Should Rye Finish the Movie “Genesis”? You Decide…

Should Rye Finish the Movie "Genesis"?In a previous thread, Rye mentioned some “bad news” regarding an upcoming movie. Below is a guest post straight from Rye explaining the situation and asking for your input. Help Rye make the right decision and read his guest post below!

Movie Title: Genesis
Heroines: Superia, Superior Girl
Villains: Ro’gash, Synestra
Setup: Pre-Vengeance Factor

Should Rye Finish the Movie "Genesis"?Should Rye Finish the Movie "Genesis"?Should Rye Finish the Movie "Genesis"?

Movie description:
While small time criminal Jessica Macallen is down on her luck she stumbles upon an unusual helmet resonating with evil. It bonds with her energy and springs to life in her hands! It makes promises of unspeakable power if she is able to reunite the helmet with it’s body. Not able to pass up an offer of super powers she brings the helmet to it’s body and joins them together and Ro’gash lives once again. Holding up his end of the bargain, Ro’gash imbues Jessica with dark energy and his new apprentice is ready to create chaos for superheroines around the world. Her first task is to gain the attention of either alien from his home world, Superia or Superior Girl and lure them to Ro’gash.

Should Rye Finish the Movie "Genesis"?Should Rye Finish the Movie "Genesis"?Should Rye Finish the Movie "Genesis"?

Jessica goes to the city center and attacks law enforcement which quickly earns her a confrontation with Superia. Jessica takes advantage of her new powers and toys with the blond heroine is a game of cat and mouse but Superia eventually out wits the young villain and demands her name. She answers with “Synestra”. Superia knocks Synestra out bringing her home for questioning about her violent rampage in the city, and how she got her powers. Superia leaves a slumbering Synestra on her couch while she changes cloths but comes back to find and empty room and whispers of laughter. Superia is grabbed from behind and she tries to dislodge the hands around her waist, but her strength is simply not enough. She turns her head to look at Synestra but her eyes gaze upon a jet black adversary that easily tosses her to the ground. Superia gets to her feet and gives her new foe several punches but they have little to no effect on Ro’gash. Superia soon finds herself on the receiving end of a terrible beating that eventually renders her unconscious.

Should Rye Finish the Movie "Genesis"?Should Rye Finish the Movie "Genesis"?Should Rye Finish the Movie "Genesis"?

When the brave heroine awakes her arms are bound, her powers are suppressed, and Ro’gash is exploring her body! She is given the option to join Ro’gash and conquer earth at his side but Superia stays defiant and ignores his offer. This only earns her another pounding while completely defenseless to his attacks. Ro’gash completely strips the blond crime fighter and ravages her body from behind. Superia starts to lose her will to fight and Ro’gash takes over her mind, body, and soul.

Should Rye Finish the Movie "Genesis"?Should Rye Finish the Movie "Genesis"?Should Rye Finish the Movie "Genesis"?

Superior Girl learns her sister has been captured and immediately comes to her rescue finding a sleeping Superia on the dungeon floor. Superia’s eyes flutter open and she thanks her sister for coming to her aid but makes it clear she doesn’t want to leave… Superior Girl assumes she isn’t thinking clearly from being tortured and starts dragging her sister away but Superia snaps and tosses her sister into a wall. Superia reveals her new alliance with Ro’gash and starts attacking Superior Girl. It is clear to Superior Girl that her sister is being mind controlled by Ro’gash so she tries to incapacitate Superia for her own good.

Should Rye Finish the Movie "Genesis"?Should Rye Finish the Movie "Genesis"?Should Rye Finish the Movie "Genesis"?

The two superheroines pass powerful blows to one another until Superia finally falls. Superior Girl raises her hand to knock out her sister but her attack is stopped by Ro’gash. Superior Girl goes on the offensive but is clearly no match for his strength! Ro’gash subdues Superior Girl while her sister devastates her with shots to her face, stomach and crotch. Ro’gash offers Superior Girl a place at his side which is of course quickly dismissed. Ro’gash commands Superia to force her sister to cum to start the brainwashing process. To Superior Girl’s dismay, her sister lifts her skirt and goes to town on her crotch with her hands and tongue! Ro’gash gropes the trapped heroine while her sister continues to violate her body, and Superior Girl can only moan in protest of the vile attacks. Ro’gash feels she is barely able to fight back the feelings and pleasure growing inside her so he takes matters into his own hands and ravages Superior Girl while her sister watches with glee…

Should Rye Finish the Movie "Genesis"?Should Rye Finish the Movie "Genesis"?Should Rye Finish the Movie "Genesis"?

My concerns:
The movie description is truly only half of what I needed to show in this film and it sounds better in spirit than what was captured. I spent far more time coaching the fight scenes with the new actress than originally planned, which made it impossible to get all the content I wanted. Furthermore, the scenes I was able to get I am not happy with… In fact I am concerned enough that I am considering giving this video the NBC treatment and shelving it, cutting my losses and moving on to another project. I don’t think I am being overly critical here either.

The scenes with Superior Girl just didn’t come out the way they should have and I am not going to sit here and hype a video that doesn’t deserve it. In the end I am the only one to blame because our new actress had never been in a PH video before and I should have given that more consideration in the planning stages. I should have planned for more time and I just didn’t. The fight scene I wanted didn’t happen, which was going to be the meat and potatoes of this vid. The dialogue with Superior Girl was drastically cut down because it just wasn’t coming across well. Again this all falls on me!

Should Rye Finish the Movie "Genesis"?Should Rye Finish the Movie "Genesis"?Should Rye Finish the Movie "Genesis"?

Can it be salvaged?
I reviewed the footage over and over which only brought me to one conclusion, which was scraping it. Not every scene with Superior Girl was sub-par; however, enough were to bring me to this point. This was a very difficult decision, especially when this video debuts my new super villain. He was built by hand from fiberglass by a very skilled friend of mine who worked day and night to get the prototype ready for this film. The new superior girl costume was also a huge upgrade I would hate to see go to waste but I am not exactly ready to spend a week editing a video that is going to disappoint.

After sitting on it for a couple days I am left with one question for YOU.

Should Rye Finish the Movie "Genesis"?Should Rye Finish the Movie "Genesis"?Should Rye Finish the Movie "Genesis"?

To edit or not to edit:
Though I am already in the mindset to scrap it, I’ve decided to leave it up to the fans… This seemed like the best course of action since I am not a customer. So what do you want me to do? Should I toss the footage and start up on a fresh project or would you rather have the opportunity to get this film? There is no wrong answer to this question and there is no one more qualified to decide its fate than you.

Thanks for reading,

HM here… Thanks to Rye for that guest post. So what do you think?  Should Rye continue on and finish this movie?  Or should he move on to something else?  Please leave your opinion in the comments below!

  1. ranger87

    I personally think he should finish it. I say this because lot of time, money, and work looks like it was invested in this, and there is no way he’s getting anything back from it by NOT selling it.

    So, I vote to finish it.

  2. As a filmmaker myself, I understand where Rye is coming from.

    If I were in his shoes i would rather shelve a film I am not convinced with rather than exposing it and it’s flaws to the world.

    However as a fan I am dying to see anything coming from Rye and I do realise his projects take time and effort,unlike so many others in the genre, so certainly we never know exactly when the next one is coming up. It would be frustrating for us fans to wait a longer time too.

  3. swampy170

    Having edited for a few guys who produce stuff I might refer to as ‘sub-par’, perhaps – I totally understand. I would like to see it, it’s rare you see alot of work put into villains these days. Ro’gash looks awesome.

    As ranger has said, you don’t really gain anything by not releasing it. If you’re hugely concerned about fan opinions, rather than not releasing it – perhaps sell it even more cheaply? Definately would like to see it tho!

  4. RJ123

    Hey Rye,
    I say finish it and release it, leaving it down to the fans to buy or not. Love the new SG costume and hope to see it used in some of your future work and also some long kryptonite weakening scenes if poss!!!!


  5. I understand your concern. If you are not happy with the way it turned out you obviously don’t want to put it out as a finished product. But for all the hard work you put into it, you should get something out of it. I have 3 ideas as a way to use the bits of footage you like:
    1) include the bits of footage you liked as part of a larger storlyine in another video. Like, the villain could be fighting a different heroine and use your footage as a flashback to an earlier battle.
    2) Include it as bonus material to be seen at an end for an upcoming video.
    3) Use it as exclusive promotional material for your site. It could be free and as a way for new viewers to get a taste of your stuff without having to buy.

  6. Superheroinesmakeawesomejobbers

    Release what you have for free as a thank you to the fans and just move on to the next one.

  7. Have a contest. Give the footage to the fans to edit. Charge a small amount to participate to recoup any cost from production. Then the best edited video could maybe get a review here on heroinemovies. Just an outside the box idea.

  8. sugarcoater

    People who excel in their field are often their own worst critic, and that is what it seems like. Big time kudos to Rye for not simply foisting what he considers a sub-par film on fans and claiming it is something he does not believe it to be. The honesty is commendable.
    What I would suggest is what a few fans have mentioned: release the video with the caveat that this is not reflective of the original vision, and perhaps reduce the price from the usual $24.99 and HD $29.99 range to $14.99 and HD $19.99. This allows us fans to support Rye’s work and continue to enjoy superior videos (and with the discount, the issues that are of concern may be dismissed).
    In the end, Rye’s frustration seems to be part of the growth process as bigger and more complex videos are being created. I hope Rye remains undaunted and continues to expand his horizons.
    Thanks again for the honesty Rye and thanks for the forum to post our thoughts on this issue HM.


  9. ranger87


    That’s really not going to happen. After sinking both time and money into a production, paying for two models and two new costumes, why would he ALSO put in the excessive time to edit the video just to give it out for free?

    This is how he makes a living. Giving something for free is just really bad business.

  10. sugarcoater

    By the way, LOVED THE SUPERIOR GIRL COSTUME! Terrific job on it Rye.

  11. I say SC’s idea about releasing the film at a reduced rate sounds fair, as I’d still be interested in seeing this. The SG costume looks great and the concept, plot, villains all look really good as well.

    If all is lost, I hope this costume and even this concept could be revisited down the line. The preview pictures look good enough to release as a photo comic, if that interests you and you decide not to release the video.

  12. blx187

    If you’re not satisfied with the movie, I wouldn’t release it.

  13. Evilyan

    The idea of two super heroines at the same time is always fantastic for me, especially if one is forced to watch the other 😀 So I’d say only move on if the newest one had two super heroines as well XD

  14. pbslater

    I think we should all be thankful with Rye for having such high standards, one of the best if not the best in our genre. Rye is also being very sensible, realizing what went wrong and not blaming the model or anything.

    Everybody has offered him very good ideas on what to do with the raw film. I think the model looks incredible good in the pictures, and hopefully she will improve in given another opportunity. As great as are the other two actresses, a new face in Rye films is very needed.

  15. ranger87

    I communicated with Rye before…I don’t think this model is getting hired back. But I agree, pbslater, that new blood is needed. I love Ashley as a model, and think she’s great, but she can’t play every heroine. In addition to another blonde, I think another brunette for the adult films would be great as well. But searching for models willing to let these guys touch them this way, and having the girls have any sort of acting talent, is a tall order.

    This film is a perfect example of why new girls are needed. It would be really aweseme to have more of these “heroines turned on each other” type fights. It reminds me of ANOTHER Justice League episode…I forget the title, but WW, Black Canary, and others are hypno’d into competing in caged superpowered catfights. Huntress tries to stop them, and has to face them.

    Anyway, back to topic. I already cast my vote that the film should be finished. But I really like everyone’s views. Having it discounted is a good option (with a director’s note in the description as to why). And if this isn’t voted into being finished, I really like the photo story idea as an alternative.

  16. pavement-hero

    Hey Rye, how long is the actual film in total length, is a short cut to the chase type of film or is a long build up to the action type of film. Do any of the costumes get damaged or ripped etc, when that sort of stuff is in your clips people can’t help but just download em’ their so good. To be honest I think you should finish the film as it looks pretty good by the looks of things so it should be worthwhile.

    P.S. When is your Punished Heroines site going to be up and ready.

    Thanks for reading

  17. Dman613

    I’m with Da Jinx. Don’t release it as a stand alone, but using some salvageable scenes as bonus material for a later release sounds like a good idea. Particularly the scenes with your new villains’ origins. Maybe you can dub over his original dialogue and use the footage for a different movie.

  18. No One Special

    I say finish it, sell it for less than you do your other works (what you would be willing to pay for it), and be thorough in your description, letting the buyer decide.

  19. tpb400

    As a general fan of Superheroine work I would like to see what you have.
    Possibly at a reduced rate. Recently I watched the making of some Superheroine movies on U tube. I enjoyed seeing some pre production, planning, laying out the scene, even everyone getting ready for a shoot. There was also the travel and a week in the life of a producer type coverage. Could there be a possability of using the footage you have and putting it out as the movie you invisioned…and having some kind of the same movie giving us your thoughts…I E a directors type cut of something you high hopes for. I don’t think anybody in this forum or genre who truly appreciates what people like you do, would have any problem buying your movie with an option of behind the scene directors cut.

  20. I hate to see anything go to waste, so I say release the “cutting room floor” scenes as such so that people know it’s not at the quality level you usually release. maybe slice it up into mini scenes so that people can pick and choose what they like (fighting, peril, etc.)?

  21. lazxmw

    Hey Rye,
    I’ve been in this same situation myself with short films I’ve filmed. Personally I think that maybe you can try a “best of” or “extended red band” trailer for it, using the best bits with Superia and Synestra/Ro’gash, and then maybe have just the action bits with Superior Girl for this one, and then try and find another actress for the next film or use the same actress and just spend more time with her. No matter what you decide, I know that we, your fans, will stick by your decision.

  22. Having not seen the footage, I can really only go by what you apparently feel about it: which is to scrap it Although…

    Maybe you should shelve it for now, and come back to it later when you have more distance from it.

    Another idea is to show the footage to someone whose production and editing chops you trust and see what they advise.

  23. mantower

    Hey Rye, first of all let me say one thing. We all love your work, your stories are great, the production quality is splendid and I am always excited to see your new releases. The point I am trying to make is that your reputation in the peril community is unparalleled and I doubt that one sub par video is going to affect that. On the other hand, I understand how you feel and your instinct to scrap the product and if I were in your shoes I probably would just scrap it and move on,

    I have to say that it is really cool that you cast this out to fans and I really am impressed with the supportive response and I liked two suggestions the best. The first was da Jinx suggesting you incorporate the usable material in a future video as flashbacks or giving it as bonus material. I also liked the idea of releasing it as a photo story line, that could work too and would bypass the bad acting aspect. Releasing it at a cut price could also work, but I can honestly tell you that I doubt I would buy it having read how unimpressed you are with it. I only hope that the villain you have created will be a recurring feature in your videos as he is truly awesome, really the most impressive villain I have ever seen.

  24. Ramirez

    I just can say one thing: finish that amazing video!!!

  25. I love jobbers

    I think you should make a contest out of it.

    Send out the raw footage to the first half dozen or ten fans who sign up. Let each of them edit it for you and send it back. Give a timeline of a month or what ever. Then you could post the entries on maybe a related site and let the community vote on best finished product. Or, you could just pick your favorite or maybe you could narrow it down to two or three. You could give out a prize of a free video or something.

    That way you’re not scrapping it, and you may be surprised what some of the creative folks out there come up with. Who knows what direction somebody might take it. Just a thought.

  26. I love jobbers

    By the way,

    Rye, I forgot to mention I’m a huge fan.

    Take care,
    Jobber Lover

  27. DangerousDave

    While you may not be entirely satisfied let the end user decide. The care and attention you put into your films can be seen by all, so maybe release it at a discount and move on to greater things.

  28. Wow, Thanks for all the suggestions and support guys!
    There is definitely a recurring theme in many of the suggestions but I will give this thread another day or so before announcing its fate.

    Here are a few things I can answer now:
    I cannot spend a week editing this flick and give it away. That week could be spent doing far more productive things :)

    This is not the last you have seen of Ro’gash… Not by a long shot. Way too much time and effort has been put into this villain and this is only his prototype!

    The new superior girl costume will be used again as well :)

    Pavement-hero- should hopefully go live in August.

  29. Stagger Lee

    I think selling it at a reduced rate is the way to go. It makes perfect sense. That way you’ll make some money back and no one will feel ripped off.

  30. saxman314

    Don’t edit it beyond cobbling together 2-5 minute scenes. Don’t add music or anything. Release individual scenes as “behind the scenes” or “cutting room floor” material on clips4sale for a few bucks.

    Very little time/hassle for you, cheap entertainment for fans, you’ll recoup some or maybe even profit, and the fans who care will be able to get the gist of the whole story.

  31. HolyMolyDude123

    Hey Rye, do you happen to have a public e-mail address I can contact you with?

  32. Britt

    I love the storyline. I was getting excited just reading it!

    Definitely release it, even if its just at a reduced rate.


  33. Swampy170

    Hey, loads of support!

    I did only suggest releasing at a reduced rate – I’d have to see the finished product, but I’m sure it’ll still be better than alot of films from this genre i’ve paid for.

    So don’t feel you can’t release it as there’s pressure to release it more cheaply! I’d really like to see this villain hit the market in this video.

  34. A subpar video from rye is a great video for other less than sites. Most heroine vids are crap so I am assuming this video will simply be average if Rye feels it is weak.

    So yes, you should release it at a lower rate and send that actress to me for proper disciplining!

  35. Dark J

    I say release it, too. Like others have said, it’s Rye’s work so I’m sure it’s still better than a lot of the material out there. I’d be totally surprised if there aren’t some really good moments, even if the overall production isn’t up to his usual standards. Plus the quality eye candy :- ) Offering it at a reduced rate sounds like an excellent compromise.

  36. Gorleser

    I’m actually in the minority– if you as an artist are disappointed with your product, I wouldn’t release it. Releasing subpar material (despite all the voices clamoring to see it) only diminishes your work.

    You wrote: “[some conditions made it] impossible to get all the content I wanted. Furthermore, the scenes I was able to get I am not happy with”.

    Some other quotes include: “just didn’t come out the way they should have”, “I am not going to sit here and hype a video that doesn’t deserve it”, “I am the only one to blame”, “The fight scene I wanted didn’t happen”, “drastically cut down because it just wasn’t coming across well”.

    None of what you wrote makes me believe that this would be worthwhile for me to see, because I associate the name Rye with 100% quality. I appreciate the chance to weigh in; in a way, this kind of a post reduces expectations for this specific release. It’s also probably nice to hear positive feedback from all of your fans. All the same, I can go anywhere to see video clips of mediocre material, and I only know of a few sources of quality. If you are comfortable with a mediocre release, and if you feel that with this warning you have appropriately managed our high expectations, then by all means go for it. On the other hand, if you would like to retain your sterling reputation for quality and would prefer not to compromise, then don’t release the clips.

    I am positive you’ll make the right decision for yourself and your fans.

  37. For those interested in knowing I have loaded up my timeline and will start editing tomorrow. I will be releasing this at a discounted price as many of you suggested and anyone that would like to get the movie will have that opportunity. I am guesstimating it to be around 40mins give or take.

    I will try to utilize Ro’gash this month and get another movie or possibly photo story going.


  38. sugarcoater

    Glad to hear it Rye. Though Gorleser has a fair argument for not releasing the video, I think perhaps some might be thinking a bit too much on the whole situation. First off, I have no idea what constitutes “100% quality”. I’ll settle for 98.45% quality myself. But to the point, these releases are a combination of business and niche interest. If you can make a fair buck by releasing a video that did not turn out as planned, I think it’s entirely fair to make a disclaimer and reduce the price. No one should feel cheated by that. Furthermore, as the pics look quite enticing, it would be a shame to not allow people the chance to buy the video after having their appetite whet by what they see. Perhaps the most fair way of doing this would be to have an extensive trailer that shows the strengths and weaknesses of the video as best as possible in a 2 minute preview. Just a thought. My second point is just that if you use up a lot of time and money to make a video, and then don’t recoup any of it, perhaps that might dissuade you from making further videos. I’m not suggesting people simply donate money–that’s not the point–but rather allow some of the expenses to be salvaged through light sales. In the end, this is a business first. Without the income, we fans wouldn’t have access to many (if any) superheroine peril videos.
    So in short, I’m glad to hear you’re releasing the video and I look forward to buying it. And as long as I’m mentioning looking forward to things, I can’t wait to see what you do with that Wonder Woman plan!


  39. Hey we give you kudos for even coming out here and saying “This kinda stinks but do you still want it?” You let us know your not 100% on it and gave us the heads up. This is why we respect ya, Rye. Now let us pervs see the goods!

  40. Lloyd Ferrigon

    Well since you have put so much work into it, it would be a shame to just abandon it. I saw the clip on YouTube and it looks good. I would love to watch it.

    My only thing with your videos is that they are kind of large. I had purchased the Parolee and even though it was downloaded, I could not view it. I heard the dialogue though.

    Anyway, my vote is continue Genesis.

  41. Lloyd-
    Glad you enjoyed the trailer!
    The reason for their size is mostly due to the length of my vids. The parolee was quite long so the file size is huge. Send me your receipt and I will gladly send you another download link asap. With longer movies I generally find a handful of people will have download issues but its easily fixed with another download.

    This video should be around 35mins putting the file size smaller than the Parolee.

  42. Lloyd Ferrigon

    I had erased it when I could not view it but have purchased it again.

    The sales number is: 13260358

    And the clip ID is:

    When Genesis comes out, I will certainly be purchasing it.

  43. Lloyd Ferrigon

    I have sent you my information but not by the way of Outlook Express but with ordinary E-Mail.

  44. djrayen

    who’s the girl in “superia in vengeance factor”? what’s her name?