orgasms. The big change is lots of sex.

    Beast, there is a lot of sexual content, but it’s not all sex as you can see from the list.

    Fabio, if you scroll up a bit I did list most of the peril content out in one of my posts for the first release. If you have any questions please feel free.

    Ben, the short answer is no. At this point she has been exposed with too much radiation and the villains have fun with her. I hope this clears things up. I will add that part two is basically classic PH content on steriods if that makes any sense. My best guess for a release is the 20th of this month.

    Off topic I think many Wondie fans will be happy to know that the story is done and now its just a matter of casting. This will be quite a bit different from Lexxx files but I will get into that later on down the road.


  151. I would have liked to have seen her skirt removed, but from what I can remember of a clip, one minute she’s wearing it, the next she isn’t.

  152. Lake, she puts it back on in part two not know what happened to her and it comes back off during her encounter with the crazy Gorilla.


    Everyone else, take note (especially you producers that make nothing but girl-on-girl movies these days).

    It’s not a perfect movie, but its leaps and bounds better than anything I’ve seen recently. Great job!

  154. Great! thanks i will buy it then. I was looking foward to see more of this beutiful supergirl!

  155. Jobber Lover

    Looking forward to the 20th of this month! That will be a great Thanksgiving present to myself. I know what I’ll be shopping for on Black Friday… The continued destruction of SuperGirl!

  156. Tim Caine

    Any chance there will be a deal to buy parts 1 and 2 together?

    Or will there be a part 3?

    Or do I have to just wait and see?

  157. Other people have probably asked this, but will Jessie Rogers appear in future punishedheroines films as Supergirl? I’d love to see her become a mainstay like Ashley Rose and Mercedes were. I also wouldn’t mind seeing more secret identity/transformation scenes in future releases.
    Also, if she dies here, how does she return for future adventures?

  158. g-reaper2001

    @Brad, I was thinking about the whole dying thing. one way they could have her come back is to do like some comics companies and have a multi-verse, that way she could be the same character over and over again. or just do like South Park and keep killing Kenny each episode. oh my god! they killed SuperiorGirl!…You Bastards!!

  159. Omg this was soo arousing. I can’t wait to see the second one. As long as you have Jessie Rogers being taken you have a paying customer here πŸ˜‰ any plans to have her in more similar type of plots ?

  160. Tim Caine

    Go ahead and kill her. To me that’s the ultimate defeat. You can just bring her back in the next episode without explaining it. People get all caught up in that whole “how do we bring her back?” thing. F – IT! Each movie is an individual story. That don’t have to relate. Was anyone watching this story and wondering “How did the Supergirl from 1984 get here? Why does Lex Luther look different?” Each story is an individual story.

    So I say death to more superheroines. Just because you kill her off this week. Doesn’t mean you can’t kill her again next month.

  161. A very good debut Chris, great job! I didn’t have much of a problem with the dialogue, she is an alien after all, thank you Masmune!

    I loved the characters we got in this installment as well.

    Her reactions were very well done. Especially that hand-breaking scene, I thought it was phenomenal.

    Say, did anybody actually call that number?

    Heh, part of me wants it to be part of some PH viral campaign I guess. You call and either get SuperiorGirl thanking you for supporting her, or you get a mad villain or villainess just generally being evil.

  162. New thought for a future Jessie Rogers movie: Super Dreams. A woman is asleep. We see her in the SG outfit, flying around, and using her super powers to save people. She foils a bank robbery (bullets bounce off her chest, heat vision, super-speed, and so on) and ties up the robbers. Then she wakes up. She makes a costume for herself, and puts it on under her normal clothes.
    Later on, she sees some guys holding a woman hostage. She turns into SG and confronts them, but finds out that she doesn’t have superstrength (or any other super powers). So the guys destroy her and now have two hostages instead of one. No kryptonite is needed because she only dreamed about having super powers and never actually had them. What does everyone else think?

  163. sugarcoater

    Love the idea of seeing SG wearing her outfit underneath something along the lines of a business woman’s outfit, then being stripped and exposed as SG. Perhaps it could be something along the lines of a robbery at a museum that just happens to have a kryptonite display. As SG dominates the robbers, even going so far as to taunt them (depending on the acting skills of the actress), she eventually makes her way near the kryptonite display. Suddenly, one of the men’s desperate punches actually stuns SG. She reveals a bit of weakness. The men gain confidence and begin to fight her on a more even level. Eventually the men gain the upper hand. As SG lies on the ground weakened at last, the two robbers realize they have an opportunity all other men have dreamed of: having their way with SG. They begin by fondling her, appreciating her body. Then, as time becomes an issue, they bend her over a counter, pull down her mini-skirt and…

  164. Ok I’m new to this whole thing. But why are the characters using dildos instead of the real thing. I mean ive seen her in countless videos in porn. It would be awesome to see real porn in the super girl fantasy movie. Can anyone help me with this one ?

  165. More of her in the same type of movies !!!!
    Chris you will make hella money! Is that part 2 out ?? I see screenshots of it

  166. ranger87


    Real sex has never been in PH vids. It may be more of a creative choice. Imln my opinion, it allows for focus on the heroines reactions, instead of the actual sex. Also, by keeping it simulated, i imagine it cuts cost for the female model, as well as hunting for male actors. part two seems to have around 5 male actors…if you had to pay for professional male porn stars, it would probably increase price a substantial amount.

  167. Flubber

    Seeing the reviews on this it seems like this is a need to get? Can anyone help with suggestions on what would be need to buys and what not. I’ve bought the uninvited which was amazing, but from what I’ve read there’s nothing else like that out there? Thanks

  168. TheLecher

    I think that your second point is nearer the mark. I’m inclined to think that it’s a question of male talent. STD testing isn’t common among the general populace, though it should be, whereas it’s an absolute requirement for adult performers. Since it appears that Chris’ talent pool for male performers is the general population, that would introduce a barrier to unsimulated B/G sex. Personally, I would rather see the real thing, by a long shot, but I understand that the producers were working under certain constraints. Perhaps they will make adjustments in the future to allow for real B/G sex, but if their sales are just fine as things stand, then I doubt they’ll be inclined to take on the extra work which would be entailed.

    Regarding your first point, I don’t think that the inclusion of explicitly portrayed, unsimulated B/G sex detracts from the heroine’s reactions. I would refer you to “Uninvited” for an illustration of what I mean.

  169. TheLecher

    Speaking for myself, no, I don’t think that there is anything else out there which is quite like “Uninvited.” Three years later, I still consider it to be one of the best porn purchases I’ve ever made. A huge part of why it was so good was Ariella Ferrera’s performance, at least in my opinion. Since you’ve seen it, you’ll probably agree with me.

  170. mantower

    @Brad – I love that idea, the girl thinks she’s a superheroine, inf act she isn’t and she gets destroyed by villains. Awesome idea!

  171. blueman

    Is the part 2 release still planned for Nov.20,2012? Can’t wait!!

  172. blueman

    Am I the only one who cares when part 2 is released? It would be nice to have some feedback from Chris!

  173. kingles

    @blueman: Oh no…you’re definately not the only one. Since the 20th was mentioned, I kind of look at that as an ‘at the earliest’ type of thing. Sooner the better, but I really just hope it’s out by Thanksgiving… Maybe Chris will have some good news for us though.

  174. poisonivy

    So, any word? It’s the 20th! Lol where is this video! Or at least an update? Please?!!

  175. The first render is done but it won’t be for sale until the 21st in the evening. There are quite a few forced orgasms in this one but still a good amount of physical punishment.

    Viper, thank you!

    Tim Caine, yes that is a high possibility.

    Brad, Anything is possible but my next focus is Wondie

    Julia, thank you very much, and possibly

    Jay, thank you!

    Brad, I think that is a great idea. I might just make that happen!

    David, it was a choice of the producers but I don’t think I will be filming any real male bits in the future unless its to imply something.

    Flubber, I will leave that suggestion to the fans but I agree that Uninvited is a great movie.

    Ron, kingles, poisonivy, and Blueman, very soon! Check tomorrow night!

    Thank you everyone! I hope you guys enjoy part two!

  176. mantower

    Chris, thanks for the update, I will go add funds to my Nicheclips account just in preparation for this to drop. And by the way, massive ROFL at the ‘real male bits’ reference πŸ˜€ Never seen them described quite like that πŸ˜‰

  177. Blueman

    Thanks for the update.This will be a great Thanksgiving treat for all of your customers!!

  178. Can’t wait. :). Can Chris or anyone tell me how to purchase the part 2 extreme video. I’m hearing that u might have to purchase on something called niche clips. They say u have to mail Payment to them ?? Hopefully it will be available for a regular type purchase. Can someone advise me ?

  179. poisonivy

    Hey Julia, I know that this is off topic, but I saw you comment on the thread, and its great to see another women interested in this genre. I’d love to chat about it with you some time if your in terested. How can I contact you? Messenger? Also, I cannot wait for this video, quick question Chris, does the break, start to enjoy it etc.? Talk soon, Ivy.

  180. Yes I love this type of stuff. Only thing is I hope to see more with the same girl.
    Yeah I have aim. I’m still wondering how to pay for this video when it comes out

  181. poisonivy

    Cool. If you want, email me with your AIM screen name and ill message you. O use yahoo mostly, so if you have that include it too. I can explain how nicheclips works Dior you as well. Talk soon, XOXOXOXO Ivy

  182. g-reaper2001

    That..was..AWSOME! This is definitely one of the better productions I’ve seen in a while. And get this. They are giving you almost a full hour movie for what you would usually pay for a thirty minute one! Part two starts off right here part one ended. But I am not going to say too much or give any spoilers away. Lets just say that S-Girl takes quite a beating in this one, not to mention some other things she takes :-)
    This is definitely a male on female movie, for those of you who have complained of too much female on female action. well male and gorilla on female I should say. I for one am a fan of female on female. I could watch Carly dominate a superheroine all day long! But that being said, I enjoyed this movie very much. Well Done Jessie, Chris, and company!

  183. Decendingskulls

    So the movie has been rekeased, but just so i’m clear, this is the normal version right? I’m holding out for the extreme version, which will be on punished heroines nicheclips store in the near future I guess(?)

  184. DecendingSkulls, There is only one version and its uncut so please feel free to grab it. Turns out that there are a file size limit at ther venues I was going to see it at and I didn’t want to break up the movie or render it down below HD.


  185. Rebelfriendz

    Does this mean it is not going to be released in Niche? I have added funds and all :-(

  186. Decendingskulls

    @Chris Stules, thanks. I’ll probably grab it tomorrow. @ Rebelfriendz on the bright side now you have an excuse to explore nicheclips various stores and hopefully treat yourself to an unexpected bonus.

  187. Hm… I bought this movie by paypal few hours ago, but I can’t take order id yet…
    Is it normal situation?

  188. G-reaper2001, Thank you!

    DecendingSkulls and Rebelfriends, Nicheclips needs the file size to be three times smaller before they will sell it. Lexxx files will eventually go on nicheclips once I figure out if I want to break up the movie in parts or sacrifice the quality.

    Kane, if you are having any difficulties at all you need to contact They are the only ones that can assist you.

  189. blueman

    WOW! Absolutely fantastic. I was thinking at least a 30 minute video would be nice and you gave us twice that! Unbelievable amount and variety of physical, psychological and sexual humiliation. There is something for everyone! I have a few personal preference comments that I will share at a later date. Don’t want to spoil anything for other people. Thanks to Chris,Jessie and everyone involved in this production. This is a must buy !!

  190. kingles

    @Kane: I believe it said on the screen where you select the form of payment that it could take up to 48 hours with Paypal, depending on how quick the funds are confirmed to be in your account.

  191. kingles

    @Chris Styles: Everybody did a great job on this. Looks like ‘Punished Heroines’ has been placed in very capable hands.

  192. decendingskulls

    Wow. I don’t mean to gush but that was just outstanding. Chris Styles doesn’t just take up the mantle, he seriously upped the game. This is like punished heroines 2.0, no offense Rye.

    Personally I thought that the ideas and actions were well thought out and presented fluidly. I like how the camera switches from pro camera to camcorder, and includes a few 1st person POV shots to boot. The back and forth with showing the action on the TV screens was great too. I’ve always thought it would be super hot for the heroine to have a friend or side kick who was helpless to save the heroine and forced to watch her destruction. It’s rarely been done in this genre, if ever.

    I’m sorry I said Jessi had some weak acting in the first installment. She more than makes up for it in this the rest of her performance. To say that she sells peril is an understatement! She easily gave one of the best performances of it’s kind I’ve ever seen. I thought all the villains were perfect too. Each had their own distinct and interesting personality that was presented and acted out with great care and professionalism.

    I don’t want to give a blow by blow because I don’t want to spoil it, but let’s just say that there’s plenty of hardcore action, and no disappointments. Just one fetishy scene after another executed beautifully and kept tightly within the confines of the comic book heroine in peril vs villain(s) narrative, so it avoids feeling like “just a porn flick”. There really is no weak link in this chain from what I can tell. If you like hardcore peril; if you’re a fan of punished heroines, I don’t see how you can be anything less than completely satisfied.

  193. I am little confused. Since there is only one version, is it the extreme version in which the heroine dies? Or, is it the normal version in which she is simply beaten?

  194. Terrific for what it is, I was nonetheless disappointed by the way Jessie played her; as a girl, I felt, rather than a heroine — there wasn’t any feistiness or “real” fight-back. She seemed a “heroine” primarily because of the costume not the attitude.

  195. Decendingskulls

    @Bob, I hear you and this is a common problem in this genre. Heroines that give a feisty fight back performance are in my top 5, and some of those videos date back many years. All that being said, I thought Jessi’s performance was oscar-worthy. She showed real pain, fear, and lust in her face and it was powerful on a level rarely seen from underground actors. I got chills.

  196. Blueman, I look forward to your comments, and thanks!

    Kingles, thank you!

    DecendingSkulls, I appreciate it and Rye is glad you feel it was a cut above previous movies.

    Bob, Thanks for the feedback.
    Part two was more designed around the idea that SG is now captured and her complete and total humiliation. That being said I also like feisty heroines! Now that Jessie has a movie under her belt I can focus more on coaching a feisty attitude and worry less about peril performance next time we shoot.

    Thank you everyone!

    Wondie update,
    I have some big plans for Wondie, and as soon as I cast her it will get filmed asap. I have been given a pretty generous budget so if anyone has some suggestions actress wise I am listening. Her geographic location will not be an issue if she is what I am looking for. I continue to look every day but still haven’t found exactly what I want.

  197. Curious

    Chris, Nikki Delano for wonder. She has the perfect size and body build. Lexx Files was great, the only thing I request is more costume destruction. I mean letting us see it getting ripped off and torn violently during a fight or her trying to escape.

  198. Not sure if it was asked, but if I buy part 2 from SHG, is that the ending where she dies at the end? Or do I need to get that elsewhere?

  199. saxman314

    BANG! Hit it outta the park, man. Fantastic vid. Best one in a long time for me.

  200. Great video. Not crazy about the price. I always said I’d pay extra for an ending where the heroine dies at the end, so if that’s going to be the deal with the new PH, then I’ll have to plan purchases accordingly.

    I did think it dragged in certain parts, but I admire the kitchen sink approach to getting something everyone loves in there.

    This reminded me of the old PH videos but with way better production, which I guess was the point. Well done by everyone involved.

    As far as the price goes I’m happy to pay it at least this once to support the new direction, but if we’re talking $30 a pop for each, aside from making adjustements I’ll have to look pretty carefully at who is in the video and what happens in it going forward.

  201. mantower

    I thought the video was awesome, Jessie sold the pain and peril perfectly. i personally had no issue with her not being feisty, I actually prefer the heroines being completely destroyed and powerless throughout. Wonder Woman should be great, I would suggest the girl who played Wondra in the Bluestone Silk video, she was a) banging hot b) did a good job with the fighting c) sold the pain and peril extremely well. and just a comment aimed at DKM’s last post, I though that 30 bucks for one hour of peril video was not only fairly priced but quite a bargain! The production quality was excellent and the actress playing the heroine was splendid, so getting such quality for thirty bucks I think is a very very fair price.

    Chris, I just want to say well done again, the video was splendid. Would be great to see Wonder Woman in more submission holds, I always wanted to see a scenario where she goes for a ‘charity’ wrestling exhibition match only to realize that she has been setup and gets beat from pillar to post in a wide variety of wrestling holds.

  202. MyNameisURL

    Can we get a fetish description list for the adult version of this one, like we do with others? You know,…”Low blows, bondage, forced orgasm(s),” etc?

  203. MyNameisURL, sure no problem at all.

    SG vs the Gorilla
    – Bear hugs
    – Lifts
    – groping
    – Costume Destruction
    – Belly Punches

    SG vs Thugs
    – Face kicks while in prone position
    – 2v1 Belly punches and face
    – 2v1 Slaps
    – 2v1 Low blow
    – 3 forced sex scenes and multiple Orgasms

    Barbara vs Lexxx’s thug (goes on throughout the movie)
    – Long Chloro battle
    – Definitive KO
    – Groping
    – Another chloro KO
    – More groping
    – Forced to watch SG get destroyed on TV
    – Chloro KO
    – Carried off OtS

    SG vs Lexxx and Corben 1
    – Long Chloro
    – Definitive KO
    – Wakes up AoH being groped by the Cyborg
    – AoH belly punching
    – AoH forced finger orgasm
    – AoH Spanking

    SG vs Lexxx and Corben 2
    – Kryptonite Electricity shock Torture
    – Forced sex with Lexxx Multiple positions
    – Forced BJ
    – Forced sex with Corben
    – Krypto cum shot on stomch, chest, and face
    – Choking by Lexxx
    – S Symbol ripped off chest
    – Left dead AoH for her cousin to find

    I think I got most of what goes on in Part two but if I missed something please correct me.

    Saxman314, thank you!

    Mantower, thank you and thanks for the suggestions

    DKM, Im glad you did like the video. I am only slotted to film a few production per year so these movies will be pretty rare in comparison to most other companies I think. With this kind of schedule you won’t have to worry much about spending a ton of money and should help make the decision process much easier.

    I cannot remember who asked but SHG did launch a Combo pack last night.

  204. Damn good stuff here! Jessie Rogers must come back please!
    My fav parts were the bound scenes and the first sex scene with the younger looking thug. All the scenes were great though! My only suggestion is for the next movie can we leave out the kryptonight and just give her a villain that is too much to handle? I’m not complaining because this is by far my favorite Punished Heroines film but I would love to see Jessie go up against a Zod, Doomsday style villain. That would be perfect!

    I am sad to read that you will only be making a few movies per year??? Are we talking like 10 or 5 or 2. whats up with that?

  205. David C.

    By far and away, THE very BEST “Superheroine peril” film that I have seen. Jessie Rogers was flawless in her performance. I hope you work with her again. This should be the template for future videos. You guys threw everything at us including the kitchen sink, and I enjoyed every minute. Will there be any more releases prior to Wondie? One more question. What happened to all the past ‘Punished Heroine’ titles. Only a few remain on the site. Will past ones ever return?

  206. Loved the video. Was very well done. As you know there is always a wish list lol
    And with Jessie Rogers I would of loved to see more ass grabbing like in the first part. And hell I would of went crazy of one of the villains turned her on her stomach and buried his face in that butt.lmao. Just saying. That would of been what I would of done of I was those villains. :) great job !

  207. I saw it mentioned by others, so I thought I’d chime in for the Wonder Woman video:

    There’s only been one website, that I know of, who has done a “Superheroine does a charity fight vs. a villain, finds out it’s a trap, dies”, and that was waaaaaaaaaay back in the early days before that site took a nose dive in terms of quality.

    I’d love to see that scenario played out with a hot actress as Wonder Woman, and of course, no kryptonite would be needed. It could just be a simple situation of the villain being way stronger than her.

    In terms of actresses, definitely the girl who played Wondra from Bluestone if you can get her but locally Diana Knight (because she’s the perfect Wonder Woman) would be great.

  208. sugarcoater

    Love the idea of a fake charity fight as suggested above, but would rather not see Diana Knight as Wonder Woman. How about Hannah Perez again? She was fantastic in the most recent one and definitely looks the part.

  209. ForcefulWays

    Hi Chris, or anyone that has watched both part 1 and 2,

    Have a couple of questions and don’t mean to offend anyone.. I tend to prefer darker more serious content like SHL’s Uninvited and Hogtied’s Operation America.

    1. Is the combo download for $49.99 the HD version and is there any content difference from the versions sold separately? I ask because the versions sold separately specifically say HD and also cost $39.99 each.

    2. I’ve seen in this thread mention of hardcore scenes but if memory serves Rye doesn’t make XXX scenes. I apologize in advance for being blunt, does Jessie have “real sex” scenes in this movie? If yes.. are they substantial (like Uninvited) or just flashes to get a hardcore rating?

    3. How does this movie compare to The Shadow Strangler (enjoyable but doesn’t feel serious), the Batgirl rape scene in The Dark Knight Rises XXX Parody (feels dark though the sense of force doesn’t get re-inforced during sex), and SHL’s Uninvited (intense dark, too bad SHL never did anymore with the same intensity) in terms of “darkness”?

    Thanks in advance.

  210. mantower

    I agree with Sugarcoater, I am not crazy with the idea of Diana Knight for Wondie, she is too good a villain for me to then play a virtuous superheroine. Hannah Perez could be good, I would also say someone like Capri Cavanni from DT Wrestling – she is banging, sells pain well and I could picture her as Wonder Woman. Maybe they should just get Adrianne Palicki since nothing has been seen or heard of her since the ill fated Wonder Woman pilot….

  211. LeeCarl

    I co-produced and co-wrote this, so I think I should be able to answer your questions.

    1. At this point, there is no difference between the versions in the combo pack and the individual purchases. The combo pack is specifically meant to save people money in case they didn’t already buy part 1 before part 2’s release. However, to my knowledge, Chris will eventually make the “uncut version” exclusive to nicheclips, and a tamer version will be introduced on SHG. This may change, as Chris has the final say.

    2. There is no “real sex” in this movie. It is all simulated. It saves on the complication of hiring adult male performers, and dealing with STD testing and the sort. However, Jessie does undergo forced oral with a prosthetic green kryptonite strap-on belonging to the cyborg character. The hardcore rating coms from the extremety of the content itself.

    3.This movie is extremely dark. It was basically the goal, at least on my end. It’s a serious situation from the herione very early on. And while the sex is simulated, you can feel the sense of force through the whole film. Superiorgirl does catch herself succumbing from time to time, enjoying herself against her will. But it never becomes “consentual”. And the ending is very dark. You’ll have to buy to see it though!

    I personally feel this is the darkest PH film ever done. Chris went so far as to describe it as “Punished Heroines on steroids”. Definitely not for the faint of heart. I hope this helps.


    While I would LOVE to see Adrianne Palicki in an adult Wonder Woman movie, I doubt she’s that desperate. Since Wonder Woman got dropped, she’s filmed both the Red Dawn remake and the G.I. Joe sequel. While I personally question the quality of both films, I would see both just for her πŸ˜‰

  212. @Chris Styles

    I agree with the others who suggested the Wondra actress – she has the looks and has shown that she can pull off the fighting and peril. (unless of course you find someone who has a face to match but a more toned body!)

    No offense but many of the other suggested models just don’t have a pretty enough face or athletic long limbed body, and both are vital for WW.

  213. Thank you for the Wondie suggestions everyone.
    Let me give you an idea of what I am looking for which may explain why it is taking me so long to cast this movie.

    19 and 21 years old, 5’7 to 5’9, D+ cups, amazing legs, round toned back side, acting background, martial arts, a nice tan, dark hair, and gorgeous face.

    I think the girl from Wondra looked great but there is zero chance she would do what I have planned so I am not going to waste time asking her. Diana Knight is great but does not fit the mold I am looking for, sorry.

    So I am curious! Of the attributes I rattled off what are the most important and least important?

    For instance ~ lets say I found a girl with everything I listed above but she had dark auburn hair instead of black hair? Would that kill the movie for you? The only reason I ask is because I have found someone who fits the bill minus the hair color.

    Sid, thank you. The main reason I am only make a few movies per year is casting. The powers at be and Rye are mostly interested in working with unknown actresses and that slows things down. I’m not complaining though!

    David C, wow thank you for that! I am fairly certain we will see Jessie Rogers again at some point.

    Brian, thank you and thanks for the suggestion!

    ForcefulWays, I think Lee covered everything but the individual episodes are 29.99 and not 39.99 as you have posted. You save 10.00 by getting the combo pack but it sounds like part two is more your style.

  214. @Chris

    Capri (I can’t spell her last name) Cavanah(?) would be an awesome choice too.

    Hair color doesn’t matter to me. You could always do a black wig and have the villain rip it off and mock her about it.

  215. ForcefulWays

    Thanks for the clarification. I’m a fan of both the genre and Jessie so I may still take the plunge on the combo pack.

    On another note.. I have a story I’m putting together and would like to have it turned into a film starring myself and a Jessie caliber actress. Does PH offer services to convert my story into a script, do the video shoot, and hire and direct the cast? I’d estimate the final product would run about 30 minutes and I’d like it to be the costume and video calibur of the BatGirl fan fiction clip floating around youtube.

  216. Just curiosity:

    I know this is a review of a good vid, but, I always have tought that I am a freak because I like to see Supergirl in peril situations, specially supergirl under pain and kryptonite poisoning. Now I clearly see there is much people like me. Two Questions:

    1.- How many girls do like it too (to be in this peril)? Do you know how many of your regular clients are women?
    2.- Does anyone of you dress his girlfriend or wife for role play…?…If so..they like it?

    Maybe this is no the best place to post this, but I believe that all of the people who post here is a serious superheroine fan (with $$$ enough to buy this not sheap vids)

  217. ranger87

    Okay…so here’s my review of part 2. There will be SPOILERS!!! So beware!

    You can tell this was originally meant to be one part, then was just too long to be sold as one clip. The reasoning behind this is that Superiorgirl can not fight back in this…at all. She is UTTERLY defeated. And I, for one, am okay with that.

    Part 2 brings a LOT of elements to the table. But the important thing to remember is that Superiorgirl is a victim in this. And boy, can Jessie Rogers play a victim!

    SG tries to be defiant. But in addition to Lexxx and Corben, we get 3 new dudes…and a freaking Gorilla that is trained to hate the symbol SG wears. The Gorilla tears her apart, costume and all. I love this. It a defeat. And I just love costume destruction.

    After the Gorilla is done molesting our hero and shredding her costume, she is “taken” by 3, count it, 3 guys. Consecutively. In different positions. Add in the fact that she is screwed by both Lexxx and Corben later, and you have 5 people having their way with Superiorgirl in this. It truly is Punished Heroines on crack. And throught the film, you can see that Superiorgirl’s body starts to enjoy it, though her mind does not want to. This is expressed with voiceovers from Jessie expressing her character’s thoughts.

    There is also a forced oral scene using the cyborg’s krypto-cock (a green strapon). And the final sex scene is brutal. Not only is the table she’s bent over given a beating of it’s own, but it’s implied through sound effects that the cyborg’s artificial…anatomy…transforms into a drill, and as he screws her, is tearing her apart from the inside out. Badass.

    There is also a death scene. Manual, one handed strangulation, followed by the heroine being strung up for display.

    Now, this film is as dark as it gets in our genre. It is NOT for the faint of heart. Many are put off by forced sex and death scenes, as well as excessive violence. This is not for those people. But it is for the people who want to see Superiorgirl utterly defeated, humiliated, used, abused, and ultimately killed. I love dark.

    An added element is the fact that the whole ordeal is being streamed live by Lexxx to millions around the world, making her humiliation more complete.

    I love this film. I had judgements on Jessie’s acting in part 1, but she plays a great victim in part 2. My only personal desire is that the “krypto jizz” that is spewed on the heroine at the end was less CGI, more practical fluid. But that may have been a comfort issue with the actress, I don’t know.

    If you have EVER been a fan of Punished Heroines, EVER, then this is a must buy. But if the previous work from the studio has pushed your limits, than you may want to sit this one out and stick with Rye’s pg13 material. Since I love dark content, i give this a 4.5 out of 5.

    Great first video, Chris!


  218. David C.

    Just a quick observation and question. Supergirl/Jessie Roger’s “internal monologue/voiceover” sounded exactly like Ashley Rose. Am I imagining this?

  219. mantower

    Whatever you do don’t use a wig, at least not those cheap jobs which are as clear as the light of day that they are wigs. If you have access to some high quality wigs that look realistic then yes, but if not then a different color hair would be fine. I presume the model would be interested in coloring her hair for this shoot? By the way, I just saw a reference to Kenna Valentina on another thread here, she could be a good option

  220. Blueman

    I am thrilled to hear your next victim will be Wonder Woman.She has always been my favorite superheroine! Before I saw your post,I was going to list my fantasy attributes as beautiful,tall(6’in heels),very voluptuous,athletic and toned,arrogent,fiesty and defiant to the end!! Seems Chris and I have a very similar image of WW. I would prefer an actress in her mid twenties. Exact hair color is the least important feature and women color their hair all the time. I would prefer the villain be a male enemy military commander and his male soldiers!! Good luck in your search for the perfect Wonder Woman,Chris.

  221. mantower

    Chris, how about you post some pics of this potential Wonder Woman you have eyed up so that we can pass judgment?

  222. Curious

    Mikayla Mendez would be nice for the WW role in the upcoming video, even tho it seems she has disappeared. I’ve always liked her and she seems like she would be up for what the role demands given her past parts.

  223. I have a few actresses I am considering now for Wondie but if you are interested in seeing them just email me. I don’t want to get everyone’s hopes up in case they aren’t available. Thanks for all the suggestions!

    DKM, I tried looking her up but to no avail :(

    Forcefulways, I’m not really interested in doing custom work at this time but thanks for the offer.

    Ranger87, thank you for the review!

    DavidC, they have similar voices but no its not Ashley Rose.

  224. mantower

    Oh Yeah, Capri would be amazing for it! She is just stunning and jobs really well.

  225. David C.

    Capri is pretty sexy. But she’s like 30, about 10 years too old for the part. Jessie Rogers is just barely 19, and was perfect in the role of Supergirl. Just my opinion.

  226. Decendingskulls

    I always pictured superheroines like SG & WW to be more like in the 25-35 age range. Just for reference, 17 is like high school age and 20 is college age. In the case of this movie in particular, she’s depicted as being young and inexperienced, so it works.

  227. Chris Styles

    Vulture, it will be available tomorrow on nicheclips.

  228. I just had a fun thought for a future Jessie Rogers film: Bizarro SG. We have Jessie play the good SG (Superior Girl, or Supergirl) who encounters her opposite. Jessie could encounter Bizarro SG while she’s still in disguise (Side though: I’d love to see a nice, long transformation scene where Jessie takes off her disguise, revealing the S underneath, then puts on her boots, skirt, and cape) and be forced to eventually turn into SG to confront Bizarro.
    At this point, we see lots of super power use (heat vision, invulnerability to bullets, super-speed, super strength, flight,…) as SG’s opposite consistently proves to be more super than SG herself.
    We could also have some sexual attraction between the two, with Bizarro using her x-ray vision on Jessie while Jessie is still in disguise, then later on some girl-on-girl after the heroine has been defeated.
    The idea here is to have an episode where SG keeps her powers, but is still defeated. It might also be a fun way to reintroduce old Punishedheroines girls. For instance, I’d love to see Ashley Rose as Bizarro SG and Jessie Rogers as good SG.

  229. @Chris, If you are doing a doing a wonder woman film then I would have to agree with DKM, Capri Cavalli is a great choice, she does the mixed wrestling at DT and also has featured on a non-superheroine Paris Kennedy film.

    Otherwise Jayden Cole and Melissa Jacobs would be great for wonder woman from superheroine underworld.

  230. My download only download till the part were she’s strung up and lex says, there’s another reason I brought you here, and then stops. Is anyone else have this problem?

  231. Just saw Part 1 of The Lexxx Files, I can’t wait to see Part 2!

  232. David C.

    Tiffany Thompson would be a good wonderwoman. 20 y/o, 5’8, slim/athletic build, and has that girl next door face

  233. decendingskulls

    The site appears to be down (?)

  234. Capri would be an awesome choice. She’s 30, but she definitely looks a lot younger than that. She just recently got a breasts enlarged and her body is well trained and toned. On top of that she is a great actress, especially her facial expressions in a fight are superb. She’d display the peril wonderfully :)

    Just have a look at the preview pictures at DT of her against Randy Moore. DT-1030 Match 2. There’s a picture where spreads Capri’s legs wide. Capri’s facial expression is fantastic

  235. Decendingskulls

    Wow you are right Tommy, that expression couldn’t be more perfect if it was drawn by a comic book artist himself.

  236. This looks too awesome. I’m a first-time buyer wih questions:

    !) Does this have tons of bearhugs? I’m a sucker for the big squeezes. lol.

    2) Can debit cards be used for downloads also?

  237. Joe smith

    For those who’ve seen the jersey shore, what about Paula? I know she’d be interested in doing this kind of stuff. Personally I think she’s a very beautiful girl with an amazing body. Let me here what you guys think of her doing videos?

  238. Any updates on how the next Wonder Woman movie is coming along?

  239. On the overall: Jessie Rogers may have left the porn industry, but my favorite parts about “The Lexxx Files” was to see her knocked out & choked out, respectfully. Ironically, that’s a nice way for her to end her career – with a bang!

  240. I have 2 models I am trying to decide between for the next project but an announcement should be very soon. One is pretty super, while the other is wonderous. Its a hard decision to make because I want to work with both.

  241. sugarcoater

    I would advocate for the wonderful option. Been a while since the last good one came out.
    Any chance of Hannah playing the starring role? She looked amazing in the HM video that came out a while back (still hoping for part 3 of that series).

  242. sugarcoater

    Btw, Diana Knight’s Wonder Woman costume is phenomenal! Any chance you could use one like hers?

  243. Or better still, using Diana Knight? She looks so amazing as Wonder Woman and it’d be awesome to see her royally destroyed in a classic style Punished Heroines video.

    Better question: Do you like money? Because you’d have all of it if you made that video.

  244. Sugarcoater

    It’s all a matter of taste, but I would pass on a WW video starring Diana Knight. Nothing against her, but it’s just a matter of preference. Would love to see a new model or perhaps Hannah Perez. I hate posting anything negative, so apologies to all Diana Knight fans.

  245. Angleman

    Please for gods sake DON’T give us a WW with fake tits. She’s supposed to be the ultimate perfect female specimen. So she’s got to have natural boobs that move naturally (swing, jiggle etc) and she has to have KILLER legs. Lets face it. Basically we all want to see a Lynda Carter clone. We want to see the WW episode we always imagined when watching the TV show. a realistic, dark and adult version which depicts what would very likely actually happen to WW in real life if she came up against superior foes who wanted to take her down and humiliate her.
    Deliver THAT Chris and you will forever be known as the man who brought us the DEFINITIVE Wonder Woman in peril movie.

  246. Darkside

    I agree with Angleman.There are alot of WW movies out there,but
    not many of them seem to get it right. There is not enough clips out there
    with a male villain getting the upperhand on her and sexually humilating her.
    Too many g/g lesbian love fests.I’m personaly hoping for a clip with chloro,bondage,
    gags,sim sex and oral,OTS scenes. All the great stuff PH does but this time with WW.
    And please let the costume be “cheeky”.

  247. sugarcoater

    Very well said Angleman. I totally agree with that perspective. Perhaps have WW have the upper-hand for a time, reveal some arrogance, have the male villain gradually overpower her, and then have him throw back WW’s arrogance in her face. And yes, definitely add some sexual peril as that is what many of us who grew up on WW in the 80s were hoping for in the Lynda Carter TV show. I mean really, if a male villain with no scruples were to overpower WW, he wouldn’t take any liberties with a helpless heroine of her status and looks?

  248. Blueman

    I totally agree with everything Angleman,Darkside and Sugarcoater are saying!! Please make this video ASAP!!

  249. george smart

    can we see pics of the 2 models? hard to decide without knowing what they look like.

  250. NewWorldKing

    Marvelous job !
    Good morning.
    I never seen such a good erotic movie about superheroines.
    I mean:
    – Rye production are very good too. But I prefer movie of that kind, more explicit (without beeing a true porn).
    => Chris Styles you are really great!

    I can’t wait for the next movie :)