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Ring Divas Girls of War TrailerAVAILABLE NOW! [CLICK HERE TO ORDER] Here’s the trailer for Ring Divas‘ re-booted Girls of War series.  The first episode features Cali Danger in the starring role.  (Now updated with Sidekick’s review and an announcement from Ring Divas!)

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UPDATE: Ring Divas Announces Superheroine Project

Here’s an announcement from Ring Divas about record-breaking sales for Girls of War, and for a new project the company is about to begin working on (which should please superheroine fans):

RingDivas is ecstatic about the overwhelmingly positive response in reviews and the earth shattering sales from Girls of War Episode 1!!! Girls of War Episode 1 starring Cali Danger has officially shattered the 1st day sales record of any other product (wrestling or non-wrestling) RingDivas has produced… ever!!! We wanted to take a moment to thank all of our fans for the positive reviews and the support for the RDTV network and its debut show![…]

So, what’s next? We would first like to ask that fans please e-mail or post your feedback on GOW Episode 1 on the live chat board.

We have receive what seems to be nothing but glowingly positive responses and compliments on the episode and that is VERY much appreciated but we want criticism as well. Constructive criticism of course. If you would have changed things or wished things were included please e-mail them to us so that we know what to fix and what to add.

Which brings us to the next production. As a whole RDTV will focus on four main seasonal shows. The first of which is Girls of War. The previously announced shows (Abducted and AKIREN will be produced by KVD Studios). The next project up for RingDivas production will be a genre that we have never tackled up until now.

The upcoming project will be a Super Heroine Series and we couldn’t be more excited about it!!! So just as we started the feedback loop for Girls of War Episode 1 we would officially like to begin taking requests and suggestions for RingDivas first ever Super Heroine Series!!! Please click here to Send your requests and suggestions for our upcoming Super Heroine project!!!

UPDATE: 23+ Minutes of Behind the Scenes Footage

Review by Sidekick

The re-booted Girls of War is a film that generated quite a bit of pre-release buzz around here, and I think this is a review that is best broken down categorically so we can delve into the good and the not so good. And honestly, there is plenty of each.

STORY IN A NUTSHELL – Sage (Cali) is tasked with investigating an evil organization that is is after the launch codes for a biological weapon.

THE STORY IN DEPTH – [Spoilers below] Outside of a warehouse, Sage takes out some goons with her guns. Just as everything seems clear she enters the warehouse and there is a large explosion that knocks her out, but doesn’t do any real damage. She recovers but almost immediately runs into trouble. She avoids some goons, but is soon discovered and knocked out. She awakens to find herself stripped to her bra and panties and tied up to a couple of poles. We then meet the evil female interrogator, who Sage seems to recognize. The bad guys tie Sage up by her legs and hang her upside down. Venus and her goons then take a cattle prod to her for a long while. Too long, actually, and we’ll get to that later. They choke her, deliver some punches to her face and stomach, and hit her with some low blows. I think they were low blows. More on the iffy camera work later as well. The interrogator then rubs some liquid on Sage to make the cattle prod that much more painful. There is more belly punching, more shock torture, and a community choke hold at the end that apparently kills Sage. The End.

THE LADIES – The lead heroine is played by Cali Danger, and as a guy who likes redheads, I couldn’t be happier. She is an absolute fox. Just a perfect 10, and it’s plainly obvious why she has become the face of Ring Divas. I also have to say her acting has improved dramatically since Inara: The Jungle Girl where I felt she was a bit stiff at times. The two other girls, Farah and the interrogator are beautiful as well and did solid acting work in the film. Kudos all around.

PRODUCTION VALUES – For the first ten minutes they are outstanding. A great location, nice sound effect work, and some great visuals when Sage is communicating with Farah. Unfortunately, a lot of this doesn’t carry over into the torture scene. As it’s been noted by others (in the comments below), the sound effects work really suffer when Sage takes punches.

CAMERA WORK – Once again, it starts out great, but devolves badly towards the middle and then misses out on dozens of shots that fans find important—mostly reaction shots. I don’t know if you put this on the director or the cameraman, but it hurts the quality of the film. No doubt about it.

THE WRITING – Not exactly Aaron Sorkin in his prime, but hey, neither am I, so I can’t really blast them for it. Just little things bother me—like the explosion Sage is exposed to when she entered the bad guys’ lair. The goons inside were supposed to have enhanced senses. Shouldn’t they have heard the big explosion and come running?

THE ACTION – And now we come to the biggest problem. There is not one second of hand-to-hand combat in this movie. HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN??? Great peril is born out of up close-up fighting, in my opinion. It’s not like they didn’t have the actress to pull it off. Cali Danger is a trained wrestler! She pretend-fights all the time. I love gun-play as much as the next guy, but the action in these films always revolves around hand-to-hand combat. Just an inexcusable omission. What the heck were they thinking?

THE RATIO – For a 40-minute film, you get a few minutes of action and almost 30 minutes of torture. I think that ratio needs to be reversed or at least made a little more even. I know some of you probably loved the long, drawn out torture scene. I have no problem with that. It’s just not my thing, and I think it went on way too long for most viewers.

METAL GEAR CALI – Much of pacing early on in the sneaking scenes and the com-link conversations are influenced by the “Metal Gear” franchise. Heck, they even incorporate some of the sound effects from that series. Not a bad thing. I actually think it’s a cool idea, and they execute it quite well.

A WEIGHT PROBLEM – Did anyone else notice that Cali has a bit of trouble walking early in the film? It must be either from the hockey pads she wears on her legs, or maybe it was the 50-pounds of equipment layered on a girl that can’t weigh more than a hundred pounds. Just something I noticed and found amusing.

SUMMARY – It’s obvious that a lot of time and money was spent on making this film. A big cast, long run time, and heavy special effects work all contribute to that. To take on such a project and complete it is a monumental undertaking, and the Ring Divas crew deserves credit for doing it. The opening ten minutes hold such promise, but then it turns into a borderline R-rated torture film which just didn’t work for me in either content or execution.

Throughout the film, I just kept on thinking to myself, “What would other producers that we cover regularly have been capable of with these resources?” I hope one day we find out. I do believe Ring Divas can do better than this. As I mentioned, they show great promise in spurts, but I find the end product to be lacking, and I think it’s the fault of the people behind the camera and not the cast.

Hey, does anyone remember when this site first came into being and HM would give letter grades to films he reviewed? I do and although it’s not something I plan to utilize on a regular basis I give the new Girls of War the same grade I give HM as a boss: C-

Ring Divas Girls of War TrailerRing Divas Girls of War TrailerRing Divas Girls of War Trailer

Ring Divas Girls of War TrailerRing Divas Girls of War TrailerRing Divas Girls of War Trailer

Ring Divas Girls of War TrailerRing Divas Girls of War TrailerRing Divas Girls of War Trailer



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