Ring Divas’ “Torture Rack of Death Vol. 2″

Ring Divas' "Torture Rack of Death Vol. 2"Ring Divas' "Torture Rack of Death Vol. 2"Ring Divas' "Torture Rack of Death Vol. 2"

Ring Divas has re-entered the heroine movie realm (sort of) with Torture Rack of Death Vol. 2. It’s your basic “tortured heroine” movie, but with a smaller budget and with none of the expanded storylines or characters.  Instead, Torture Rack of Death Vol. 2 gets right to the point with Sam Sexton (as “herself”) being immediately choked and knocked out only to find herself bound to a torture rack (in a dressing room as opposed to the bad guys’ warehouse or factory or evil lair as in most heroine movies).  Her unnamed tormentor tortures her with punches, chokes, blows to the body with a nightstick, and even a taser.

Sam Sexton looks good as the heroine/victim, and the movie benefits from getting right to the point and not wasting time with overwrought characterizations or unnecessary attempts at narrative.  The movie simply gets right into the action.  Unlike the Sayuri and Girls of War films from Ring Divas, the focus is more on the victim and less on the torturer, which is a good thing.

However, the film suffers from the same basic flaws that have prevented some of Ring Divas’ previous efforts from being successful, in my opinion.  The heroine, in this case Sam Sexton, basically whines and cries her way through the ordeal.  This essentially reduces her from a tough, strong heroine to a helpless victim. I’m always baffled by this and wonder whether this appeals to many viewers. To me, the whole appeal of these kinds of films depends on the heroine remaining strong and resolute through the torture.  Otherwise, if the heroine is crying and pleading to her tormentor, we’re basically reduced to watching an innocent, helpless girl being beaten, which isn’t fun to me.  I’m sure that some people out there must like this “whiny heroine” style (and many viewers may prefer it), but to me it defeats the purpose of the heroine genre.

Ring Divas' "Torture Rack of Death Vol. 2"Ring Divas' "Torture Rack of Death Vol. 2"Ring Divas' "Torture Rack of Death Vol. 2"

What’s even more confusing is Sam Sexton’s performance.  She’s actually very good and convincing as the captured heroine, but at times her behavior makes no sense.  After several minutes of pleading with her torturer and saying, “No, please, please, no, no, no, please…” she suddenly spits in his face!  I like the show of resistance, but typically if you want someone to stop doing something, spitting in his face is a bad idea.  A few minutes later, Sam suddenly says, defiantly, “You give me ALL YOU’VE GOT!!  Bring it on!”  Then, a few moments later, she’s back to her crying, helpless ways.  I suspect this inconsistency is the result of the director trying to coax a more defiant performance out of his actress and Sam Sexton reverting to her instinctual performance style.  Either way, it results in a less-than-satisfying heroine movie, in my opinion.

Still, there’s a lot to like about it.  Sam Sexton looks hot, and the story is basically what you would expect from a heroine movie, so if you like the genre, this might be worth checking out.  If you’re bothered, as I am, by a whining victim, you may want to avoid this one, but if not, then you’ll most likely get your money’s worth.  I give a grade of C+.

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RingDivas' Torture Rack vol. 2 starring Sam Sexton


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  • May. 2, 2013 at 4:42 pm

    My one issue with a lot of these western produced heroine peril films is these standard-issue douche bag dough-boys they cast as ‘villains’. They usually look pathetic beating on tied or restrained women, and if push actually came to shove, they’d be the first to be used to mop the floor with when actual heroes showed up.

  • May. 2, 2013 at 8:59 pm

    Your spot-on comment cracked me up. :)

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