Robyn: Madness in a Bottle

Robyn: Madness in a Bottle is now available (here). Better yet, it’s also available as part of a Combo Pack along with two brand new Super Heroine Limited custom videos: Kidnapped and Kung Fu Bikini, starring Missy Rhodes! Details below…

Robyn: Madness in a Bottle
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Robyn: Madness in a BottleRobyn: Madness in a BottleRobyn: Madness in a Bottle

Robyn: Madness in a BottleRobyn: Madness in a BottleRobyn: Madness in a Bottle

Robyn: Madness in a BottleRobyn: Madness in a BottleRobyn: Madness in a Bottle

Robyn investigates an abandoned building and discovers a deadly toxin. She is not alone. Soon she finds herself cornered by the Scarecrow who has a few tricks up her sleeve. Can Robyn overcome a lunatic who has long lost her mind?

[Spoilers] Content: Baseball bat blows, strangulation by bat, forced liquid consumption, hallucinations, belt and cape removal, brief flogging, whipping, costume destruction, belly punches, belly scratching, low blow with baseball bat, jaw punts with baseball bat, knee torture with baseball bat, being restrained to door by arms, spanking, demasking.


Produced by Super Heroine Limited and Heroine Movies
Running time: 18 minutes β€’ 935 MB β€’ Format: .mov

  1. This looks awesome! I’ve been hoping for another video with Brit as Robyn!

  2. Stagger Lee

    Excellent! I LOVE Brit’s look and costume, really a perfect Robin. I do hope there is more dialogue in this one – it was my one real criticism of the first Robin movie.

  3. I can’t wait. I loved Brit’s performance in the original and she’s cute as a button – the perfect victim for domination.

  4. Darklord

    Yeah the first vid was disappointing but I agree it was largely due to the lack of dialogue.

    I love that Brit is a fan turned actress and that third pic is sexy. I am looking forward to this one and hope it delivers the goods.

    Any fondling/groping or light sexual peril? Curious to know what situations and fetishes that Brit personally enjoys.

  5. Hey guys!

    Thanks for the kind words…..

    As always, I loved being Robyn and enjoyed making this movie. Sadly, there is no nudity but there is much more dialogue. We did keep some of Robyn’s stoicism though.
    The third pic is also my favorite…it seems so devious and I look so helpless.

    I am really into domination and being completely under someone else’s control. I also enjoy the violent aspects of being beat up, whipped or what have you. I am not so into nudity because I feel like some of the most erotic scenarios can happen while being fully dressed.

    Anyway, hope everyone enjoys the vid.

    Hugs and kisses,

  6. Redmountain


    That is actually good to hear! While nudity can work with these vids somewhat, for me I lose all interest as soon as the heroine is out of her costume as she becomes just “another naked girl” and it loses all appeal to me.

    Can’t wait to see you in this new vid!

  7. Brit. Would you be into doing nudity? How would you feel about bra and panties?

  8. @red
    That is refreshing to hear. I am glad someone else sees my point.

    I am okay with bra and panties, or even nude tops or bottoms. But I feel like it loses something to go full nude. For me, there is something erotic about being violated or beaten in your costume because it’s violating the sanctity of social norms.


  9. Yeah, I respect your opinion on nudity. Sometimes things are sexier if they’re more subtle and there is a little left to the imagination. It’s more of a tease that way. That said, I think you’d look amazing in your underwear and it would add a level of vulnerability.

  10. Larry,

    I agree, it would add vulnerability that I had not previously thought about. Especially if the super heroine was attacked in a comfortable place where she felt safe and had let her guard down. There are many ways to set this scenario well.

    That being said, without revealing anything, I may be doing another video soon that won’t show nudity but would be a much more revealing costume than you have currently seen from me. Those who enjoy bare midriffs would be pleased.

    And thanks for the kind compliment….


  11. krispin

    What about hand to hand fight and wrestling. Robin you are so cute, but the bad girl looks heavier and stronger. I hope we have you outwrestled and beaten.

  12. Fantastic to see one of my favourite damsels back as one of my favourite characters! Really looking forward to this one….any hints of the type of peril we’ll be seeing…?

  13. Great! i am big fan of the first one. It was very well done. The actress performance was great and beautiful ( i love the girl next door type) and the joker was very sinister and crazy. If it robyn will have more dialog to play like the community are saying it will be even more cool than the first. Hope there will be a lot of belly punches too ( the first one was amazing in this area ha!). Looking foward to it and sorry for my english

  14. Aw….thanks, you guys.

    We made this video with you guys in mind and took your suggestions from the last message boards. There is some hand to hand, some belly punching, and what I consider to be awesome torture. I don’t want to give too much away. I can’t wait for you all to see it. I hope you like it as much as the last one.

    @ beast
    Your English is excellent.


  15. Well up for this now! Missed you Brit! Hopefully a trailers on its way…?

  16. some kind of ninja

    does this one have teh bare midriff on Robyn?

  17. Stagger Lee

    Please, please, please post a trailer or more pics πŸ˜‰ – the anticipation is KILLING me!

  18. Damien Woods

    @some kind of ninja – It does.

    @Stagger Lee – It will be here sooner than later

  19. Stagger Lee

    Brit, I’d love to see you in more movies. You have a lot of qualities that most actresses in the genre lack, and I think it could make you one of the best. You have such a real look and the fact that you’re so passionate and into the genre really shows and makes it that much more enjoyable. A great cross between girl next door and badass crime fighter! I wish I was lucky enough to play the villain to your heroine πŸ˜‰ – I’d love the chance to demask you! Sorry for being creepy, haha.

  20. @Stagger Lee

    You are making me blush! So many kind words. It really isn’t creepy at all. I would love to make more videos. I hope to have more things made for you guys before my hiatus in February. Part of me not making more videos is being located in Texas, most directors do not live here. Sad face. As for being my villain, we are always looking for male villains in Texas.


  21. G-Reaper2001

    Hm, and Brit,
    I’m looking forward to the new video. Brit you look amazing and it looks like Robyn is going to need a new costume judging from the rips you can see in the third picture :)
    Good luck on the video and those to follow!

  22. G-Reaper2001

    I will be happy to buy your video if you ever offer it without having to go through those paypal nazis. they have been screwing with me for over a year on their info screw up.

  23. G-reaper2001

    ok, I have to take back the negative Paypal remark. I finally got a customer service rep who helped me out greatly…so off to buy the movie! πŸ˜€

  24. G-Reaper2001

    Brit, and HM that video was fantastic! Brit, you were stunning as Robyn, and I must say you are very fit! I couldn’t believe how great your abs looked, and I’m not even into mid sections lol. without getting too creepy, I was glad to see the cape go because you look great from the back as well πŸ˜‰ I don’t want to spoil anything, but Robyn is definitely going to need a new costume! the camera work was spot on, maybe a few sound issues in some places, but not enough to bother me. we cant all have George Lucas’s equipment :-) great job all around!

  25. Thanks, G-Reaper! Glad you enjoyed it. Damien and Brit deserve the credit since they are the director and star of the show.

  26. Could we get some more info on the other 2 unreleased vids you get as part of the Haloween package?

    The single screenshots have me very curious….

  27. Damien Woods

    @Tony I should have put together trailers, that was an oversight in the final stage of finishing the Robyn video. I will try to put together some by tomorrow, hopefully that isn’t a hindrance.

  28. @Brit, HM, and Damien,
    I just bought the video last night, and I wanted to say that this was an awesome watch! Brit may be the perfect heroine in distress, because she has this feistyness to her performance as Robyn, and her size adds to her vulnerability. It doesn’t hurt that she’s incredibly gorgeous. I would love to see her ravished by her attacker in a video, nudity doesn’t have to be a part of it though, I agree with Brit’s opinion on that. The girl who played the villain did a great job as well. My only minor issue was that the whipping scene went a little too long, but that’s just a very minor part of a tremendous video. I’m looking forward to Brit’s next video!

  29. Dillhole

    This was great. Brit is beautiful and talented and I thought the villainess was especially good.

  30. Masmune

    I just want to echo the positive reviews.

    Brit, you are fantastic. You really become the character. I don’t know whether your acting ability comes from experience, being part of the niche, and/or innate talent, but you were great in this video! I’m happy they finally let you speak! πŸ˜‰

    The video overall is very well done. If there’s been another good Scarecrow villain video, I haven’t seen it. The uniqueness only adds to the enjoyment. Also, an extra tip of the cap to Rye for his special effects work. Damien did an excellent job directing including the performances of the actresses and a very nice variety of peril. Also, with the exception of the whipping scene referenced above, the video flows very nicely and the action is snappy.

    Overall, I think this is a very high quality video. If you liked the first Robyn video, you should definitely get this one!

    PS: I, too, believe that the sexiness of the costume is better than nudity.

  31. Damien Woods

    @DKM No, she doesn’t. But if there is a follow up I promise there will be multiple endings if I am involved.

    @lazxmw I agree. Since the first Robyn I sought out to work with Brit and was not disappointed at all. Thank you for your kind words. We actually had a henchmen written in the script who was a no show, if that had not been the case there definitely would have been ravishing. The whipping scene does go on a bit too long for my personal taste as well. But the whipping lovers of the forum requested so much whipping I think I was just trying to over cater to their needs.

    @Masmune Thank you for all the kind words. To clarify Rye provided some of the SFX, as in sound effects, to the film. He does his own foley work for punches and bat hits etc. Its pretty great stuff. Someone had mentioned in a previous review that my punch sfx sucked, so I went to Rye for advice etc. So in short Rye is awesome.

  32. Hey guys,

    Thank you so much for your kind words. I always aim to please you guys.

    I totally need a new costume and am super excited about it. Although, as both Damien and HM can tell you, I was incredibly sad to see the old one go. And yes, losing my cape allows you to see me from all angles. Thank you for noticing my abs, I do try to stay fit for these videos.

    I am pretty feisty and so is Robyn. Thanks again for your support, I would love to be ravished! I actually enjoyed the whipping scene a lot. It was fun and exciting, so I thought it was a good length for my taste.

    @dill hole,
    Thank you, I am glad you think so. πŸ˜‰


    Thank you. Before these videos, all of my acting was done on stage. I am glad that my extensive stage training shows and is able to help make the videos more authentic. And I am glad you agree with me about the nudity, always good to be on the same side.

    I hope to work with Damien again soon to make another videos for you guys. He was excellent to work with and I had a blast making this!


  33. @Damien, if you do another and she dies at the end, I’ll buy 1,000 of them

  34. @Damien
    I know how that goes. I’ve been trying to get something filmed or almost two years now, and each time the model I picked to play the lead heroine no shows on me. So I feel your annoyance. I do commend you for listening to the fans ideas about the whipping, costume destruction, etc. I am looking forward to your and Brit’s next vid.
    I’m always happy to offer support to she who inspired me to make heroine in peril movies! I hope you get ravished on video soon! πŸ˜‰

  35. Damien Woods

    @DKM I am holding you to that. πŸ˜€

    @lazxmw I have had mostly good luck with models but there is the occasional fall off. I think the trick is rethinking the situation immediately at hand, getting over your own personal expectations for the shoot etc. But yes, it can be rough to just get things started to begin with.

  36. @Damien
    Trust me, after two years I’ve pretty much whittled the story down to the barest minimum, and I can adapt to any situation, except when my lead actress no shows on me. But I will get this movie done someday! I want to throw my hat into the heroine in peril movie ring!

  37. @brit

    Could you ever do one where only the chest of the costume gets torn off, and same goes for the down there.

    That way you can still be in most of your costume while doing nudity and a Superheroine vid.

  38. Although, I would also like the Villianess to be like a topless dominatrix.

  39. I dont like to be the bad guy here but i prefer the first one. This one it wasnt executed that well…i dont know but it seems that it was made by other director. Its a good effort though. The second half was pretty good. The actresses were good but it seems that it was a lot of improvisation in it. I see a couple of laugh too ha. But when it works it works well. The scene with whip was very good, good edit there. I would like to have a more extensive vocabulary to express a better critic. But its worth the purchase. Brit looks great and more comfortable as robyn. I am pretty sure that if there will be another video it will be a lot better and the director will do a great job.

  40. Damien Woods

    @beast The first one was made by another director. And don’t worry about speaking up, it helps make future videos better.

  41. deathrode

    good work there brit.

    btw brit do you have a website about yourself. would
    like to see more of your projects.
    what i would like to see in the future is your body str abd at the same time ung up with both feet off the ground and have your shoes & socks off.

  42. Brit, your abs…. Wow! I can see why you’re going with a more midriff bearing costume next time around. Good stuff. Can’t wait for the next one.

  43. Basically I’ll buy any video with Brit being dominated and punished!

  44. @ kaizar

    I would probably be okay with my top being shredded whilst being tortured. Probably more likely to have the villainess to be topless. Although, I hope the next video has more men in it. I love being dominated by men also.


    The first video was great and it’s always good to have an opinion. I am going to be making another one soon, hopefully, and I hope it better suits your tastes. Everyone prefers different directors because they have different styles. I hope you continue watching.


    I don’t have a website currently. I have an email address if you would like to contact me or find out new info about what I am doing. I should probably have HM make me a website or something. And I really like the scenario youu suggested.


    Thank you. I am excited about my next costume. I think you guys will love it. Everyone who has ever complained about my converse will be happy. (still holding grudges against everyone who hates them!) anyway, stay tuned for more abs, I will go work out now to prepare even harder.


    I am excited for you to get the video. I hope you like it. And thank you for the super kind sentiments.


  45. some kind of ninja

    how long does the belly scratching part last?

  46. i purchased the 1st one solely due that i liked the look of the actress and she seemed perfect as robyn and then after watching it i have to admit i was a little dissapointed in the villain protraying the joker as it just didnt work for me, his accent was lame and i think his part could of been better more crazier and silly and better perils and i agree with everybody about the lack of dialogue from brit but she was the part i liked about the 1st one the most as she nailed the damsel in distress really well just wish there was more peril instead of hitting her with a bat,and as far as nudity i agree with you brit as i think being tortured and having the costume torn to shreds in humiliation not exposing the model as she would have her underwear still on but there is nothing more erotic to me then a heroine being unmasked as that is what superheroine is really about the humilation of the heroine and all these companies now jumping into full blown porn i dont like it cause just like a gentleman said once the model is naked it then looses it’s appeal and it becomes something else which if that is what you want there are tons of it to purchase.

    now with that said i was hoping brit would do more and better storylines etc and looks like the new one will be better so im looking forward to purchasing it in a couple of days to see more brit as i think you have a bright future in superheroine films and kinda stinks you’ll be in hiatus cause of moving. but i also make superheroine videos myself and have been doing it for 6 years and our productions have lots of humor in them to kinda give a 60’s batman style meets the 3 stooges with the hottest models in the business like christina carter, paris kennedy and another model you guys have worked with hannah perez, so brit i will send you a message about possible future work if your interested and we can discuss it more and thanks guys for making these films you guys are on the right track and i know your productions will even get better so all my best and keep rocking it.

  47. I’m a bit …(gasp)…out of breath from reading that. William Faulkner is nodding in approval from the grave. For the sake of my respiratory system, perhaps you could emulate Hemmingway instead?

  48. Jerkstore

    @bert LOL

    Who among us has not made a drunk post with punctuation issues?

  49. @ Bert

    My respect and esteem for you just increased tenfold.

    @ peter James

    Wow. That’s a mouthfull to respond to and I hope I can do it justice.

    I think some of the issues in the first film, were my fault, as it was my film and I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to be doing. I didn’t improv well and HM is a director who really wants the actresses to feel their character and give their own take. I think we didn’t go as far with peril in the first movie because everyone was uncertain as to how much I could handle and what my reactions would be.

    I feel like this second film was better for me because I knew what was expected from me and Damien really spelled out everything well. I liked the storyline and I was just more comfortable in my skin and as Robyn. The great reviews from everyone really helped. There is more peril and it is more brutal than the original.

    I would love to work with you and feel free to contact me about anything. To clarify, I am going on hiatus, not because I am moving, but because I will be studying in Chile from February to July. I have to finish up all my projects here by December and then I will have about two open weeks in February.

    anyway, I look forward to hearing from you.


  50. Damien Woods

    @Kaizar I can’t answer on the behalf of HM but for my personal work I have no current plans to work with body builders.

  51. some kind of ninja

    er, Damien? You haven’t answered my question above yet…

  52. peter james

    sorry everybody for my long and badly punctuated post i will keep it short, thank you brit for responding to my post and now i understand about your hiatus status and wish you well with that,

    sounds like you will be back in action in time for fetishcon in aug in tampa fl, a show i recommend you try to attend as you will make great contacts and make some money and i will be there also so we can possibly work together i will message you about it.

  53. G-Reaper2001

    @some kind of ninja, perhaps I can answer that for you. From the time the villianess tears her shirt, it appears to be between ten and twelve seconds of actual belly scratching.

  54. Damien Woods

    @some kind of ninja: 12 seconds, sorry I somehow missed your post.

  55. Just wanted to let everyone know that the Combo Pack will no longer be available after Friday, and all three videos will only be available for purchase separately (all three videos will total about $41 after that time!).

  56. @Peter James

    I will look into that. However, it coincides with the start of my senior year of college, so we shall have to see. I would love to go though. Maybe I can talk HM into accompanying me. I eagerly await your email!


  57. For the record, I always liked the green converse sneakers. I hope they enjoy their retirement.

    Just throwing this out there to Brit and Co., but I write professionally and would be willing to put together a script for you guys. It could feature many of the requests on this thread, if desired. If you’re interested, great. If not, then just keep on doin’ what you’re doin’.

  58. @Larry
    Thanks for the support. I will always hold you in the highest esteem for this.
    Green converse are awesome. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I would like to see a script idea.


  59. randy smith

    hey everybody does anyone buy from clips4sale? i really wanna purchase a few items but am nervous about using my credit/debit card due to fraud that occured while purchasing from ringdivas? any input is great really wanna use paypal but theres no option.thanks

  60. @ Brit & Damien
    I was just wondering when the next video starring Brit might be coming out? I’ve been seeing a drought of heroine vids that I would buy, so I would love to hear if a new Brit video might be coming sooner rather then later.
    And not to steal someone’s thunder, but I also write scripts, and I would love to chat with you about ideas and storylines and such.

  61. @Larry
    Sorry, just seeing your post reminded me that although I don’t write scripts for a living, although I would love too, I do write them, and they have been well received. So I didn’t really steal your thunder, more like borrowed it.