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American Heroine-Star LadyAmerican Heroine-Star Lady is a PG-13-level superheroine-themed release from Zen Pictures. This is another attempt at the “Supergirl” mythos by Zen, and it’s notable for, among other things, featuring one of the worst wigs in peril movie history, worn by the film’s beautiful lead actress, who is identified simply as “Rachel.”

The story opens with Star Lady in her civilian persona at work. She works right beside another woman and although I’m not 100% sure due to the language barrier, I believe Star Lady is crushing on her. Anyway, Star Lady’s co-worker (to whom we will officially refer as “the co-worker” for this review) goes for a walk and is attacked by a mugger. The mugger steals her purse and starts to run away, only to be confronted by Star Lady and her very loose, ill-fitting wig. At this point, I expected the usual well-choreographed Zen fight scene, but I didn’t get it. Instead, Star Lady sends him flying to the ground with a blast of super breath. End of fight.

American Heroine-Star LadyAmerican Heroine-Star LadyAmerican Heroine-Star Lady

We are then introduced to the main villains—a scientist and a well-dressed businessman. In a nice twist, they work at the same company as Star Lady. Star Lady’s co-worker is getting herself some coffee when she hears some commotion. She peeks around the corner and, in another twist, sees the two villains talking with the guy who mugged her earlier. I am sure there is a connection between them, but once again I can’t be sure what it is because of the language barrier. It doesn’t really matter because they quickly kill him and take notice that they are being watched. They kidnap the co-worker, tie her up, and start the electro-torture that every Zen villain seems to love.

American Heroine-Star LadyAmerican Heroine-Star LadyAmerican Heroine-Star Lady

They release the co-worker in hopes that Star Lady will appear and help out her friend again. Guess what? It works. Star Lady shows up, but the villains are ready for her. Apparently the scientist created a super powered exoskeleton for the businessman. It’s actually a pair of leather pants and armor that looks like it’s made of styrofoam, but hey, whatever works. Actually, in this case, it doesn’t work. Star Lady kicks the ever-loving crap out of him and he is forced to retreat.

American Heroine-Star LadyAmerican Heroine-Star LadyAmerican Heroine-Star Lady

The bad guys make some modifications to the suit and hijack a television signal and challenge Star Lady. They fight again, but this time the bad guy has the advantage due to the little green meteor rocks they added to the armor’s chest-piece. Fans of up-skirt shots may be particularly interested in this fight scene because there are more than a couple, and one is an extremely long take. Star Lady is beaten down, tied up and tortured. She does get electrocuted for a while, but the villain’s main torture method is pinching her stomach really hard.

American Heroine-Star LadyAmerican Heroine-Star LadyAmerican Heroine-Star Lady

The bad guy takes to the television again and shows that he has Star Lady at his mercy. Co-worker realizes where she is being held and goes to rescue her. Using a pipe, she manages to smash the power source on the villain’s suit that allowed him to channel the power of the green rocks. With this destroyed, Star Lady is back to her full power level and quickly takes care of the villain.

American Heroine-Star LadyAmerican Heroine-Star LadyAmerican Heroine-Star Lady

American Heroine-Star Lady is not an example of Zen Pictures at the peak of their film-making powers. It’s not horrible by any means; it’s just not great. It’s very much a paint-by-numbers peril movie. Unless there are some things in the review that specifically cater to your tastes, I would avoid this one.

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  • Sep. 22, 2011 at 9:47 am

    ^^^ That’s the one HM.

    I know many on here have mentioned they would like to see a US company similar to Giga Freaks, but looks like Giga is trying to bring some US actresses to their productions. I am eagerly awaiting this release

  • Sep. 22, 2011 at 9:42 am

    Here’s the link to Giga’s “Superior Lady,” which (I think) is the video GigaFiend is referring to:


    I’m not able to watch Zen or Giga trailers anymore for some reason, but the stills look pretty good. A little hard-core for my tastes, but I’m sure this will be a big seller for Giga.

  • Sep. 22, 2011 at 9:36 am

    I really didn’t know where I could post this, but has anyone seen the preview to the new Giga film that has a US porn star (Briana Blair) ?? It could be the best of both worlds!!

  • Sep. 20, 2011 at 6:09 pm

    Agreed that this isn’t on the same level as Super Lady titles (Giga), but Star Lady is quite enjoyable compared to other Zen Pictures releases I’ve seen which includes the entire American comic collection. I give it 4/5 stars.

    The superheroine looks absolutely amazing in her costume and boots, and her blonde hair and caucasian facial features are a welcome change-up from Giga/Zen’s usable stable of Asian (albeit stunningly hot) actresses. The “sexed-up” appearance of Star Lady’s superheroine persona also adds some realism to her brunette, “regular person” alter-ego – an obvious homage to the classic Supergirl film.

    I particularly enjoyed how Star Lady starts off as a cocky and invincible superheroine, and then later gets the surprise of her life via an utterly devastating and humiliating beat-down. I also really enjoyed the idea of the superheroine being strung up and presented to the entire world as the villain’s trophy on public television. The villains’ costumes in these Japanese films are almost always laughable so I’ve come to expect that by now and am not bothered by it.

  • Sep. 10, 2011 at 8:23 pm

    @fabio – Yes, I believe fempowerdvd only sells DVDs (no downloads). Sorry!

  • Sep. 10, 2011 at 8:01 pm

    Hi HM or anyone, I am trying to purchase “Bat Lady” on the femfights site u posted above but cant seem to figure out how to get it as a download, do they only offer dvd? I thought Id ask u since u seem familiar with it, Thanks.

  • Sep. 8, 2011 at 9:19 pm

    Bert – Just wanted to say that I agree 100% with this:

    “…the alternate universe fight between Super Lady and the invincible giant monster thingy in the rain is a must see. In general I prefer a more back and forth fight, but the beat down she receives from this monster and the performance from the actress is probably the best sequence I’ve ever seen in this genre.”

    I agree. I think that’s possibly the single best sequence I’ve seen in this genre as well. I believe it takes place in “Super Lady Zero” (as opposed to the other two Super Lady films). Anyway, it’s an excellent sequence and represents the best the superheroine peril genre has to offer, in my opinion.

    I think I will review that in the near future. Here are a couple of links to watch and/or purchase it:



  • Sep. 8, 2011 at 8:25 am

    Zen can be hit and miss, just like everyone else. I fully agree with Sidekick on this one. Sometimes a great costume and good actress go to waste because of a poor story and/or poor action. Look at Astro Girl Season 2 (I think that’s what it’s called), great set up, but ruined because the main bad guy was a hammy, mumbling goof and the choreography of the climax fight was crap.

    Sometimes Giga has great action sequences, but it becomes a question of value if you don’t want to see the extended sexual stuff. The first two Super Lady movies have some of the best M/F fight sequences I’ve seen, but by the end of the first third of the movies the battle action is over and I’m really put off by the rest. But man oh man, the alternate universe fight between Super Lady and the invincible giant monster thingy in the rain is a must see. In general I prefer a more back and forth fight, but the beat down she receives from this monster and the performance from the actress is probably the best sequence I’ve ever seen in this genre.

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