A Quantum of Kick Ass from KickAssKandy

A Quantum of Kick Ass from KickAssKandyKickAssKandy has released a new film called A Quantum of Kick Ass, a sequel to KAK’s previous film Casino Kick Ass, which generated a lot of discussion here at Heroine Movies. We’ll discuss the episode in question and then delve into some broader issues related to “heroine peril.” 

So, what does the KAK site have to say about A Quantum of Kickass? After getting captured in Casino Kick Ass, Kix is tied up in chains whilst the evil Ian Rush tries to sell his weapons of mass destruction. Is this the end for Kix? Or can she possibly escape, beat up the armed guards and destroy Rush with those devastating high kicks? This film has it all, danger, peril and Kix in the jaws of defeat… holy shit!

A Quantum of Kick Ass from KickAssKandyA Quantum of Kick Ass from KickAssKandyA Quantum of Kick Ass from KickAssKandy

For those of you who have not seen Casino Kick Ass, it ended with Agent Hi-Kix being wheeled away on a chair after being “beaten” in a fight by bad guy Ian Rush. I write “beaten” in quotation marks because as the episode ended, Hi-Kix shot a little smile to the camera, indicating that her defeat was probably part of a grander plan.

A Quantum of Kick Ass begins not long after that little smile, with Hi-Kix tied up arms over head in chains. This leads to a very funny scene where two goons take turns posing for photos in front of an unconscious Hi-Kix. Other producers occasionally try and interject comedy in their films and quite frankly, it rarely works. However, Kickasskandy does it incredibly well. The comedic aspect of these types of films is not something we often talk about, but I think the writers and producers deserve accolades for scenes like this. Comedy is hard, and they always seem to pull it off well.

A Quantum of Kick Ass from KickAssKandyA Quantum of Kick Ass from KickAssKandyA Quantum of Kick Ass from KickAssKandy

Hi-Kix awakens and lures one of the goons into range and knocks him down with a kick. She pins him to the ground and threatens his life unless the other goon unties her. He does so, and the normal KAK beat down ensues. Kix easily defeats the two goons and goes to confront Ian for a second time.

With some prodding from Kix, Ian eventually deduces that the first fight was a ruse to get him to reveal the location of some stolen military secrets. The second fight with Ian is a little tougher on the heroine than most fights KAK has previously done, but not much tougher. Ian lands about a half dozen blows and Hi-Kix gets a little dazed, but the outcome of the fight is never in much doubt. Kix puts Ian down and walks out with the briefcase of military secrets. The end.

A Quantum of Kick Ass from KickAssKandyA Quantum of Kick Ass from KickAssKandyA Quantum of Kick Ass from KickAssKandy

So, is this a peril film?  No.  Not in my eyes.  But, I don’t think it is completely fair because what is not peril to me may be peril to someone else.  I know there is a dictionary definition of “peril,” but each and every one of us has different opinions on what constitutes a “peril film.” Some think just having a heroine in a fight is peril while others don’t consider something a peril film unless the heroine is beaten to a bloody pulp. Me—I generally think of peril films in three categories.

1. Giga-type peril – I have never watched a Giga film, but I’ve read all of HM’s review. Hardcore sexual type peril is not something that interests me at all so I really can’t comment further.

2. The Battle for Earth type peril – The heroine has her moments, but is usually stomped on pretty badly by the villain. It’s not my favorite style of peril film, but I do enjoy them.

3. Zen Pictures type peril – The normal formula is the heroine shows up and dominates some random goons. She then fights and struggles against an extremely powerful bad guy, but still finds a way to win in the end. Far and away my favorite type of peril film and a direction I have always wanted KAK to occasionally go in with their films. Not every film, just once in a while. Let me explain in a little more detail where I am coming from.

I discovered Kickasskandy.com way back when they were posting their videos for free on YouTube. I loved their work, and when they started charging for their films, I bought each and every one without hesitation. After about two years however, this started to change. I still consider myself a fan of KAK. I check on the site a couple times a week to see what is coming next, but I’m much less of a customer now. Whereas I used to purchase everything they produced, I probably buy two out of every ten films now. Why? Well, I got to the point where I knew the plot was going to be something like this: Hi-Kix shows up in a hot outfit and easily beats down the bad guys. There is nothing wrong with that formula whatsoever, I just have ten episodes on my hard drive of Hi-Kix doing the exact same thing. Why would I spend another $15 to see it again?

A Quantum of Kick Ass from KickAssKandyA Quantum of Kick Ass from KickAssKandyA Quantum of Kick Ass from KickAssKandy

Now, please don’t mistake this as an attempt to savage KAK. As I stated, I am still a big fan and the producer Kandyman is as friendly and affable a producer as you are ever going to come across. Their production values are first-rate and compare favorably with those of Next Global Crisis. I can’t think of higher praise than that. It’s just the repetition wore me down. I was hoping that would change when Badasskandy launched but in my eyes Badasskandy is Kickasskandy with a slightly different attitude for the girls. I fail to see much if any difference, and yes, I have seen more than a couple Badasskandy films.

My dream KAK episode? Since the entire KAK franchise is rooted in a James Bond type mythos, I would love to see them incorporate a Jaws or an Oddjob type villain. You know the kind I am talking about. The big, nigh invulnerable type. A villain that the girls couldn’t strictly outfight, but would have to outthink. Take my favorite Bond movie Goldfinger as an example. The best scene from the film can be watched here and is a perfect example of what I am talking about. Oddjob takes Bond’s best shots without any trouble, and it leaves the viewer to wonder, Hhow the heck is Bond going to beat this guy.” If KAK did something like this, even just once in a while, I think they would bring me back as a full-time customer, capture an entire new audience, and not lose a single member of the audience they worked so hard to cultivate. I think putting some doubt in the mind of the audience that the heroine can win makes a peril film. (This is just my opinion and does not represent the views of HM or anyone else in the world.)

Anyway, back to the matter at hand. Is A Quantum of Kick Ass a good film? Yes. Very good. Every film KAK does is very good. Although I don’t think it’s a peril film, it’s definitely a nudge in that direction which is something I didn’t think we would ever see from them. Hopefully, Kandyman keeps nudging. Only time will tell.

I don’t know if this film represents Kandyman trying to broaden his audience or not, but I truly appreciate the effort. If you’re looking for a funny, well-choreographed action short, I highly recommend A Quantum of Kick Ass. Just don’t expect a big peril fest.

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Russell Iles
Russell Iles

I enjoy and have purchased many of the movies from kickasskandy, the girls are lovely, the outfits & boots sexy and the action very good.
I do agree with some of the other comments regarding the peril factor, for instance in the Avengers television series Emma Peel was often captured and bound and gagged, tied to a railway track, tied to a bench with a circular saw or trapped in a cage, but she always managed to escape and defeat her captures, the zen and giga films are sometimes to extreme in the bondage department, I would prefer to see a girl captured and tied up struggling whilst wearing a tight fitting outfit, than naked and molested as in some of the giga movies.
The high kicking fight scenes in KAK are great but I would love to see the girls use more judo throws and scissor holds in the movies so the fight scenes are not so repetative, just to add a bit more variety to the action and of course the girl always wins in the end, and some sexy bondage would be nice to see, chairtied in a catsuit and thighboots, sounds good to me.


Since we all are saying ideas – i agree with Sandy… I favour heroine in peril and i prefer to see her win at the end… Just consider Knocking Her Out at some point during the middle . That could be from the severe beating mentioned before or by other means.. Chloroform – Gass – Tazer -Dart are always good and hot ways to capture a spy-super-Bond girl.


Thank you for your consideration. Glat u liked it. 🙂


That is a nice idea.


Well I’m in favour of heroine peril but I would like to see the heroine win in the end though after a bit/lots of struggle. I dont know whether its only my point of view or not, but I’ve seen that when woman does better at a job which is considered a ‘mans job’ they really feel confident, at times even over confident and cocky about it and I think this confidence or over confidence, whatever it is, is important to take their crime fighting career forward. If they lose evertime I think at some point they will break and quit.So my point is the degree of peril may vary with episodes (in between 20% to 80%), but in most the heroine should win in the end.

I can understand KAK is addressing a specific set of audience but all i would like to say is Superman may defeat Mr A or Mr B with one straight punch to their face but in between he fights villians like Doomsday, Luthor and others who are dangerous and capable of inflicting severe damage. For me when I’m watching a superheroine or a spy gal fighting a bad guy, the entire fight should keep be guessing who will win in the end.Sometimes the heroine may take severe beating but somehow she wins in the end or it could be exactly other way round. Or even a 50-50 battle is cool but that ‘what will happen in the end is important’.


yeah that right
for me the heroine peril is the fact that the heroine losing the battle at the end whitout the sexual aspect

and the idea of the 2 differents end is a very good idea



Why not make a video with 2 diffrent endings? One in which the girl easily wins the fight and one in which the girl is utterrly defeated. See which version sells more.

As for me, my idea of peril is that the heroine loses to the villan fair and square and lies under his foot. I’m not into the post-fight sexual aspect at all. I just really enjoy seeing girls lose fights. You can do that while keeping the whole thing PG and still make it amazingly hot. I know, I used to write stories where it was all about the conflict and the heroine losing, aside from the fact that it was a woman getting hit by a man it could’ve been easily something on regular tv.


Its true, i have been catering for a specific taste, a taste which demands pure domination and one sided fights where the girl effortlessly and sexily just beats up all her male opponents without comeback. Ironically my day job is a TV producer where narrative is everything and if you don’t build the tensions then there is no emotional journey for the viewer and no reason to keep watching so KAK kind of goes against my every day grain. I see both sides and i’m happy to keep experimenting and if i can’t please everyone then i’ll definitely consider making 2 different types of product!


Kandyman is in an interesting position right now. He produces videos for people with a particular fetish, but also recognizes a potential market in people with a related but sort of opposite fetish. How far can he go to appeal to the new group without putting off the first group? I don’t know the answer, but the fact that he’s trying is a good thing. My personal feeling is that good storytelling demands conflict, which means the outcome is, to some extent, not a given. I like the idea of the KAK girls facing more challenging opponents and having to dig a little deeper to come out victorious. That may be showing a bias, but it’s also storytelling 101. I look forward to future episodes that explore this dimension of the genre.

Dill Hole


Not really a big customer, I have bought two episodes in the past. Think your production work is outstanding, but like others have commented, there just wasn’t enough variety in the plot/action where I felt I needed to keep buying.

If you get into a little light peril like the reviewer said, I would absolutely buy. I think a tougher opponent once in a while is the way to go. I don’t want to see the girls be horribly assaulted and I do want them to win in the end, I just want them to have to work harder for said win.


Glad you find it interesting 😉

Agreed about the implied sex, I can only think of one hardcore superheroine vid I can honestly say was done well enough to not be leaning towards porn – although I like the odd bit of hardcore, softcore is really alot easier to get right. It helps keep the vids well into the fantasy realm, particularly when the sex is obviously implied.

From experience I’d say the reason implied sex works so well in heroine vids is the models can give a reaction believeable for the heroine they’re playing much more easilly than when working with full hardcore – also there’s a far larger talent pool willing to do softcore.


Interesting interpretation there Swampy! The preservation of innocence is something i hadn’t really thought about. I take it as a compliment to be likened to Paris, i think she and Christine Carter are great and their production value are very high too. I am exploring a new voice for the KAK world, one which explores its sexuality a bit more without the sex bit – i think implied sex is often a bigger turn on than the sex itself and that battle between keeping your innocence and giving in to your carnal instincts is a really interesting one.


Sorry for a bit of a rant at the end, not really aimed at KAK – but some of the producers I’ve actually worked with :/

Apologies :]


Peril does not have to involve sex – but it’s not far off the ultimate peril, no. At least in the case of heroines.

The reason sexual peril is so strongly connected to the superheroine fetish, is they’re women who run around in skimpy costumes and use a secret identity to separate them from normal people. They then use powers/fighting prowess to bring about justice on the streets, standing for all that is true and good.

For women such as this to be captured then “sexually manhandled” is a very perilous situation – the only way they can continue to be heroines is to keep their image, beacons of justice and hope, intact. Should news of their “sexual manhandling” get out, their heroine career would be at an end – their reputation destroyed.

It’s slightly different for the KAK girls, it’s not so much based around their reputation – but not saying sexual peril wouldn’t be welcome 😉

However introducing peril, really is a must for any decent storyline. If you look at pretty much any great classic story the protagonist is always placed in peril, it’s simply the mark of good story telling.

It really wouldn’t be hard to bring in more storyline, keeping your current customers – while attracting others.


Also, not trying to be down on KAK – but really your vids aren’t a million miles from Paris’. They’re both aimed at fulfilling sexual fantasies – and at the recieving end, most of the time, somebody has sex. Even it there’s only one party involved.

Besides Paris has only ever produced one hardcore vid, the rest of the sex is obviously simulated.


Gorlesser, you make a really interesting point there – how does one indeed define peril and when does peril become porn? For example the Paris Kennedy films are great to a point, there’s girls beating boys, some kind of transition where she loses power (usually losing a belt!) but then she gets pretty much …how can i put it, sexually manhandled ( i don’t want to use the R word). Is this the ultimate Peril?


Great review – I take your point about trying to balance general thoughts relating to a site and individual videos. Difficult to get right.

As I said in the preview thread I think this is a good step in the right direction. Although really you can barely call it a peril vid it is entertaining.

I genuniely think you can please both peril fans and female supremacy fans in one vid. Peril fans like to see powerful women in peril, and female supremacy fans want to see powerful women – there’s got to be an overlap there somewhere.

Look forward to your next peril type release with the all female cast 😉


Thank you Kandyman and Gorleser.

It was a tough review to write because I wanted to strike a balance between why I have become less likely to buy from KAK and BAK, but still convey that A Quantum of Kick Ass was a great film. I personally don’t think Kandyman has ever made a bad film. They are all fun to watch.

I think there is some worry that if they ever made one of their girls work harder for victory in a video, that it would turn off his girl power audience. I don’t think that would happen at all. If Hi-Kix or any of the girls fought a truly menacing/invincible opponent but still won the fight against all odds, I think it would endear the girl power audience to KAK and to the character even more.

This would keep his core audience happy and usher in an entire new one. Win/win. As with everything, time will tell. I’m just glad there is a good discussion going on about it.


Excellent review– thanks so much for posting.

Hard to define “peril”; most of us know it when we see it, so to speak. I do like the notion of “exposure to risk of harm, injury, or loss”. As you wrote, for some of us, simply watching a heroine being confronted by assailants represents peril. “I think putting some doubt in the mind of the audience that the heroine can win makes a peril film”: for me, this is important and conveys that sense of risk. It is a very, very broad spectrum IMO. I think it would be easier to grade it like from 0-100, or to grade it along several parameters (sexual peril, physical peril, psychological peril, outcome, etc).

i.e. Giga gets 100/100 for sexual peril (penetration, frequency, variety, etc). NGC gets 0/100 sexual peril, but 75/100 for physical (just made these numbers up without much reflection).

Not suggesting we ought to grade along a spectrum, simply a concept to denote how broadly as a group we experience the genre.

Note that the actual outcome IMO doesn’t go into the definition of peril. Win or lose, either can comprise a peril film.


Thanks Sidekick for a truly thorough, intelligent and thought provoking review. Sometimes we producers are so close to our product we don’t see other peoples perspectives and it is really refreshing to read yours. I take on all your points, I understand them and I will learn from them. I think the big Bond villains like OddJob and Jaws are excellent examples of different routes we can go down. I’m glad with Quantum we showed we are always will to adapt step by step so lets see where we’re at 6 months from now!

best wishes