“Revelations” from The Battle for Earth

by Sidekick

TBFE 31 1 175x98 Revelations from The Battle for EarthThe Battle for Earth is quickly coming to the end of its first season and has just released Episode 31: Revelations.  What does The Battle for Earth have in store in this episode?  Read on to find out. 


The episode opens up with Spawn talking on the phone and, conveniently enough, providing the audience with a little exposition. He seems confident that the superheroine alliance that has been forming since the middle of season one is quite fragile—if not already broken. He also gives a little update of the statuses of Superianna, Avalon and Nightgirl.

TBFE 31 2 175x98 Revelations from The Battle for EarthTBFE 31 3 175x98 Revelations from The Battle for EarthTBFE 31 4 175x98 Revelations from The Battle for Earth

Meanwhile, both Kaid and a new henchman that works for Spawn, named Barkley, are in search of Stealth. They both track her down at the same time in a forest. Barkley tries to subdue her with what I assume is a chloroform soaked rag; however, Stealth is able to get away, albeit temporarily. She finds a safe spot and changes into her costume, but still only has a rudimentary grasp of how to use her abilities.

TBFE 31 5 175x98 Revelations from The Battle for EarthTBFE 31 6 175x98 Revelations from The Battle for EarthTBFE 31 7 175x98 Revelations from The Battle for Earth

Across town, Tempest is engaged in a fight with the same two henchmen from the previous episode. Early on, she does rather well for herself but is eventually overpowered. She takes quite a beating from both henchmen and is knocked out.

TBFE 31 8 175x98 Revelations from The Battle for EarthTBFE 31 9 175x98 Revelations from The Battle for EarthTBFE 31 10 175x98 Revelations from The Battle for Earth

Back in the forest, both Kaid and Barkley find Stealth, but she uses her power to turn invisible. However, as stated above, she doesn’t have the control necessary to stay that way indefinitely. She reappears and after a game of cat and mouse, all three start to fight. Kaid and Barkley form an alliance and work over Stealth for a minute or so. The alliance is short lived however as Barkley is able to buy enough time to get a hold of Stealth and teleport away. The episode ends back in Spawn’s lair, with a little twist that I’d rather not spoil.

TBFE 31 11 175x98 Revelations from The Battle for EarthTBFE 31 12 175x98 Revelations from The Battle for EarthTBFE 31 13 175x98 Revelations from The Battle for Earth

Whereas the last episode was more story-centric, this episode was more about peril. There is some story but the emphasis of the film is two beautiful, busty, blondes, being severely beat down for a great deal of the episode. Among other things, you get plenty of stomach punches, a reverse bearhug, a heroine lifted by her costume, a backbreaker and a de-masking. Plenty of stuff here that I think peril fans will enjoy.

TBFE 31 14 175x98 Revelations from The Battle for EarthTBFE 31 15 175x98 Revelations from The Battle for EarthTBFE 31 16 175x98 Revelations from The Battle for Earth

Now, with the review out of the way, and the end of season one close at hand, I thought it may be a good time to take stock of where we are at with The Battle for Earth. I’ve looked back at the last 15 or so TBFE reviews, and they have all been positive. I have tried to re-watch most of the episodes recently, and there is a great deal to like. I have been a big fan since episode one and I still enjoy the work they are doing now. I do have one issue, however. I’m lost. More specifically, storyline-wise, I’m lost.

I could very much be alone in this. If I am, I apologize. And please don’t take this as any kind of attack on TBFE. As I mentioned, I’m a fa,n and I’ve given positive reviews to just about every episode. I just have some questions that maybe the producers can answer as long as it doesn’t spoil much. I just think the narratives for three major characters are kind of confusing.

1. What is Spawn’s endgame? Is it world domination? Is it revenge on Avalon? Is it to revive his wife and make her into an unstoppable force with the serum?

2. What is Kaid doing? I know he is recruiting heroines, but for what purpose? Is he doing it to fight Spawn? Is he doing it for is own evil purposes. Is he even a villain anymore? Why do his attempts at recruitment always have him punching the girl he is trying to recruit?

3. What is the deal with Lor’cal? What are his goals? He shows up every once in a while and gives a voice over that I usually don’t understand. If I could editorialize for a minute, I think Lor’cal needs to go away at some point. Sooner rather than later. To properly portray an omnipotent character, I think you need to have an omnipotent budget. I’m all for big thinking in these films, I just don’t think the character has ever come across well. My opinion only. I could very well be in the minority.

And that’s it. If one of the producers at TBFE could answer some of these questions, I think it would clear up a bit of confusion.

HM here – I’d just like to mention a couple of quick things: First, The Battle for Earth is going to be having a sale in the near future, so keep an eye out for that. Second, full trailers for The Battle for Earth’s films are available only on official Battle for Earth web site.

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1 Swampy170 November 16, 2011 at 7:00 pm

I think this episode is great, particularly when paired with the previous. The peril is really pretty well done.

However I totally agree with Sidekick! I just don’t think the storyline is being implemented properly.

There’s obviously some sort of backstory – however I feel it doesn’t come across particularly well. Obviously this is the first season, and there had to be some kinks ironed out, however this is the 31st spisode – if customers don’t get the story by now they never will.

Obviously this isn’t the mainstream, and the show’s not exactly going to get axed if the storyline doesn’t match up – but it would still be good to know the overall direction that each of the characters is taking.

I’m afraid the issue boils down to the writing and direction, don’t get me wrong – I love almost every episode individually. However as a complete series it’s mediocre at best purely because of the confused overall storyline.

I’d like to see a considerably longer final episode with plenty extra flashback material that would bring the whole storyline into clear focus, ready to start season 2 on high! :]

2 darklord November 16, 2011 at 8:24 pm

i’m tempted to buy this vid as both girls look amazing and the new tempest costume is hot as hell… BUT the confusing storyline (which has scared me away before) has me reluctant.

also, i haven’t seen the previous episodes but from the trailers i thought tempest was captured by spawn? I was hoping tempest would be turned evil and fight stealth… when you have two hot actresses in a film, have them fight each other! enough w/ the male villains in regular clothes. As mentioned by me many times before, monsters, robots, etc. are good or female villains. Anything else? Regular dudes in t-shirt and jeans? Not really appealing…

3 thebattleforearth November 16, 2011 at 8:33 pm

Hey guys – heading back to the studio – in traffic – may have to post up tomorrow but I’ll hit the storyline points – totally fair questions – and try and address a few things! Thanks everybody, Sidekick, and HM!


4 Jose November 16, 2011 at 10:43 pm

Whoa!!! That Stealth costume is sexy as hell!!! I have been following along ok and will definitely be picking this one up.

5 LordSnot November 17, 2011 at 3:25 am

Wow. That girl in purple… Wow. Please use her much more!

6 ximi November 17, 2011 at 10:37 am

Will buy this one, but ya I am totally lost long time ago – both in story and my interest in this series. Honestly IMHO it does NOT work well to have so many characters.

7 Dark J November 17, 2011 at 1:43 pm

Have to admit that I haven’t been following this series, but the Stealth costume has piqued my interest. Damn is it sexy!

8 sasha November 17, 2011 at 4:14 pm

brilliant …loved stealth!

9 thebattleforearth November 17, 2011 at 5:48 pm

Lol – Hey guys!

All right – fair enough to everybody with the story line. I think all of us actually concur with you guys. I’ll actually address each of Sidekick’s questions, but I’ll first try and offer an apology/explanation :) I think the toughest thing this season was the transition point at episode 14 when Rye decided to move on to other projects, mostly due to location and logistics. When this happened, we talked and agreed that most of the early characters created, were very much attached to him as a producer/director/writer, and TBFE agreed to come up with different characters and rename Superiorgirl. He’s incredibly well respected, a personal friend of mine, and many of the names used in episodes 1-14 are and have been associated with him for quite some time.

That all being said, I think hind sight is probably 20/20. It likely would have been wise at that point to terminate the season with a few episodes, and then start a fresh story line using a similar back story but new characters. Well, hind sight is 20/20 and we chose not to. There’s the apology for the confusion, as looking back, we’ve actually had to watch all the episodes ourselves multiple times to make sure continuity was kept. I know – there’ve been some errors and it’s become a bit difficult to follow.

In going forward, our goal next season is to keep the story line more basic, add character development, and allow each episode to contain a complete quality story. Important though is to keep the overall premise, even with independent and intertwining storylines concurrently going; simple and basic enough to follow!

Before touching on Sidekick’s questions, I’ll say this much. After launching the season finale, I’ll touch on other changes that will be coming for next season – costumes, style changes, script changes, character terminations, continuations, and who we’re looking to create. All that for next time. Ok – on to Sidekick’s questions!

1. What is Spawn’s endgame? Is it world domination? Is it revenge on Avalon? Is it to revive his wife and make her into an unstoppable force with the serum?

Spawn – This is pretty important, as his character is one of the exceptions to the rule – he’s continued throughout the series as he’s actually one of the TBFE team. First, Spawn is a nuclear physicist, just as his father was, and his assistant was originally Kaid. Spawn’s original driving force was his serum. The serum’s original building blocks used Kaid’s DNA. Spawn’s endgame is absolutely domination and power. He’s been able to tweak the serum to the point where it’s properties, if injected in a high enough dose, could conceivably make someone invincible or even revive someone from death. In smaller doses, it will certainly enhance abilities, but has a slightly different effect on all those who take it. His revenge to Avalon consumed him for quite a few episodes, and TBFE really wanted to wrap that sub plot with another episode with Avalon. Unfortunately, her career has gone huge, and she honestly isn’t doing anymore work in this genre (to my knowledge). She’s gone mostly mainstream, and if I’m not mistaken – union. We left the sub plot slightly open by suggesting she’d never “show her face again”, and we’ve supposed she’s in hiding. As Spawn seeks power and domination, Superheroines continue to thwart his plans, but his ego always seems to get the best of him (his weakness), and he never quite exterminates all of them. This is especially true with Superianna, whom he enjoys toying with, but ultimately sees her as only a semi-worthy adversary. His dead wife Elise is still a subplot which will come out next season – yes – an unstoppable force injected with the serum. With respect again to Rye, we’ve held off on re-introducing her, and will likely change her name while keeping her origins the same. In short, Spawn continues to pursue world domination by anonymously introducing ideas of chaos into the general populous in an effort to create darkness in society. At that point, it’s his plan to step up and become a “beacon” of hope for a society in chaos – the dictator who rises up and takes over the sheep running aimlessly. He will continue to destroy or more likely incapacitate Superheroines who stand in the way of his plan, and focus on resurrecting his dead wife as a partner in his quest for domination. It’s also important to note that he’s viewed by society as a very powerful and well know scientist and philanthropist. His powers are fairly vast, mainly focusing on manipulation of all energy. This leaves few areas where he is weak. It will take a combination of forces to bring him down.

2. What is Kaid doing? I know he is recruiting heroines, but for what purpose? Is he doing it to fight Spawn? Is he doing it for his own evil purposes. Is he even a villain anymore? Why do his attempts at recruitment always have him punching the girl he is trying to recruit?

Kaid – Kaid is more one dimensional. Having worked for Spawn for years, and having donated his DNA to create the serum in its basic form, he is also a brilliant mind. He had far more to do with the development of the serum, and is simply angered by Spawn taking credit for much of his work over the years. After they have a falling out, Kaid goes his own way with really one goal in mind. It’s simple revenge. Since his DNA was used originally, and since he also has the knowledge and ability to tweak and use the serum, he’s become powerful. At one point, he was granted Night Girl’s powers of control of energy (in a more limited form), and that in combination with his morphing DNA is creating a power within him that even he doesn’t understand. The abilities listed off above parallel Spawn’s, so the writers wanted to set him apart a bit. His character is more of a playboy – well known in society as a rich and powerful womanizer; arrogant, outspoken, but ultimately a powerful figure. The writers introduced the crystal to give him an ability Spawn doesn’t quite possess. Since it came from Selina, a sorceress, it has granted Kaid telepathic abilities and the ability to feel and see developing Superheroines; and even future events eventually. For all of Spawn’s powers, he isn’t able to do this (If you watch the end of Ep 31, you will see even Spawn doesn’t realize he may actually have this ability as well – I’ll just leave that one). We want Kaid and Spawn to be able to go head to head and be equally dominant, but with very different agendas. It’s easy to classify him as a character that stands against Spawn, but a villain? Sure. He’s a villain with revenge on his mind and a hatred and drive that paint him as damn near a sociopath. That creates a wildcard character that would just as soon humiliate or dominate any superheroine that stands in his way of revenge. His agenda is to take down Spawn, not necessarily to dominate the world though. This could easily change as he obtains more power, but that’s where it stands currently. Yes, he is recruiting budding heroines to stand against Spawn. His attempts at recruitment always begin with coercing by means of communication or manipulation, but the heroines never give in easily – they never will. So he often takes them by force. Think of the relationship between a kidnapper and his prey. After weeks or months in captivity, they stay voluntarily, often falling for the captor; even fighting for him. This process will repeat itself as more Superheroines fall victim to him.

3. What is the deal with Lor’cal? What are his goals? He shows up every once in a while and gives a voice over that I usually don’t understand. If I could editorialize for a minute, I think Lor’cal needs to go away at some point. Sooner rather than later. To properly portray an omnipotent character, I think you need to have an omnipotent budget. I’m all for big thinking in these films, I just don’t think the character has ever come across well. My opinion only. I could very well be in the minority.

Lor’cal – He was introduced originally to create a 4th dimension, time, with the ability to create episodes with different outcomes, characters, etc… He’s been purposely left incredibly vague and for those that are paying attention to his diatribes, you’ll notice they’ve begun to run parallel with most of Spawn’s goals, while still staying vague enough to keep you wondering wtf? His major difference to Spawn is that he states he feeds off of the dark energy of a “fallen Superheroine”. I’ll explain more on this in 32′s post. Since his introduction, we wanted him to be the character that produces a fairly major twist towards the end of the season. If you’ve watched the latest episode, I don’t want to give it away, but it turns out he’s not necessarily “omnipotent” as once he claimed. Also, he really doesn’t exist going into next season as originally created. We ultimately agree with the big budget/omnipotent character idea. It’s a nice thought, but it should take place with a deserving budget. Therefore, we’ve made the choice that takes place at the end of episode 31. I’ll touch more on Lor’cal and how he relates to Spawn when posting on the finale string.

Hey, we know elements of suspense and ultimately peril are at the core. It’s our opinion as well that it’s been a bit difficult to focus on that through the storyline. It’s a storyline that demands a customer watch every episode back to back. Even then, we think there ended being just too many characters – exactly as Sidekick stated. The storyline, continuing characters, and background are now established, and the characters will actually receive fairly lengthy descriptions, similar to the above descriptions on the website. This goes for every returning Superheroine and villain alike. Hopefully, with a core already established, the writers can simplify each episode, and allow the overall story to still make sense next season, even if an episode is skipped. I’ll touch on who’s returning next season in 32′s post. I’m sure this was quite enough for everyone. My apologies for the length. As Sidekick very wisely stated – There’s just too much story in this thing to follow:). Case in point with this book for an explanation!

Take care everybody and hope you enjoy this and the finale, and we’re all looking forward to next season. Stay tuned for the description of the changes coming in 32′s post!!!



10 Swampy170 November 17, 2011 at 6:10 pm

Thanks Allen, that explains it all ;)

Might I make a suggestion as to how to solve you continuity problem?

Why not do it in the same way that mainstream series’ do? Add a 5 minute “as seen previously” clip at the beginning. Very simple, yet it allows the viewers to at the very least have an idea what has gone on, even though they may have missed an episode.

Sometime this kind of clip can go back half a season in a mainstream series.

It just seems like quite an eloquent solution – and saves you simplifying the episodes. As I say, I’ve really liked how each episode has been put together so far ;)


11 thebattleforearth November 18, 2011 at 4:17 pm


You know, we actually started the season doing just that – not quite that long – but a as seen previously on the front end of every episode. We actually got some complaints. Word was no one really wanted to rewatch the last episode. Therefore, we actually stopped doing it.

I’m game to pop it back on the table again though? Any thoughts?


12 swampy170 November 18, 2011 at 5:31 pm

Obviously the first episode would simply start, but I don’t see where people can have a problem if the length of the episode is unaffected. Since you’re not Clips4sale and paying by the minute I really can’t see why they’d have reason to complain.

In the mainstream they’re careful about how it’s done – always keepin it the same length then having a title sequence at an alloted time. If you did it that way it should solve the problem for your regulars – they can simply skip to the set start time without watching the “as seen previously” clip, while allowing those who haven’t bought every episode to catch up.

The important thing is keeping it them same length and having the title sequence at a set point.

13 thebattleforearth November 18, 2011 at 6:05 pm

We kinda wondered as well – We’ll see about doing it next season! Great suggestion though:)


14 thefab4 November 18, 2011 at 6:25 pm

at the end of the season how about a round up with awards ceremony the way you did at the end of the training room series? i thought that was really good.

15 Swampy170 November 18, 2011 at 6:52 pm

@TBFE – Thanks, look forward to it ;)

@thefab4 – lol, wrong producer – You’re thinking of Next Global Crisis ;)

16 thebattleforearth November 18, 2011 at 7:03 pm

Haven’t quite got a chance to catch the end of the Training Room series. I’ll check it out.


17 yak June 15, 2012 at 3:44 pm

hold on… is stealth superior girl (1984)?

18 Decendingskulls June 15, 2012 at 5:17 pm

Good eye Yak. i think you’re right.

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