Punished Heroines Returns with “Best of Both Worlds”

Punished Heroines - Best of Both WorldsThe classic site Punished Heroines is back, and along with it is Rye’s Best of Both Worlds featuring a brand new model, new costume, and lots of the type of physical punishment and sexual abuse that made Punished Heroines such a popular site in the first place. Check out the screen caps and description below! 

Punished Heroines - Best of Both WorldsPunished Heroines - Best of Both WorldsPunished Heroines - Best of Both Worlds

Punished Heroines - Best of Both WorldsPunished Heroines - Best of Both WorldsPunished Heroines - Best of Both Worlds

Punished Heroines - Best of Both WorldsPunished Heroines - Best of Both WorldsPunished Heroines - Best of Both Worlds

Punished Heroines - Best of Both WorldsPunished Heroines - Best of Both WorldsPunished Heroines - Best of Both Worlds

Punished Heroines - Best of Both WorldsPunished Heroines - Best of Both WorldsPunished Heroines - Best of Both Worlds

Punished Heroines - Best of Both WorldsPunished Heroines - Best of Both WorldsPunished Heroines - Best of Both Worlds


Heroine – Superior Girl
Main Villain – Ro’gash
Sub Villains – Calista and Superia

Types of Peril in no particular order

– Low blows
– Belly punching
– Bondage
– Forced Orgasms
– Orgasm denial
– Mind Control
– Male and Female bear hugs
– Two vs one fights
– Simulated sex
– back breakers

Running time: 26:50

This movie features our newest actress Natasha, Ashley Rose, and Carly Quin! Below I will give you a very detailed account of what happens in this movie plus some screen caps.

After disposing of earth primes Superior Girl he is tracked by another Superior from his home dimension. What was only seconds for SG turns out to be years for Ro’gash allowing him to mind control both Superia and Calista to work for him.

This incarnation of Superior Girl is barely 18 years old and Ro’gash makes sure to point this out as it excites Calista since superheroines can be weakened by sexual humilation in this realm. Superior Girl is unaware of this weakness…

Superia, unimpresed by the smaller version of her sister, quickly learns she is a force to be reckoned with. Superior Girl proves to be physically more than Superia can handle so of course Calista is ordered to assist. With a nice spanking to her ass Superior Girl is distracted enough for Superia to pumel her while Calista locks up her arms.

Ro’gash uses his powers to probe her mind in an attempt to convice Superior Girl that she isn’t strong enough to break free from Calista’s grasp. This works long enough for the young heroine to take a serious beating from Superia but one dodged blow knocks Calista back and frees Superior Girl from Ro’gash’s mind control.

Calista is tossed into Superia who is ordered to transform and attack with full strength but she is still bested by Superior Girl who dominates the fight. Ro’gash grows tired of watching Superia fail and sends a green meteor charged blast into Superior Girl knocking both heroines back into a wall. Superior recovers rather fast and Ro’gash signals Calista who radiates green meteor particles from her hand while Ro’gash blasts her again.

Superia jumps on this opportunity and devistates Superior girl with a barrage of shots to her face and stomach. Ro’gash again uses his powers to probe SG and intensifies SG’s weakness to sexual humiliation. Calista rejoins the fight and beings to fondle the young heroine lifting her dress and exposing her silk panty covered crotch. Ro’gash can barely contain himself and his hands find their way all over her body.

Ro’gash senses that the leader of the Amazons has sent her daughter to interfere so he orders Superia to stop her leaving Superior Girl alone with Ro’gash and Calista. Ro’gash knows that if she transforms into a full powered Superior Girl she will be trapped in this realm which is exactly what he wants. Ro’gash goes on the offensive and levels SG with all sorts of attacks that force her to transform!

Superior Girl now in her uniform nails Ro’gash and tosses him which reminds her of their first encounter that drove him into hiding. Unfortunately he was playing possum and reveals that he is simply to powerful for her in this dimension and he punishes SG while copping several feels all over her body.

Ro’gash holds Superior Girl while he commands Calista to use her magic to force SG to orgasm. Though Superior Girl is pure and still a virgin she knows that if forced into uncontrollable sexual bliss she will lose her mind to Ro’gash forever. Calista sends energy into her breasts and crotch but Superior is able to resist the pleasure moving through her body. Ro’gash feels she is still to strong and teleports her into a green meteor laced wall of bondage that not only saps away her strength but breaks down her costume.

Calista gives it another try and trys to rub Superior Girl into orgasm. She comes close but Superior is still able to resist her masterful touch. Ro’gash and Calista double team her body with roaming hands but are still unsuccessful in making her cum. Frustrated he orders Calista to bring the heroine buster from Damions lab and Superior Girl’s eyes go wide as such a device would never exist in her own dimension.

Superior is overwhelmed by the intense vibration on her virgin crotch and begins to lose control of herself. Her eyes roll back and her body begins to betray her mind with wave after wave of pleasure. Superior musters all of her will power and fights back the orgasm with all of her remaining strength. Damions pleasure device begins to smoke and overheat from as its never been tested by such a power herone before. It eventually shuts down leaving Ro’gash back at square one.

Enraged he teleports SG to the ground and Punishes her again to remove any remaing fight she has. Once satisfied he pins SG on the ground, removes her panties and slowly pumps his way in. SG knows she can’t fight the feeling much longer and then Ro’gash takes her from behind which is more than SG can handle.

Superior Girl cums wildly over and over while Ro’gash is relentless thrusting her hips back and forth. She cums so hard that Ro’gash now has control over when she comes and he proves it by making her cum on demand!

A defeated Superior Girl is tossed to the ground and Calista is ordered to clean her up before the ritual…

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  1. First of all, sorry 4 my english, i’m not native. And secondly… It would be great if you add to punishedheroines.com your old videos, 2006-2008 years. I promise, i’ll byu all of that stuff XD

  2. ranger87


    check out his clips4sale and nicheclips stores. Almost all of his old work are on those.

  3. HolyMolyDude

    Glad to finally see a new face around. Looks like I’ll be dropping another couple of bucks. Thanks a lot, Rye. >:O

  4. Stagger Lee

    Has anybody seen this yet? I’m happy to see a new face but, she’s not all that attractive and the video kinda looks like the same old same old. The trailer does seem promising though. I’d like to hear more opinions on the video before I decide if I’m gonna buy it.

  5. Umm…. how much is this?

    I might be being stupid, but it doesn’t seem to tell you the price of the video unless you sign up?

    I’m tempted, but if there’s one thing putting me off slightly, it’s that the heroine’s boot isn’t “heeled”. I know flat boots are more faithful to the original comic, but I just kinda feel a heel/stiletto makes the heroine look 10 times sexier.

  6. Can someone explain to me how nicheclips.com works? I went to the site but couldn’t even look at what’s for sale unless I send 20 bucks?? I’m sure it’s not a scam but that just screams ‘scam’!

    BTW Rye, I can’t wait for a Wonder Woman type character. I just hope she’s tall and hot as hell, she has some big boots to fill! (Ashley Rose with a black wig would have been perfect)

  7. I concur, Ashley as Wonder Woman would be kick ass. No wig though, keep her natural hair, you don’t mess with perfection.

    As for the movie.

    From the peril listed. The types of peril I really enjoy in no particular order.

    Low blows
    Belly punching
    Forced Orgasms
    Two vs one fights
    back breakers

    Question about the Forced Orgasms. Apparently the heroine only orgasms during the simulated sex, so does this mean all the Forced Orgasms in this movie are in fact simulated Forced Orgasms.

    Simulated sex with simulated Forced Orgasms is ok but I prefer real Forced Orgasms while the heroine is bound and vibed.

    If this movie doesn’t contain that are there any Punished Heroine movies with real Forced Orgasms while the heroine is bound.

    Not talking Hard Core sex induced Forced Orgasms, I’m aware Punished Heroines contains only simulated sex. I’m talking sex toy real Forced Orgasms.

  8. Heath-
    There are plenty of movies out there where the model actually orgasms, and the first one being “Supergasm”. Another I could recommend would be Super Nightmare and Linda Saree. There is another with Ashley Rose but the name escapes me off the top of my head.
    Keep in mind that the toy used actual moves at 3500 rpms 😉
    This particular movie probably isn’t exactly what your looking for though.

    Nicheclips isn’t a scam 😉 Works as described but if you want another option for buying my material just email me.

  9. Rye, thanks for the information, appreciate it. I’ll have to take a look at those.

    If you happen to recall the name of the movie with Ashley Rose please post it, that one I’d have to get.

  10. If you’re doing Wonder Woman you HAVE to have black hair. That’s all there is to it.

    I’ve bought vids from your other sites before but does nicheclips have special stuff you can’t get anywhere else?

  11. Really? Is that one of her requirements. Can I do her if I’m bald. Letting her know my hair was black before I shaved it.

  12. @ The Rye
    Hello Sir, I was wondering what we can look forward to from you soon? I’m hoping it’s something where Ashley Rose is the heroine again, I’m really interested in what you may have for the next installment of The Black Phoenix, and I frankly miss watching the lovely Ms Rose in action.