“Return of the Jeckle” from Punished Heroines

"Return of the Jeckle" from Punished HeroinesSee the exclusive trailer below! Rye’s Return of the Jeckle features the reappearance of a popular Punished Heroines villain (the titular Jeckle) as well as two superheroines in two concurrently running storylines.  It’s a pretty good value since it basically consists of two separate superheroine domination stories all wrapped up into one video.

"Return of the Jeckle" from Punished Heroines"Return of the Jeckle" from Punished Heroines"Return of the Jeckle" from Punished Heroines

The bulk of the first half of the videos consists of the character Nova, played by the charming Carly Quinn (from such recent beloved classics like Wonderous Girl vs. Gigantor and The Parolee), who is forced to fight Spider, a henchman of The Jeckle played by the inimitable Louis V. Slugger.  Spider and Nova fight for a while, and the fight is pretty even-handed at first, but this is a Rye-directed movie, and we all know where this is headed, so without giving away the details, I can confirm that this video is no exception to the patterns established in the Punished Heroines story world.

"Return of the Jeckle" from Punished Heroines"Return of the Jeckle" from Punished Heroines"Return of the Jeckle" from Punished Heroines

Occasionally, Nova tries to contact Superior Girl using some form of telepathy, with varying degrees of success.  Particularly, Nova has a difficult time maintaining this telepathic connection (or any semblance of coherent thinking) when Spider grabs her crotch.  His considerable crotch-grabbing powers come in handy during this fight scene, as well as his brute physical strength and penchant for delivering evil dialogue like, “Not so cocky now, are you Nova?”

"Return of the Jeckle" from Punished Heroines"Return of the Jeckle" from Punished Heroines"Return of the Jeckle" from Punished Heroines

Eventually, Superior Girl arrives on the scene, and an unexpected and brief first-person sequence takes place before Superior Girl faces off against the evil Jeckle.  To get to the point, things really don’t go well for Superior Girl at all, to the delight of Punished Heroines fans across the globe, as The Jeckle enjoys his domination of Superior Girl in a variety of ways.

"Return of the Jeckle" from Punished Heroines"Return of the Jeckle" from Punished Heroines"Return of the Jeckle" from Punished Heroines

At am almost 50-minute running time, I think Return of the Jeckle is a really good value, especially since, as I mentioned, it consists of two superheroine videos for the price of one.  I suppose I would have preferred a more integrated storyline, maybe with the superheroines appearing together at some point, but regardless of that, I’m sure this will be a popular and well-liked video for fans of Punished Heroines.

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  1. @ramirez – There is nudity, but not as much as in The Parolee and previous Punished Heroines videos.

  2. blx187

    Don’t know if it’s possible but some girl on girl action between these two models would be awesome!

  3. Blx-
    That is already in the works 😉

    Superior Girl’s breasts get exposed and her crotch is fully ripped open. So yes there is nudity but as HM already stated there isn’t as much as previous PH vids.

    I should have a heroinemovies.com exclusive trailer later tonight or tomorrow.

  4. sugarcoater

    Forgive me for asking again, but I was just wondering what the plan might be for a Wonder Woman character video. The most recent release certainly whet my appetite (and caused quite a bit of buzz), which I think might be as much because of the outfit as much as anything else–it seemed the peril, action and model were on par with the high quality videos released through various sites. In short, if that video was a hot seller, I would imagine that you could make a really hot Wonder Woman film that would sell exceptionally well. I would guess that a lot would hinge upon the costume–how much of it matches the traditional look from the comics (instead of just the mini bikini top outfit, blue panties and red boots).

  5. wondergag

    Just curious, I was reading the description at the clips4sale store. if someone could confirm what “positions” he does her in. One pic makes it look like she’s in his lap ( I’m particularly interested if any variations cowgirl postions are in there (lap or cowgirl of somesort would be in an instant buy from me 😀 ). thanks in advance for any help given.

  6. ranger87


    The cowgirl position you see is actually him sitting her in his lap after doing her doggy style so he can shred her costume more and fondle her. But I think a cowgirl style would be an awesome idea in the future. Her hands bound behind her back as she is force to sit up and down on his member! great idea.

    Anyway, here is my review.

    Alright. To nobody’s surprise, I got this video. I’ve been a long time supporter of Rye, especially his adult-themed work. Now, due to this, you may think me biased, but I’m going to do my best to make this review seem accurate and fair.

    We start out with a fight between Nova Girl and Spider, a henchmen of sorts, who seems to have come into some power. Now, there are some back and forth moments where we flash between Superiorgirl’s prologue and this, but for the most part, the 2 fights are seperated into the two halves of the video. Nova starts out strong and fantastic, and for the most part, the first part of the video is a fight scene. Not a quick fight then groping and sex like we are all used to with Rye vids, but honest to God fighting between these two characters, and it’s actually on par with the fight scenes done by Paris Kennedy in her various websites. It goes a bit back and forth, each fighter getting the upperhand for a time, but it’s pretty even until the last couple minutes of the video where Spider dominates, then chloroforms Nova Girl.

    Honestly, this first fight was fantastic. Drastically different than anything Punished Heroines has done in a while. It was less about sex, and more about the fight. Which is great. Not even nudity, but it was still fantastic However, in some voicovers from the second part of the story, we learn that once Nova was taken captive, she is apparently getting raped by 5 guys off screen.

    Now to the second part of the story. Superiorgirl. I wasn’t sure how much I’d like this, mostly because the red skirt is MIA. But it was actually really good. I’ll specify why after the summary. Superiorgirl, in her civiian identity meets with a mysterious man who knows the location of a classic Rye villain knows as the Jeckle Demon. Superia wants to find him so she can stop him before he ravages this world, but this guy won’t give the information for free. He doesn’t want money. He wants Superiorgirl. So he uses his knowledge to get her not only to let him grope her, but to get her to give him a BJ. Uncharacteristic of Supergirl characters? Damn straight. But this girl gives such great BJ noises, even though they are simulated, that I believe it’s worth it to save the world!

    We flash forward to Supiorgirl, in costume (sans skirt) after she’s found the Jeckle Demon, who has undergone a signifigant makeover. He is bigger, more armored, and has apparently doubled his power. On top of that, he is no longer a mindless demon like in the old Punished Heroines vids. He has a voice (done in post production), which honestly sounds pretty cool. We get to the nitty gritty and the two start fighting. But, we just had about 25 minutes worth of fighting with little sexual peril. So, to balance things out, Jeckle’s on the dominating end after a few blows. It’s very one sided from there. There are many blows to the stomach, crotch, and especially the face, which may have been excessive with the number of consecutive face punches, but it’s done in the style of Demon holding on to her collar while he socks her with straight punches, one after the other. Honestly, it worked well.

    After a TON of domination, the Jeckle Demon proceeds to shred Superiorgirl’s costume with his claws while her holds her from behind. Now, I personally would have preferred that he clawed her in battle and shredded her costume that way, but it’s still pretty cool.

    Alternating between shredding and beating, the Demon ultimately shreds the crotch of our heroine’s costume and screws her senseless in various positions. By the end, it is revealed that our heroine will live on…but only as a sex slave to the Demon as a captive on his home planet. She learns of his plans for her as he chokes her out of consciousness.

    Now, this second half was great for one reason: NO KRYPTONITE! Don’t get me wrong. I love krypto to a super-crotch as much as the next guy. But it’s been done a lot, lately, and it’s nice to see our heroine straight up get overpowered. And by a Super Villain! Not by some punk ass rapists with meteor rock.

    Honestly, I think this is the best Rye production yet. Why? Kick ass fight choreography and superior acting by the actress in the first part. And for having a genuine beatdown before the sexual abuse in the second half, instead of copping out with kryptonite. Not to mention, I think shredding the costume is HOT! The model isn’t exactly naked, and we can see what type of proud heroine she once was, along with the humiliation of having her uniform destroyed and her body ravaged. On top of that, she’s doomed to be a monster’s sex slave. That’s pretty badass.

    Well, those are my thoughts. I strongly suggest this video, as it is the last video in a while that we may see Ashley as Superiorgirl, as Rye has a new model on the way!

  7. ramirez

    and Nova Girl is not stripped? I love that actress and I’ll be glad if her costume is taken of against her will

  8. Rye:

    Another great looking video.

    Quick questions: Is this the last we see of superiorgir? Just wondering since you shred her costume. If it is that would be a shame because I love the model.

    And will we see this (and the parolee) in the nicheclips store? I’ve been waiting for the parolee for a while as I prefer the death scenario.


  9. ranger87


    No, Nova Girl is not stripped. From what I know, this particular model doesn’t want to do nudity anymore.

  10. ramirez

    such a pity, that girl is hot and my Rye’s favourite model…if she doesn’t want to do nudity I’ll loss interest in punished heroines works…she’s my favourite heroine/villianess

  11. ranger87

    Well, that’s our curse, man. We have to live with what the girls are willing to do.

  12. Sugarcoater-
    I actually have a WW script I have been sitting on for quite some time. I love the script and I have been waiting for the right actress to come along. Once I have the right girl then I will make the movie for sure and the costume will be more like the 90’s comic books.

    If you are looking for a cowgirl scene then I would recommend Superbad Date III 😉

    Thanks for the review!

    Carly is one of my favorites as well for more than one reason. It’s not exactly a secret that she is also my wife 😉 Carly has been with me since the start of all this in 2003 and wants to move away from being a superheroine as she simply enjoys the villain role more. She will probably go topless in an upcoming movie but we will not be seeing more than that. Carly is more interested in the production side of things and is helping me with superiorgirl.net. I will say though… if you are a fan of Carly don’t miss out on this performance! She kicks some serious ass and does a great job at getting her ass kicked!

    No this is not the last of Superior Girl 😉 She has plenty of trouble and peril left for us to see. The reason I decided to shred that costume is I have a very high end custom costume on its way that is far far far better than my current ones. You will not be let down 😉 A brand new model will be giving it a test drive on sunday!

  13. Rizo-
    Forgot to mention that yes, the Niche versions should be ready tomorrow

  14. Great news on the new costume/girl, new video is great but variety sounds good. Would love to see a pic on here of the new girl/costume whenever it is possible, I just got this video and already can’t wait to see whatever you have upcoming.

  15. Sounds great re-the new costume, Rye. Also can’t wait to see the WW film, whenever that happens!

    I do think Carly is really good at being a villain. As much as I enjoy the beatdowns you shoot, i do wish you would include more female/female beatdowns. Could I make a suggestion? Maybe you can get a real big or muscled up girl to play the villain one time. it would be an awesome contrast to the helpless heroine.

  16. Well I have a big surprise for the next shoot… something I have been wanting to do since I saw a particular episode of Justice League Unlimited. Both F vs F and M vs F fans will be pleased I am sure. I will post preview shots as soon as I can. Most likely monday I am guessing.

  17. capesu

    Why do I get the feeling it has to do with that epic SuperGirl beatdown from “Panic In The Sky”?

  18. sugarcoater

    Thanks for responding to my post about WW, and my apologies for the continued questions–it’s just that I am a huge fan of WW peril (as well as Supergirl peril, but you’ve definitely done a lot to satiate my yen for that). Can’t wait to see what you’re hinting at with the Monday preview–sounds like another Rye hit.

  19. The Supergirl/JLU moment sounds great, but I hope you put the red skirt on her for that one… my favorite part of the costume.

  20. I just rewatched Panic in The Sky and that looks like it would be very hard to film with all the sliding and flying within the scene. I don’t even think the boys at GIGA FREEKS and Zen Pictures could even film that so I wouldn’t get my hopes up.

  21. RJ123

    Looking forward to this one, i love Supergirl peril, hope there is some prolonged kryptonite exposure, weakening the girl of steel and bringing her to her knees!!! I will certainly be purchasing it!

  22. Just got the costume! And not a second to soon because im filming tomorow… Sigh.. I was starting to really get worried this wasn’t going to happen due to not having this thing. So at first glance it has a really nice tunic with a leather-ish S-logo and its SUPER high cut on the hips! The cape is long and really thick. It will give nice ripples of fabric at the shoulder just like the movie. The Skirt is perfection in length and color. Just long enough to conceal the strip of blue fabric protecting her crotch but quite short enough to make for some excellent upskirts! The belt is the only thing I wasn’t overly excited about because I think it might be too short. It has the right shape but I am sending Carly to the store just in case it needs to be modified.

    Interesting feeling you have indeed :)

    No need for apologies! I might post previews late sunday night… depends on how wiped I am feeling.

    You will love the skirt :)

    I agree that would be difficult to film it exactly like the cartoon. However capturing the spirit of that fight would not :)

    This vid will have a scene with Krypto but a lot of the peril will be SuperiorGirl simply out matched.

  23. Try to put various blows in it if you can. I know you have your scrip to follow but please include it’s share of the really good stuff( face punchings, stomach kicks, and my person favorite the strike to the groin in very unique ways;)

  24. Sounds great, Rye. I always wanted to see that fight done using the classic red-skirted costume (and with some more friendly angles for us lovers of a good short skirt tease).

  25. One suggestion though is not to get all perverted with the camera until the peril starts. In the beginning when the superheroine is in control, you should film her proper, Don’t give us upskirts or T&A shots straight from the beginning.

    It’ll be awesome if you film Superior Girl all modest at the beginning and then when the villain gets the upper hand, BAM!!! We get upskirts and whatever perverted angles you can think of. It’s what I love about the Japanese companies. They know how to tell a story with the camera alone.

    At the beginning of their movies, they’ll film it like it’s some television show and then as soon as the peril starts, it’s filmed like a superheroine peril fetish movie.

    Good luck on set tommorrow and gives us some nices shots of those hips of her’s.

  26. We are half way through the day and got some great shots. Our new actress is catching on really fast and has some great facial expressions. I’ll for sure post up some screen caps later tonight so check back. The main villain looks AMAZING! By far the best villain outfit we have ever done!

    I completely agree so I am happy to say that is exactly how I am filming it.

    Ill do my best :)

  27. Dark J

    I got this video and really enjoyed it. Carly playing a heroine was something I couldn’t wait to see, and she didn’t disappoint. She was just fantastic! Loved her acting, particularly during the parts when she was cocky (LOVED her little dance!), and she did a great job selling the punishment and just looking credible as a fighter. Just great back and forth action, as I don’t always want total domination. The Silk Spectre costume isn’t one of my favorites (not to say that I dislike it), but she still looked great. I was thinking how great she would have looked in something like that Debra Winger Wonder Girl costume from the old Lynda Carter series. And one thing I’ve come to expect from Rye’s movies is a good bear hug, and he totally delivered again. Great long bear hug with Nova’s feet dangling in the air, and excellent angles above and from the back (my favorite). The first part of the video with Nova (which was more than half of it) made it worth it for me.

    I also enjoyed the second part with Superia, although not as much. I guess I’m different from a lot of fans, but the costume shredding doesn’t do a lot for me. I love seeing the heroine in costume, and if it has to come off I find a regular stripping more appealing. That said, I love Ashley and I can watch her do anything! In fact I just loved seeing her in those tight low rise jeans. Wow! She did her usual amazing job of selling her punishment and I’ll really miss her if this is her last movie.

    Rye – One thing I would love to see in one of your movies is a wedgie. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a wedgie like in high school (which could look a bit silly during a brutal battle), but just during the fight where the villain lifts the heroine up by the back of her costume (instead of the hair) giving it a strong yank. I can understand why the actresses might not be thrilled with this LOL, but just a small request.

    And I can’t wait to see that 90’s Wonder Woman costume!! One of my favorites. As always, great work and I look forward to what you have coming up next.

  28. I am sending Harry some info on the new vid however I have some bad news that will be explained later.