Relic Raider – “Madison vs. Slavers”

The team behind the Relic Raider and Luna Crush films has released Madison vs. Slavers, featuring a new actress taking over for the (I assume) retired Stacy Lynn in the Relic Raider role. If you’ve ever seen a film from SHG Media before, you probably know what to expect: choppy editing, sub-par performances, etc., but a fun heroine film nonetheless. Unfortunately, the “fun” is kind of missing this time around, as the generally poor filmmaking is just too much of a distraction.

The film begins with Madison, the new Relic Raider, searching for a missing girl. She sits in her car and displays a really weird super power: lightning bolts on her arm. I don’t know what the lightning bolts actually do since she doesn’t shoot lightning out of her hands at any point in the movie, but I suppose they simply represent her super strength. Or something.

She sneaks around a house where I assume the kidnapped girl is being kept. A couple of guys try to chloroform her, resulting in a couple of brief fight scenes. Eventually, the guys are able to knock her out by hitting her over the head.

Madison wakes up in a room next to the kidnapped girl. Madison kicks out a window, allowing the two of them to escape. They run through a wooded area but both end up back at the house. Madison engages in a fist fight with the main villain. As in most movies from this company, the fight scenes are generally unimpressive—poorly choreographed, performed and edited—but they’re kind of fun anyway, in a “bad movie” kind of way. Madison is able to hold her own against one enemy, but when she’s double teamed, the bad guys win the fight and knock out Madison.

Madison wakes up to find herself tied up and interrogated by the bad guys. We get lots of stomach punches, but the reactions aren’t that good, and there’s a lot of awkward dialogue. The bad guys shoot up the heroine with “truth serum,” which weakens her and makes her dizzy. Finally, the villains bring in the kidnapped girl, who reluctantly reveals the source of the heroine’s power: an amulet. The bad guys retrieve the amulet and torture our heroine some more until she gets a chance to break free.

In the end, everything works out, the bad guys are defeated, and the girls escape from their captors.

Madison vs. Slavers is clearly an attempt by the producers to make a more conventional “movie.” There’s a plot, different locations, and a general storyline, as opposed to your basic “custom-style” video.  Relic Raider 5, for example, takes place in one room and focuses only on the torture of the heroine.  But Relic Raider 5 is really much, much better than this.  The attempt to make a “real” movie with an actual story is commendable, but the it requires filmmaking skills that seem to be lacking.  The movie just isn’t very good.  The acting is bad, the editing poor, the fight scenes silly, the story uninteresting.

Having said that, there’s still a sense of “fun” about the whole thing.  These people are clearly making these films because they love the genre.  While I prefer the company’s shorter, simpler videos, especially Relic Raider 5, I appreciate the attempt at actual filmmaking, even though it doesn’t quite work.  I hope they keep it up and get better with practice and experience.  I give Madison vs. Slavers a C+.

Download Madison vs. Slavers at SHG-Media.



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