Classic Videos Now Available at


Just a quick note to let everyone know that several videos are now available at (with more on the way) for a promotional price of $14.99.  Examples include such beloved classics as Supergasm, The Parolee, The Black Phoenix, The Vengeance Factor, Genesis and more.

Visit Punished Heroines for more info!

  1. mantower

    Are these the extreme versions of the videos or the ones with the non-extreme ending?

  2. Darklord

    Also is $15 just a promotion price or is that the price for these videos for the foreseeable future?

  3. Mantower-
    If you want the extreme versions just email me and we can works something out.

    These are promo prices 😉 Ill try and add more content this weekend.

  4. Steve

    Hey Rye

    What is you email address? I had a superheroine idea I wanted to share with you