Punished Heroines’ “Wonderous Girl vs. The Zandor”

Punished Heroines' "Wonderous Girl vs. The Zandor"UPDATE: Part 2 now available! [Adults only] You’ve probably heard by now that Wonderous Girl vs. The Zandor Part 1 is available and has received pretty much universally positive feedback. Now Part 2 has been released and is available at SHG-Media! 

UPDATE #3: Teaser for Part 2

UPDATE #2: Trailer for Part 1

UPDATE #1: New Images

Punished Heroines' "Wonderous Girl vs. The Zandor"Punished Heroines' "Wonderous Girl vs. The Zandor"Punished Heroines' "Wonderous Girl vs. The Zandor"

Punished Heroines' "Wonderous Girl vs. The Zandor"Punished Heroines' "Wonderous Girl vs. The Zandor"Punished Heroines' "Wonderous Girl vs. The Zandor"

Punished Heroines' "Wonderous Girl vs. The Zandor"Punished Heroines' "Wonderous Girl vs. The Zandor"Punished Heroines' "Wonderous Girl vs. The Zandor"

Punished Heroines' "Wonderous Girl vs. The Zandor"Punished Heroines' "Wonderous Girl vs. The Zandor"Punished Heroines' "Wonderous Girl vs. The Zandor"

Punished Heroines' "Wonderous Girl vs. The Zandor"

Punished Heroines' "Wonderous Girl vs. The Zandor"Punished Heroines' "Wonderous Girl vs. The Zandor"Punished Heroines' "Wonderous Girl vs. The Zandor"

Punished Heroines' "Wonderous Girl vs. The Zandor"Punished Heroines' "Wonderous Girl vs. The Zandor"Punished Heroines' "Wonderous Girl vs. The Zandor"

Punished Heroines' "Wonderous Girl vs. The Zandor"Punished Heroines' "Wonderous Girl vs. The Zandor"Punished Heroines' "Wonderous Girl vs. The Zandor"

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Wonderous Girl vs the Zandor

Summary: After discovering a rogue female alien causing havoc and mayhem, Wonderous Girl decides to evict the uninvited guest from Earth without the help of Wonderous Woman. Unfortunately this proves to be much more difficult when the allusive alien unleashes the unstoppable Zandor who now craves for the young Superheroine!

Chris Styles: “Filming begins March 9th! I am familiar with the original fight from the old tv show but my creature will be much more aggressive than he was. I will not have any costume pics until then but here is a pic of Wonderous Girl.”

Punished Heroines' "Wonderous Girl vs. The Zandor"
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  1. Dillion Harper? I rather have Ashley Rose back but she’s Power Vixen & Jessie Rogers retired from porn because she didn’t like her boob job (although I did enjoy her in that series, The Lexxx Files)

  2. Curious

    I’m not going to lie I was hoping for a more athletic looking girl for this part, she looks too thin. I’m not a huge fan of Ashley Rose the way she looks recently. I know I’ve said this before but I’d love to see Nikki Delano as a superheroine getting dominated, she has the muscular body that fits the part.

  3. Am I the only one who does not find her attaractive at all?


  4. New Sheriff

    You guys must be in peak physical condition from the sound of it!

  5. kingles

    @Stee: You mean that incredibly gorgeous woman in the picture above the comments section? You don’t find her attractive…AT ALL?!?!?!?!? I find it hard to believe that anybody else is going to agree with that.

    I agree with the Jessie Rogers part…but it’s just not going to happen.

  6. Cute, not exactly what I would think of as a Wonderous Girl. I’ll have to see what she looks like in the finished product to know if I’ll get this.

  7. Jim Rafters

    Anything wonder woman is good… but sure wish Hannah Perez would be involved, one of the best WW for sure!

  8. Darkside

    Problem is everyhone has thier own idea in thier mind on how WW is supposed to look.She is a very attractive girl and I think she could make a good WW. We have to wait to see how she lloks in her costume with makeup and maybe her hair made up a little different. In my mind for example WW has her hair a little more teased up and wavey. If she can act well and the video has the same content as the other recent PH videos,I will be a very happy camper!

  9. Let’s see how will Dillion get killed off, because that’s my favorite part of these Punished Heroines movies!

  10. She might have a killer body and she’ll probly do fine but I just give her another look and still stand my original post. I just realized I made a mistake though. I thought she was playing the same character as Jessie Rogers, I see now she’s someone all new. I’ll be far less critical as long as she’s not trying to fill Jessie’s (knee length) boots!

    It drives me crazy that Jessie Rogers retired already! And after just one video?! This is like one of my other all-time favorites, Lux Kassidy, quitting after one video all over again!

  11. saxman314

    ATTN: RYE!!!!!!!!!!!
    Did a search and found a link where several of your vids are being shared. Please post an email address where I can send the link to you so you can kill it. I want you to keep making awesome peril vids for us, and I paid for them all, anyway. LOL

  12. Jerry

    Wow, can you please release this soon? Can’t wait!

  13. Hi Chris

    Any updates or new screenshots on this project?

  14. Filming starts in 45 mins so if you have a content request now would be the time. We have 3 villains including Lexxx, a superpowered female alien, and of course the Zandor!

    So far I have requests for bondage and whipping which should be no problem getting for you guys. You can count on the Zandor having his way with Wonderous Girl but if you want something specific just tell me and I will try to get it done.

  15. Darkside

    Maybe you could add a carry scene where a sleepy WW is carried
    (OTS prefferably) to a waiting car or van.If its a car then the trunk would be great.

  16. Looks good.any estimated on release date or trailer movie?

  17. Curious

    My request is for forced stripping/costume destruction during the fights by the villians. Not the villians telling the superheroine and making her strip herself.

  18. Those previews look fantastic! I’m hoping to see a good one-sided beatdown, and maybe some blood.

  19. I’m with Taco, lots of blood, heavy beating until she dies.

  20. david

    My request is for the heroine to be strong and defiant. It gets boring when she submits right away.

  21. sugarcoater

    For the opposing view, I would suggest no blood at all. It adds too much reality to a fantasy. But that’s just my perspective/preference.

  22. Chris

    david March 10, 2013 at 6:22 pm
    My request is for the heroine to be strong and defiant. It gets boring when she submits right away.”

    This obviously goes without saying for me and I assume for everyone else here.

  23. Jerry

    I’ve gotta say, this actress is really hot. Really hope we see a lot more of her. I prefer the supergirl costume, I think it is a more attractive outfit on a girl. But she makes the wonder woman costume look great too. I hope we see her in super girl/black widow/dark canary costumes in the future. Looking forward to it, keep it up Styles!

  24. Wow, that’s the same girl that’s in that pic?! I take it back, she looks pretty darn good!!

  25. Chris

    I prefer her to rogers. can’t wait to see her just get ravished!

  26. love that there is AOH action, and that villain has done some good work for other studios

  27. uhzoomzip

    Can’t wait to watch this hottie get her superheroine ass demolished, holy shit. Here’s hoping for lots of gratuitous and invasive close-ups of tits and cunt as she gets destroyed!

  28. Ultragirl

    I would have preferred a skyfire type costume :)

  29. Decendingskulls

    Wow this looks awesome. I know i’m in the minority, but i’m a little sick of WW and SG costumes. That said this looks excellent and probably a must-buy for me.

  30. Steve

    Looks like a good homage to that wonder woman episode. who is set to play wondrous woman?

  31. Can’t wait to see the trailer, any estimated release for the full movie Chris Styles?

  32. darklord

    lately we have been inundated with great production but PG content… finally a video that seemingly has quality production and more “hard-core” content.

    there’s hope for this genre yet…

  33. ah well. i guess the pantyhose guys have officially won. ha! that being said, this looks like a must-buy.

  34. Jerry

    Release the damn video already Chris Styles! Cmon!

  35. Sugarcoater

    For what it’s worth, way down the line should another Wonder Woman video be made, how about using the outfit seen in the latest Diana Knight or Hannah Perez videos? The current one works but looks a bit too much like just a woman wearing a swimsuit.
    That all said, cool looking pics!

  36. David C.

    Looks great! When is the expected release date?

  37. “My request is for the heroine to be strong and defiant. It gets boring when she submits right away.”

    YES! Please do this. Even if she’s defiant right until the end, and THEN she breaks and they kill her. That’d be hot.

  38. Jerry

    DKM March 11, 2013 at 6:00 pm
    “My request is for the heroine to be strong and defiant. It gets boring when she submits right away.”

    YES! Please do this. Even if she’s defiant right until the end, and THEN she breaks and they kill her. That’d be hot.”

    agreed, i’d love to see it.

  39. Aldous

    I’m down with the defiant meme! looking forward to a trailer

  40. Mr. Wolf

    Also in favor of defiant, but tortured/destroyed to despair and pleading at the end. Not sure if you do forced orgasm/wand but that would be a plus in my book. When can we expect this to be released?

  41. I want to see her beg for her life as opposed to the internal monologue from Lexx Files. I think it’d be different, and hotter.

  42. +1 DKM

    She needs to be broken and beg for her life!

  43. david

    Pics look great. I really hope there’s more nudity though. The costume’s hot but it can’t stay on the whole time.

  44. Here is a teaser,


    She did an amazing job and nailed the perfect match of defiant strong superheroine that still has weaknesses. Dillion simply kicked ass and I can’t wait to shoot with her again!

    There are tons of forced orgasms, tortures, perils, bondage, fighting, groping, whipping, spanking, low blows, Sex, KOs, among several others and yes there is nudity.

  45. Tony Stark

    I am pretty new to this genre but have really enjoyed most of what I have found and am looking forward to this release. I have tried the PG13 productions, but just not a fan and honestly not interested in purchasing anything else without AT LEAST some nudity. To each his own however. Again, looking forward to this one. Just wish somebody would do a higher production type movie that isn’t PG13. Maybe this is it!

  46. g-reaper2001

    Wow! from the looks of the teaser, this film looks like it will be awesome! I can’t wait for the release! The actors look like they are going to do a great job. Dillion looks like she has the great look, mannerisms and attitude down to a tee. The actress playing the alien looks hot also. Waiting not quite patiently for the release!

  47. Decendingskulls

    Agreed. From the trailer this looks to be very promising indeed.

  48. I think she looks great, but from the previews it doesn’t look as if there is much fighting and certainly no beatdown. I won’t be purchasing it on the evidence shown so far.

  49. Thank you everyone! Here is a list of the different contents and some previews on the characters you can expect in Wonderous Girl vs The Zandor.

    Wonderous Girl: She is very confident/proud and is dead set on finding out what happened to Superior Girl at the hands of Lexxx. She stays defiant when the tables turn on her and trys to fight back to the bitter end.

    Zilica: The Mistress of the Zandor is equally as confident and has been searching for a worth female to carry the Zandor’s child. She thought the search was over after finding Superior Girl but Lexxx of course did too much damage and Superior Girl did not survive the Zandor. After encountering Wonderous Girl she knows this could be her last chance to secure the Zandor a mate!

    The Zandor: The last of his kind and over 1,000 years old, The Zandor wields unparalleled strength and craves only one thing…

    Fighting: Punches, kicks, knees, slaps, throws, bearhugs, back breaker, Low Blows, and I am sure I am forgetting stuff.

    Sex: Groping to all parts of her body, Forced Kissing, Forced Oral Orgasms, Forced Fingered Orgasms, Forced Sex Orgasms

    Perils: AoH Bondage, Spreader Bar on legs, spreader bar on arms, forced stripping, Whipping, Spanking, power drains, crawling, vocalized defeat.

    I hope this information helped.
    Scheduled release date is March 20th for part 1 and mid April for part 2.

  50. Darkside

    I Love thye peril elements that were previewed.If you
    do 2 alternate endings to this story, PLEASE do one
    with her getting knocked up and forced to be her conqueror’s
    woman. What a complete and humiliating defeat that would be!

  51. If there’s an alt ending where she dies, this could be the release of the year.

  52. Jerry

    I like this actress far more than Jessie Rogers. She is much better at playing the defiant heroine. She just has a great look for it, and its not just because she is hot.

  53. mantower

    I agree with DKM, it really looks promising. I just know I will wait for Part 2 to come out before buying either of them. I also hope that if there is a death scene it won’t be just the usual strangulation, a different death would be fun just for the sake of novelty.

  54. The actress is really good looking, especially in this role. She has spunk and a look that most average people can relate to I think, unlike most women in these kind of roles (big, breasted Amazons with six packs).

  55. Looks great but I need to see if there’s gonna be more nudity before I buy this. This girl’s too hot to be in that costume the whole time.

  56. steve

    I thought there was a wondrous woman in the film aswell?

  57. Where is the first picture on the top taken from? Seemingly not the same video with the all rest. Different villians.

  58. Thanks for all the comments, requests, and suggestions. Part 1 could be released as early as this weekend so keep an eye out.

    @Steve, Yes there will be A Wonderous Woman PH movie but she isn’t casted yet.

    @Darkside, The Zandor and his Mistress have been searching through the entire Galaxy to find someone strong enough to carry the Zandor’s child.

    @JJ, There is plenty of topless nudity and a few crotch shots. I would say the this has more boob shots than the Lexxx Files due to a couple major scenes.

    @Jerry, there is a forced finger fuck in part one while she is tied AoH and her legs connected to a spreader bar. This particular scene makes a similar scene from Lexxx files look boring due to Dillion’s outstanding performance. If you are wondering about the sim sex scene with Zandor while she is bound, then yes that will be part 2.

    @FZ93, I haven’t the slightest clue what you are talking about. I double checked all the pics top to bottom and they are all from Wonderous Girl vs the Zandor.

  59. Barry

    Hi Chris, the trailer looks nice. Btw, which part will contain the content of bearhug and throatlift? Thanks

  60. Robby

    Looks fantastic Chris – can’t wait to get both.

  61. Jerry

    Strike while the iron is hot Chris Styles. I’m all ready to purchase it, just release it! Who knows if the money and interest will be there next week.

  62. WonderFan

    You had me at Lexxx files and this looks even more my speed chris! From what we have seen thus far I like her acting much better than Jessie Rogers.

    I’m with Jerry, please if its ready just release it. There is no reason to keep us waiting?

  63. Barry

    I am with Jerry and WonderFan, if its ready, please release it.

  64. I would love to get it released but it still needs editing. I only wrapped up filming 2 days ago so if we get part 1 by this weekend I think that is a pretty good turn around.

  65. Barry

    Alright Chris, good luck on that. :) Btw, will we see bearhug and throatlift as shown in trailer in part 1?

  66. There are a couple bearhugs in part 1 from Zilica and from Lexxx but the throat lifts will be in part 2. The good news is that all the stunts are as you see them with no trick camera work. She actually gets lifted off the ground!

  67. Crocopot

    I’ll definately be purchasing this set of videos whenever they’re ready.

    On a side note, as a customer I’m not sure why photo shoots aren’t availble for purchase from movies such as this. I would think it could potentially boost sales while giving the consumer abit more of a detailed look at what the videos will be offering. I’m no producer, but I would guess there’s practical business reasons, such as worry that a photo shoot might steer some costumers away from the purchase of the video? But speaking as a customer I certainly would purchase both of the videos and a photoshoot for not just this title but serveral others if they were available.

  68. Aldous

    Hi Chris – might I inquire which part will feature the whipping scene?

  69. Naveed

    This looks very good! The bear hug from Zandor in the trailer, is it from part 1 or 2?

  70. kickass333

    Chris – Will there be some sort of package for both parts after the 2nd one comes out or should we just buy each part individually? Also, is there a regular and extreme version?

  71. Chris,
    This is what I always am concerned with. I like my superheroine to be just that – SUPER. Strong, defiant and able to easily overpower anyone or anything. I always want that to be a descent part of the video not just a few seconds were our heroine gets in a few punches then gets the crap kicked out of her for 99% of the remaining video. When I see someone say “My request is for the heroine to be strong and defiant. It gets boring when she submits right away.” I get excited and then many more agree with that person – I get even more excited. I’m not saying I want her to kick ass the entire time – just more than I see in about every video I see. Maybe the pic’s and the trailer skip that part of the video but I didn’t see much of what many here were talking about. I think you and many others producers have down “the heroine beating” part of the video. I just want someone to take a hot actress (Dillion Harper) and have her completely dominate the bad guy/girl, the ugly monster or the super strong robot. Then the bad guys regroup and have a plan to get her in the end. Maybe a 25%/75% ratio?

  72. Jerry

    Great post ben. Even when the odds are highly stacked against the heroine I want to see her keep trying to win and turning the tables in her favor a few times, rather than just crying and acting like a ragdoll the entire video.

  73. Fun screen shot from part 1 where Zalinca is getting ready to smack WG in the face.

    @Crocopot, Thanks and I hope you like it! We didn’t take any pictures during the shoot so I really have nothing to sell picture wise. Everything you are seeing are screen grabs from the actual movie.

    @Aldous and Naveed, the whipping of Wonderous Girl and the hug from the teaser take place in part 2. There are multiple hugs in part 1 though, just not that particular one.

    @kickass333, I don’t know if there will be a package deal but I’m sure its possible at some point.

    @Ben, I also prefer my heroines to be defiant so that was an easy request to fulfill. Does she take a beating?? Well this is a punished heroines movie so yes she does but I think you will be glad to know that WG gets her time on top and shows everyone whos boss more than once.

    @Barry, I made a mistake and yes there is an epic throat lift in part 1 where she is picked up multiple times, choked and smashed against a wall. Sorry for the confusion!

    A weekend release is looking very possible for part 1. The only things left right now are special effects and some sound work.

  74. Smasher

    WOW she looks incredible! From the previews I think I will like this one more than your last offering. Jessie was hot and all but this new girl had me at “Either you move or i’ll make you move!”. Can’t wait!

  75. @Jerry
    “Even when the odds are highly stacked against the heroine I want to see her keep trying to win and turning the tables in her favor a few times, rather than just crying and acting like a ragdoll the entire video.”

    I can’t agree with you more! THANK YOU!!!

  76. Aldous

    so clearly I’m getting this. but, due to my OCD loathing for cliff hangers and “the best is yet to come!” I’ll be holding fire till both parts are out. good luck with the launch Chris

  77. Jerry

    Not trying to be annoying, but can we either get the release or another teaser trailer? :)

  78. Simon

    Nice set of images you have there Sir Styles, I will be first in line this weekend wearing out my F5 key. I sent you an email last night about my personal request but no rush in getting back.

  79. MyNameisURL

    Love that you’re doing forced oral scene(s). Always thought that was a hot concept…indomitable super heroine being weakened and debilitated in a way she has absolutely no defense against…looking forward to seeing it!

  80. @DKM, Yes today is part 1 which runs over 34 minutes. I expect part 2 will be ready around the 31st of March.

  81. Steve

    will wondrous woman feature in part 2 or will be in a sequel to this film?

  82. Smasher

    Wow wow wow wowzzzzzy! This blows all other punished movies out of the water! Dillion and the chick playing the alien should get awards for how brilliant they were! Her reaction to that crotch punch was just perfect! Actually her reaction to everything was pretty much perfect! At first I didn’t know if the alien language thing was going to bother me but wow she sold it! I will also throw some love at the guy playing lex because that slow throat lift he did takes a lot of strength and then he held her there!

    This was pure gold! Bring on the conclusion please!

  83. Unmasked05

    Great video one of my favorite punished heroine videos ever. The woman playing the alien has a great sexually explicit video at xxxtremecomixxx if anyone is interested in seeing more of her. Looking forward to part 2 and hopefully Dillion stays around in the superheroine fetish genre as she was great as wondergirl.

  84. Jerry

    This might be the highest compliment I’ve ever given. But this Dillion Harper might be my favorite actress ever to work with Rye/Styles. And that’s impressive considering they’ve had the likes of Paris Kennedy, Raven Alexis, Amanda, Jesse Rogers, and others work for them. She’s as good as their best ever.

  85. ranger87

    I can’t sing the praises of this video enough. It’s SOOOO good!

    I have been following Punished Heroines for many years now…and granted, this is just the first of a two part story, but I think this might be the best vid they’ve ever done. For those who haven’t gotten it yet, I say this: Remember Skyfire? Rye’s AMAZING non-adult video series? I think this video is Chris Styles’ answer to that. I think he’s stumbled upon a gold mine in Dillion Harper. I mean, I knew she was hot from the screen caps and such, but her acting ability, in my opinion, is on par with the girl who played Skyfire. She gives dialogue convincingly, and more importantly, sells blows amazingly! Just…wow.

    And it looks like Rye did the editing, so the video, sound, and special effects are on par with Skyfire as well…It’s nice to see he still has some input on Punished Heroines still. That being said, his video effects really are on par with his PG13 video editing!

    Then, the star of this video that I DIDN’T expect is the villainess. She was just as good an actress as Dillion! Just….I can’t say enough about this video.

    We also have Lexxx returning. This dude is the weakest actor of the movie, but that’s not bad considering the quality of the other two. But he makes it up in strength! The dude lifted Dillion over his head, then held her up in a long ass OFF THE GROUND choke lift!

    Just…amazing. I can’t wait for part 2. I’m assuming it will be as good if not better. This is set to be the two greatest Punished Heroines movies ever!!!

    If you have ever been a Punished Heroines fan, past or present, this is the vid to get. The only negative that I can think of is that Chris may have set the bar to high for himself on future shoots!

  86. Jerry

    Agreed with Ranger. From the trailer I had a feeling I was in for something special and I was right. This is one of the best videos I have ever seen from Rye/Styles.

  87. jrknicks

    damn i really want this but 35 is rough…what will the deal be for both parts do you think?

  88. WonderFan

    Grand slam! Dillion played the perfect embodiment of a superheroine for me and her reactions to the peril were breath taking! My only complaint is waiting until the next part! THANK YOU FOR USING NYLONS CHRIS! HA!

    @jrknicks its a small price to pay for perfection. I can’t imagine any wondie fans being upset over this release!

  89. jrknicks

    is there any nudity in part 1 anyone who has bought the video??

  90. Asphyx

    Bought this just for the throat lift and choking scenes I am happy that I was pleasently surprised. The lifts were some of the best I have seen and her reaction to chokes were spot on. The preview for part 2 shows more scenes like this so count me in for another purchase.

    (jrknicks) says “is there any nudity in part 1 anyone who has bought the video??”

    she topless and finger fucked while topless. Her boob also fall out during a crotch punch I think.

  91. Here is another peek at part 1

    @Steve, Wonderous Woman will happen as soon as we find an actress to compliment Dillion as Wonderous Girl.

    @Smasher, Unmasked05, Jerry, Wonderfan, Asphyx, and Ranger87 thank you for all the feedback!

    @Jrknicks, there is multiple minutes of topless nudity and you can always get the standard def copy at 29.99 to save a bit. I don’t know if or when a combo deal would become available but as stated before it’s possible.

    @everyone, Dillion will be coming back for sure! She was simply amazing to work with and I look forward to our next adventure!

  92. Damien Woods

    Dillion is charming, though I have to say I would love to see that baddie play a heroine. She looks like she has a lot of potential.

  93. Mr Wolf

    Does Part 1 have the part where she is chained on the floor?

  94. The new standard. You guys have been paying attention. I’m actually glad I have to wait for part 2. I need time to recover. Part 1 stands on its own merits.
    The only thing that could be better is the real WW.

  95. Mr Wolf

    Can someone who saw it tell me if part 1 is the part where she is chained on the floor in costume?

  96. Dido to what everyone has said about Dillion and the villainess! I generally do not like female villains and typically purchase movies with a male presence but I was pleasently surprised! When she bends Dillion over the table and feels her up I completely forgot I was watching a female villain. She was that good!

    May we have her name Chris? I would love to see what else she has been in.

  97. ranger87

    @Mr Wolf

    She’s not chained tot he floor in part 1…It’s one of many things I eagerly anticipate about part 2!

  98. Jerry

    I seriously can’t say enough about this video. Starting with Dillion, my goodness. She has just as good if not better acting ability than any of the PG-13 actresses like the girl in Skyfire or Supergirl 1984, but she is willing to take off her clothes on top of it. Also it had a lot of the elements we’ve been asking for on here, like a defiant heroine who fights back and remains strong against the odds. This was like a NGC video in terms of the production and acting, except the heroine also gets subjected to sexual torture. Just perfect, great work Chris Styles!

  99. Unmasked05

    @Sid check out xxxtremecomixxx at clips4sale. The villainess has a great sexually explicit video called Red Justice vs the Timestopper. The production value is no where near this video, but the actress plays a defiant heroine and gives a great performance. I have been a fan of this genre for awhile and it really is great to see all these great productions. This wondergirl video is already in my top 5 heroine movies ever and I can’t wait to see the second part.

  100. The punchout on the table was one of the best I’ve ever seen and I’m very picky!

    Perfect angles, perfect facial expressions by our heroine as she has her lights put out….simply awesome!

  101. sugarcoater

    I bought the video and thought I’d add my two cents to the reviews here:

    1. Liked the action, especially the shot of the villainess playing with Wondrous Girl’s backside while she’s in her civilian outfit. (Would LOVE to see that happen with Wondrous Girl in costume!)

    2. The action series is pretty good. Not going to say it’s the best I’ve seen, but it’s good.

    3. Was rather ambivalent about the costume. Seems more like a swimsuit than a uniform. Would have loved to see the Diana Knight recent version of the Wonder Woman outfit (or the Hannah Perez version).

    4. The model is quite good with the action scenes. The choke scene was very well done. As for her looks, there are some shots that look amazing, but that can be seen in all the pics and previews.

    5. Too little Wondrous Girl peril for the price in my estimation. Sure, plot and character need to be established, but if you’re looking for serious peril, I would wait for Part II. I was a bit disappointed by that for having paid $30 for it; perhaps a discount for Part II for those who bought Part I? Just a thought.

    I bought both parts of the Lexx Files and plan on buying more of Chris’ work. Just wanted to put in my two cents for this video in the hopes of more quality work (with perhaps just a few changes).

  102. @Damien Woods, That is highly probable.

    @John, Decendingskulls, Bart, Sid, Unmasked05, and Jerry, thanks so much guys!

    @sugarcoater, Thanks for the feedback. I have a very strong feeling that Part II is going to more your style. I would also point out that (Wonderous Woman) will more than likely have the style of costume you are looking for.

  103. Steve

    do you guys have any idea who wondrous woman will be? Can we make suggestions :-)

  104. Ralev

    @Chris Styles, @sugarcoater

    I would also love more peril, both physical and sexual – utterly breaking the heroine down slowly, steadily and overwhelmingly, despite her defiance.

    Regarding the costume, on the one hand this costume is not that authentic, but on the other, it gives us a great view of her toned body! She looks HOT held above his head.

    I would say nothing is hotter than seeing the heroine’s body being revealed as her costume is torn and shredded from her defeat. It shows the extent of her defeat, and ups the drama, exposing against her will. That and a hot defeat pose :)

    However the problem is that I think in most cases, you can’t afford to tear the costume.

    So this revealing costume is one way of getting that effect, or another would be to have it hanging down, exposing her.

    Re: Wonderous Woman, here are some hot scenes with ripped costumes that would make for the hottest WW peril video in history!


    I can dream =)

  105. Chris

    Simply a great and amazing video. One of, if not the best heroine movie I have ever seen in the 7 years I have been purchasing them. I am glad you listened to the criticisms of the Lexxx files(which was a very good video in its own right), and have perfected your skills. I am usually a harsh critic, and am not completely satisfied most of the time, but I have to give this video a 10/10.

    A couple of positive things I liked which you should continue:

    Heroine made some comebacks and fought back even when the odds were rising against her. For some reason producers almost never do this.

    Hired a stunning actress who was able to portray a strong heroine who was also not afraid to mix it up in the action scenes. It makes her seem more bad ass and sexier.

    Negatives: None. Or at least none I can think of right now. This will definitely be replayed many times.

  106. saxman314

    If we’re gonna be shouting out suggestions for Wondrous Woman, can I start off with Christina Carter? I know it’s been done a million times before, but that’s cuz she’s the best. She has the amazon body, the voice, the facial expressions, she knows how to be defiant, scared, or anything else perfectly, etc. It doesn’t look like she’s doing ANY m/f in her productions any more, so if we’re gonna see that, someone has to hire her for their production, and really, who fits the bill more perfectly?

  107. David C.

    Christina Carter makes a fine villan, but she looks about 45 or 50.

  108. Jerry

    Sorry Saxman with all due respect, I don’t agree. Christina Carter is a great veteran in this business and has put on a lot of great videos which I have enjoyed, but her time has passed. I think the newer actresses that Chris Styles, Rye, and other producers have been hiring are quite frankly better.

  109. ranger87


    Sorry dude, but I don’t Christina Carter will do M/F, even if the sex is simulated. Even the work she’s hired to do with other producers is all female. And I do have to agree that she is well past her prime…

  110. decendingskulls

    Hey I’m all for giving newer talent a chance but don’t disrespect Christina Carter. Some guys like em young. That doesn’t mean that Christina is old or past her prime. In my opinion I agree with Saxman that she has a gorgeous amazon body, and her maturity and stature make her look very superheroine, and she pulls off the Wonder Woman look better than anyone I’ve seen. The only negative I can personally think of is that she’s been in so many videos that the niche is saturated with her.

    On another note I know who plays the alien girl in this movie ahhaaa i’m not telling. I had a chance to hire her for a custom and I blew it and went elsewhere. Looks like I missed out!

  111. sugarcoater

    I’ll be the broken record (forgive me) and put in my vote for Hannah Perez. I was hoping to see the third in the previous series starring her (and LOVED her outfit in the first one). Heck, maybe a HM/Chris combo is just the thing to go with a Wondrous Woman video. But she is really something else in that role.
    I would echo the sentiment that Christina Carter has and is doing some great stuff, but as was well pointed out, there are quite a number of her as WW. Someone else would be my suggestion.

  112. RalphM

    Christina Carter is in her late 30’s, but theres not a single no-name fetish model that can touch her career or $ or fame. She’s done more traveled more and seen more work at 30-something than probably anyone here – model or fan, has done in their life. Respect career if not her name. Zero of Ryes or Chris Style models can touch Christinas body of amazing work.

  113. saxman314

    I disagree that she looks remotely too old. She’s bad as hell and I’d do terrible, terrible things to her. LOL. I haven’t seen another actress sell the superheroine character as well. Other favorites did a fine job, but either over-acted, didn’t have the height, thickness or bearing to be convincing, had annoying voices, strange speech issues, lots of tats and/or piercings, could do either the dominant role or the dominated but not both, etc.

    I’m going back to the beginning of the internet superheroine fetish, and the best of the best (my favorites) were lacking in some way or another:
    Paris didn’t sell the indignation as well.
    Mercedes just wasn’t as good an actress.
    Randy over acts.
    Raven was too petite for anything other than young Supergirl. She did that great, though!
    The girl from the Lexx files had a strange way of speaking.
    Diana just looks too much the domme to sell the peril as well.
    Akira is excellent, but doesn’t have the look for WW.
    Cali doesn’t sell the powerful aspect well enough. Ditto for Danielle Trixie, Kymberly Jane, etc.
    Then there are the girls who react to everything like they’re on WWE, whether or not it’s a wrestling match.

    There are only a couple I’ve seen come close to Christina’s standard: Megan Jones hasn’t been in any vids that show her off to the degree that the first hogtied.com episode capture scene did with Christina, nevermind any of her high production value vids she’s done, etc.

    The only other one to pull if off near to as well as Christina for me was Alex David in the first of the new Liberty Girl vids. However, those vids are very few and far between and the director’s vision for the series was not to keep it in the same vein. Besides, she doesn’t have the same, uh… stature.

    Dano may have hired a few models who could be convincing, but his release schedule, short clips breaking up the flow, ridiculous voices yelling over everything, never-ending slow-mo shots, etc. made sure you couldn’t enjoy it.

    I’m just sayin, Christina Carter is still the best WW out there. She has done m/f in the past… I don’t remember full-on sex, but I definitely saw her doing oral in a BDSM scene under a different name. TBH, I’d take any of her M/F superheroine bondage stuff over 99% of my favorite other videos out there. I don’t know if she’s just chosen not to do m/f as a personal preference lately, but if she’s open to it someone should get her!

  114. I would also like someone else besides Christina Carter. I don’t have anyone in mind right now but Christina doesn’t do it for me.

  115. David C. Why would you say CC looks 45-50???? Do you have a personal animus towards her or someone she reminds you of??? Very angry statement and not accurate by any means.
    There are many good choices and she would be at the top of the list. I don’t think she has been overexposed for this role at all. Top acctress in the field.

  116. Decendingskulls

    Not to change the subject, but last night I picked up that xxxtremecomixxx video that Unmasked05 suggested called ‘Red Justice vs The Timestopper’ which features Starli (the girl who plays the alien here). The time-stopping / freezing fetish is not one that does anything for me. However this video was awesome! There’s lots of back and forth fighting and explicit sex, and Starli does an amazing job. You guys are missing out if you dont buy it. I really hope we see her in more superheroine roles like that one.

  117. Jimbo

    normally I don’t post but I see all the stuff being said about Christina Carter..and the lack of talent out there. Let’s remember one thing…at one time, she was just as much of a rookie as the rest of the field. She’s got the experience now. Between her and Diana Knight; the two of them are simply amazing. All the actresses out there, new and experienced, can be shown they have flaws. Whether its the cheesy dialogue in some of the flicks, overacting on the peril.
    There’s a couple out there that I will definitely break out the money for. Three for sure, sad part is…2 of them are either retired now or no where to be found.
    Paris K. She was simply amazing and was great and she still is still holding it down over at Pro-style.
    The girl from Best Of Both Worlds…sadly I think she was one and done which is too bad, would have liked to see more of her out there. She didn’t over-sell/under-sell..had the young look/girl next door type.
    Lastly….from Punished Heroines early films, and I still say the BEST superior girl I’ve ever seen….again, can’t remember her name, but she was good.
    Couple out there that I can’t stand and I.M.O. I’ll try to avoid….main one is Ashley R..some people may like her, I wont take that away, but to me… she over-sells on everything and it’s just weird to see a girl her size being a heroine. If she was a villian….I’d be paying in a heartbeat. For instance….she was a villian in Best Of Both Worlds; I bought it and enjoyed it. Keep her as a villian!

  118. Curious

    JC Marie with dyed hair or Nikki Delano for WW. Delano has done some good videos for nicheclips.

  119. Steve

    I think Christina Carter is a poor choice, she does her own stuff, also JC Marie is perhaps not appropriate.

    I think Jessica Jaymes is perfect, she is active on superheroines xxx which do superheroine peril films. Otherwise Jayden Cole is another great idea although her acting will need to improve.

    Hannah Perez is great, but doubt she does nudity.

    Other than that Melissa Jacobs and Capri Cavalli could do the deed.

  120. darklord

    This seems like an obvious purchase but I’ve been reluctant. Main reason being, its 34 minutes long, and thats just part 1. Safe to assume the entirety is going to run over an hour. I’m sorry but thats waaaaaaaaay too long for a SHIP movie. Its a big reason I don’t bother with GIGA b/c I don’t need a 60-90min peril clip, after awhile the scenes just get repetitive.

    I feel like a lot of producers are just adding a lot of fluff to make more $. I get it, they wanna earn a buck, but wouldn’t it have been better to just film two separate 30min videos starring Dillon? Theoritically It wouldn’t cost more from a production standpoint b/c it would probably take the same amount of time to film and edit, b/c at the end of the day its the same amount of film time.

    When I buy a vid, I want to be able to rewatch it over and over, and I don’t want to have to fast forward through slow or redundant parts just to get “to the good stuff” A standard SHIP movie should work as follows:

    5min – plot is introduced, heroine beats up a henchmen
    5-10min – herione faces off with villain and eventually is worn down, or tricked, or trapped, etc
    5-10min – heroine is dominated and humiliated

    Its as simple as 1,2,3… why this genre has gotten so far away from what made it great (to me anyways) in the early 2000s is beyond me. It’s a simple formula to follow

  121. Jerry

    ” A standard SHIP movie should work as follows:

    5min – plot is introduced, heroine beats up a henchmen
    5-10min – herione faces off with villain and eventually is worn down, or tricked, or trapped, etc
    5-10min – heroine is dominated and humiliated

    Its as simple as 1,2,3… why this genre has gotten so far away from what made it great (to me anyways) in the early 2000s is beyond me. It’s a simple formula to follow”

    Wow, I totally disagree with this. I too have been following the genre since those days, but if it weren’t for people like Rye and Bettinger taking the product to the next level and continually evolving I wouldn’t still be a fan. I was getting sick of Rye’s work for a while during the nicheclips days because it was getting as formulaic as the way you described.

    What I and what many customers today want is for a movie to be like what a Black Widow movie or a Batgirl movie would be like in the big screens if Christopher Nolan or Joss Whedon made it, except with a tragic ending. I want the recipe to be different each and every time e.g. maybe start off with the heroine losing and then making a comeback, and then losing again and back and forth, keep me guessing what will happen! I want the heroine to actually be a heroine that you’d find in those movies. Give her a personality, give her strength of character. Have her actually act like she isn’t just a porn star spreading her legs for a random guy. Make me believe that this isn’t just a porn movie and rather it is an actual heroine movie where the heroine is supposed to win, but fatefully fails. And I think Rye/Styles have been accomplishing this as of late, particularly with this movie.

  122. darklord

    I didn’t mean to sound like every SHIP movie should be exactly the same, i was just using a generic formula that often works.

    Jerry it sounds like you and I just have diff tastes/expectations. You want a “real movie” almost, something to sit back and eat popcorn to. I want something sexy that I can “beat my meat” to (lol sorry for being so blunt) for 15-20min and get on with my day.

  123. Jerry

    Yeah I totally feel that and I respect it.

    To me, the more that I am able to believe that its an actual heroine, the more sexier that is to me. Occasionally I don’t mind the type of movie you described.

  124. To me the stories and length are fine, the biggest disappointment these days is more and more female vallains. Totally respect other folks taste, but F/F stuff is 100% automatic no go for me.

  125. Redmountain

    CC is a fantastic model and does some amazing content, her work is top notch and her production values are great along with the girls she works with. Her and Diana Knight and/or Randy Moore together is just amazing.

    That having been said, I would respectfully disagree with casting her as Wondrous Woman for a production like this. While CC does play an amazing WW, her work is more “porn in costume” than it is superheroine fetish. Vids from Chris, Rye, etc. feature women playing heroic characters that are slowly beaten down and defiled, yet still remain true heroines through the majority of it.

    In CC’s films, she mostly plays a heroine who is briefly defiant and then turns into a wanton sex kitten for the rest of the film. I love her work as I appreciate multiple fetishes and content that make up this little world, but the content of her films and most of her work is far and away not what you would want for a production like this. I just don’t see her playing a good role in a beatdown/peril film like this. I know she has done some work with Hawk Heroines in that type of role, but again it was mainly her being heroic for a brief period of time before becoming a sex/porn object for the majority of the video. If I want to see a good “porn” with superhero costumes with brief action before the heroine is completely sexually devestated, I will buy something from one of CC’s many clip sites. If I want to see an action filled peril with beatdowns I’ll buy something from NGC. If I want to see something like that combined with some sexual content, then Rye or Punished Heroines. To each their own. Not every model is good at every style of video. I really couldn’t see CC or Randy Moore playing one of NGC’s heroines and I couldn’t see any of those models doing what CC or Randy Moore do. To each their own, but no need to insult any of them.

    That aside, again CC’s work is amazing and she’s great at what she does. Anyone thinking she is past her prime or looks 50 years needs their eyes and head examined. However that doesn’t mean she has to play WW for everybody, as different style videos require different style models as I stated above.

  126. Is the sexual encounter in this video simulated or actual?

  127. ranger87


    The sexual encounter will be in part 2, and it will be simulated. Punished Heroines has always been simulated.

  128. Just to clairify there are multiple sexual encounters. Part 1 has simulated fingering forced orgasm, and part 2 has sim sex. Both parts have tons of groping and part 2 also has Zalinca eating out WG.

  129. David C.

    Is there anywhere to purchase old Punished Heroine movies? the current PH site and it’s clips4sale site has gotten rid of most of it’s movies and only has a few of the newer films.

  130. This is my first post
    The production from PunishedHeroines is always my favorite since the very starting.
    I can say that, I buy nearly every video from PH (99%) since 7-8 years ago.
    For the script of upcoming wonderous woman video, I have some idea.

    Maybe you can consider 2 superheroines.
    Wonderous woman and girl cooperate to fight the crime.
    Firstly, wounderous girl fight with the multiple weaker villian. She hang on for a while, then she was almost be defeated and get little peril.
    The wonderous woman show up, she easily defeat the villian and save the girl. It shows how strong the wonderous woman is.

    After that, the more powerful villian time comes. It(or He) fight with the 2 superheroines at the same time and defeat the wonderous woman and girl.
    The villian could knock out the superheroines and take away their power by all means, such as stripping the belt, drain their strenth, or just beat them with pure power till them exhausted.

    Finally, the weaker villian could come back to the stage.
    They could do whatever they want to the superheroines, especially the wonderous woman who previously defeated them. The powerful villian and weaker villian could rape the 2 superheroines at the same time, the same room, and maybe they could exchange their beautiful victim several times.

    I know that 2 superheroines means more cost and higher price, but it there is great script, and great actor like you already have.

    I don’t care the price. HaHa…

    Anyway, thanks your all work from the very starting. I love you all. They gave me a lot of pleasure. Thank you all again!

  131. David C-
    We are compiling all the classic content and will be re-releasing it in bundles. The really old stuff has a lot of heart but lacks in quality so bundling some of them together for the price of one movie is a good way to save everyone some money if they want the classics. Next month at some point you should see them start to become available again over at shg-media and Punished Heroines.

  132. Darkside

    If you’re still taking suggestions for the upcoming WW movie maybe you
    could do a scene where she is taken advantage of while still knocked out.
    In the tv show I’m sure we all started to fantasize about what we would do
    with a sleepy WW! A few bad guys could KO her,get a quicky in before they leave the scene of the crime. Then WW could wake up and see her costume was removed
    or nearly remove and realize what happened to her.

  133. Dillion’s next movie is being planned and it will be Wonderous Girl vs the Mob. You can imagine what the Mob might want to do to Wonderous Girl if captured! I might open 1 day up for some custom work but I am not sure yet.

    Thank you for all the content suggestions for Wonderous Woman, I will try to incorporate as many as possible when the time comes.

    On the subject of who will be playing Wonderous Woman I have been informed by the powers that be they strongly prefer a fresh face for this project. I am still open to suggestions but if it’s someone who has already worked in a superheroine movie I probably won’t be interested.

  134. Jerry

    Wow, great news Chris Styles!!!! Same formula as what you just did in this movie. Defiant heroine, fighting against the odds, and great peril.

  135. Crocopot

    Since the powers that be are in favor of a new face I’ll offer up a suggestion. Alissa Kiss, For those that don’t know the name she is a cosplay model. I don’t know much of her myself, just that she is stunningly attractive and has done a small handfull of peril type short videos. I’m pretty sure she hasn’t really done anything involving nudity or adult themed content, but a good peril story doesn’t always need to have nudity involved. Regardless, couldn’t hurt to ask.

  136. Jerry

    I have no suggestion because Rye/Styles have been hiring perfectly good actresses.

  137. Wazooboy

    If its a more well-known model for WW how about Hollywood?

  138. I actually thought the villainess was better and hotter than the heroine. Hope she gets her own movie.

  139. Raptor

    I agree with blx. Villainess is very hot and a better actress. I would be interested in seeing her as a superheroine in her own series.

  140. MyNameisURL

    I’m hoping that you’ll continue with Zandor and his associate. If this one is going where it seems to be going, then we need a couple more of these. And, I agree, this will allow the Zalinca character to continue, because she’s the most entertaining character in the film.

  141. steve

    I am going to purchase this, but just wanted to know if there is any internal dialogue like the supergirl film with Jessie?

  142. Decendingskulls

    @ Steve, Yes, there is I would say about the same frequency of internal monologue as in Lexx Files.

  143. New trailer for part 2

    Coming April 1st to SHG-Media

    Sim Male/Female Sex with forced Orgasms
    Forced Oral and fingering
    Forced kissing
    AoH bondage
    2 vs 1 Spanking
    A very Linda Carter-ish Bear hug scene with Zandor
    Back breakers
    Chloro ko
    Choking ko
    Throat lifts
    OTS carry
    And more I am forgetting!

  144. Aldous

    Forgive an excited man, but is the whipping scene substantial? Tis my ‘thing’….:)

  145. carmax

    I wish you could release this today. This looks amazing

  146. Aldous

    Out of interest, why can’t you release this today? Go on! It’s Easter! Either way, I’m getting this ASAP – good luck with the release!

  147. When will this be available on clips4sale? I’d prefer buying from there instead of having to make an account for shg-media.

  148. I am in full support of an Easter release please! My only question is how long are the whipping and spanking scenes?

  149. ranger87

    Guys, I’m 90% sure the reason we’re not getting it today is because it’s not done. Punished Heroines has always been the type of company that releases as soon as it’s ready.

  150. mantower

    So is there an extreme ending with this one like all of PH’s other releases?

  151. The very second it’s done it will head straight over to shg-media and become available. There is a slim chance it might happen tonight but most likely tomorrow.

    @Aldous and Chad, The whipping scene is nice and long with some outstanding reactions from Dillion. Same for the spanking scene.

    @kurt, honestly have no idea

    @Mantower and DKM, Wonderous Girl passes out during the final sex scene and is carried off by Zandor. His character needs her alive because she is going to carry his offspring so a death scene wouldn’t have really worked here. Wonderous Girl vs the Mob is coming later this year and will have a story that supports a death scene.

  152. Mr Wolf

    I swear to god if this is an April Fool’s prank….

  153. Jerry

    Its seriously not out yet?…. Wow. I don’t know how many times I have to tell you, strike while the iron is hot! It maximizes your buy rate.

  154. Steve

    But if the product is not warm enough then one must be patient, unless theres a 10 years time delay im sure the buy rate wont be effected

  155. The movie is done and was given to SHG-media so all we are waiting on is SHG making it available. Should be any time now!

    No April fools jokes although that would have been pretty funny lol?

  156. Mr Wolf

    Haha, we’re all anxious, Jerry. Damn it SHG!

  157. Jerry

    “Mr Wolf April 1, 2013 at 2:22 pm
    Haha, we’re all anxious, Jerry. Damn it SHG!”

    Haha, I didn’t mean it in any bad way to Chris Styles. He is an awesome producer. I’m just anxious too, but looks like it is finally out! Downloading as soon as I get to a computer :)

  158. Chris:
    Great job with this. I loved everything about it. Two questions: 1. At the end of the film is a mention of Wonderous Woman in Villains United this summer. Is this in any way based on the old Villains United film of several years ago in which the heroine faces off against multiple foes? and 2. You mention above that Wonderous Girl vs. the Mob is coming later this year. Is Dillion slated to star in that? She makes an incredible heroine.

  159. Amazing movie but the whipping scene alone made everything worth while. There were some spot on reactions from this Dillion girl with perfect moans, facials, and body reactions! Easily the best whippin I have seen in a long time. Congrats to all involved and thank you!

  160. carmax

    I was moved by this movie, i really felt bad for that heroine. Well done!

  161. ranger87

    I honestly am speechless on this vid…in a good way! I always love videos right after I see them, because they are fresh in my mind. But, I feel this one is more than that. Yes, the actual fighting is minimal. Most of that was done in part one. This part was a lot of choking, crushing, bearhugs, and then the sexual content. But the best part was Dillion! I’ve NEVER seen a mainstream pornstar adapt so quickly and so WELL to the superheroine genre. By far the best actress I’ve seen in Punished Heroines, at least in my recent memory. All of her reactions are spot on. You do kinda feel bad for her by the end because she’s acting so well!

    Then there is Zylinka, the villainess character. Holy crap, this girl loves to lick vagina. She sells the villainess character SOO well. I personally suspect that this girl might very much LIKE playing the villainess character. You can’t fake the look you see on her face. She’s turned on.

    Other good parts…There is an excellent spanking scene. I’m usually not into that, but this played SO well. And the whipping scene was awesome. I haven’t seen anyone sell a whipping that well since Paris Kennedy. And finally, the sim sex…With Dillion’s reactions, you’d think she was really getting screwed. Amazing. It makes me begin to question how much she’s REALLY enjoying herself in her mainstream vids, if she can act this well! Just kidding. But she’s insanely good in this, and I sincerely hope Chris uses her for multiple more videos.

    This seems to be a fresh start for Punished Heroines, and Chris Styles is making it his own. I can’t wait to see what they do next!

  162. uhzoomzip

    On the fence about buying this one. Do we see plenty of tit and cunt? The positive reaction has me very excited but the price tag is so steep. I feel like each Punished Heroines video represents a huge leap forward for the genre, though I am disappointed that there is no death ending in this video as there was in the Superior Girl video from last fall. I sincerely hope this video ends on an utter down note.

  163. ranger87


    Oh, no worries, man. It totally ends on a low note. The heroine doesn’t win by any means. She just doesn’t die. I also like it when the heroine dies, but this was great.

    As for your other question, there is PLENTY of boob in this. There isn’t very many vagina shots, mostly due to the nylons.

  164. Watched it, loved it! This is now my favorite Punished movie of all time by a long shot. Zandor did not disappoint and taught that cocky wonder girl who is boss! There wasn’t a bad part in this movie but my favorite scene was Zandor fucking the shit out of Wondergirl. Dillions acting, especially when during the sex, was leaps and bounds better than Jessie rogers. At times during lex files I didn’t believe Jessie’s character but this was the opposite here! 10/10!

    it ends on a very down note. If you are a punished heroines fan like me I can’t imagine not liking this offering.

  165. Beyond expectations!!! You could charge double what you are charging and I wouldn’t blink an eye. You are charging by normal industry standards ($1-min) but your work is way beyond those standards. I just can’t believe no one else has done this yet. ??????

  166. I see why everyone likes this but the girl and costume didn’t do it for me. I wanted to like it but I’ll probably avoid wonderous girl videos in the future, looking forward to the next one.

  167. Fogman

    I’m trying buying part 2 of this movie, the system says are not accepted credit cards outside US, is it possible?
    I tried with two different credit cards and nothing …. i think is stupid to not sell outside US …

  168. Fogman-
    Im sure if you send an email to SHG-media they can work something out for you.

  169. Love the acting, the heroine, the plot everything! The only thing I don’t like about this film is the nylons on Wondergirl.

  170. David C.

    Great, great follow-up to Lexxx Files. Dillion was perfect as Wonderous Girl. Where I think we were spoiled though with the previous film, was the length. I was kinda hoping for an hour long Part 2, similar to Lexxx Files. But this is by no means a complaint, just me being greedy!

  171. Scando

    Same problem as with Fogman. The site does not accept foreign credit cards. Welcome to 2013…

    Anyway, will send an email to SHG but really…what the hell? Do you guys have too much money or something? I am trying hard to give you some of mine….

  172. Steve

    Just wanted to know before I buy, how much internal dialogue is there? Also is there absolutely no fighting at all? Doesnt WG put up a fight against the Zandor and the Alien villainess?

  173. She does put up a fight and tries to wrestling him down and punches him a bunch of times but zandor basically absorbs all her damage. She never stops trying if that is what you are asking but Zandor dominates the fight. There was a lot of internal dialogue from Wonder girl. Can’t remember what she said off the top of my head but ya there was plenty.

  174. @MK, Yes Wonderous Woman in Villains United will be based off that same concept Rye gave us all those years ago. I always loved that setup and think I can do it justice! And yes Dillion will be returning for Wonderous Girl vs the Mob.

    @carmax, chad, ranger87 sid thanks and glad you liked it!

    @Uhzoomzip, Zandor moves her panty aside and claws her pussy through the nylons before mounting her. It ends with total defeat and domination so I think you will like it.

    @Bart well thanks a lot!

    @Tom well you might be happy to hear that I am looking for someone to play Wonderous Woman bare legged in Villains United.

    @Steve, It has about the same amount of internal dialogue as previous PH films. There is fighting but as Chad said the Zandor controls the pace. This is a very sexual movie though when all is said and done.

  175. Jerry

    I have no review to write. Most people know I am pretty critical, I even criticize Chris Styles for releasing the video too late even though that’s not his fault. But Wonderous Girl 1 + 2 collectively are the best videos I may have ever seen in this genre, and I have been actively purchasing videos from the best producers in this field for the past 7 years. Wow, congratulations Chris Styles for raising the bar! Its rare I am this pleased with a video considering how jaded I have become.

  176. Darklord

    I only purchased part 2… It’s good but don’t think it’s as epic as others are saying it is.

    It’s 30min long and I think would’ve been better if only 15-20min long. Very redundant from a rewatchability stand point. Don’t get me wrong the girls are great and it’s a good video I just think it’s too long especially considering it’s only part 2 and not the whole story

    20min vid at $20 would’ve been not only cheaper but more enjoyable. Sometimes less is more and in this case the sexual peril was good but just like with giga movies after awhile it seems redundant.

    Only other thing I’d add is I wish she eventually submitted. I like a defiant and arrogant heroine but eventually it’s nice to see her collapse to her knees bowing down to her mistress or master and verbally expressing her defeat and submission.

  177. ranger87


    I could totally see your point. But I didn’t personally realize it was 30 minutes long as I was watching it.. There wasn’t a lot of filler, and it was full of sexual content, which is my personal fave. We only get Punished Heroines vids every few months, if we’re lucky, so I kinda like when the stories are longer.

    But, I respect your opinion. To each their own.

  178. Smasher

    Chris Styles is quickly becoming my favorite director in the genera. The fight with Zandor really brought me back to the Zardor with Linda Carter but you did it even better! He dominates her in every way that I wanted to see happen to Linda Carter for so many years. When he grabs her in the first bearhug and then started swinging her around this movie catapulted into my top 5 favorite flicks. Then you took it further and broke wonder girl physically and she admited he was too much for her or what ever she said. I would echo some of the other comments about the bar being raised again because it’s true. No offense to Rye because he is the man, but Punished Heroines has never looked better!

    Can’t wait for Wonderous Woman Villains united!

  179. g-reaper2001

    I personally thought that Dillion did a great job and so did the bad guys and bad girl. the only problem I had is with the hose.Not the hose Per se, but that they where never torn open at the crotch during the movie. Sure, you could kinda see through them, except for the big seam running down the middle. I’m sorry, but when I think of Punished Heroines, I think exposure.

  180. Chris

    a bare legged Wonderous Woman?? Wow!! That would be a smash Chris. Please understand though, I LOVED both Wonderous Girl films. I think she is awesome. That is maybe THE best bearhug ever?? I wished that had been the move to put her out cold rather than the choke hold.

    But as all the ots carries, hugs and squeezes were happening, I was just wondering how much better it would have been to see her FLESH… Dillion’s skin must be sooo soft and perfect.

    Looking forward to Wonderous Woman!! Thank you for taking these thoughts into consideration because I know the opinions vary on this.

  181. Monster

    Looks great,
    Can someone describe the bearhugs and backbreakers to me? Were they good and does she get broken are my main concerns. Also does she resist during the sex with Zandor. Im not into movies where heroines start fucking the villains back so thanks in advance.


  182. Naveed

    I have the exact same question and are the bear hugs and back breakers in part 1 or 2?

  183. Smasher

    Zandor charges in and grabs WG who tries to break free but can’t over power his grip. Zandor starts rag dolling her (best ive seen by the way) and then starts to squeeze so hard he crushes her. WG sells the pain very well and you get plenty of angles. The first back breaker was the best because Zandor just rips her off the ground after punching her in the stomach and tosses her over his knee. It was a beautiful back breaker. The next one was good but the first has more flare. After that the female alien comes over and they both start molesting her while she is held down on his knee.

    This all happens in part 2. There are some hugs in part 1 but the ones in part 2 are better.

  184. Naveed

    Thank you sir! Very much appreciated for the info!…there are so many different heroine movies coming out these days that it’s very hard to decide which are the ones to pursue. So it’s nice to get help from fellow fans.

    Thank you

  185. Ralev

    @Chris Styles

    Wonderous Woman in Villains United sounds like the ideal setup for the hottest, most dramatic WW beatdown video!

    A heroic WW who is at her full strength, but just up against overwhelming odds in multiple powerful villains, and is slowly, steadily, and brutally beaten down, and physically broken in a drag out knock down epic destruction!

    WW refuses to lie down, which works to her detriment, as she just ends up taking more and more dramatic punishment, her costume being ripped during her beating, her perfect toned body slowly being exposed against her will.

    And finally when she has been utterly physically destroyed and her costume lies in tatters, the villains assault her sexually and enjoy their spoils!


    Plus, great news on the bare legs! Can’t wait for that video :)


  186. What @Ralev said. Please do that. Lots and lots of that.

    And, since it’s the Mob, maybe an old timey way to finish her, like them dragging her to an alley way, forcing her on her knees, and putting a gun to her head with the video then cutting to black, followed by a gunshot sound

    OR! Tying her to a chair and putting dynamite in her lap, with WW squirming and going, “No! Not like this!”. Same kind of deal from there, cut to black, then an explosion sound

  187. @Chris

    One last thing … for now anyway: I LOVE the original Villains United (as do many on this website). If you’re going to re-do it with the Mob or as its own video (which you absolutely should ASAP) I hope you guys don’t make it repetitive. And what I mean by that is, if it’s a 6-1 beatdown, each of the six should have something unique that they do to Wonder Woman, or a couple of things, so that there’s something new happening to her as they slowly destroy her.

  188. Angleman

    I think also a multiple beat down should be just that. Too often in videos we get the exciting premise of overwhelming numbers but all we get are each goon taking it in turns to hit the heroine. That’s great – but it should also be intermixed with where literally the entire gang are hitting her at once. Punches, kicks etc with the heroine squirming desperately in agony unable to fight off the multiple attacks.
    Also, it would be great to see four of the gang members holding her by each of her arms and thighs and as she squirms to free herself the other two smack her around. And we need blood too.
    Just saying …. :)
    But like the others have said, if you can deliver a true Lynda esque WW that endures a realistic, gritty defeat at the hand of thugs then you’ve got a customer whose ready and waiting to purchase.

  189. Jack Puncher

    I agree with Angleman’s comments re the style of multiple beatdowns. The vision of a brave/sexy/arragont superheroine being surrounded and overwhelmed and restrained and brutally pounded from all sides until she is too exausted to even stand has got to be a seller. During the beatdown would also like to see the heroine’s costume ripped from her. Also I have a preference for many of the blows to be directed at the heroine’s crotch area causing her to double over in pain. If having beaten her down and stripped her the villens take the opportunity to gangbang her who would blame them?

  190. hero.smasher

    Just picked up part 2 and loved it. I really hope to see more Dillon Harper in future heroine videos! Great work.

  191. @DKM, Wonderous Woman Villains United will try to capture the original feel of Rye’s Villains United but it will be a separate movie from Wonderous Girl vs the Mob.

    @Ralev, Thank you for the suggestions!

    @Angleman and Jackpuncher, I am certain you will enjoy this movie.

    Wonderous Woman Villains United will feature several super villains all with special abilities that give Wonderous Woman a unique challenge. The fight will be brutal and perilous to say the least. Currently on the list of villains I want to include are Ro’gash, Zandor, Sinestra, The Jeckle Demon, and 2 new villains with abilities I want to keep secret until release.

  192. Steve

    The wondrous woman vs villains united film sounds amazing, PH are setting new grounds for this kind of superheroine genre. Look forward to who will be playing Wondrous Woman. With so many villains I hope she will put up more of a fight and a more mature woman would be great but not Christina Carter.

  193. Steve S

    I’d love to see more Dillon Harper, especially if you change up her costume or make her play a different superheroine to keep things fresh. She is a keeper though, great actress!

  194. @Chris

    If I recall correctly, there’s a scene in the original Villains United where the Jeckle Demon gives WW a backbreaker, and the other five villains come over and just start punching the shit out of her while she’s bent over his knee.

    I really hope you recreate some of the scenes like that :-)

  195. Oh, and I totally agree with Angleman: Lots of blood please.

  196. Eagle

    Nice work folks!
    * Perfect casting
    * Perfect acting
    Anything else is personal preference.

  197. Hey Chris!

    Saw this online: http://imgbox.com/abef3jAb

    I think she is in her teens though, but she is definitely a new face like you want and she is damn hot filling in that WW costume! Not sure who she is (I’ll try and find out) but thought it might peak your interest.

  198. Also regarding my above post, one of the pics has her in front of a green screen, so obviously was a shoot of some kind!

  199. @Rizo I saw some wonder woman pics of this girl a couple weeks ago at superheroineforum but no one seems to know what they are from. Are there any more pics or sites of her dressed as wonder woman? One of them shows a bunch of guys in black masks that look like they are from Anarchy heroines of sword maybe?

  200. Hey guys,

    Richard and I were hoping for a more formal reveal but the cat is out of the bag. She is our new Wonderous Girl and has signed an EXCLUSIVE long term contract with Richard Vincent Films :)

    I directed this movie last month but I have not touched the edit because I needed a vacation. Please check http://www.SHG-media.com in the coming days for more updates with this actress.


  201. Hey Rye!

    Damn… She looks amazing! Excellent find! Had a feeling she was in some kind of heroine peril videos from the pics.

    Any chance Chris can use her for his WW movie too?

    Either way, can’t wait for this new title

  202. Jerry

    rizo April 12, 2013 at 4:12 am
    Hey Chris!

    Saw this online: http://imgbox.com/abef3jAb

    I think she is in her teens though, but she is definitely a new face like you want and she is damn hot filling in that WW costume! Not sure who she is (I’ll try and find out) but thought it might peak your interest.”

    She looks like a cardboard cutout rather than a real person. Maybe its a bad camera? Anyway, if she was casted by Rye/Styles I am going to trust their decision. She looks really hot. I wonder what happened with Dillion Harper though I thoughts he was great.

  203. The movie I filmed in no way affects what Chris does with Dillion Harper and I am sure Chris still plans on shooting her. This is a whole separate set of movies… 😉

  204. She was actually found and casted by Richard Vincent and yes she is great, but as Rye said this has nothing to do with Punished Heroines.

  205. Steve

    well i’m looking forward to wondrous woman vs villain united.

  206. Jerry

    “Chris Styles April 12, 2013 at 6:14 pm
    She was actually found and casted by Richard Vincent and yes she is great, but as Rye said this has nothing to do with Punished Heroines.”

    Hey Styles, I am a little confused. I thought you guys are all under the same umbrella.

  207. ranger87


    They work under SHG, but Rye has moved on to directing pg13 films…probably “R” rated at the worst. Chris runs Punished Heroines now, which specializes in the adult material. But, I gather from the credits of Zandor that Rye is still handeling editing, at least until Chris can live up to his quality of editing.

  208. Dr Yuya

    It’d be nice if the payment methods allowed on the site for this weren’t so restrictive…who want’s to mail in a check before being allowed to see something in 2013? I don’t mean to be insulting…just curious as to why it isn’t all direct download.

  209. steve

    Theres a porn actress called Rikki Six, I think she would be great for future Punished Heroines movies.

  210. The video is not bad, but again…. in a tightly scripted format, with punished heroine’s budget and production values, editing, I think he can bring something really special out of Ariella Ferrerra. I will say that she sells the pain really well and can scream. Plus she is beautiful.

  211. blueman

    Ariella looks perfect for the role of wonder woman. She gets my vote!!

  212. blueman

    The costume and blood in the DT picture look awesome. Would love to see this in apunished heroine video!!!

  213. @rizo, does Ariella’s WW die at the end of your DT custom?

    Also; I’m surprised no one has mentioned Kymberly Jane or Emily Addison for Wonder Woman in a Punished Heroines film

  214. Darkside

    If you go to clips4sale and go to the Squeelsbondage store
    and search for Monica Harris, I think she would make a great WW.
    Haven’t seen her in any heroine movies but she has the DiD act
    down pretty good.

  215. @DKM

    this was one of the few ‘episodes” where the heroine does not die. Ariella is just knocked out cold in this one after a brutal beating. It’s not one of my favorite customs but definitely worth a purchase to see Ariella’s potential in it. I think she would do great in a Punished Heroines video. She sells the peril so well.

  216. Steve

    I think Isis Love is another one who would make a great wonder woman type character for PH.

  217. @Steve

    Agreed. I love Isis. She’s got the look but I haven’t seen her do much in a long time over at Ultimate Surrender / Kink, which is too bad because the superheroine film Kink did a while back with Christina Carter and the one with the captured superheroines after looked great.

  218. Steve

    well Apart from Isis Love, Jessica Jaymes and Ariella Ferrera, I was thinking of Melissa Jacobs, Capri Cavalli and Jayden Cole. They all have superheroine and wrestling experience, however Jayden’s acting is a bit poor. Then there’s Chanel Preston who has done superheroine porn but not peril, however she may be a better actress.

  219. I think Chris mentioned that he wanted an “amateur” in the role of heroine?

    I like Capri but I have a feeling she is not expressive enough. I’ve seen some of her work in DT but not enough to gauge her under more complex productions. I think Melissa is hot but doesn’t have the look.

    I still think Ariella would fill that role well because she seems to embody the mature, well rounded look for WW…. but again her voluptuousness might look too extreme.

    Either way there’s no right or wrong in all this obviously, but love sharing the suggestions on this forum.

    Also: I think Isis Love retired (not sure)

  220. just checked out Jessica Jaymes… she looks really hot! perfect proportions too for that role…not too much of a caricature.

  221. For the low blow fans, are there any in these two films? Are they any good?

  222. Chad

    Part 1 has one of the best low blows I have seen in a Punishedheroines video to date. I am fairly certain there aren’t any in part 2.

  223. Jay Flash

    Buying this today or tomorrow. Number 1 on my list. I disagree with the comments about this girl appearing too petite or not too strong etc. I think she’s perfect, cute and very sexy and most importantly gives off tons of vulnerability in her, but I love the way she acts all defiant and strong, so it looks like her acting really does sell the strength of this character.

    One question (and forgive me for not taking the long time to read all the comments in case this question is answered)… but will this actress/model be doing anymore videos for you guys? I want to see more of her.

  224. panty h

    Well liked the video and she was hot in it.
    Wished you would have shown torn pantyhose either before or after the rape.
    Also really loved the wet gushy sex sound effects during the simulated rape.
    Can’t wait to see more.

  225. David C.

    Does anyone know why the new Wonderous Girl preview page was deleted on here and on SHG-Media? Is it being delayed?

  226. David

    This is my new favorite heroine film series. Lexxx Files is my personal favorite. When is the next video expected to come out?