Randy Moore’s “Sibling Vengeance” Parts 1 and 2

Randy Moore's Sibling Vengeance Parts 1 and 2[Adults only] Check out this new video series from Randy Moore and Christina Carter—Sibling Vengeance (Parts 1 and 2, with 3 on the way) features both ladies acting out a sexually explicit superheroine fantasy. It’s pretty low budget, but should please fans of both actresses.

Sibling Vengeance – Part 1

Randy Moore's Sibling Vengeance Parts 1 and 2Randy Moore's Sibling Vengeance Parts 1 and 2Randy Moore's Sibling Vengeance Parts 1 and 2

Randy Moore's Sibling Vengeance Parts 1 and 2Randy Moore's Sibling Vengeance Parts 1 and 2Randy Moore's Sibling Vengeance Parts 1 and 2

Randy Moore's Sibling Vengeance Parts 1 and 2Randy Moore's Sibling Vengeance Parts 1 and 2Randy Moore's Sibling Vengeance Parts 1 and 2

Supergirl (Randy Moore) reads that 7 co-eds have gone missing from local sororities, and decides to investigate. But first she drops her robe and walks around naked…and slowly dons her power outfit. When she’s completely uniformed in her crime fighting super heroine garb, it’s time to go fight some crime! She’s snooping around one of the sororities when, undetected, a black garbed female comes up from behind and surprises her! Hmm…she wonders…why didn’t her super powers detect her presence?? The stranger introduces herself as Lillith (Christina Carter), the sister of Morgana (whom Supergirl vanquished earlier).

Lillith wants revenge…and those sorority girls were just bait for Lillith’s trap. Lillith casts a magic spell on Supergirl who crashes to the floor…but she manages to land a punch…but the punch is weak. Lillith has cast a sensual spell that renders Supergirl weakened and aroused. But Lillith has more…she pulls out the Wand of Zandar to destroy and enslave Supergirl. The spell causes Supergirl to become amorous and the evil Lillith enjoys deeply kissing her now willing victim…then she uses the Wand to zap her, and down goes Supergirl! Lillith savors and relishes the moment…caressing her new unresisting slave. She strokes Supergirl’s body intimately and languorously…even taking the time to lick and kiss her shiny red boots. She can’t resist…she just has to see what’s under that uniform. Ever so slowly she strips it off until nothing is left except her boots, and Supergirl’s flawless naked body is revealed and exposed.

Lillith sensuously touches, nuzzles and licks…allowing her fingers to linger when they reach Supergirl’s sweet exposed pussy. Finally she stands and laughs evilly, and stalks off, leaving Supergirl splayed out, naked and helpless. What is in store for our hapless heroine?

Sibling Vengeance – Part 2

Randy Moore's Sibling Vengeance Parts 1 and 2Randy Moore's Sibling Vengeance Parts 1 and 2Randy Moore's Sibling Vengeance Parts 1 and 2

Randy Moore's Sibling Vengeance Parts 1 and 2Randy Moore's Sibling Vengeance Parts 1 and 2Randy Moore's Sibling Vengeance Parts 1 and 2

Randy Moore's Sibling Vengeance Parts 1 and 2Randy Moore's Sibling Vengeance Parts 1 and 2Randy Moore's Sibling Vengeance Parts 1 and 2

Supergirl (Randy Moore) slowly awakens, lying naked on the floor where the evil Lillith has left her. Lillith re-enters the scene…and now she too is naked…except for her knee-high black boots. As Supergirl wakes up, she’s furious…but her anger is short lived because Lillith has immersed herself in magical herbs of lust, and she has cast a spell of intimacy over Supergirl…who has no choice but to succumb and respond! Lillith passionately kisses Supergirl, who enthusiastically reciprocates.

Soon they are kissing each others’ nipples and caressing each others’ pussies. They engage in some serious lesbian intimacy…first, with much mutual clitoral stimulation, and then each pleasures the others’ most intimate areas with her tongue. Both of them climax and then embrace…but as they embrace in the warm afterglow of sex, a change comes over Supergirl…and without warning she viciously gut punches Lillith, doubling her over! She pulls her to her feet by the hair and decks her with a right hook! Things are looking pretty bleak for Lillith…that is, until she reaches for the trusty Wand of Zandar. The two struggle for control of it, rolling all over the floor, until Lillith manages to strike Supergirl in the chest…and with an explosive blast, she falls back…spread eagle.

Lillith struggles to her feet and announces that she’s had her fun…and now it’s time to destroy Supergirl! She marches off, leaving our naked heroine splayed out and defenseless. What dastardly deeds does Lillith have up her sleeve? Will our brave and beautiful superheroine survive? Stay tuned for episode 3 to see the exciting conclusion!

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@bpd: I’m planning on giving them my attention sometime this weekend…Oh yeah!


@CultRetro: It makes sense that stylistic or content changes would have an adverse effect on your regular fan base, even if those changes are very well done. Just like with anything else, there’s a reason certain people choose to buy a CultRetro video over some other producers video.


Sooo… did we decide that the attractive girls in the video above are doing porn or fetish? Either way they probably deserve some attention. 😉


@Kaizar: If somebodies 7 year old kids are buying M-rated video games without their permission, they’ve got a problem. The law isn’t the issue…the parents are.


@Alex: A year ago, I would have completely agreed with what you’re saying regarding superheroine videos all being a form of porn. When I discovered and started getting into NGC it really changed my viewpoint on this though. I am only speaking for myself here, and certainly this doesn’t apply to everyone(or likely even most people), but I do not buy NGC videos for sexual stimulation. Do I sometimes find them stimulating? Certainly. However that’s not the primary reason I buy them…it’s more like a bonus.

It would be fair for me to say that I don’t really consider myself to be a superheroine fetishist specifically. My particular kink or fetish is D/S. Female(s) being dominated and made to submit to their fate. The domination can be by male(s), female(s), tentacle creatures, demons, aliens, or whatever is capable of doing the job. It can be through pain, pleasure, physical incapacitation, mind control, possesion, and so on, doesn’t really matter. Their fate can be to be corrupted, turned into a sexual plaything, to simply be humiliated, or even death. Again there’s really no right or wrong answer there, just whatever mood I’m in at the time I suppose. What the superheroine angle does for me is that it acts as an intensifier. The more powerful and virtuous the woman or women are that are made to submit, the better it is for me.

While NGC has a lot of superheroine fetish elements, they only occasionally touch on MY fetish. That’s why I buy SHW, XCW, or Punished Heroines, or a bunch of other vids. I buy NGC videos for a completely different reason altogether. I guess it could be said that they appeal to my inner comic book geek or whatnot.

If somebody had told me a year ago that I’d be regularly paying roughly a dollar a minute for superheoine videos that not only is the content not primarily sexual(for me), but also where the heroines often WIN, I’d have said you were crazy. Yet that’s exactly what’s happening, so I know it does happen.


I think you’re talking about the 1st & 14th Amendment decision during 2011, that got further enforce here in America by the Federal Supreme Court…….which means that 7 year old kids can now buy M Rated video games without their parents permission since that ruling…….and the Stores have to sell the little kids the M Rated Video games no matter what, when any kid tries to purchase one.

Alex Bettinger

I will take your word for it. 🙂

No, fetish movies are not illegal in England. Certain S&M content is, though. Sexual scenes or images depicting injury to sexual organs, breasts, etc., are illegal for example. There is also a law, if I’m not mistaken, against scenes where someone is beaten or kicked while unconscious. (Bruce Campbell talks about Evil Dead 2 being censored in England, not because of the gallons of blood, but because of one tiny scene where Ash is kicked while unconscious.) I’m pretty sure these laws apply regardless of what sort of movie they appear in–whether it’s a mainstream or underground or fetish movie.

Such laws are utterly stupid, of course, and like the Australian attempt to censor the internet, I’m sure they will either be repealed or else just become those sorts of laws that never or rarely get enforced.

One reason to be thankful for the American legal system: The First Amendment makes most laws like that impossible. “Obscenity” can be prohibited here (which in most judicial decisions refers only to hardcore sexual content), but not depictions of violence as such. The Supreme Court very recently made clear that there is no historical precedent for excluding depictions of violence from the protections of the First Amendment. Even Scalia signed on to that principle–in fact, I think he wrote the decision (it was the violent video games opinion).


You hire the top fetish stars in the industry and it is very clear what you do and what can be expected. I’m certain that no one has ever asked you for LESS fetish content or to tone down the sexiness. That would be senseless.

It IS something that I hear plenty of though. When a cliffhanger serial fan watches Nyoka they typically either comment (if they comment at all) that they enjoyed it for what it is (serials were low budget to begin with), or that it is has too much of the fetishy shots. There’s too much cleavage. It’s too sexual. It’s pornographic. Show Nyoka to a bondage fetish fan however and they will tell you that it doesn’t remotely qualify as a bondage film and it isn’t nearly sexy enough. It certainly didn’t go over well at this site, nor did we expect it to do so. Whether it is or isn’t a fetish film is irrelevant. My point is that some people will buy it BECAUSE of the fetish element, and some people will avoid it like the plague because of it. Barrier.

I concede that the majority of the people HERE are interested primarily in the peril fetish. There is no question about that. But some people are here looking for something else as well… or they WERE in this site’s infancy, when their was less direct emphasis on adult films and fighting. Perhaps you are correct and those people are now gone.

I will also concede that you are, by all appearances, doing far better financially with this venture than we are. Your approach sells better… no question about it. We don’t make a killing, but we make enough to keep making more, which was always the goal.

I also imagine that there is very little crossover between your core audience and mine. Some, of course, as people browse around and explore… but probably not many. We have both been doing this since before the existence of this website. Our early films were distributed via comic shops on DVD and via mail order… not as internet downloads. We also play some of our films at film festivals for more immediate feedback and sales (though we don’t bother to play the more fetishy ones).

If I believed that the only superheroine fans are superheroine FETISH fans, then I would hire Randy Moore to be Ms. Victory. I am certain we could make something really cool and that it would sell like hotcakes… and I am equally certain I would piss off many of my loyal customers and likely kill my entire business. Don’t get me wrong, I think Randy is great, she’s just not what my current audience would accept.

“you put fetish X in one of your videos and a lot people complain.”

It’s not the inclusion of fetish x, it’s the EMPHASIS on a fetish shot entirely that creates the barrier, no matter what that fetish may be. There is a difference between editing a scene for a mainstream audience and editing it for a fetish. The Avengers could have had Black Widow tied to a chair for 10 minutes with a gag over her mouth while she wriggles like a fish. That would be editing for a fetish. Instead it was glossed over and actually presented as a feminist moment. No one objects to tying Stormy Tempest up with vines. The complaints roll in when the scene lingers for no other reason than to show her in bondage. This is why we cut TWO versions of the films… to make everybody happy… or nobody, as the case the may be. 🙂

“I still have no idea why anyone would go out of their way to insist that they’re not.”

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m fairly certain that, for the British, producing fetish movies is illegal. That’s a pretty solid argument for a denial. 🙂


Personally, its porn for me to watch two awesome producers discuss this in this forum…

It’s like Kevin Smith and Steven Spielberg argue what makes for a great movie.

It’s awesome.

Alex Bettinger

Cult Retro–I will plead ignorance on the videos that you insist have only 30 seconds of fetish content. You may have such videos, I honestly don’t know. They may sell very well for you. I don’t know. I’ll take your word for it. Though I cannot help but still be skeptical.

Though to be fair, my remarks have mostly been about the sort of superheroine in peril videos that are reviewed HERE on this site, and are purchased by people who frequent this site. Those videos, I would insist, are fetish videos. People make requests like “more backbreakers,” or “less choking,” or “male villains” or “tentacles” or “low blows” or “chloroform” or “de-masking.” Those are fetishistic requests, for fetish videos. I still have no idea why anyone would go out of their way to insist that they’re not.

I’m quite sure there are lots of people who want cool movies with superheroines in them, to be enjoyed for mainly non-sexual reasons. I don’t know that they’re buying your videos.

Finally, you keep trying to argue that this or that fetish content works as a BARRIER to sales to your main audience. Like, you put fetish X in one of your videos and a lot people complain. That misses the point completely, and betrays a rather narrow understanding of fetishes. Yes, as EVERY producer here will tell you, as soon as you put fetish X in a video, you will hear from the fans that don’t want fetish x, that say fetish x ruins it for them. That is par for the course for every fetish producer. I have to deal with that, NGC has to deal with that, Christina Carter has to deal with that. That’s just the name of the game.

Joe, I honestly have no idea what your trying to say with that last one. Sorry! My only point is that there seem to be some people who produce, or purchase, superheroine fetish videos–videos that fetishistically display this or that sexually charged element–who also seem very invested in establishing that what they are doing or buying is not fetish, not porn, not about sexual thrill. I think they almost always are those things, and nothing is to be gained by insisting that they’re not.

Joe Customer
Joe Customer

love to know whats your feeling on porn here overall view
since we” have problems or are heavily investing in trying to feel better about ourselves”
should i assume that you think the average person lives breathes and delves into porn in every situation every waking moment
how would you define it ?


You seem to think I have self-esteem issues that I myself am not aware of. That I am suffering from some sort of denial. I’m not sure where that’s coming from.

I also don’t think it would be possible for me to make a superheroine movie that you would NOT call a fetish video unless I could afford to make it longer, higher a mainstream actress, advertise on the SyFy channel, and sell it for $4.99 on iTunes.

What is the difference between a film that has “the feel” of a real show or movie and 30 seconds of fetish content, and an ACTUAL real show or movie that has 30 seconds of fetish content? It is our GOAL to make our no-budget, backyard home movies feel like real shows or movies, and the motive for doing so has nothing to do with “enhancing a fetish”.

Yes. Several of our films are DELIBERATELY fetish movies (as we explored, and continue to explore, the impact on our sales… which thus far is minimal, if not negative) while MOST of our films are not. I don’t think it’s difficult for a reasonable person to tell which is which. Sidekick has done a fairly admirable job of laying it all out on the table, and we won’t hesitate to clarify if anyone asks who may be confused.

Why would you think that the people that currently read the Femforce comic book, that have communicated with and supported us for decades, would not be the SAME people buying Femforce short films now (that cost about the same amount as the print comic book itself these days). These are the ONLY few Femforce films that will ever exist. Is it such a stretch to think that a large chunk of this audience might NOT want to see Stormy chloroformed and debelted or dominated or dominating or turned into a giantess? They don’t buy Femforce for these things, the don’t want that in the movies, and they aren’t afraid to let us know about it.

There ARE superheroine fans that do NOT care for the superheroine fetish… girlpower, peril or otherwise. They just want to see a cool movie with a superheroine in it. Hollywood isn’t making them.

Joe Customer
Joe Customer

i agree with the purity and usage of the word(pornography) in the :” websters ” sense
your right you could call everything porn
i might not , but i dont see porn as good or bad
that debate would be broad and vast
especially mixed with fetishes and sexually tinged themes
yes i do have problems lol !

Alex Bettinger

They’re both porn, and that isn’t important–unless you are investing a lot of energy insisting that they’re NOT porn (say, to make yourself feel better about them). Then you might have a problem.

Joe Customer
Joe Customer

when people think of porn
they think of ron jeremy, evan stone, jesse jane tori black
just a sex fest with a limited script

there not thinking of their hot little superheroine in her sexy suit
and im guilty of that
for example
I dont consider Empire Girl (first episode) porn
I thought it was a breakthrough film in the superheroine genre
with outside scenes great indoor locations good fighting
if her top didnt come off near the end
I would say it was R rated
but on the other hand Rachel Steel as WonderWoman
Every vid she does some villain is getting a blow
you would say both are porn
but i could see the subtlety and seduction of Empire Girl
as oppose to the in your face sexuality or Rachel Steele’s Wonder Woman

Alex Bettinger

Yes, and your kids can also “walk by” a smoking fetish video, or the non-sex parts of any porn movie.

That has nothing to do with whether or not the video is a fetish video or a porn or not.

Joe Customer
Joe Customer

@Alex Bettinger
I dont think Cult Retro disagrees with you on
Fetish and general Sexually tinged themes
I think we have a word crossover with the word :”Porn”
most people(fans) have a black and white knee jerk reaction
Nude Sexuality is generally considered porn
(Randy Moore /Christina Carter here)as opposed to
Liberty Girl getting dry humped even
yes in the purity of the word porn
our eyes minds and hearts live and breathe porn
its porn to gaze at the feminine form in your description/usage of the word of it
in gorcery store line
(wow shes got big tits underneath that sweater)
that seems like it would be considered porn to you

but my kids can walk by most parts of liberty girl vs the 4 bad guys and at the moment i wont feel uncomfortable
as opposed to some hot girl on girl action

Alex Bettinger

Again, I think you’ve badly misunderstood me. Just because you seem to be returning to it, let me reiterate that I do NOT think 2 Days in the Valley is a fetish movie. I thought I was very clear about that. The overwhelming majority of people who paid to see that movie were not seeking some specific sexual thrill from it. However, if someone ONLY shot the catfight scene to that movie–if they shot a small amount of narrative lead in, and then the catfight, and that’s it–and then tried selling that for $30, and advertised it on websites that clearly cater to fetishists, then yes, no doubt about it, that almost certainly WOULD qualify as a fetish video.

If you sell a short superheroine video that appeals to fetishists–girl power fetishists, costume fetishists, peril fetishists, fight fetishists, etc.–and advertise to them on websites that cater to fetishists, then chances are you’re selling a fetish video.

You can insist that most of your customers watch your videos primarily for the stories they tell. That “many many” people have no idea what we’re talking about, they just want to be entertained by your videos, and never even think about the sexual thrill of a sexy girl in a sexy costume dominating–or being dominated by–bad guys. I remain skeptical that they exist in especially large numbers. I’ve never met anyone who buys videos like these to be entertained in that way.

Your argument about Shakeshift and debelting is weak. For some people, the excitement of a fetish is enhanced when it is placed in a more “mainstream” context, or when it gives more of a feel of a real show or movie. And for many of the people that bought that particular video, debelting was probably not the fetish they were going for.

You say you make films that are sexy in general–sure. And they also have tons of fetish elements in them. Girl power, peril, costumes, boots, fighting, bondage, etc. Some of your customers are looking for the fetish elements. I think most of them are. You think few of them are. I think that’s where we disagree.

I think you make superheroine fetish videos. I think you should just own it.


Actually our recent film shoot with the MALE Golden Age Hero The Purple Claw has generated more email interest and comments and trackbacks than any of our recent superheroine films. But you are correct in that few people at THIS site will care about such things.


Joe Customer
Joe Customer

One thing is for sure we are a bunch of men talking about women
1)beautiful women
2)in very sexy outfits
3)in peril ,doing fetish ,in sexually edged themes

no one in any{ Heroine Movie blog} comment had asked
: “how come no one is doing Batman.Superman or Wolverine ?”


“So just pointing to videos in your catalogue that don’t have PERIL isn’t really a good counterargument”

I was pointing to videos that conformed to your experimental conditions. You can find fetish content in anything, but that doesn’t make 2 Days in the Valley a fetish movie. If the girl wins, some people are going to call it a fetish. If the girl looses, other people are going to call it a fetish. You would argue that both are right and that’s why they bought the video. I would argue that MANY MANY people don’t know what the Hell we’re even talking about here and it’s not even a factor for them. They have no knowledge or interest in specific fetishes. They just want to be entertained.

“Insisting that what you make is NOT PORN, NO WAY, CAN’T BE, is wasted and pointless energy.”

I’m not insisting that our work is or isn’t porn (though we ARE wasting energy and I should get back to work). I’m insisting that your statement “it’s ALL porn” is untrue. Sex/fetish is not the ONLY reason people buy superheroine products. At one point we had a significant female audience reading Femforce. Surely you don’t think it was porn for them? Women also buy our movies right now. (Maybe they’re all lesbians?) If you make a film or comic and it has a woman in it, some guy is going to think that woman is hot and get off on it. If we felt that the core of the Femforce audience wanted it more sexualized we would have made it so. In fact when we released Femzine (basically Femforce with nudity)… IT TANKED! That’s because the people that wanted masturbatory material bought it, and those that DIDN’T had no interest. That gave us a pretty solid point of reference when it came to how much people did or didn’t value nudity in our product. Sexual content CAN be a barrier. I’m sure for other producers it is bread and butter, but in our SPECIFIC case, it doesn’t work that way. I imagine that different rules apply to us all.

“most of the people who are buying your videos–even the videos that you think are NOT fetishy–are doing so for sexual thrills”

I’m not naive. Our videos ARE fetishy (in the way that Black Scorpion or Batman was fetishy), but they are just not fetishy enough to hold the interest of someone that is buying it for the fetish only. Why buy Stormy Tempest to see her debelted for 30 seconds when Shakeshift will give you a debelting movie that is 30 minutes long for the same price? SOME people are looking for a sexual thrill, and we actively push those buttons deliberately on occasion, but adding those elements really does nothing to our overall sales. Removing those elements does nothing to overall sales. Emphasizing those elements does us more harm than good. We make films that are sexy “in general”.. which is a TERRIBLE way to make a fetish movie. As you know, fetish movies are all about specifics, and pushing that same specific button over and over and over again. Maybe we just make really BAD fetish movies! 🙂

“I did so because the girls were hot and I liked the occasional peril scenes.”

Yes, but you stopped. That alone doesn’t sustain a title for 20+ years, especially in the face of the internet. Perhaps there was/is more to it than just the pretty pictures. Every female comic book character is “occasionally in peril”. But that doesn’t mean there is a fetish hook attached to every sale of a comic book with a female heroine in it, or even a statistically significant number. Fetish/sex is one of many factors… but not the biggest.

Joe Customer
Joe Customer

yes we did hijack this thread and im guilty as charged !
one of the points i now realized
theres no basic tenet of being a superheroine
you can have your superheroine anyway you make her
2nd point
we seem to use words not in their pure form but in a gray area
porn fetish sexually themed all seem to blend together or have cross over
a sampling of business women in form fitting blouses short skirts and high heels
made into a video that might be called porn or fetish or sexually edgy
so if i like to look at that i would be considered into porn
3rd point to :”Cult Retro”
your superheroines are quite sexy
i might be in the minority but i do get titilation
from there looks the acting and their outfits
4th point
there is one great superheroine tenet
a sexy outfit
a true to life crimefighter
might wear a hood a kevlar sweatsuit and combat boots
and i really doubt anyone one pay $30-$50 to see that

Alex Bettinger

Oh, and just a final point, because I neglected to make it and it’s pretty important. Just because a superheroine video doesn’t have PERIL doesn’t mean people aren’t buying it for fetishistic reasons. “Girl Power” fetishes are hugely popular–people buy videos looking to see powerful women dominate men. It’s a sexual thrill for them.

So just pointing to videos in your catalogue that don’t have PERIL isn’t really a good counterargument, if in fact those videos are just catering to other fetishes. Like I said, I haven’t seen them, so I don’t know what’s in them. But even if they don’t have peril, they could still be all about the sexual thrill for your customers–it’s just that your customers may have girl power fetishes instead of peril fetishes. Just a possibility.

Alex Bettinger

Well, again I can only take your word for it. My hunch is that the people who buy your videos are almost all doing so because they get a sexual thrill from it. I don’t really sense any force from your argument about people wanting to see characters from the comics coming to life–but that may be because I just don’t share your experience in the comicbook world. I have never met anyone who would pay $20 or $30 for a 20-minute low-budget video that had comparatively low production values, just because it had a character they knew from the comics. Not unless the video is REALLY REALLY well done.

My hunch remains that most of the people who are buying your videos–even the videos that you think are NOT fetishy–are doing so for sexual thrills, because they really dig the sexy costumes, or because they hope to see some peril, or because there is some primary sexual excitement involved. Now, not having seen any of your movies, I honestly don’t know how fetishy they are, and I have no idea who the people are who are buying your vids. But I can tell you this: I was a comicbook fan for a few years when I was younger. I frequently bought Femforce and Nightveil and other similar titles. I did so because the girls were hot and I liked the occasional peril scenes. It was porn for me. I didn’t read those books because the narratives were good. My hunch is that a lot of the people who buy those books have the same attitude, and a lot of the people who buy your videos have the same attitude. I may be wrong. But I don’t think I am.

My point is: who cares? Who cares if people love your stuff because of the sexual connotations, or if it’s because they love seeing the characters come to light? Just make what you want to make. Insisting that what you make is NOT PORN, NO WAY, CAN’T BE, is wasted and pointless energy. It does no one any good. I mean, even you would have to admit that SOME of your customers buy your product for the sole reason that they find it sexually thrilling. For them, your stuff is porn. Just like people who buy a Baywatch dvd for the sole purpose of jerking off to Pamela Anderson’s breasts while they bounce gently are treating that show as porn. And there’s nothing wrong with that. I just don’t see what is gained by insisting that this or that superheroine in peril video is NOT porn. For some viewers–maybe even for most–it IS.


@Alex: Like I said, there is no attack, it’s all in fun… I think you were exaggerating, and so am I… but here goes…

“bulk of your audience not buying your videos for the sexual thrill”

Nope. Didn’t say that. I said the bulk of my audience doesn’t post or comment here… which is true. Based upon the limited number of comments about our videos here you would think that we don’t sell very many. That is not the case. Our films are usually out for several weeks and sell quite briskly before they are ever mentioned, reviewed or commented upon on this website. Heroine Movies is not a significant source of our web traffic, but it’s a nice spike every now and then.

“Being turned off by much of the content here isn’t relevant to any of my points.”

Your point was that the only reason to buy a superheroine film was for the sexual thrill. I counter that there are other reasons, and sexual content can be a BARRIER to someone that might otherwise enjoy a superheroine film.

“maybe most of your customers buy your videos mainly for the exciting plots”

That WOULD be something! 🙂
We are in a unique position (as all filmmakers are) with a very specific and very old audience. There are many reasons why people buy our films (and comics), but (from the feedback I have gleaned over the years) one of the primary “thrills” of our film product is in seeing an illustrated character that previously existed only as lines on paper “coming to life” as a flesh and blood person. What that person is doing is not really all that relevant to the core of our audience, so long as we remain TRUE to that original character. ALL comic book movies benefit from this to some degree. Does having a sexy babe help? Certainly! But sex and fetishism isn’t required. There are superheroine fans that simply want to see superheroines being superheroines, and there is so LITTLE of that available that they are willing to pay a premium to see it, and to accept quality compromises.

“if you take away the fetishy sexual elements they crave, chances are they won’t spend $20 to $50 on it.”

Not in my experience. Price is about distribution, not content. If people (myself included) crave something rare, they’ll pay what they must to acquire it. It doesn’t have to be fetishy for them to crave it.

“Make sure you let everyone here know there is NO peril, other than what you might find in a mainstream superhero movie. No emphasis on the superheroine being beat up or rendered helpless–which is the kind of thing that many fetishists here crave. Just an ordinary superheroine video with a plot and some action scenes. See how well it sells.”

Done! Look at our film list and you’ll see that we are all about experimenting and trying different things. ALL of these fit your description precisely: Nightveil: Witchwar (still our bestseller), Blue Bulleteer: Captured by the Cloak, Bloodfiend from Outer Space 1 & 2, Stormy Tempest: Perils in the Past, Nightveil: The Sorcerer’s Eye 1 & 2, All five Angel Avengers, All three Nyoka films, Stormy Tempest: Women of Tomorrow and Stormy Tempest: Fight for the Future. Our three most recent films are the EXCEPTION to the rule (and only if you buy the Extended Versions). We made these three recent films as experiments… to see if it was worth adding more peril fetish elements to our films. The results are inconclusive. Sales are solid but not significantly changed. We may have done more harm than good. I receive complaints as well as praise. Further evidence that the superheroine-in-peril genre is not the end-all-be-all. There are still plenty of superheroine fans willing to support a classic representation of a heroine.

“Hyperbole 101?”

Guilty! Or just Smartass 101. 🙂

Also… if you’re reading this accidentally-hijacked thread…. make sure to buy “Randy Moore’s “Sibling Vengeance” Parts 1 and 2”!!

Alex Bettinger

@CultRetro — I don’t think I disagree with most of you said, though you’re really talking way past what I wrote.

“Sexual content is popular, but it is not the only factor at work in superheroine/comic book films…” Of course. I’m only talking about the type of superheroine in peril videos reviewed and commented on here. I definitely never suggested that no one ever buys ANY short film or dvd for a high price unless it’s sexual–I’m talking about THIS genre, the one that we’re all here discussing. What is fairly often referred to as the “superheroine in peril” genre. Whether it’s rated pg 13 or XXX.

“The bulk of our audience does not frequent or comment on this website because they are TURNED OFF by much of the content here.” Being turned off by much of the content here isn’t relevant to any of my points. (As I said, plenty of people get a sexual thrill from non-explicit movies, non-violent movies.) As regards to the bulk of your audience not buying your videos for the sexual thrill–well, I’ll have to take your word for it. I’m not sure how you would know. I honestly cannot imagine a customer who would be really interested in that most recent Stormy Tempest video (which looked HOT, in my opinion, I’m still considering getting it myself), unless it was primarily for a sexual or fetishistic thrill. But you’re saying the “bulk” of your customers don’t care about that? Well, like I said, I’ll take your word for it. Consider me respectfully skeptical, though.

“There are many ways to achieve a thrill (rare or common), but not all of them involve sexual pleasure.” You’re talking WAY past me here. Who would disagree with this? What I proposed is that no one–or at least only a tiny minority–purchase the sort of superheoine videos regularly reviewed here on this site, unless it’s for some sort of sexual or fetishistic thrill. If you insist otherwise, then this may be a point of genuine disagreement–I just don’t see why anyone would spend so much money on any of these videos unless it was for a fetishy sexual thrill, since I don’t think any of the videos here are quite good enough in any of the other obvious aesthetic categories (plot, action, humor, suspense, acting, techincal execution, uniqueness, or whatever) to justify anyone spending the amount of money being charged for them. Maybe I’m wrong–maybe most of your customers buy your videos mainly for the exciting plots. Like I said, I’m skeptical.

“A film might induce a sexual thrill FOR YOU, but it’s not the ONLY reason to watch or produce a film.” Of course. What I said was that if you buy or watch a video looking for a sexual thrill, then it’s EITHER because the movie is porn, OR because you are *treating* it as such. I think you misunderstood that second part. I used the example of “2 Days in the Valley” because it’s very obviously an example of a mainstream movie that is NOT a porn. But when I put the movie on and fast forward to the catfight scene, because I just get so turned on by Terri Hatcher’s facial expressions during the fight, then I am treating the movie the same way that I treat a “porn” movie. I’m watching it for the sexual thrill. Now, that OBVIOUSLY doesn’t mean the movie is, now, objectively or metaphysically, a porn movie. Obviously not. But you can treat it as such. Conversely, we can easily take a porn movie and watch it aesthetically, or for technical excellence–and that doesn’t make it NOT a porn movie. But we can *treat* it as something else if we like. So again, you seem to be attacking a straw target. What I said is that most of the customers for THESE superheroine in peril videos, and certainly most of the regular readers at this site, are in all likelihood looking for videos and scenes that give them a sexual thrill. Sure, they might ALSO like the plot, the jokes, etc. That’s true with every movie (including porn movies!). There are endless ways to enjoy any artistic work. But if you take away the fetishy sexual elements they crave, chances are they won’t spend $20 to $50 on it.

You ended noting that people come to this website for all sorts of reasons, or because Google directed them to it. I suppose you’re right–I concede that point. I’m really only talking about the customers that come here looking for the next superheroine in peril video they might buy. If someone ends up here by chance, or because they are looking for a review of Scarlett Johansen’s performance in the Avengers, then I admit they’re not really the people I’m talking about.

I definitely did NOT say everyone is in denial, or “everyone is in denial but me.” Far from it. I said that there do seem to be SOME people who seem to be really invested in insisting that the superheroine in peril videos that they like are not porn. And I do think that that sort of denial is pointless, and probably unhealthy. I don’t see how that can possibly be equated with a conspiracy theory, unless you’re just badly exaggerating. Hyperbole 101?

Here is a little experiment you could run. Make a superheroine video, with the same budget and talent you usually use, and don’t put ANY fetishy elements in. Make sure you let everyone here know there is NO peril, other than what you might find in a mainstream superhero movie. No emphasis on the superheroine being beat up or rendered helpless–which is the kind of thing that many fetishists here crave. Just an ordinary superheroine video with a plot and some action scenes. See how well it sells. My *hunch* is that the sales wouldn’t come anywhere close to the latest Stomry Tempest video. I could be wrong. Honestly, I’d be pleasantly suprised if I were. Give it a shot, see what happens. And let us know. 🙂


@Tim: The idea that superheroines were, are, and only every will be sexual entertainment is contrary to my experience.

I come here to learn and observe and because my films are listed here as well. Plus there’s that whole Google phenomena that I mentioned above. Superheroines are my business in a variety of mediums. This site emphasizes ONLY ONE FACET of what superheroines were, are, and can be… but it’s not a facet that I’m willing to ignore (nor is it a facet without merits).

And yes, I’m probably missing out. 🙂

Tim Caine
Tim Caine

@Cultretro – Huh? … Are you saying you come here for some reason other than getting your rocks off? Dude, I think you’re missing out.


“I know Randy Moore and Emily Addison are hot as hell ”

True! 🙂


Here’s another perspective just for the fun of it….

“It’s all porn.”

False. Sexual content is popular, but it is not the only factor at work in superheroine/comic book films; it’s just the most obvious one on THIS site. Sexual content is a double-edged sword. You can gain a solid audience via the obvious popularity of sexual content, but you can also LOOSE many, many more. The bulk of our audience does not frequent or comment on this website because they are TURNED OFF by much of the content here.

“NO ONE ever spends $20 to $50 that is between 15 and 35 minutes long”

False. Fetish is a niche market, but it is not the ONLY niche market. Short film DVD’s are routinely in that price range, at or above the price of feature length films. Short film enthusiasts EXPECT to pay premium prices, primarily through (dying) catalog ordering systems and film festivals, because they know short film distribution is extremely limited. I have a large collection of short films that are not for sale on Amazon because they are too short, are not sold in catalogs because the producers have no money or don’t know how to get them into the system, and don’t even have websites because the filmmakers don’t know how to (or can’t afford to) put one up. I enjoy the RARITY of these films, meeting the people that make them or star in them, and I enjoy “reverse-engineering” them as a filmmaker. Sexual pleasure is not a factor. Also, when someone pays TEN THOUSAND dollars for a 22 page comic book, or a 16mm reel of one 20-minute chapter of a serial, it’s not because they can’t wait to get home and drop their drawers. What they seek is rare and nostalgic. It provides pleasure, but it is not sexual in nature.

“Different people have different kinks. But it’s all still sexual.”

False. There are many ways to achieve a thrill (rare or common), but not all of them involve sexual pleasure. Some involve risk, nostalgia, danger, drugs, discovery, taboo, academia, artistry and more. Pleasure does not equal sex. A film can provide pleasure without ever providing a sexual thrill… and thus justify ANY price to the right audience.

“If you watch a video because you are seeking a sexual thrill, then you are watching porn”

False. A film might induce a sexual thrill FOR YOU, but it’s not the ONLY reason to watch or produce a film. You can CALL it “porn”, but I don’t agree that your belief alone makes it true. Consensus and intent are also factors. The producers of “2 Days in the Valley” did not include that scene with the expectation that the catfight fetishists would flock to the theaters. I don’t think that there is any video store on the planet (if there were any left) that would put “2 Days in the Valley” in the backroom behind the curtain.

“But these “justifications” or attempts to valorize one style or taste over another really don’t do anyone any good.”

True! Whether it’s porn or not, that doesn’t improve or diminish the film itself.

“If you’re reading this website, then you like superheroine porn.”

False. There are those that read this website in search of content that they might not have otherwise found on their own, or in the hope that what they seek may someday appear, or by ACCIDENT! Search for “Supergirl” and you are likely to end up here at some point. These people do not comment here because they are not going to engage in a debate about the merits of crotch-kicking, abuse, sex, choke-holds or whatever because they have NO interest in any of the above. Those who comment are only a small fraction of those who surf or get sucked in via the magic of Google.

“I’m not into porn. Yes you are.”

Conspiracy Theory 101: Everyone is in denial, but me. 🙂


I, too, enjoy a good story. And I also like to see the heroine established as a formidable (or at least a competent) combatant, or, alternatively, to have her purity established. However, I understand that, even when the writer is up to that challenge (which isn’t always the case), budgetary concerns can make it difficult for the producers to film those elements. Once in a while we get something like that, but not that often.

Joe Customer
Joe Customer

I gotcha !
and before i shouldve of really said
or i meant to say
(and its still all opinionated)
id like better story writing to coincide with porn aspects
Like Liberty Girl (Liberty Girl : The Return)
beating 4 guys before being assaulted
as opposed to a hapless non fighting superheroine just being raped


@Alex Bettinger

I just recall that she was in Hawk Heroines……I believe issue 13, but she’s gotten way hotter for female combat porn since then.

Please bring Darling back for more hot action.


@Joe Customer
You asked me if, as a superheroine enthusiast, I could enjoy a superheroine video without sex.

I’ll assume that, when you say “superheroine enthusiast,” you mean “superheroine-in-peril enthusiast,” because my interest in superheroines in peril or superheroine ravishment is not the same as my enjoyment of comic book superheroes and superheroines in general. Rather, it is the synthesis of my enjoyment of comic book superheroics and my enjoyment of sexual peril fantasies and rape fantasies. I am someone who enjoys fantasies of sexual peril, domination, and rape, and I am also someone who enjoys (and has for most of my life) superhero comic books, of which superheroines are a part, so it seems to me a natural result that I would enjoy the superheroine-in-peril fetish.

That being the case, if there’s no sex in a superheroine themed production, then it only appeals to me on one of those two levels. And let’s face it, if all I want to see is superheroics and flashy costumes, I can see all I want in Marvel and DC comics (and the independents, of course), or in the Hollywood superhero movies.

If I’m watching a superheroine themed video which was produced by a small (compared to big budget movies), independent producer, then I definitely want to see sexual content. If there isn’t any, then I’ll go elsewhere.


Well, Hollywood is making 4 Supergirl movies……..I believe it’s Warner Bros., since it’s DC Comics.

But I’m more into Lesbian Superheroine porn, but yeah I would like a more better story set up…….and also some Natural or Natural enough Female Bodybuilder to sometimes play the Superheroine who gets dominated and at other times play the Supervillian who is overpower by the slim Superheroine until she uses or discovers a weakness…….and at other times I would like for the there to be a Shemale that looks like a pure female but with a dick.

But even though I want better storielines, I still want lesbian fucking to happen somewhere in it.

Well, at least we all agree on good acting & storielines and so fort.

I guess to each his own.

@Alex Bettinger

Will you ever start using “Darling” from such sites as “Ultimate Surrender” & “Bondage Cafe” in any of your work?

I would personally love to see her in some fictional fighting porn & in more Superheroine porn.

Joe Customer
Joe Customer

That exactly what i mean

Jobber Lover
Jobber Lover

Um… I totally confused.
All I know is I like to see Superheroines totally destroyed. I also know that I never root for the “Good Girl”. If the destruction includes a beatdown, the more violent the better. Sometimes I like it when the heroine iis stripped, sometimes it ruins it for me. Sometimes the heroine being raped really works for me, other times if it’s just a big long sex scene I get bored.

I know Randy Moore and Emily Addison are hot as hell and I really liked them in the Dominated Duo, Not in the Mood and The Super School Girl vs The Head Mistress, among others. I also liked all of Emily’s stuff in The X Club Wrestling. I think both of them are good enough actresses to carry off everything I’ve seen them in. Heck, I even like them in their Double Trouble stuff. I also think that pairing them with the right villian is important. I love Paris Kennedy as the villian. She works great with just about anyone.

My point is there can never be too many videos of Emily or Randy dressed as superheroines gettng totally destroyed or dominated. If it’s porn or not porn, I’m not sure, but I know its yummy to watch. Obviously, like anyone else I prefer high quality costumes, sets, and supporting casts, but either way they are still yummy to watch.

Alex Bettinger

Ah, in that case, Joe, I don’t think “porn” or “not-porn” has anything to do with your request/query.

All you are really asking for is more story. More background, etc. That is a perfectly valid request, and I’m sure producers of every stripe would love to oblige–though it’s not always easy to tell a long story in the context of a single video. Still, it’s something I hear a lot, and even though most of my projects over the past year or so haven’t been concerned to tell a long story, I am working on a few now that do. So hopefully several of the projects we release over the next year will be of interest to you!

Feel free to make such requests! Producers will hear you. “Porn” vs. “Not porn,” though, has nothing to do with it, as far as I can see.

Joe Customer
Joe Customer

@Alex Bettinger
I love your work
and i luv porn
(smoking ,foot and boot fetish)
and i dont mind being titillated
but(and i said ,just my opinion)
id like my superheroine to have a story before delving into porn
have her win some fights before being gang raped
in the majority of :”superheroine videos”
the superheroine arrives on the scenes as is quickly subdued
since we have not arrived at the beginning of this superheroine’s origin
we have not seen her in any struggles or victory or
any training that has made her heroine worthy
all we see is her subdued
the antagonist (sorry ,villain)doesnt seek to rob pillage or steal anything
he justs wants to rape the superheroine
in these boy /girl adventures the superheroine usually gets assaulted and raped
some are severe like say :”Empiregirl repeated pounding
or some slight like toe sucking
for the most part after less that 5mins the story is told
if the superheroine won ,tied the match or escaped
there would be a great reason to watch the video
as for as the usage of porn
id just like a reason for it
not for it to be thrown out there
im not saying porn is bad or good
everything can have its place in a genre
id just like it coupled with good writing
i think people give up creativity and inset porn into a story

Joe Customer
Joe Customer

i posted a few times
you might not have seen them all
some of your points i used them in an earlier discussion
but i used them to make a contrary point
yes i agree
(for lack of a better word)
:”the fetish girls” and their production team are of a much higher value
than their superheroine counterparts
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ..
I want to ask you as a superheroine enthusiast
could you enjoy a superheroine video without sex ?

Alex Bettinger

It’s all porn. I would suggest that NO ONE ever spends $20 to $50 on a superheroine video that is between 15 and 35 minutes long, unless that person is getting a very particular sexual thrill from that video. No one posts on a message board requesting this or that fetish element–more bondage! less nudity! more fighting! fewer female villains! more backbreakers! fewer chokes! etc.–unless they are getting a sexual thrill from the videos.

As someone who produces porn, fetish, and even some “pg13” style videos, I can say without hesitation that the distinctions we draw between these categories is completely artificial and pointless. I think a lot of people feel ashamed of their sexual fantasies, and would feel ashamed to admit that they like porn, so they go to great lengths to prove to themselves that what they like is NOT porn. Porn, they say to themselves, is that “other” thing with hard penises and exposed vaginas and people having sex. What *I* like is not that at all. I’m not into porn.

Yes you are.

Different people have different kinks, different sexual fantasies. Some fantasies involve people actually having sex, some don’t. Some sexual fantasies involve nudity, some don’t. But it’s all still sexual. The example I like is the smoking fetish. People with this fetish buy smoking videos–nothing but a girl smoking a cigarette. No nudity, no sex. Nothing particularly suggestive. The fans just get a sexual thrill from watching girls smoke.

That’s porn. If you watch a video because you are seeking a sexual thrill, then you are watching porn (or at least treating it like it’s porn, like when I watch the catfight scene from 2 Days in the Valley, ha ha).

It’s all porn.

I would suggest we stop trying to draw these sorts of categorical distinctions to make ourselves feel better. This is a forum. Tell us (producers) what you like, what you don’t like. We’ll listen. But these “justifications” or attempts to valorize one style or taste over another really don’t do anyone any good.

If you’re reading this website, then you like superheroine porn. It may be that the style of superheroine porn you most enjoy doesn’t involve nudity, or sex. It may be that you just like seeing powerful girls in peril. Or maybe you just love the sexy costumes. It doesn’t matter. You are seeking videos that give you a sexual thrill, which is just what porn is. Just accept it, own it–you’ll feel much better.


Porn cheapens the superheroine industry?

First of all, I don’t accept that porn cheapens anything. In fact, I find the suggestion rather offensive. It seems to imply a moral judgment that porn is bad or wrong or otherwise unworthy of acceptance or acknowledgment. Either that, or it implies that porn is necessarily of a lower quality than non-pornographic works, in terms of artistry and/or technical excellence. If the first, then I would ask on what authority this judgment is made. If the second, then I would consider it to be an ignorant opinion – ignorant both of the high degree of artistry and technical excellence which can frequently be found in porn, and also of the lack of those qualities which is frequently found in non-pornographic works.

Secondly, this notion (not explicitly stated, but implied) that porn is somehow an illegitimate addition to the superheroine-in-peril fetish, rather than an integral facet which has been a part of it from the beginning, is very much mistaken. Is all superheroine-in-peril material pornographic? No, certainly not. But sexual peril (both implied and explicit), eroticism, and nudity have all been components of the fetish and associated material since the dawn of superheroines. And certainly, ever since independent producers began making superheroine-in-peril movies, a significant percentage of those movies have been pornographic.

On the subject of Christina Carter, Diana Knight, Emily Addison, Nicole Oring, Paris Kennedy, and Randy Moore, it’s also worth noting that, with the exception of Diana Knight, they are not only fetish models, but they are also porn models, meaning that they’ve each worked in mainstream porn, as well as fetish porn. Of the six girls named, only Diana Knight has not done porn. Emily Addison and Paris Kennedy in particular have done quite a bit of hardcore porn, and not only fetish themed. (For those who don’t know, the term “hardcore” does NOT mean boy/girl. It means unsimulated sex which is explicitly depicted. Girl/girl is also hardcore, if it’s real and explicit.)


“Can a superheroine site make money without porn ?”


“Is porn what the majority of the fans want?”



Joe Customer
Joe Customer

you have quite the sardonic wit
im still laughing
(at myslf mainly)
you are 100% right
(on many many counts especially the custom work)
and i digress . i did mean the fetish industry
fetish industry stars that do superheroine work
but to a bigger question
(that you actually brought up )
Can a superheroine site make money without porn ?
is porn what the majority of the fans want ?
i am 100% fetish lover
but id like an interesting story for girl on girl or dildos


Ahhh… so you want them to STOP doing the things that make them the most money and provide them with the most resources to achieve their current level of production and success.

These women are not the top of the “superheroine” industry, they are some of the top names in the FETISH industry.

Might I submit that instead of purchasing 500 movies that you do not like, just about all of these ladies will do customs with producers tailored to be exactly what you DO like.

I can’t speak for Randy Moore of course, but I would image that if you throw enough money at me or Rye for example we could probably fly in Randy Moore tomorrow and have her zipping around the city in a $1000 costume, kicking ass, taking names, doing krav maga and backflips, blowing down buildings with her superbreath and shooting lasers out of her eyes in a convoluted plot that will make your head spin. There won’t be any dildos or porn. And it also won’t sell enough to justify the effort…

But if you can afford the custom, these things can be done. 🙂

Joe Customer
Joe Customer

i understand what you are saying
Im probably not expressing it concisely
i have researched for years and i own over 500 superheroine vids

for example
to me(my opinion)
Christina Carter/Diana Knight/Paris Kennedy/
Nicole Oring/Randy Moore/Emily Addison
The are the top in the SuperHeroine Industry
they are unbelievably attractive
They seem to work with the best producers directors camera people /etc
they have the best outfits&uniforms fight scenes/the best sets /locales
whether they make a bad movie or not you
may buy it because its on of them starring in it
they set the bar with what they do
if the best people are doing porn
i feel it takes away from the superheroine industry
it cheapens it


@Joe Customer

“I wish someone would create a real heroine have a decent story, fight hard win some/ lose some”

It’s available if you look. There are now several producers here that are not producing porn, and do exactly as you describe. If anything there is TOO MUCH choice right now in an increasingly crowded market. Seek and you shall find.

Joe Customer
Joe Customer

yes I saw those New Phoenix was great
but they died on the vine
too many heroines all shot in the same area
and they were cute but there outfits were cookie cutter
now of them could match Christina Carter
in A)outfits B)Acting C)or fighting
point im making is that winners write the history
the best superheroine define the genre
and they make it point more to porno

Joe Customer
Joe Customer

Love the girls !
Randy Moore . .and of course Christina Carter superhot ! ! !
But at the same time
There pulling the superheroine industry down into porn
they have the most beautiful women .
most realistic costumes and best scene/locations
so you cant help buying watching and buying some more
but they also have weak stories, weaker fighting and then sex
whether its girl-girl or foreign objects
sex for no reason just to get you to buy
I dont look at them as superheroines
I look at them as pornstars that wear superheroine costumes
I wish someone would create a real heroine
have a decent story ,fight hard win some/ lose some
the sexuality will come out anyway