Punished Heroines’ “SuperNightmare 2″

Ashley Rose in SuperNightmare 2[Adult content] UPDATED with review! SuperNightmare 2 present a series of dream scenarios involving Superia (and her sister Superior Girl) getting beaten, tortured and ravaged in almost every imaginable way by the evil Synestra, who assumes various guises as the dreams unfold.

The video begins with Superia, played by Ashley Rose, in bed and preparing for a nice peaceful night’s sleep. A series of minor and annoying disturbances take place, culminating in the appearance of the dreaded Synestra (Carly Quinn), dressed as a masked police officer and demanding to be called “Officer Syn.” Synestra uses her dream powers to restrain Superia (who is conveniently dressed in see-through lingerie) and, eventually, to deliver face punches, stomach punches, and low blows. She also torments Superia with a knife and smothers her with a pillow. How is Superia supposed to sleep with all of this going on?

Ashley Rose in SuperNightmare 2Ashley Rose in SuperNightmare 2Ashley Rose in SuperNightmare 2

Superia suddenly awakens, but only to find herself trapped in another dream scenario—this one featuring the return of “Officer Syn,” who picks up right where the previous dream left off (with a merciless beating of Superia). This pattern continues for a while, with Superia finding herself transported from one nightmarish scenario to another, each time on the receiving end of the horrid Synestra’s punishment. She’s choked, tied to a chair and punched, tied up AOH, whipped, and (at least in the “Extreme” version) strangled.

Ashley Rose in SuperNightmare 2Ashley Rose in SuperNightmare 2Ashley Rose in SuperNightmare 2

An innocuous trip to a psychiatrist’s office turns into a forced hypno session. A poignant trip to a cemetery results in even more torment at the hands of Synestra. Basically, every conceivable situation becomes a chance for the malicious Synestra to beat, torture, and humiliate Superia.

Ashley Rose in SuperNightmare 2Ashley Rose in SuperNightmare 2Ashley Rose in SuperNightmare 2

At one point, apparently getting tired of torturing poor Superia, Synestra decides to visit Superior Girl, I guess for a change of pace. Superior Girl is also played by Ashley Rose, so other than the name change, things aren’t all that different, but for fans who have followed Rye’s work, there may be an extra charge in knowing the difference between the two characters. In any event, the basic storyline continues, but this time, Superior Girl is sexually assaulted by Synestra and her evil henchman.

Ashley Rose in SuperNightmare 2Ashley Rose in SuperNightmare 2Ashley Rose in SuperNightmare 2

Now, there are two versions of SuperNightmare 2 available—Regular and Extreme. This review refers to the Extreme version, which concludes with a stomping (!) death. There may be other differences as well. This is a pretty bloody video, and I don’t know how much blood remains in the Regular version. Either way, I thought this was a really entertaining video with a creative story and a variety of perilous situations for Superia (and Superior Girl).

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  1. I’d have to say that the first Super Nightmare was the best Rye movie I’ve ever seen and a long time favorite of mine. Raven Alexis was super duper sexy. I wonder how this one compares.

  2. Sugarcoater

    Looks great! Any ETA for the release of the video? Any chance of a more detailed trailer and/or more pics? I’m loving the new Supergirl outfit–terrific quality!


  3. SC-
    Don’t want to give an eta… but it should be pretty soon :) I could probably post some pics tomorrow or Saturday. You will probably be happy to know that the supes scene is quite sexual.

    Thanks 😉 I would love to hear your feedback on release day.

    Thanks Lloyd

  4. ranger87

    As usual, I’ll post a review on here and on superheroineforum.com. Can’t wait, Rye!

  5. Wow, this video looks amazing. I can’t wait to see the finished product! Thank you for putting in a whipping scene, and I hope to see Superia get ravished again. I also hope to see the sequel to Black Phoenix soon, and I’m wondering if you’ll ever follow up with “Demonic Synestra” that was hinted at the end of The Parolee.

  6. Rye,

    I really like your movies and I already bought one, I sure wish to more real sex, I mean hardcore sex scenes. My dream is to see one of the Superia girl series, like Ashley, go all the way. Just a dream. Hey thanks.

  7. ranger87


    Even if a model is willing to do real sex in a superherone video (which not many are), that would signifigantly raise the cost of videos, as models who film hardcore sex also cost a lot more. On top of that, the male actors in the vids may or may not be comfortable with that. I realize you may be new to the scene since you’ve only bought one of Rye’s vids, but everything stems from the models limits, and builds from there.

    This is just my opinion, but I like the vids the way they are. And the reason I say that is because hardcore vids always focus on a close-up of the insertion. Rye’s vids focus on what I care about a lot more: The heroine’s reactions.

    To each their own, man. I simply wanted to state why you will most likely not see hardcore sex in a Rye film.

  8. Hey thanks, ranger87, for your insight.
    What I’ve seen so far of Rye’s flicks have a real intensity that could become even more intense.
    Like you, I care a lot about the heroine’s reactions and feelings and how it shows on-camera, because that’s what makes it a good story.
    I’m interested mostly in the pure erotic tension of the story and how intense that can be portrayed. What I like about Rye’s approach is he ups the ante on erotic tension. I was just saying that maybe Rye could ratchet up the erotic aspect of the story to the max, and why a bit of hardcore erotic sex, if tastefully done, would add a pleasureful edge to the story, because it also blurs the fiction versus reality boundary. That’s what I think makes these superhoine clips so cool, mixing fantasy and reality.
    Also, I’m sure people would pay extra for it, I know I would.
    Hey thanks, just a thought.

  9. ranger87

    I would as well. This is just my opinion, though, but I would rather take the money used to pay a model extra for hardcore material, and put it towards other things, like new models, new costumes/characters, new villain costumes. I would also like to see some emphasis put on props before hardcore sex. Break away walls that heroines can be thrown through. More realistic looking kryptonite props, going beyond just the rock, but like krypto-chains or a choke collar with a green rock in it. Ballgags. Guns that can be fired at the heroine, simulating her bullet-proof powers.

    Hardcore sex is great. I do agree with that. And if there weren’t vaginal penetration on screen, I think some live forced BJ would be awesome if the model was down for it. Nothing quite as humiliating to a superheroine as a cumshot on the face. But in my opinion, I would always take that money and put it towards costumes, props, equipment, and software to overall increase production values.

  10. Sugarcoater

    Any chance of seeing some pics (and hopefully a longer trailer?). Am very interested in this video! Thanks Rye.


  11. Really interested in picking this one up, but I’m curious: is there a method to buy the extreme version other than mailing cash or a check to nicheclips to load an account? Why don’t they take credit or paypal?

  12. Perilforpussycats

    Although it lacks the basic peril fetish elements which are so popular in exchange for the bondage route, I really like this creative idea (well knocking off nightmare in elm street) but incorporating it onto a superheroine theme is nice work in my book. Good stuff.

  13. Just bought this video last night and WOW! This was a well shot, very entertaining video. Ashley Rose played both heroines very well, and Carly is a perfect villain. My only wish was that there were different angels during the whipping scene, and that Synestra also took part in ravishing Superia or Superior Girl. All in all, an awesome movie.

  14. Just bought this video too … the whipping scene is terrible and very short :(
    terrible acting, terrible and unreal whip movement, terrible camera (just one), no back visual, and no marks.
    the only good whipping scene i saw in heroine movies was in Z-Girl here on heroinemovies.com

  15. Really enjoyed this video! Great concept first of all, and as usual, Ashley and Carly were amazing in their roles. Where I was disappointed in the Superia/Synestra fight from “The Parolee,” this one was a definite improvement. I’d still like to see Synestra humiliate and just handle Superia a little more…I also would have loved to see a spanking and Synestra taking Superia over her knee, or even just bending her over would have been amazing. A bearhug, even if Superia wasn’t lifted off the ground, would have been hot. Still, I enjoyed it, and speaking of bearhugs, the one in this movie is absolutely fantastic!! Rye’s best and he’s done some really good bearhugs in his past work. He made sure that the cape was out of the way so we could see Superia’s body, and as a huge fan of wedgies, Superia’s costume was pulled high up her beautiful butt. Thank you for that! :) It was also great seeing Ashley in different outfits… she looks great in anything. The mini-skirt with the sexy upskirt was quite nice. Excellent work as usual, Rye!

  16. decendingskulls

    I don’t like to say anything negative about the actors that perform in these movies, but we have seen Ashley in just about all of the recent punished heroines movies, and I would really like to see somebody new. Ashley’s got an incredible body, like, just an impossibly outstanding body, but we have been seeing quite a bit of her. I’ve mentioned this once or twice before but I’ve been trying to keep quiet because I don’t like to rock the boat when things are going well for people. I’m glad Rye has found someone who enjoys working with him enough to make so many movies with him – that is a really positive thing for everybody and I understand that and I appreciate how rare that can be given the type of work he does. While I’m here I would like to point out how happy i am that Rye has gotten back to making these classic punished heroines style movies. He is pretty much the only one who really delivers on this level of adult content these days and for those of us who enjoy the more extreme stuff, he is a hero to us fans. I don’t want him to stop filming with Ashley. I would just like to see some variety from punished heroines if it’s at all possible.

  17. decendingskulls

    PS can anybody tell me more specifically about the stomping death featured in the extreme version? What part of her body is being stomped??

  18. Paris Kennedy

    You WOULD ask about spanking scenes Alex!! hahahaha =)

  19. dianaknightmustlose



    The stomping death is good, not great. She doesn’t really moan a lot as it’s happening, but there’s lot of SFX (which I like), and then the heroine gets her face stomped quickly. There’s blood, so for fans of that like you and I, I think you’ll like it.

    I would have preferred she be more vocal (she’s not on camera until the last stomp, so I think it would have added something) however, it’s a stomping superheroine death. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that in one of these films.

    (Closest would be Diana Knight stomping on the back of one heroines head in an old Hawk Heroines film.)

    **End Spoilers*

    I gotta say, this is probably the second best Punished Heroines film ever. It’s not perfect (see the spoiler above, and I’m a fan of the internal monologue and missed that in this film), but it’s really good.

    Dark End is still my favorite, but this one is a close second. I highly recommend it.

    But to build on something @descendingskulls said, I too would like to see a new actor for the next film. Ashley’s great, but after a certain point, as great as these videos are (and, as much as I like Alex’s work, I think Rye is better), they’re starting to all look the same.

    Personally, I’d love to see Rye shoot with more of the girls Alex works with, particularly Diana Knight, but any of them (even Paris, as she started out at PH) would be a nice change up.

    Also: I’ve said this a lot on here, but I really want to credit Ryan for going with the extreme version and light version. They’re distinct, and it’s nice as a fan of the more extreme stuff to be able to get that while still allowing those who don’t like that stuff to get something that makes them happy as well.

    I’d love to see Alex do that in the future with his Superheroine releases as well as the other producers.

  20. Stagger Lee

    I’ve said it before, as much as I like Rye’s work, I’m tired of Ashley Rose. I don’t think she’s believable as a super heroine, I don’t think she plays the part well. I’ve been holding out for some Rye material with a new female lead, and every time a new flick is announced I’m disappointed.

    And trust me, I gave her a fair shot. Have purchased a number of movies she has starred in, and those are always the ones I watch the least.

  21. yeh I agree, its a bit boring with Ashley Rose over and over again, dont really rate her much to begin with.

  22. @Stagger – Although I agree it would be nice to see another actress other than Ashley, I can’t agree about her not playing the part well.

    Perhaps in her initial few videos she was lacking in acting ability, but I own pretty much every movie she’s played in. There’s a definite and marked improvement in her acting.

    There’s still work to be done to improve her acting, then again when PK first started out there was some failings to her acting ability – but her skills advanced too … and look at her now!

  23. I know everyone’s entitled to their own opinion, but aren’t some of the stuff said about Ashley a little rough? I admit she wasn’t a great actress in the beginning, but she’s come into her own, and is willing to do a lot on camera, and I’m personally looking forward to Black Phoenix 2.

  24. Hey Ashley is really good and getting better.
    Rye simply has to push the limits on what is already great about his vids, which is the super sexual tension of the superheroine stories. The way to go is to have more intense erotic scenes which are also the real thing, more explicit. How about a sexual peril scene where there is no doubt that the actress actually feels the erotic pleasure of the story line and shows it off convincingly because the pleasure is so real and it’s not just acting?

  25. I love Supergirl and have viewed many of Rye’s vid and enjoyed them but i have to agree about Ashley Rose, i have no priblem with her acting, just tired of seeing her, would love to see a new actress wearing that smoking hot SG costume taken down by some kryptonite!!!

  26. Fogman
    unreal whip movement, terrible camera (just one), no back visual, and no marks.

    I guess you must have bought the light version then. The extreme version has 2 angles, front and back, and blood is shown on her back.

  27. I still love seeing Ashley Rose in these movies. Her acting has improved quite a bit and she’s just one of the best looking women to ever work in this genre IMHO. I just love her figure, not only because it’s sexy but she just looks like a super heroine to me. She looks strong and athletic… the 105 lb. model just doesn’t work for me. Someone like Cali Logan who’s a beautiful and extremely sexy woman, but I just don’t buy her as a super heroine. But Ashley just fits the role… tall, meaty thighs, curvy hips, and a big (in a good way, of course) behind. The only actress who comes close for me is Alex David, who looked amazing in LG: The Return. Anyway, just my 2 cents.

  28. Gorleser

    I love Ashley Rose in Rye’s films, and Carly too. Rye’s said it before– finding models to do the kind of work he envisions is challenging where he is. I realize that there is no excuse to putting out a good product, but I enjoy what Rye does, and he’s found two actresses who embody his vision.

  29. Superman246o1

    I do not understand where all the hate for Ashley Rose is coming from. She looks great, fills out the Superior Girl costume nicely, and is a great addition to actresses working in the SHiP industry. She’s one of the more believable superheroines out there right now. Sure, I wouldn’t mind Rye finding a nice blue-eyed brunette to play Wonder Woman, but as long as he’s making videos around Superior Girl, I want to see Ashley in that role. Especially if she’s going to fight the Jeckle Demon again.

  30. I have to voice my support for Ashley Rose, I feel, after reading some of the posts. I mean, is she a great actress? No. Would I like to see some variety, some new stock of heroines come in? Of course.

    But no one I think expects a perfect performance in a SHIP video, all I can say is that Ashley does well enough in her role and she looks superb in a heroine role. She is built physically for it. And she is beautiful.

  31. decendingskulls

    I don’t think anybody is trying to be deliberately mean toward Ashley but you have to at least consider this: If a customer for whatever reason does not like her, then that means that for that customer, the last like ten punished heroines movies have been a total wash. I feel this way often when any producer uses any actress with great repetition, not just in this specific case.

    I think we can all agree that she is stunningly beautiful and that her acting has definitely improved.

  32. Watching this video reminds me of the one that had Raven Alexis in it. Is she still doing heroine videos?

  33. Lloyd Ferrigon

    I like Ashley Rose and have no problem with her being in many movies. Why does anyone need to see marks on her back? Just seeing the expression on her face is enough.,

    I don’t view the versions where the Herone is killed. I prefer that either the villian does this forever or reduces her to being her sex slave.

  34. MeltedAbomibleSnowman!

    @Rye ; Gotta hand it to ya Rye, excellent job on this latest video, looks awsome, mind you, what else would you expect from you other than the fried gold you mass produce!! Love the way you’re starting to use multiple costumes in movies, think it’s a nice touch.

    Just wanted to ask though, you know that purple / pink catsuit from a movie you made a while back called Agent Akira, well can I have it? JOKE, I wanted to ask if you’ve still got that catsuit, I think it would fit nicely on Ashley in a new movie, it may be slightly too small but hey, that makes it tighter I believe, even better!

    Keep up the spectacular work!!

  35. Thanks for all the feedback guys! As for the whipping scene… There were marks and blood on her back and boobs but only in the nicheclips version. I will make sure it is more clear that the niche version has the ultra violence stuff going forward. Sorry about the confusion.

    I am looking for a new PH model however you can imagine how hard it is… I prefer to find unknown actresses but models that are cool with being stripped and groped aren’t all over the place. Of course I could always hire an established fetish model but again I prefer to find someone new as that has been my “thing” since I started in the biz.

    The only super established model I would probably still love to shoot with is Cali Logan. I’d even be happy to tone down some of the content to help meet her limitations. I don’t think anyone here would have a problem with Cali teaming up with Punished Heroines if I made it happen. I’ve never asked her to shoot with me so who knows 😉

    On a side note I am getting back into the lighter side of things and will start producing a new line movies similar to a few films I did for TBFE. I have been making a directors cut of Avalon on and off these past couple months and its brought that excitment back I had when shooting those movies.

    BTW I am hoping to have Avalon Directors cut finished soon…

  36. Really impressive Halloween special Rye. I also the surprise movie reference at the end. Any other holiday specials planned? I could see “A Christmas Carol” with SuperiorGirl visited by 3 figures, Synestra,Jackson, and, uh someone else. And then they all gang up on her at the end.

  37. gail Brenner

    Is there a way to get the more intense version with paypal? I have purchased all the Rye movies with Ashley Rose, and just love her for the part of superheroine. She has gotten better with each movie and she does have great facial expressions!

  38. Capesu,
    Glad you enjoyed it. I actually have something planned for x-mas 😉

    There is no way to get it via paypal but email me and we can work something out.

  39. @rye man I don’t know, this new girl doesn’t look very “heroine” to me… Ashley is a lot better if you ask me…

  40. Thank you very much. I’m pretty excited that I found her and was even more excited that she is cool with shooting PH style.

    @Ximi We all still love Ashley and I know that Rye has no plans to stop making movies with her. In fact I think he still has 3 custom orders to fill with Ms Rose last time I checked. Ashley is over 6 feet tall in boots and I know Rye wanted me to find someone smaller because he felt having the villains be larger than the heroine would give the movies a sense of peril that hasn’t been present in a PH production in a while. Rye is generally the only person on set that is bigger and taller than Ashley but he doesn’t really want to be a villain these days.

    Give me a chance to get her a smokin hot costume and train her in the ways of the Rye :) I think you might be surprised! The first shoot will tell us a lot but all parties are very motivated to make this work long term.

    Is this my first post here? I keep up on everything day to day but I suppose I haven’t said hi before, so hello all!


  41. Gorleser

    Welcome Carly! Can’t wait to see how the new actress works out.

  42. The new model looks good. I’ll keep an open mind, but I’m also a big fan of Ashley. I understand the whole height thing, but for my tastes, that Ashley is tall and formidable looking makes it hotter when she gets taken down. I’ve always enjoyed that dynamic where she’s a lot bigger than Carly. In general I prefer the amazon type, but I do see the other side. Just, if you ever do a Wonder Woman-inspired heroine, it would be a shame if it wasn’t Ashley (with her hair colored black, possibly?). My dream movie would be Ashley as Wonder Woman and Carly as Wonder Girl!

  43. @Carly thanks for the info. I, too, likes the heroine being tall and strong, but that’s a taste thing and I am totally open to the alternatives.

    Now Rye doesn’t want to be villain… that’s strange… I mean, who doesn’t want to be villain? :-))

  44. @Carly
    Hello Carly! Welcome to the site! If I may gush over you a little bit, you have been my favorite model on Rye’s site since you played Mystic Girl. I love the fact that you have curves, and are a hell of a talent at selling the peril of the situation you are in. I really can’t wait to see your next time on camera, and I also can’t wait to see the new model being put through her paces.

  45. Joel Le bon

    Wow! Ashley Rose is supper yummy in your lasted video! her body is super sexy! yummy boobs,and perfect ass ! when is your next video!

  46. Richard Gasp

    It’s always good to see new material from you, Rye. Your productions are the best in the genre bar none. I am very interested in purchasing many of the extreme versions of your videos but do not want to use Niche Clips. As a business man myself and knowing the risks of internet transactions I understand that payment must be received before a person receives their purchase. What do you suggest?

  47. Jonny Bravo

    Am I the only who thinks ashley rose looks fat in this video?