“Superiorgirl 1984″ – Parts 1 and 2

Rye's Superiorgirl 1984 - Now AvailableUPDATED – PART 2 NOW AVAILABLE! Rye’s Superiorgirl 1984 is here. It’s obviously a much larger production than anything Rye has attempted previously and is sure to generate lots of discussion. Check out the images and updated trailer below!


With her new found powers, Bianca invites Superior Girl to face Selena on her own turf! Superior Girl demands the Omega Hedron but Selena has other plans and uses a now mindless Nigel to trap her in a zone of phantoms prison! Superior Girl is sent flying off into space but her mega strength allows her to break free.

She again takes the fight to Selena and in her newly aquired theatre and arcade! Selena becomes Superior Girl’s rag doll but only until Superior Girl opens the mysterious box that promises to have the Omega Hedron. Superior Girl looks on in pure horror as the box reveals several pieces of Kystanite which Selena uses to drain all of her strength… Don’t miss the epic conclusion of 1984! Running time 42 minutes!

Rye's Superiorgirl 1984 - Now AvailableRye's Superiorgirl 1984 - Now AvailableRye's Superiorgirl 1984 - Now Available

Rye's Superiorgirl 1984 - Now AvailableRye's Superiorgirl 1984 - Now AvailableRye's Superiorgirl 1984 - Now Available

Rye's Superiorgirl 1984 - Now AvailableRye's Superiorgirl 1984 - Now AvailableRye's Superiorgirl 1984 - Now Available

Rye's Superiorgirl 1984 - Now AvailableRye's Superiorgirl 1984 - Now AvailableRye's Superiorgirl 1984 - Now Available



Superior Girl crash lands on earth in search of the Omega Hedron! With the help of local photographer Christian Grant she learns to adapt to a temporary life on Earth while the evil Selena plans her destruction! After figuring out the hard way that her uniform can draw some unwanted attention she begins to dress in earth attire in hopes of blending in. At this point, Selena has nearly full control of the Omega Hedron and sends a Giant Shadow Demon after Superior Girl that is hell bent on ripping her apart.

Through a humiliating battle, Superior Girl learns that she cannont defeat him with strength alone. Superior Girl freezes him with her chilling super breath and smashes the demon into thousands of pieces. This of course engraged Selena who decides to mind control a General in the marines to finish of Superior Girl. Once lured into the trap she comes face to face with General Lock who now possesses the power of the Omega Hedron! Selena realizes that her new toy is stronger than Superior Girl and commands the General to decimate the young heroine.

Superior Girl tries with all her might but slowly finds herself on the receiving end of a vicious beat down that gets more and more brutal with each attack. Selena Commands General Lock to finish her off who complies by crushing her wind pipe. Superior Girl’s survival instincts kick in and she blasts him with heat vision sending the General to the floor in a heap. Superior Girl leaves the scene reeling in pain while Selena plans her next move… Running time 50 minutes.

Rye's Superiorgirl 1984 - Now AvailableRye's Superiorgirl 1984 - Now AvailableRye's Superiorgirl 1984 - Now Available

Rye's Superiorgirl 1984 - Now AvailableRye's Superiorgirl 1984 - Now AvailableRye's Superiorgirl 1984 - Now Available

Rye's Superiorgirl 1984 - Now AvailableRye's Superiorgirl 1984 - Now AvailableRye's Superiorgirl 1984 - Now Available

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  1. hola que bueno va poder ser ver algo totalmente nuevo, estoy seguro que sera algo espectacular .Quisiera que me dijeras ΒΏCual es el nombre? de la hermosa chica que esta en la foto y por ultimo quiero saber si esta mini serie se puede comprar en la tienda clips4sale.com, gracias y buena suerte con ente nuevo trabajo.

  2. James

    Great news Rye!!
    I would say emphasize three things.

    1. Have the heroine SELL the impact of the moves when she gets hit with Selena’s blasts. The original SG did an amazing job of that in the 1984 movie.

    2. Good camera work when she gets rocked, bearhugged or is lying in pain, please good camera work..especially from the backside. One thing Giga does so well.

    3. Make sure the costume is tight and hopefully the undergarments are high cut and don’t cover much in the back.

    Good Luck Rye.

  3. Hi Rye will you be doing the quicksand scene?

    That is an area thats not covered in heroine video’s much.

    Good luck

  4. Larry

    I have a thing for superheroines saying things like “I’m so weak!”, “I’ve been turned into a weakling”, etc.

  5. Why PG-13??? :-))

    Seriously, if you have that constraint, it’ll be hard to overdo the original one…

  6. Sasha

    Please consider the peril and the costume – high cut blue leotard is a must!
    Great idea Rye

  7. Girlpowerfan

    I concede that she will be dominated and put in severe peril, but before all that please depict her as she is in the movie and comics. If your going on base this parody on arguably the most iconic Superheroine ever, please show her as that before she gets destroyed.

  8. Thanks for the suggestions James. There will be 3 cameras at this shoot so don’t worry about angles πŸ˜‰

    I am doing something similar and it involves buckets of green liquid goo :)

    Larry –
    That is a really easy request, consider it done

    The original was PG and she didn’t face any real threat until over an hour into it. Beating that level of action should be no problem :)

    Its high cut and very 80’s

    I think you will be pleasently surprised by this film. I personally want to make sure that Superior Girl is SUPER… There will be several displays of her power.

    Gracias Juan, su nom bre es kris. Esta serie va a ser muy buena y sΓ© que les va a encantar. No estoy seguro de donde se vende, sino que lo voy a anunciar tan pronto como sea posible.

    Everyone also might be glad to hear that 7 professional actors have been hired including someone to play her love interest. The person playing Selena has an acting resume about a mile long so expect some great scenes from her.

    Keep it coming!


  9. Eagle

    This sounds greats. I agree with everything James said. Right on the money.

  10. Rye, you going to atleast give us a sneak peek or who the other actors and actresses are?

  11. Fabio

    Id love to see some crotch busts, a professional actress would sell it perfectly. But i understand lowblows arent for most producers so I would understand if youd have to leave them out. Id like to see her get shot with one long lasting blast the has her howling in pain. And if none of the above can do then how about a blow to her gut so hard it knocks the wind out of her bad and drops her to her knees holding her stomach? Im sure we can count on some stomach punching right?haha

  12. Larry

    Thanks Rye, I’m an easy man to please.

    Oh, and is it safe to assume that she’ll end up in her bra and panties?

  13. Jason

    Sounds great Rye. Like Larry, I also like the Superheroine saying how weak she is. I also like the quicksand/muck scene from the 84 film.

    I’m also a fan of strangling with the cape so if you could get that in, yay!

    Any chance of having her talk to a bunny? Haha, I kinda like that one scene.

    Also this mystery producer, is it the comic artist who contacted you here sometime ago?

  14. mantower

    Hey Rye, a few things I would love to see in the film:
    1. High heeled boots – in the original she wore flats (as do most superheroines in Hollywood films) which was very disappointing, so I hope in your version she will be wearing some sexy high heeled number;
    2. As always, wrestling holds are my thing, any form of back bending whether it be over the knee, over the shoulders, a camel clutch or boston crab, I love it!A few good long sleeper holds would also be awesome, and the idea of her being choked by her cape sounds tremendous as well.

    The girl playing the heroine looks incredibly hot, I hope she is as talented as you say and can play the gamut of emotions well. Any chance of getting some more pics of her, maybe even in the costume just to get us all properly riled up :).

    And just on a side note, I think I speak on behalf of everyone here when I say thanks for the amazing work you do and for always striving to push the genre forward!!

  15. Jason

    One other thing Rye. You said you’re going to display SuperiorGirl as super. When she enters, there should be a pose shot from different angles, front, side, back, etc.

  16. The superman 3 style scene would be an interesting one to see using supergirl, having her taken by a computer. Would like to see that one

  17. Hello all! Just wanted to say that I have never been more excited about a shoot before! I get to play Selena’s best friend and I plan to bring my A game for the part. Rye is busy finishing up the shoot schedule before we head to bed, but he wanted to tell everyone to keep posting their thoughts even after production starts because you never know what might make it in! Shooting starts later today and will end on Tuesday.

    Rye said he will likely update tomorrow with some pics and some scenes descriptions.

    “Power of Shadow……. Destroy HER!”

  18. I assume you’ll do a racier version of the truckers scene – I’d love to see them take it a bit further before SG puts them in their place. Something that I’d love to see, though it’s likely too late to incorporate now, is the truckers show up again later, suitably up-powered by Selena, and give SG a much tougher fight. They’d want revenge, she’d be surprised by their augmented strength, lots of room for peril there.

  19. Aldous

    An amped up version of the “being pulled apart by the demon” scene would satisfy this heroine fan. One question – this is described as a “parody”. Does that mean it’s going for a comedic feel?

  20. Justnorm

    I hope there will be costume under her clothes…. They missed out on that in the original movie….

  21. I would love to see if you could re-create that muck pit scene. It was a highlight for me from the super girl movie.

  22. simply can’t wait for this. this is going to sound like a strange compliment, but when Rye’s creative energy is somehow focused (if that’s the right word) by some other production company, i don’t think he lets it temper his work or art. in my opinion, he relishes the constraints, and utilizes them, like the difference between and explosion and a gunshot. his work with battle for earth is some of my favorite stuff.

  23. Sugarcoater

    To echo the a few of the ideas presented, what about having Supergirl–on all fours–crawling in slime/mud. The wet look of the costume would be hot stuff. Love the way everything was clinging to Supergirl’s body in that scene from the movie.
    I would absolutely love to see a scene like in Superman I when Superman was floundering in Luthor’s pool with the kryptonite around his neck. Please seriously consider something like that: Supergirl in full costume floundering in water trying weakly to remove the necklace.


  24. babca11

    when the new video whit nova girl played by the lovely carly quinn?

  25. RJ123

    Loving all the suggestions!!! I would just like to scho a few, would love to see Supergirl open a box to reveal a krypto necklace then have selena place it over her head and have her slowly weakened and tossed in a pool or just collaspe to the floor and would also love to see the slime pit scene but you say you have something planned so great!!!

    Cannot wait for this!

  26. Hey guys I don’t really have time to chat but here are a few pics of Superior Girl trying on the costume for the first time. There are a few pics without the skirt which show a great hip line IMO.

    Personally… I think she looks fucking amazing…

    We are still shooting through tuesday and I am still reading everyones suggestions when I get free moments.


  27. decendingskulls

    Personally I love the costume without the skirt

  28. I hope the skirt is forcibly removed against her wishes.

  29. PowergirlFanboy590

    @ Rye

    Just saw the costume pics and I love it. Well, maybe I would have preferred for the leotard to be a little higher cut to show off all of the hips but it’s all good.

    A quick suggesstion. If the trucker characters are included in this parody, have Superior Girl lose her skirt during her second confrontation with them. Maybe have one of the truckers physically remove it himself or rip it off? It’ll add so much more to the peril sexually, without fully going down the “Punished Heroines” route.

    Please characterize the truckers as being sexually motivated. It’s just so much more thrilling for a heroine to have to face villains who have that intent. Of course we’ll never see them succeed since it’s PG13, but it’ll up the conflict factor between the characters.

  30. Steve

    I agree that having the heroine verbalise her defeat is a good gimmick for peril

  31. Sasha

    Agree with powergirlfanboys comments- would be good to also have a phantom zone bit where she is carried from the water/slime.

  32. The Tar pis sounds good.

    If you’re doing episodes probably the perfect way to end an episode would be Supergirl sinking into the tar pit in the phantom zone.

    Then she gets rescued, pulled barely conscious from the tar pit at the start of the next episode.

  33. I hope the skirt is not removed, as that is the most important part of the costume for me. True to the movie theme that way too. Skirts (and the fun flashes) are way too sexy to not emphasize in this movie. I think Supergirl is so popular, and gets all the leg fans and skirt fans, precisely because of the skirt. There are a million other heroines for the boob and butt fans.

  34. Eagle

    @wid – I agree completely with you. Keep the skirt.

  35. Agent E-45

    Yep, that lady, and the dress, looks stunning. If there are some lowblows between 2 ladies, I will purchase for sure.

  36. sugarcoater

    Okay, I just have to ask: what is the ETA for each video in this series? The preview pics are just too hot and my patience stinks πŸ˜‰ I have been waiting for a video like this for a long time and can’t wait to see it come to fruition. Then I can start pestering you for an equally amazing Wonder Woman video πŸ˜‰

  37. hornet900f

    Stunning lady + supergirl costume+ skirt stays on + low blows between ladies = AWESOME!

  38. Hey guys, just wanted to pop in!

    Lots of really cool scenes and really strong actors are making this the most fun i’ve ever had on a shoot. Superior Girl looks incredible… Selena and Bianca are simply Sinister… So much I would love to update/chat about but I need to get more than a couple hours of sleep tonight.

  39. johnhugger

    Well, I’d like to post my ideas too!

    First of all, please, I vote for a good video “WITHOUT SEX SCENES”!

    I’d love to watch:

    A scene which a wet and unconscious superheroine is pulled out from a pool by a hug or a arm carry.

    The Superheroine being surprised and knocked out by a “BEARHUG FROM BEHIND”.

    The superheroine should be the winner at the end of story!

  40. James

    I know this is a late entry but we have also never seen a poisonous kiss. Perhaps in this episode, Super Girl thinks she is triumphant and then embraces and kisses who she thinks is her bf but then an evil laugh appears and in reality it is Selena who grips her harder and lays the kiss even harder rendering Superior Girl unconscious.

    If not this episode, definitely a scene for future vids !!

  41. Larry

    I second James idea. Maybe the kiss makes her weak, but she also can’t resist it?

  42. Darklord

    I love the kiss idea. Would love to see that. This video sounds promising although I hope it ends with supergirl losing and not winning. If I want to see her win I can watch the original.

    Or at least provide an alternate ending where she loses so everyone’s happy

  43. Jacob

    I think we all have to remember one thing here..its already been stated that this is going to be a PG 13 video. Based off of that Im not anticipating any of the fetishes that people have posted they want to see but I may be wrong. I think we should temper our expectations

  44. Jason

    I love the kiss idea as well. It sounds perfect for Carly, but she’s playing the Bianca role.

    I’m also in the “skirt should stay on” crowd.

  45. Kenny

    If it isn’t too late, here are my 2 cents:

    1) When having Supergirl verbally say “I’m so weak”, go further and say “I’m helpless”
    2) Have Supergirl verbally admit she can be taken prisoner (if the appropriate situation is present)
    3) Have Supergirl ask the villain what he/she now that she’s the prisoner, what does he/she plan to do with her.

  46. As some onehas already said, I think, so many people have added their suggestions that no way is any more than about 5-10% of these ideas going to make it to the movie. That means there’s likely to be more people critcising it when it comes out because they’re ideas were not included. That would be a real shame.

  47. deathcake

    I will be happy if the video is built around as story and action. The worst thing that can happen here is putting fetish elements in, just for the sake of getting them in. In my opinion, things should only go in, if they fit. I love bear hugs! But sticking them in places where they don’t belong is a bad idea.

    I’m very excited about this! Good luck Rye!

  48. PowerGirlFanBoy590

    As long as we get plenty of Supergirl upskirt shots and shots of her crawling, I’ll be happy.

  49. bucksuffer

    i agree with Larry. its soo hot to see a heroine saying how weak she is.
    maybe even BEGGING.. on her knees crawling and stuffs would be excellent.

    if there is more physical beating of SG from selena would be soo hot too..
    like faceslapping/spanking !

  50. Rye any chance of some teaser stills from filming ?

    People are forgetting this is NOT going to be an extreme video. Read what rye said its a pg 13

  51. ishkabibble

    The actress is adorable. I hope there is plenty of peril. I understand this will be PG-13 which is fine with me. That means no sex, but you can get away with a lot of beatdowns, weakening by some type of kryptonite substance, AOH torture, strangling, electrical shocks, etc. I hope there are plenty upskirt shots and I really hope the actress “sells” the peril.

  52. decendingskulls

    PG-13 just means there will be no nudity and no sex. Other things could still be permitted. For example no one ever said a PG-13 movie has to have a happy ending. Plenty of people die in PG-13 movies. We will just have to wait and see. That said as PowerGirlFanboy509 stated, I think this will be visual candy for all of us regardless of how it plays out.

  53. Costume is fascinating.. but I think it is too dark.
    As I know the original costume is bright blue color.

  54. Perhaps – but I’m pretty sure it’s actually royal blue and the photos are just dark.

    Although the original costume, for me anyway was too light.

  55. Hey guys!
    Today is the last day of shooting! I can’t express how much fun I’ve had making this movie and just how simply awesome the cast and crew was. I have about 340 Gigs of footage to go through not counting today so its not going to be a quick turn around…

    Previews coming soooooon…


  56. Michael Birch

    I would like to see her in a fight scene against the two truckers if they are to be included in the film and maybe have them work for Selena in some way. I would like to see a fight between her and the truckers in the Phantom Zone in which she gets beaten and also to see an extended and harder peril scene with the Shadow Demon that Selena tries to destroy her with at the end.

  57. Looked forward to seeing it but then realized it is mostly about peril.

    Prefer the dominant superheroine types. If it has enough superstrength, breath, flying etc. that is non peril I can selectively edit it in my brain at least. Maybe in the future consider doing 2 versions of the same video. One that is pro peril and one that is pro superheroine. 2 videos to sell then to different audiences.

  58. Here is a quick little slide show of some screen caps. The pics were sort of small to begin with but it will give you a general idea of the scene your looking at.


    This was done pretty fast, so there is a ton of stuff not included in the slide show.
    Lemme know if there are any questions.


  59. The Original Dr.Evil

    Looks awesome Rye! Tremendous work as always. Can’t wait to see the final product.

  60. gundam20012005

    This is looking like it could very well be THE best SHIP video ever made. The original 1984 movie was always what got me into the genre in the first place. Rye this video is going to be amazing. Keep up the amazing work man.

  61. Oh, great. Another generic blonde in another generic Supergirl costume. Awesome.

  62. PowerGirlFanBoy590

    I don’t mean to attack you, but are you frickin kidding me! The costume is one of the best SG incarnations out there. And the actress is gorgeous. I feel she has that perfect mix of innocence that most of the other actresses in this genre lack. OK! Let’s see your ideal non-mainstream actress who would be better fit for the role and a better SG costume.

    As for the movie, this is going to be a first day purchase for me. I don’t care what the price for it is. It looks awesome.

  63. James

    Great stuff!! Cannot wait to see it. By the looks of it, THIS is why I am such a fan of this genre. It is the pure peril, costumes, plot, actresses. Whether there is any sex….I could care less….you can get that ANYWHERE.

    What you can’t get are good, well acted, well directed movies of a gorgeous heroine meeting her match. I wish all other producers would follow Rye.

  64. Randolf

    This movie is awesome!!The costume is perfect and the actress is pretty and gorgeous. I’m think it is perfect supergirl movies from now.
    By the way, I’m wondering about the ending(Supergirl lose or win…)

  65. Hey guys, thanks for the support, comments, and emails! I want to answer a few questions that have come up.

    When will it be ready?
    – That is a damn good question… lol. I have close to 400 GIGS of footage to go through and I spent all of today organizing it with more still to go. My best guess is to say the later part of May.

    When do we get to see a real trailer?
    – The next day or so I might have a teaser ready

    Did my suggestion make it into the movie?
    – I think I fit a big portion of the suggestions in and the slide show I posted gives away quite a few of them. This is a pg-13 production so anything outside that realm obviously didn’t make it.

    Does Superior Girl have a love interest?
    – Yes, that is the guy kissing on her in the slide show.

    How does it end? Win? Lose? Draw?
    – Superior Girl defeats Selena (with a twist thats not in the original)

    Is this setup for sequel?
    – Yes, as long as it does well.

    How long will it be?
    – Not sure just yet

    What kind of Super Powers does she use?
    – Strength, flight, heat vison, super breath, super hearing, invulnurability.

    Why did you change the boots from the first pics?
    – Because they were not going to work in most of the fight scenes I wanted to do. Especially when Superior Girl is falling or tumbling. The first boots would have been a huge hazard on some of the green screen shots like in the slide show when she is gliding above the clouds. We didn’t use a wire rig so she had to stand on one foot about 2 feet off the ground…

    Is there going to be a behind the scenes reel?
    – Yes, and we actually had one camera dedicated for behind the scenes/making of.

    What sort of personality does Superior Girl have?
    – Confident, strong, innocent, curious, and fun loving.

    Was that a video arcade in the slide show?
    – Yes! There were several locations secured for this shoot including a video arcade, a black box theatre, shg-media’s Studio, parks, and various outside locations.

    Which producer hired you to make this?
    – That will be public at a later time :)

    Thanks again guys and don’t hesitate to ask me anything that comes to mind.
    Keep checking http://www.superiorgirl.net for updates.


  66. decendingskulls

    This looks great! I have a feeling this video is gonna net you some serious loot, Rye.
    PS, The original boots were hot but at least it didn’t get switched to flat sole boots.

  67. Dude, you let the truckers have a second go at SG! I don’t know how to thank you. I’ll be buying the millisecond this becomes available. Rye, you are the man!

  68. Rye looks Like u will be getting an Oscar for best director lol.

    Carly you look gorgeous as always. Looking forward to seeing it.

  69. Looking great. I cannot wait for this to be released. Did you say sequels if it does well?
    I’ll take 12 then.

  70. TifaHaruno

    Looks smexy! :) Can you tell us how much it will be when it comes out?

  71. RJ123

    Looks incredible, the actress looks amazing as SG and have been waiting years to see her weakened by kryptonite and thrown into a pool, thank you Rye…buying this as soon as its released!!!

  72. Scotty2788

    Looking forward to this matey alot!! How much do your vids go for? Plus I know there was mention of choice of boots in the thread, seen the final boots and how well they seem to to supergir which is important as they should be tight! Looks great mate can’t wait!

  73. GREAT SCOTT this was a fun project! So fun that I think we spoiled ourselves for the next project. Rye is still organizing the footage but I wanted to pop in and say thanks to everyone! You guys are the best for being so supportive and I really hope we get to make a sequel because I could work on movies like this seven days a week with a smile on my face. Oh and thanks Paul, you are so kind! Muahh :)

    I originally wanted to play Selena but I am SOOOOO glad we used the actress we did. She was damn goooooooood! I got to add my own personal flavor to the Bianca character which was making her far more sinister than the original.

    My character gets to tangle with Superior Girl a couple different times but Rye said that he might cut one of the scenes :( “cry” You guys should convince him otherwise because I thought it was a fun scene and I get to be pretty evil! I will probably be in trouble for posting this tid bit of info but whateva hehehe.


  74. Carly we wont let you get in trouble thanks for the tip off. Rye if you edit it out at least post it as a short video clip some where to promote the film. Please :)

    Keep up the good work guys.

  75. Scotty2788

    Include it as an outakes / deleted bits at the end of the vid after the credits please??

  76. Might have a real trailer tonight…
    As for the footage that Carly mentioned… I actually already have a plan for it. No need to worry about it πŸ˜‰

    Scotty- I am not sure how much this will be since I am just the director/writer. Will probably get figured out after a good chunk of the editing is done.

  77. sugarcoater

    To be the master of redundancy, this video looks simply amazing. Granted, it’s only from a few stills from which I draw that conclusion, but nonetheless, I think it could be one of the absolute best videos of the genre based on 1) the overall look of the superheroine, 2) the quality of the video, 3) the full extent of the plot. I love the homage to the Helen Slater “Supergirl” with all the similar quotes. In many ways, I think this video will be what I wished the original could have been.
    Can’t wait to see that trailer (can you make it download-able?) and will definitely be first on-hand to buy the movie. Congratulations Rye, I think you have a blockbuster in the making.

    …now would it be too forward to suggest that you make a full-feature Wonder Woman PG-13 (or even R) video in the not-so-distant future? Your material simply is amazing, and I can only imagine what you could do with the Amazon.


  78. TifaHaruno

    The trailer looks great I can’t wait to see it though I’m a bit disappointed we didn’t see more of the pool scene. Great job Rye can’t wait for this to come out.

  79. Looks amazing rye. Can’t wait to see the full thing.

  80. Steve

    Looks good, will there be any internal dialogue emphasising superiorgirls peril?

  81. MassEffectMan

    Looks awesome Rye. Saw the trailer and the let me tell I will definitely buy this one. I was wondering though will there be a lot scene where she will be in the pool? Excellent job

  82. RJ123

    Awesome trailer Rye, loving the amount of kryptonite peril, the scene where Selena places the necklace on Supergirl looks amazing!!! Need to buy this asap!!!!

  83. Looks really good. The locations, effects, acting, the SG costume.

  84. ranger87


    I understand this girl not wanting to do your adult material, but down the road, if you want to, and are able to use her more, do you think she’d be down for an R rating? I’m not talking nudity or anything like that, but something along the lines of Liberty Girl, where there was technically a forced sex scene, but no nudity was actually shown.

    I ask because there is that small bit in the middle of the trailer where Superiorgirl and her love interest are getting pretty hot and heavy, and he seems to be pawing at her chest while sucking her neck…very hot by the way. I figure, by keeping everything implied, with no actual nudity, this girl MIGHT be down for a forced sex scene IF the script for the entire story is good, and the story doesn’t dwell on the sex…

    Just a thought. This trailer looks amazing, man, and it’s a sure bet the finished product will sell like hot cakes!

  85. Rye:
    This looks absolutely amazing. Gorgeous actress, great costume, trmendous stroyline and just enough peril to keep us very interested. I’m looking forward to buying. One question for you: how much of tehmovie involves Superior Girl being weakened by the krypt, oops, cristanite?

  86. Fantasizer

    As many KOs as possible :) And the villains take maximum advantage of her while she is unconscious…!

    Ya that raps up what I love.

    It looks great so far. Keep it up.

  87. Rye is hard at work on another teaser! None of my fight scenes made it in the first trailer so I am riding him on that!
    @MJK, there is a solid amount of Kristanite scenes and many were not shown in the trailer.

  88. Maar13

    That looks like Ass-kicking movie if you ask me! Sure as Hell I will be checking this one out Rye, great trailer.

  89. Michael Birch

    To whom it may concern,

    I would like to know two things about this new video when it is released in May.

    1: As a download will it be available as a whole or will it be released as individual episodes of a series?

    2: Will it be available to purchase as a DVD or will it only be available as a download?

    Any response to either of these questions would be appreciated.


    Michael Birch

  90. I’m really happy everyone liked the trailer! I just hope the next one has more Bianca lol.
    @Michael, I know the DVD/Blueray idea is being tossed around but not quite sure where its at right now.
    @M, I know my fight scene had cheap shots and so did the military villain.

  91. Scotty2788

    Hi there I hope the download option is still on the cards as this would be my preferred way to purchase along with alot of my friends?? Many thanks Scotty2788

  92. bucksuffer

    just one question!

    are there tons of girl/girl actions? i love them!
    like out of the whole videos, how many % are g/g?!

    thank you!

  93. Scotty-
    No need to worry, a download option will be standard. The DVD idea we are tossing around right now will be for those interested in some extra goodies.

    Carly fights SG two times, SG fights Selena, oh and Carly is the villain in the pool scene. Hope that helps.

  94. Rye get carly in the SG outfit some time.
    Hows the editing going?

  95. TifaHaruno

    The actress who plays Superiorgirl in this is hot, I can’t wait to see more of this movie! Please tell me a new Trailer is coming out this week!

  96. George PΓ©rez

    I sent a private message to Rye,congratulating him on the production of this video– and that was before I actually saw the trailer. This really looks great (it’s amazing how much Supergirl (and Wonder Woman) inspires such fantasies. The model is beautiful and a good actress and the other cast members round out a pretty impressive scenario that they are obviously having a ball selling. I look forward to seeing the complete video! Thumbs up, Rye!

  97. George Perez-
    Hey Thanks a lot! I look forward to the thing you mentioned in your email if it comes to terms as you said :)

    Not sure if a new trailer will be out this week but I will try. The edit on this movie is quite a bit bigger than what I am used to doing. I am farming out some of the effects to Rkline and some of the sound sweetening to a friend of mine which will help take some of the load off me. I don’t want to release either part without being 100% happy with it.

    Carly said she would much rather play a Batgirl style character πŸ˜›

  98. wid

    I’m always in for the Supergirl vids. If we see Carly as Batgirl, I’d love to a “Girls Night Out” theme. Supergirl and Batgirl vs Livewire and Poison Ivy types would be sweet.

    As far as the “other thing,” I would love that to be inside dope about Supergirl getting the martix/movie costume back at DC. The shorts-under-skirt, can’t be sexy or interesting Supergirl and the behavior of those in favor of that caused me to give up the print comics. Why are teen male fantasies under attack when shirtless vampires, shirtless superhero scenes in every movie, Smallville, Nightwing, and Superboy are all obviously made for women/gay males to enjoy. Can’t we all have our fantasies? If she ever starts looking like the girl in the 1984 movie, 80’s-90’s comic books, and in the cartoons, I would return in a second.

  99. TifaHaruno

    I’m more excited for this than I am for The Avengers.

  100. wid

    Looking good. That’s a quality trailer.

  101. Clarky

    Look great!!
    Rye, I have one question : why have you not used the same costume like in the clips4sale clips, with yellow logo on back cape, and skirt & belt in 2 pieces?
    It would have been better I think, but don’t worry, that’s not this who changed my mind about this movie.

  102. The New Trailer STILL doesn’t even have a punch from me :( lol… ah well.

    @Paul, he is hard at work!
    @Clarky, he didn’t use that cape because it was a lot cheaper , thinner, and to long. The new cape is pleated, thicker and WAY more comfortable to wear. They both tie under your arms just like the one from the original movie but the new cape had way bigger straps and didn’t cut into you like the old one. Only reason I know this is Bianca steals her cape during a fight scene πŸ˜‰ This ment we needed a different skirt to match the colors up.

  103. Dan

    We want Carly! We want Carly! We want Carly! You rock Carly!

  104. Clarky

    Thank you for reply me Carly, it’s clearer now.

  105. TifaHaruno

    I am in such anticipation! Please tell me you are getting close to completion! *Puppy Eyes*

  106. Tifa-
    The video portion is all laid out for part 1 and its looking to be around 50 mins long. Still have to add sound effects, music, and a ton of special effects. I am guessing part 2 will be about the same length.

    I will likely make new trailers for parts 1 and 2 which will have more Carly πŸ˜‰

    Thanks Wid, I was on the fence about adding in the 80’s style commentary but I really liked how it turned out.

  107. Dan

    Thanks Rye, the movie looks awesome, excellent work!

  108. Carly wanted me to post a couple pics of Bianca vs Superior Girl. This takes place just before the pool scene in ep 2, and Superior Girl has already been given a heavy dose of Krystanite. Superior Girl stays defiant but is in no shape to stop Bianca from an embarrassing encounter.


    And this pic is a scene just after the pool. Basically Bianca can’t believe Superior Girl survived so she takes a liquefied krystanite, dumps it on Superior Girl and rubs it into her skin and uniform. Selena promises Bianca that she can keep her powers but only if Superior Girl is dead by sundown…


  109. Scotty2788

    Hi rye, film from what I see so far looks so cool! Just hope it’s not expensive to buy? Btw any chance you could release a full length super shot some like a classic hand on hips pose, boots to head shot? Would love to see that please? Any chance? Scott

  110. Dan

    The actresses and the pool scene look incredible. Her costume ( I know, it’s not a costume!) looks dry in that last shot, is there any footage of a soaking wet Superior Girl out of the water?

  111. TifaHaruno

    That costume must’ve gone through alot during the shoot from being soaked to being covered in green goo, did you have multiple costumes or did you just have the one?

  112. Paul

    Any idea on when the first part will be out?
    looks amazing

  113. TifaHaruno

    Is there any chance we can have the option to buy it in 2 parts or all together? I’d prefer to buy the movie as a whole even if it costs like $10-20 more than if in 2 Parts. Anyways I can’t wait to see this Rye I love your Superheroine videos!

  114. Release date is soon… Richard wanted me to have both part 1 and 2 ready at the same time so I have been working some serious OT to say the least.

    I think the price tag is going to be very reasonable and anyone who gets both parts 1 and 2 at the same time gets a 20% discount.

    That screen shot is very deceiving… She had just got out of the pool seconds before that scene.

    Just had the one costume made (which was scary considering all fighting, falling, and what have you) but the pool/krypto scene was the very last thing shot πŸ˜‰

  115. TifaHaruno

    It’s almost done? Yay! Can’t wait! πŸ˜€

  116. James

    Review: Remarkable work!! The best superheroine video ever produced by an independant producer BAR NONE!! The acting by the Heroine, villains and the way the character is developed is amazing. You get attached to her.
    Cannot wait for part 2 !!

  117. Congratulations on getting Part 1 out quickly Rye! Is there still a 20% discount if I wait to buy both parts together. I doubt I can wait but thought I’d ask anyway.

  118. MassEffectMan

    Bought it and let me tell you Rye this is truly an awesome work you done!!! Carly did an excellent job as supergirl. So far I like it a lot and I can’t wait to see part 2. Are you planning to make more of video of Carly in the future ’cause I really want to see more of her. Also if you do maybe could Carly play as Wonder Woman she is my favorite superheroine of all time. Keep up the great work Rye and everyone who this movie!

  119. Dave

    The actress who plays Superiorgirl is SOOOO good. She plays the innocent superhero role to perfection. Something about the scene with the two truckers (her being so nieve) followed by the intimate scene that gets your blood flowing.

    The beginning scene with Superiorgirl lying on the tracks is an awesome shot!! Plus I love the scene where she takes on the monster and gets thrown all over the place. The fight scene at the end drags a little but that as close to a fault as I can offer. This is amazing work!!

  120. Burclee

    Looks like great production values, but all the effort and skill is a waste for me because the lead performer doesn’t have the body type, (lean, athletic) which I associate with the character being portrayed. This does not seem to matter to many of the potential customers, but it is a make it/break it in terms of my purchasing it.

    A real shame because otherwise this video would be very much to my liking.

  121. HolyMolyDude123

    Glad this is finally out. I have been looking forward to this for awhile now. I prefer he PG-13 stuff because it usually displays more peril from a fighting standpoint, rather than sexual. I’ not a huge fan of heroine videos that are basically porno, so I have high hopes here.

  122. naveed

    from the screen caps, it looks great…i think the heroine looks good too!..i am just wondering what kind of peril scenes are in this part? and when is part 2 coming out?

  123. @ Burclee: it probably matters to customers who have the same preferences you do, but I don’t share your view of a super heroine having to look lean to be athletic. She has to look powerful for me to believe her, and Cassidy does. To each his own.

  124. Paul

    @brucelee Nothing wrong with that body she looks amazing.

    Rye you have deffo surpassed yourself sir. job well done. cant wait for part 2

  125. PowerGirlFanBoy590

    This is the superheroine movie I have been waiting for, ever since I started getting more and more into our little genre. The movie has great productions values, characters, peril, and a very sexy actress playing the role of the heroine.

    One thing that really stood out to me was the soundtrack. It was so well done that I could not tell if I was listening to old pieces from the works of Jerry Goldsmith or John Williams. I was really blown back by Rye’s work in this department.

    I also loved the subtle relationships that all the characters have. Not just Superior Girl and her love interest, but Superior Girl with The Truckers, Selena with Bianca, Selena with Nigel, and Nigel with Superior Girl. All these relationships are present but they are not shoved in your face, play out very naturally and are perfect build up for things to come. Nigel’s character is great and I loved the unrequited relationship he has with Selena. Very dynamic!!!

    I have only one word to describe the actress portraying Selena; brilliant. I never thought Carly could get overshadowed playing a villainess, but the actress blew me away here. This isn’t a knock on Carly at all, it’s just great to see another female villain who can hold her own against the great Carly, lol. I loved the way the film cleverly introduces Selena with Christian’s dialouge.

    The trucker scene was beyond amazing. One thing that I wish producers would do more of is tease the audience in the beginning and Rye does so here with perfection. Like a previous poster stated, it gets your blood boiling. I loved how the truckers lift SG’s skirt up giving the audience a great look, something that I wish would have happened in the Helen Slater film. Dat ass!!!

    The special effects were also very well done. I loved seeing SG’s heat vision and her freezing breath. The flying scenes were also pretty good. I loved the sexy upskirts whenever she lands. The effects during the shadow demon fight were also very clever. I loved seeing SG thrown around and her skirt flying up. Dat ass!!!

    However, like every other movie that’s out there SG still has some flaws. There are some awkard jump cuts that kind of leave you scratching your head. One example is the scene where SG and Christian are debating whether or not getting her a disguise. SG finally agrees to do so, but the very next scene she is out in public in full costume.

    As much as I love the Selena and Bianca interactions, it does get kind of redundant. Sometimes the dialouge just drags on and they end up repeating themselves about certain topics.

    I also found some of the comedic moments in the beginning too over the top and overused. One comedic scene would have been fine to have a laugh at SG’s interaction with Earth’s culture but when it’s more than one it gets very distracting.

    Finally the fight scene between the SG and the possessed Marine got very repetitive like someone mentioned earlier. I am not a fan of seeing a villain hold a superheroine in one position and punch her over and over again in one spot. I want to see her punched all over the room, get tossed around, bring surronding objects into the fight and just see different blows from different angles. We do see some of that, but the majority of the scene is just the Marine punching her over and over in the stomach.

    These flaws however do not take my love away from this movie. This movie is by far my favorite superheroine peril movie of all time. The hard work put in by everybody is definitely shown on screen and you can definitely see that heart that was put in. Thank you Rye!!!

  126. RJ123

    As i expected i totally loved this! Awesome story and Superior Girl is absolutely gorgeous, i have to say its the best herione movie i have seen, to say i am excited to see part 2 is an understatement! Great work Rye!!!

  127. Unfuckingbeleivable!!!! This IS the best damn superheroine movie ever done. My only question is are you going to pay my medical bills because I might have a heart attack if Part II doesn’t come out soon! This is the first movie in years that actually kept my attention from start to finish! I can’t speak for everyone but I usually skip around to a few minutes before the action but not with this film!!!!!! The actress playing Superiorgirl was brilliant but I think the lovely lady playing Selena stole the show for me. I actually BELEIVED every word that came out of her mouth which has never happened before. I love Carly but I agree with powergirlfanboy because it’s not a stretch to assume this actress could be in a Hollywood level production. Yep, she was that good! After being let down by Giga on Superlady with Tashe Reign, and several supergirl attempts from battleforearth, I can’t thank you enough! Rye might be the only producer that truly understands how to portray a kryptonian! If this is the only superheroine movie I get for the rest of the year I will still be a happy lil clam! You really spoiled us on this one Rye!

  128. Pete

    Love the fact that this is PG-13! The subtle parts…the incident with the truckers, the part where Superiorgirl shows her boyfriend where the truckers put their hands, the flying shots, the upskirt shots-WOW!! This is what a superheroine movie should be!! It just makes you want more rather than being worn out and done once a Giga or other hardcore movie is over. This begs the question…have we been overloaded and run down with porn?? And it is time for something different??

    To the comment before criticizing Superiorgirl’s body, I probably would prefer tall and lean also in a perfect world. But that said, I have never seen the role played better than this young lady plays it. And she is a living doll !! Cute, innocent, perky, adorable and gorgeous!! I wouldn’t trade her for any other actress right now. If you don’t purchase this video, you are simply missing out.

    Great job Rye!!

  129. very, very, very good. superior girl herself is probably the best heroine we’ve ever seen in these videos– a talented actress w/ an amazing body and a killer costume.

  130. sugarcoater

    I suppose I’ll be the hundredth person to write this, but this video is truly impressive. Loved the model, the costume, the action, the parody. Terrific job Rye!
    Unfortunately, I am now all-too-eagerly anticipating the release of Part 2. Any sort of hint as to when it will go on sale would be very much appreciated.
    One other request, if I may: any chance the stills that are on display here might be available to those who buy the video? It would be a nice extra for the HD purchase. Just a thought.
    Again, thank you Rye for the phenomenal video. Your passion is a boon to us fans.


  131. Aldous

    So my friends, to practical considerations! Clearly I’m going to be buying this (duh!) but I’m wondering when part two is coming out because I know I’m going to be buying both and if there’s to be a discount on buying the two together I’m going to hold fire till then. Is there an eta on part two Rye?

  132. I’ll add to all the “best ever” comments. This was truly awesome. The acting was great and your Selena really was impressive as promised. SG was adorable, sexy, and looked great in the costume. Selena and Bianca did a great job as the bad girls and seemed to have a lot of fun with the roles. Can’t wait for part II.

  133. Thanks so much guys! It was awesome to wake up to these comments!
    I have a question for everyone before I start back up on Part 2.

    *** – Should the Krystanite necklace glow any time its around Superior Girl’s neck?***

    My first thought is YES it should however it will probably add a solid Day to the editing which is fine but you tell me if that matters to you or not.

    I know there are some questions to be answered but I gotta run however I will get to them as soon as I can.

    If you have a suggestion or editing request for part II please feel free to post and I will read it πŸ˜‰ Thanks again and keep the feedback coming.


  134. ranger87

    The glow would be a nice touch, but it’s more of Superiorgirl’s reaction that is important. It didn’t glow when it weakened her in part one, so I personally say there is no need for it. However, for future vids, if you want it to clow, it might be easier to use a precision cutting tool to cut the krystanite prop on 2 halves. Then, crack a green glow stick or something to that effect, insert it in the prop, then use super glue or model glue to put the two pieces back together.

    Just a thought. You do a lot of krypto/krystanite scenes in your vids, so this might be useful in the future.

    PS, I thought the vid was amazing. As I’ve made abundantly clear to you and many others, I prefer adult material…I vastly prefer it. But the attention and quality in this film was above and beyond, and i really look forward to part two. While this actress won’t do adult material, her acting for both krystanite weakness and fight scenes is great. And She’s just damn adoreable. You can’t help but love her.

  135. RJ123

    I think it would be better if it did glow while it was round her neck, adds to the idea that it is draining her power and slowly destroying her but either way part 2 is going to be incredible, cannot wait!!!

  136. Darkside

    I really liked this vid.I usually only buy heroine videos with adult content in it but this, like Avalon,was sexy and has some real comic book peril scenes. I hope after this project you can do a parody of the 70s wonder woman tv show. Redo some of the famous epesodes but with a much sexier twist.This I hope would contain adult material in it cause I’ve seen lots of artists in this genre come up with great material on what to do with a helpless wonder woman!

  137. Sasha


    BRILLIANT work. I hope this can continue beyond part 2!! Completely worth the price as this is simply the best piece of work in the genre to date.

    Re the krystanite -the glow would be a nice touch in my opinion. Can’t wait for part 2..!

  138. Squidd

    Love the video, the actress as Superior girl was great, beautiful and the costume/uniform was excellant. Can’t wait for part 2 and beyond!!!!!!!!!

  139. A trailer for part II might be out tonight, and I think you will finally get to see me in action! Yay!

    @Powergirlfanboy, No offense taken! She was easily the best actress I have worked with in the past 10 years. There were multiple scenes where I found myself watching her say her lines instead of paying attention to what I was doing because her presence was that strong. I hope I get to work with her again soon!

    @Darkside, Rye has been tossing that idea around since we finished filming so cross your fingers because im pretty sure he is going to chat with Richard about it.

    @Aldous and Dan, Rye said he has a Shadow Demon load of editing left but yes there will be a package deal.

    @sugarcoater, Rye says that him and Richard have something planned for those who get both 1 and 2.

    @Naveed, im not an expert on that subject and Rye spouted off way to many things for me to remember so ill wait for him to answer that lol.

  140. @ Carly: Thanks, I thought there would be a package deal, but I cracked and bought Part 1, just couldn’t’ wait for Part II to be released! Loved your acting in Part 1, awesome work!

  141. The Original Dr. Evil

    Rye, you have raised the bar…. and I am eternally grateful.

    Carly, amazing job. You played the part better than anyone else I have ever seen… AND I’ve been a part of this superheroine fetish for decades.

    Very grateful to all who made this possible!

  142. Whitman

    Hey would someone who bought the movie give me the lowdown on the low blows in it? If there are a few I’ll probably pick this one up. Thanks!

  143. None in this one. But trust me, as a low blow lover, you still will not be disappointed in this one. This chic is amazing!!! She sells every hit and is the best actress every placed in this genre!! By far!!!! I didn’t even need to see a cheap shot to love this one. But rye said part 2 has some good ones. But do not pass on this one Whitman!!

  144. @whitman, Rye just said there are multiple cheap shots in EP 2 so that might be your episode.
    @Dr Evil, Rye just pulled out the drawings you did of Justice Girl and Crimson Hawk the other day. Where have you been all these years?

  145. Whitman

    thank you for the reply M. Yeah it does look pretty good, but I’m really only into the female combat genre for cheap shots; so I think I’ll wait for part two to come out.
    Thanks again for the quick response!

  146. Booker

    Honestly I have to say that the body type of the heroine is keeping me from getting this one combined with the fact that this is a PG-13 movie for almost $50 which I think is a bit steep to be honest.
    To elaborate a bit on the body type thing: from everything I have seen in the trailer the girl is very cute and can act reasonably well but if you do a Supergirl movie getting the body type right in particular considering how Supergirl was portrayed in the movie as well as the comics these days is extremely important in my opinion. Her look simply does not work for me.

    Also..again…with a PG13 movie it makes sense to go cheaper not more expensive in particular when compared to that Jungle Girl move which had significantly higher production values and was only $5.

  147. The girl’s body is more than perfect!!!! Rye/Carly, any chance of the trailer fr number two?

  148. Lake

    There had to be one moaner about the price didn’t there πŸ˜‰

  149. TifaHaruno

    I’m with M, my only question is when?

  150. decendingskulls

    This is amazing, really. I have been following Rye since around the time the Shimmer videos came out on his original website. It’s great to see not only the maturation of a director, but of our niche genre of videos as a whole. I would say this is something of a landmark in indie super heroine films.

    Going in, I wasn’t sure that I would agree with all the fuss being made. I usually lean more towards the adult content end of the spectrum, but a straight to the action porn movie kind of bores me at the far end of that spectrum. I appreciate a more fleshed-out film. It goes without saying that this is more fleshed out than any of it’s contemporaries, and it has just enough peril and slightly pervy camera angles to keep someone like me interested as well.

    As if I could possibly pass up buying a production like this from one of my favorite directors… Yeah right! Definitely looking forward to part 2. Thank you.

  151. Bert


    I completely agree. I too have been following Rye’s work since the early days. Some producers start out quite amateurish and just stay that way. Some come in with a background in film and make polished videos but don’t completely get the fetish. Rye stands out as a true fan of the genre who started out small and without much craft, and has steadily gotten better through the years. The director’s cut of Avalon, and now this 1984 film show a maturing filmmaker who has clearly dedicated himself to improving his skills. I’m sure there were many challenges with the making of this movie, from working with non-genre talent to the increased amount of character development to all the special effects, music, etc. It all came off really well and Rye deserves a lot of credit. Kudos.

  152. The question of the day seems to be: “is it ready yet? Is it ready yet?” You obviously did an awesome job if all of us SG fans are acting like kids in the backseat of a car heading to Disney World.

  153. I just viewed the trailer for part 2 and found myself feeling sorry for Superior Girl???? I’m a peril fan through and through but after falling in love with this character the whole scene gave me this powerful feeling of despondency. A big part of me wanted to jump in there and save her from Selena! Is this weird? She was so charming, lovable, and innocent in part 1 and now I want her to smack down the villains? Have I become to attached to this character? I can’t say that any superheroine production has ever had this effect on me and I am sort of beside myself. For the first time in my superheroine peril life I am kind of rooting for the hero! Someone please tell me I’m not alone in my newly found emotional attachment to this character!

    @TheRye (What in the hell have you done to me son!)

    j/k this is a good problem to have and it demonstrates how remarkable your work on movie is. One suggestion I have is creating a mailing list so impatient folks like me can get it the second it hits the net.

  154. The Original Dr.Evil

    @Sid… Dude, I am right there with you. I can’t help but root for Carly because she is so cute and lovable. It’s easy to see why you could get attached to her.

    @Carly… Where have I been all these years? Why, I’ve been soul searching! LOL But Rye’s latest endeavors and your great performance are pulling me back into the genre! Thanks!!!! Maybe new stuff from me to follow soon… but don’t hold your breath anyone! :)

  155. Lake

    I can’t help but think there’s some mis-identity going on in this thread with regard the cast. πŸ˜‰

  156. TifaHaruno

    This parody is already 10x better than the actual movie from 1984.



  158. JOHN


  159. deathcake

    Caps lock man! When you use it, you are shouting :)

  160. “This parody is already 10x better than the actual movie from 1984.”

    I agree. The fight scenes are better. The villains are villainier. The whole crew has done such an amazing job on this project. I can’t wait for part II and I hope this does well enough to encourage many more similar Superior Girl films.

    I’ll always have a soft spot for the original as well. Like our new Superior Girl, Helen Slater was adorable, had a cute girlish smile, and looked great in the costume. That movie is the primary reason I’m into this genre and have been a big Supergirl fan for a long time– even if I was so young at the time, I had no idea why I found that short red skirt so interesting.

  161. Scotty2788

    I agreed with wid. I love part one and are so looking forward to part 2. The team has done a great job. No a big peril fan so this with the classic win in the end style of story is right up my street. My follwing of all things supergirl also started with Helen skater in 1984 and I can remember at the cinema thinking I loved her costume and her legs in the red boots! Again top job rye and the team please make many more. I always wished for supergirl 2 so maybe you can fill that gap! A+++

  162. JOHN

    all i have is one question about this whole project, if it is a mini series how many chapters will complete this series and all i have seen from the trailers, excellent job and great work /RYE/ out of all the superior girl movies out there and all the actresses playing the part. this one is the one that stands alone and this is the award winner and that is the bottomline……..

  163. Thanks John and I think you might be happy to know that Superior Girl actually does defeat all her opponents, but she definitely has to earn her victories with some of them. I’m not going to sugar coat part 2 though because it is quite a bit darker than part 1…This was originally going to be a mini series but after talking with Richard we decided to make it just 2 parts.

    As for as the sequel goes…
    Though the first half of 1984 has done fantasitc its still only been out for 3 days and I’m still editing part 2 so it’s a little to early to say for sure if we get a sequel. Trust me when I say there is no one that wants a sequel more than I do and everyone that gets part II will find out why…. The potential for a great continuation is MASSIVE to say the least πŸ˜‰

    There are a few other projects I have pitched to Richard that I don’t want to disclose just yet, however they are equally as interesting!

  164. Rye, but when’s part 2 coming out!!! We can’t wait anymore

  165. The release of Part 2 will probably be delayed a bit since Carly in action played such a big part of the trailer for it…doh!

  166. Rye jumped back into editing mode but there is no potential release day just yet.
    @Dan, I know! Tell me about it! lol

  167. JOHN

    Thank you /RYE/ for answering the big question. I always want to see the superheroine get the job done and come out on top the winner. I’m hoping to order part one this weekend, /RYE/ I wish you all the success in the world on this project and all your future endeavers, THANK YOU /RYE/

  168. Here are a few screen grabs from Part 2. Something that is pretty obvious, and i’ve already stated, is that Part 2 is much darker than 1. This is quite the challenging continuation for Superior Girl to say the least. Those of you rooting for the villains will probably like this one more than those rooting for Superior Girl.


    I’m still toying around with a suggestion to have alternate endings… The nornal story has Superior Girl winning at the end so this version is a given.

    What are your guys thoughts on this? Its not that much extra work to make two different endings, so if there is enough demand to have the villains come out on top I can probably make it happen.

    Back to the grind…

  169. I like the idea of an alternate ending where the villains win.

  170. ranger87

    ALTERNATE ENDING PLEASE!?! If you sell them seperately, I would even buy both!

  171. Justnorm

    Well as long as you have the version were she wins then anything else is ok…. But come on…. Superiorgirl has to win… For the sequel…. πŸ˜‰

  172. I’m both a SG and a peril fan. I suppose, personally, I like establishing SG as a seemingly unbeatable heroine– able to easily defeat even bad guys who seem incredibly powerful. Then, somehow, the villain finds a way to beat the heroine. In the end, although the heroine loses a battle or two and suffers some bruises, she ultimately triumphs.

    All of that being said, I’m with Ranger. Seeing the heroine flat out lose the whole war works too. Everything I’ve seen thus far has been great, so I’m sure I’d purchase both too.

  173. Scotty2788

    I prefer went sg wins, don’t mind her getting a bit roughed up but in my eyes she has to win. I understand the villain winning and that’s not for me. Please do both if there is demand but I’ll only buy the sg win ending. Btw I know the classic sg win endings normally end up with them going to jail, I would like ii if sg actually was a tad darker and killed them after putting them through some peril as revenge. Showing she can loose it and has a dark side!

  174. JOHN

    I prefer Superior Girl kick all the villians’s buts one by one and destroye them once and for all and leave selena till last and mop the floor with her but. then Superior Girl collect her omega headron and fly away back to her home planet and all live happily ever after bottomline………… Thank you again. /RYE/

  175. Decendingskulls

    I vote for alternate / heroine loses ending !!!

  176. JOHN

    I PREFER SUPERIOR GIRL WINN. and that is the BOTTOMLINE……………..

  177. I’d love to see an alternate ending at the pool scene (rock on Carly!) and picking up the sequel there butt what do I know?

  178. sugarcoater

    Love that you went with the pool/wet scene. I think one of the sexiest looks for a superheroine is with a wet, clinging costume.

    One other idea, and I’m not sure how it would work with an alternative ending (perhaps a sequel to these two videos…?), but have a male villain mock Supergirl. She would be restrained and the villain would trace the S on Supergirl’s chest and ask her if the S stands for slut or if she’s asking for sex, what with her skimpy outfit. Have Supergirl try to explain her outfit, maybe even asking herself why she wears a such a costume/uniform.

  179. @John and anyone else wanting her to win, don’t worry πŸ˜‰ That will be the normal ending. Rye’s question was just to get a feel if many people wanted the “option” of buying a separate copy where she doesn’t win.

    He said he won’t be at that stage in the editing process until Saturday so there is plenty of time to voice if it is something you would like to have as an alternative.

  180. James

    Carly, Rye,

    I would take the “option” to buy anything Rye produced with this piece of work. This series is so good, I would buy win and lose. So to answer your question, YES I would love for him to produce two videos.

    Here is a suggestion…could Rye produce the win (original plan) first and then follow it up with the losing version on another date just so it doesn’t delay the release?

    Few other questions…
    – did the actress who plays Superiorgirl enjoy the experience and do you think she will ever play this role again??

    -Finally, I am curious to know …how are sales? Are you guys happy so far with the numbers ?? I hope you guys absolutely kill it because it will prove that when you put extra work into something, you get rewarded. I just hope these videos sell like hotcakes so we can get similar work like this produced in the future!!

  181. I second that!! Release the original thought first, then an alternative ending

  182. Hariharan

    An alternate ending where the heroine loses……count me in as one who votes for that. I sure hope that there are enough people voting for that and you do consider to make the alternate ending a reality…..

  183. Lake

    There seems to be an equal split as to whether the SH wins or loses. Personally, I like to see them lose and be stripped as well. That said, I also have no problem with them winning in the end. As there seem to be some people who will only buy the movie if their ending is catered for, it would make sense to have both endings available.

  184. JOHN


  185. JOHN


  186. JOHN


  187. JOHN


  188. TifaHaruno

    @John Cool it with the Caps Lock you’re embarrassing yourself.

    Anyways as far as an Alternate Ending where the Villains wins sure I’d like to see one but finish Part 2 first.

  189. Lake


    What is your problem? Do you think you are the only person who’s interests are to be catered for? There are others as well who may have different wishes to yours and thats the BOTTOM LINE!

  190. Jobber Lover

    I’m a big fan of your work, as I’m sure you have many.

    I like variety. But I must admit I’m always rooting for the bad guy/bad girl. Sometimes its great to have her win for a number of episodes so when she’s finally defeated her destruction is all that much greater.

    The villian stripping the heroine is not important to me. Some feel that is the only way she can be totally defeated, but I disagree. I think death of the heroine is the ultimate defeat. But I understand why that’s normally avoided.

    I seem to remember one super heroine film in which the defeated heroine’s lifeless body was hung like a trophy from a chain link fence. The strung up body was still in her heroine clothes so that it was like a warning to other would be heroines. It was well done and I impressed by the concept of the total defeat including her being made a trophy of. It was a while back and it actually may have been one of your films. Not sure. I’ll have to see if I can dig it up.

    Anyway, you do great stuff. I’m sure if you put out alternate endings they will be well received.

  191. Rye, thanks for the screen caps! I’ve been thinking about that an alternative ending at the pool scene and how it sets up for a sequel. It would be cool to see Wonder Woman come in and save her to start the sequel. If you can produce a movie like this with one heroine, the mind boggles at what you could do with two! Serena and Bianca vs. Superior Girl and Wonder Woman? I’d love to see what you’d do with that!

  192. I don’t think Supergirl’s outfit is overly skimpy or needs to be defended. Aside from the skirt tease and the legs, there isn’t that much showing (and this in a genre where naked muscle men and women in bathing suits are the norm). If a girl can’t wear that without being called sexist epithets or being made uncomfortable, then we are moving backwards as a nation. If a bad guy starts using sexist slurs and suggests there is something bad about a female trying to feel sexy/attractive and speaks like a “blame the victim” type, I would want Supergirl to tear his head off after lecturing the jackass for an hour. Those attitudes are basically what caused too many heroines to become repressed sexually while the male characters continued to operate without the slightest restriction.

  193. I’m sorry for my little rant– I’m not suggesting anyone here is a “blame the victim” type. We can’t help what turns us on and many of us find having the powerful heroine defeated sexy and the further humiliation of a mocking villain adds to that. I agree, and find that suggestion would work well. It’s just that there are certain words and attitudes that I’d prefer not be used. If something like this was done, either have it toned done a bit so it doesn’t sound that way or have Supergirl remain defiant and proud and have one of the bad girls kick his ass and tell him what a sexist jerk he was being afterwards.

  194. ranger87

    @Jobber Lover
    If you find that video with the heroine hung on the fence, can you let me know what it is and where to get it? And if it’s out of print, is there a way I could get that from you? That type of ending sounds AWESOME!

    Guys, we need to remember that filming has completed on this. Any alternate ending is already planned out by Rye, so there may not be much he can do in regards to “requests” on this one. Stripping the heroine is out. I’m fairly sure they did not film any scenes like that, being pg13 and all. I’m pretty sure he’s just asking that if he created that alternate ending with the extra footage he has (which, from what I understand, is a LOT, so it’s not like it’ll be half assed), if people woudl buy it. I KNOW that I would. This video has proven pg13 material can be great, even to a guy like me who normally goes for the adult content. But I still like the heroine to lose. I’ll probably end up getting both versions, if there is enough interest for him to create the “losing ending” as well.

  195. Many competing ideas and the possibility of an alternate ending– are we going to get to 300 comments by the time part 2 comes out? 500 after part 2? What’s the record? Superiorgirl 1984 deserves it.

    All these different attitudes make me remember that old choose your own adventure Supergirl book from the 80’s. I wonder if that could work as a DVD? If you want some peril, you could have Supergirl fly into battles overconfident and rush into traps or against powerful villains unprepared. If you want her to win, you can have her plan ahead, avoid kryptonite, and figure out how to defeat the big baddies. Heck, you could have her win a few and lose a few also.

    As far as this video, I’m confident I’ll enjoy the ride in whatever direction Rye and company take us.

  196. Clarky

    I only wish that Supergirl wins, the reason : Superior Girl 2, the sequel !( with news characters, meeting with Superman or Zaltar…).

  197. ranger87

    No problem there, Clarky. We know for SURE that the main ending has Superiorgirl win. I only wish for an alternate ending in addition to that.

  198. Jason

    I’m up for an alternate ending as well. I love that idea of SuperiorGirl being hung on a fence like a trophy. But if it were done that the way, she’d be in the destroyed costume. I heard you said you destroyed it Rye.

  199. Just to elaborate, I like the prospect of the villains winning in an alt. ending, but I don’t need to see the heroine stripped. Doesn’t go hand-in-hand for me.
    Personal preference, I’m not into the more adult stuff.

    I do like the “heroine hung up like a trophy” idea, if that is possible.

  200. JOHN


  201. JOHN

    I have to wonder where will SUPERIOR GIRL go from here after she completes her Successful mission on earth, destroyes the villians and collects omega headron and flys away back to her home planet. /RYE/ IS THE BEST IN THE BUSINESS.

  202. Burclee

    I was indifferent about how the video ended, but now I think it is extremely important that there is but one outcome portrayed, and that is Superior Girl utterly ruined and completely defeated….for no other reason than frustrating JOHN.

  203. JOHN


  204. bucksuffer

    i cant seem to purchase the video. (outside us)

    my credit card is issued out of US.
    sorry if I commented on the same issue a few times, as it didnt appear previously.

    could someone please help!!
    appreciate it

  205. Hey bucksuffer-
    A lot of banks outside the US don’t support address verification which is a strict part of many US merchants process credit cards.. My best advice is to use paypal πŸ˜‰

    If you run into issues with paypal just email me at 007vette@gmail.com

  206. Justin_D

    I’d very much like the option of an alternate ending of seeing Superior Girl being defeated. Would definitely buy it. Great job!

  207. I think the demand for 2 different versions is viable so I will be moving forward with this idea. Its really only a few hour difference in edit time.. maybe a day at the most.

    A caveat for all who decide to get the “Villains” version.. What is filmed for the “potential” sequel doesn’t fit if Superior Girl is defeated so you will need to have someone spoil it for ya. Of course I’m sure you can come here and find out what happens in both edits πŸ˜‰

  208. sugarcoater

    It was Jobber Lover who suggested it, and the idea of having Superior Girl hung up on a wall/post/etc. by her uniform would be a really hot look! After being thoroughly defeated, and with the kryptonite-like gem on a chain around her neck, Superior Girl would be hung from some post for all to see her defeat. Later, totally weak and barely conscious, someone would help her off the post and walk her away as the scene fades out. She might even be stripped of her mini-skirt, allow for a nice wedgie shot from behind.

  209. sugarcoater

    Liz, apologies for any confusion, but there was no intention of creating some sort of social issue about women feeling sexy and wearing sexy outfits. The suggestion is simply one of heroine humiliation. That said, there might be some plausibility to the idea that a heroine dresses in high heels, a cape and a very short skirt to fight crime. Not that I would be against law enforcement–or rather the more attractive female members of law enforcement–wearing such outfits on patrol, but perhaps such outfits might make chasing down perps a bit tough. But again, the point is simply one of heroine humiliation. I don’t see how that would be any different from some villainess commenting on Namor’s speedo for example. This has nothing to do with a real-life issue; this is pure fantasy.
    Hopefully that clarifies the matter. It would be weird to see a thread start up on gender issues on a website focused on heroines’ demises πŸ˜‰

  210. Thanks for providing the alternative ending Rye!

  211. mantower

    Rye, great decision to make the alternate ending, and the suggestion that JobberLover made is amazing, to have her hanging there defeated as a warning to other heroines is awesome. I have to second ranger’s request of getting the info on which video that was, such an ending would be an instant buy for me. I haven’t bought part one of the video yet, I am waiting for both parts to come out so I can watch the whole thing at once. I actually ordered a custom from TBFE with the same actress that plays superiorgirl here and she did an amazing job in that one too so I am looking forward to this one. That custom should be out on TBFE soon, so keep an eye out for that as well.

  212. lucy

    Big fan Rye,

    I totally agree with alternative endings, one where all hope is lost for superior then too much monologueing gives superior just enough opportunity to turn the tables.
    Then a second ending where superior is overcome by the effects of kryptonite then with seconds to spare, she manages to destroy the rock with her heat vision, she climbs to her feet hands on hips and delivers her heroic speach. A gun is then pointed at her, she laughs definitely. The gun goes of, a green kryptonite bullet leaves the gun and hits superior ripping through her costume, she has a look of shock then panic as she collapses to the floor, she gasps it can’t end like this then she’s is no more.


  213. Bought the HD version last night. Impressive stuff..overall a strong fetish film, Rye’s best work so far! I think it might be a little premature to declare it the ‘best ever’..whatever that’s supposed to mean… I thought some of it seemed a little hastily put together (always a problem with customs, IMHO..since there’s no underwriting of the project by anyone but the original customer, there is always a strong temptation to release the film ASAP, just to start realizing a return on investment) …just to be clear, I mean this as CONSTRUCTIVE criticism…again, I was pleased with my purchase and will be picking up the second part…{SPOILERS AHEAD!}

    The young lady playing Superior Girl was a nice find…has a very pleasing, positive vibe to her performance…like a lot of first-timers with this sort of stuff, she seems a little puzzled at times with the dialog (not to be unkind, but she sort of stumbles on the pronunciation of ‘Omega Hedron’) ..again, with the luxury of more takes, a dialog coach, a longer period of post-production,etc, this is the sort of stuff that film editors can make go away rather easily. Given the built-in limitations, she should be commended for enthusiasm and getting into the physical part of role. Liked the supporting cast, generally…although the cuts could have used some tightening up. Some of the special effects were really well done (the title sequence verged on beauty!) , although the ‘monster’ might have been better left unseen…and again seemed to cry out for a slightly larger budget! I thought avoiding the whole ‘Girls Private School’ motif from the 1984 film was a good idea…but it did leave Kara/Superior Girl with no sympathetic female lead to play off against, which sort of hurt the characterization. To give one example, why does Selina keep calling Kara ‘the wimp’, when she’s only seen Kara in her Superior Girl persona? It’s a nice nick from the ’84 film, but here it makes zero sense! Finally, the guy who plays the government agent, and his ‘twin brother’ reporter…who bears more than a passing resemblance to Tom Petty, I think…uh…was he REALLY needed for the plot to advance? His/their scenes seem to slow the pacing to a dead crawl, and come dangerously close to ‘padding’..again, IMHO.
    Bottom line (seems to be getting a lot of mileage recently, doesn’t it?)…approval from George Perez and the Original Dr. Evil is a BIG deal, at least for long-term fans of this genre! Way to go Rye, Carly , and the whole crew who obviously worked hard realizing this production…solid work!

  214. Thanks for the feedback Gil!
    Yes this movie has received a tremendous amount of praise and support, however I agree with you that it’s not a technical wonder πŸ˜‰ I still have a decent learning curve to overcome with many aspects of film making in general but I think I will get there eventually. I am glad you enjoyed it though!

    Just so you know… 15:15 through 15:45 is when Selena sees Superior Girl as a normal girl and gives her the “Wimp” title while not making the connection. :)

  215. JOHN

    NOW since it looks like there are two alternet endings to this story, I’LL choose what I have always chose,/ SUPERIOR GIRL/ winning and gaining back her respect and flying off into the sunset, THAT IS THE BOTTOMLINE……………..

  216. JOHN


  217. lucy

    What about an alternate ending where sg is exposed to red kryptonite and stripped of her power permanently, then left to live her life as a mortal..

    Keep up the good work.

  218. JOHN

    THERE are so many superheroine films on the market right now, let SUPERIOR GIRL HAVE THIS ONE AND CALL IT EVEN. TO many Films have the villian winning. THAT IS NOT FAIR, and that is the /BOTTOMLINE/

  219. @JOHN – WTH is up with all the shouting? Chill, geez!

    This vid’s pretty awesome, it’s alot better than the original. Though technology has come on so much since then that’s not too surprising.

    It’s good, but I wouldn’t call it the best film ever!!!! – As some people seem to be calling it.

    Still, loving much more care and thought, and most of all cash! Going into superheroine peril movies.

    I think an alternate ending is a good idea, or at least a different ending to the original – it adds to the peril, you don’t actually know how it’s going to end. Which improves the peril massively!

    @Rye – Great work!! Look forward to more “big budget” stuff! πŸ˜‰

  220. TifaHaruno

    @Lucy I believe you mean Gold Kryptonite, Red Kryptonite has random effects and never does the same thing twice (yes I’m a nerd for knowing that).

    @Jason Seriously stfu.

  221. JOHN

    swampy170. i am done shouting and i am done with this conversation and done with all of it and that is it. it is what it is and that is the…………..

  222. JOHN

    QUESTION, for anybody out there that can answer it, when you buy a video download from SHG-MEDIA WEBSITE. and what is the payment required and do you have to pay a membership to watch their movies, somebody let me know. THANK YOU………..

  223. Burclee

    So, all these marching orders, demands and bottom lines….and JOHN apparently not only hasn’t purchased Part One of 1984, he has never purchased a video from SHG.

    Boy, there is a valued customer you sure want to please.

  224. lucy


    I stand corrected, still be a nice twist.

  225. sugarcoater

    “it is what it is”…and it’s not what it’s not and it could be what it could be and it won’t be what it won’t be.
    Nice observation Burclee. For all those requests and demands, what does anyone else get out of it? Rye has always been excellent in his customer interactions from what I have experienced and read on various message boards. JOHN, just go to the actual site and go through the purchasing process. You will find it is as straightforward as any other online purchasing process. It will be what it will be…

  226. Jason

    “I’m up for an alternate ending as well. I love that idea of SuperiorGirl being hung on a fence like a trophy. But if it were done that the way, she’d be in the destroyed costume. I heard you said you destroyed it Rye.”

    “@Jason Seriously stfu.”

    @TifaHaruno, did I miss something? I think there’s a misunderstanding here. Just curious.

    Sadly I’m one of those fans who pays by money order and hasn’t recieved confirmation yet. The wait is unbearable. Just needed to let that out. Back to the positive feedback.

  227. sugarcoater

    Have you tried Paypal Jason? I have used it without any issues, including Part I of 1984.

  228. sugarcoater2001

    Dr. Evil, are you by any chance back in the comic art, and therefore commission, business? Your art remains some of the absolute best in the superheroine demise genre, and it would be great to see more of it. I would humbly request the opportunity to commission some work as well if it’s possible.

  229. Jason

    Yeah Sugarcoater, I’ve used Paypal lots of times, it’s just that sometimes I wanna stay away from the credit card method is all. Maybe the Memorial Day weekend is hanging things up.

  230. JOHN

    SUGARCOATER, THANK YOU FOR THAT, ILL go through the process and go from there, I’M going to watch part one and can not wait for part two and that is the bottomline,/SUGARCOATER/ THANK YOU………..

  231. TifaHaruno

    @Jason Sorry I meant John, the asshole posting in all caps.

  232. @Swampy170

    I can’t speak for all that are in the “best movie ever” crowd but Rye made me believe I was watching a real Superheroine and that amplified the action and the peril a thousand fold for me. In your opinion which producer has done a better job at portraying the Girl of Steel in our little genera? Please know I am not trying to be a smart ass because you might show us a movie that we didn’t know existed! I am sure other SG fans would also appreciate a heads up for such a movie.

    @JOHN Once you see the movie I can assure you there is no need to post again. We all know what you like already and that is the bottom line!

    Any release date for part 2 Rye?

  233. sugarcoater

    Enjoy it John, it’s an impressive piece of work (especially the last portion when the army guy smacks Superior Girl around.

    Jason, I totally understand what you mean about the credit card thing, but considering both (a) how easy it is to steal someone’s credit card info at any point (i.e. handing your card to a waiter), and (b) how quickly every credit card issue I’ve had has been resolved with no money lost on my part, I would say go for it. Just DO NOT use an ATM card–from everyone I’ve heard who had an issue with their ATM card stolen, it is a lot harder to get that money back. And then there’s always the sweet mileage points you get with the credit card. Lastly, with the credit card you get the video right away, which is good for someone like me who lacks patience.
    And on that point, when do we get Part 2?!!!

  234. JOHN

    thank you sugarcoater, i went through the process not a problem, i saw the movie and it beat the original hands down completely destroyed it, this superior girl is the best i have ever seen, she makes her part seem so real. that was a excellent movie, /congraduations/ RYE/ you hitt that one out of the park. i bought my first download and more to come, thanks to /sugarcoater/

  235. JOHN

    /RYE/ do you have any time set for the release of part 2, /part 1/ was a grand slam and part 2 will be a grand slam beating the first one, well done with a 2 part movie it would have been 4 hours with everything you put in it, thank you again,/congrads/ /RYE/

  236. JOHN

    at line /226/ of this message board, well somebody pretending to be me. leaving that message is uncalled for. that is unnessary, anyway everytime i have posted my comments / i look back and make sure it is clean and simple and to the point. if i left my caps on excuse me. don’t want to offend anybody on planet earth. /SUPERIOR GIRL/ is the winner at the end of /part 2 / and i am to. this is my last post and that is the/BOTTOMLINE/

  237. JOHN,

    I checked, and you’re right. That comment was left by someone else pretending to be you. I’ve removed the comment (so comment #226 is no longer the one John is referring to), and I will probably ban the person who left it (haven’t decided for sure yet).

    Impersonating someone else in the comments is not a nice thing to do, and that is the BOTTOMLINE……..

  238. Great video. Rye truly is one of the best out there, and I’m glad for him that this video seems to have achieved some level of mass appeal. Can’t wait to see Supergirl’s total destruction in Volume 2!

  239. John

    “226 JOHN May 25, 2012 at 11:00 pm
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.”

    First my real name is John, I capitalized all of it and left that post to be sarcastic and mock JOHN who is being repeatedly and annoyingly, obnoxious. Yelling at everyone.

    I’m not alone in finding his posts

    “241 Swampy170 May 27, 2012 at 8:32 am


  240. John

    “226 JOHN May 25, 2012 at 11:00 pm
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.”

    First my real name is John, I capitalized all of it and left that post to be sarcastic and mock JOHN who is being repeatedly and annoyingly, obnoxious. Yelling at everyone.

    I’m not alone in finding his posts

    “241 Swampy170 May 27, 2012 at 8:32 am


  241. John

    I’m not alone in finding his posts

    “241 Swampy170 May 27, 2012 at 8:32 am


  242. John

    “226 JOHN May 25, 2012 at 11:00 pm Yelling, post after post after post, is unnecessary, uncalled for and offensive.

    HM I apologize for my reaction, I should have requested that you tell JOHN to stop shouting. How would it look if everyone started doing that, one guy shouldn’t get a free pass, just because he’s somewhat comical.

  243. Jason

    Finally seeing it, great work Rye! I don’t know what I could say that hasn’t already been said.

    Upon first seeing the trailer, I was very interested in Selena, her character was played so well.

    SuperiorGirl’s poses, and innocent spirit were played perfectly. She didn’t talk to a bunny, but her interactions with other objects were great, and her reactions to the shots she took in battle were perfect.

    Also, thank you for finally listing the pieces that you used from Kevin Mccleod. I’ve actually visited Incompetech before looking for score to listen to. You put the classic Punished Heroines theme in the video but does it have a name, or is it on the site?

  244. Rye,
    Your killing us!!! Give us a ball park date for the sequel to this masterpiece!!! Please!! Or post more photos to quinch our craving!!!

  245. M-
    Hard to say… but I will try and post some more previews soon πŸ˜‰ After a big success with part 1 I just hope people like part 2 even half as much.

    Glad you enjoyed it! No she didn’t chat with a bunny however she has some great interactions with some arcade games in part 2 :) My classic PH music was actually written by me and most of those older songs I never named, but I think there is close to 40 of them. If your interested in having a personal copy of any music I wrote just email me. I’ve probably sent out a few hundred songs to customers over the years so its no trouble.


  246. Maybe a pic or two of the cheap shots from part 2 would be awesome!!!!

  247. Also, what is the song called the is played at the end of the part 2 trailer. Is it available for purchase?!

  248. Jason

    Oh cool, thanks Rye. I’ll do that sometime.

    The arcade machine idea sounds great!

    Sorry if I sound really fixated on that bunny scene but I’m thinking about the “parody” aspect of the film. Maybe if there is a sequel, instead of a bunny, have her wake up next to a vicious snake. Of course she’s happy and cheery towards it, and then it tries to bite her and fails, and she’s just confused. Of course you wouldn’t put the actress in such danger, but I’m loving her chipper attitude in the film. Feel free to shoot this down anybody, but I’m laughing just picturing it.

  249. clark kent

    RYE/ great work, hope to be seeing some more real soon and part 2 in the near future and how ever that story ends, take care sir

  250. Only have a spare second, but part 2 might be available soon… :)

  251. TifaHaruno

    *Rabid Fangirl Mode*

    Soon? How soon? Like later today? Later this week? Give us less of a vague timetable Rye!

    *Fangirl Mode Off*

    Sorry about that I just really wanna see it, thank you for letting us know it’s almost done Rye. :)

  252. /RYE/ when part 2 is released. let us know in the two alternet endings. which ending is which, superior girl winning is my ending. thank you. /RYE/


    /RYE/ -QUESTION. after part 2 is released and all the smoke has cleared and both superior girl films clean house and pt/2/ beats part/1/ and all is said and done, what do you think will be your next adventure. it will be hard to top this acomplishment, have a great day. /RYE/

  254. skinner winner

    if i got a pre paid visa card (one you can buy from a grocery store) that had a 20$ limit, or however much this movie is, can I still purchase it? it isn’t a card that I own, only one that last until the money’s all gone, possible?

  255. Malcolm

    Finally picked this up and i may be in the minority but i was underwhelmed. The girl is super cute and I think very sexy,the locations are good and the use of greenscreen. But for me,at least,it all devolved on the climactic fight. Why do a huge production etc and revert to the same old scene in someones garage??. Also the continual monotonous belly punching bored me after maybe the second set of blows. Just one guys opinion but afrer all the hype its just another Rye video

  256. Burclee

    In line with Malcom’s thoughts above, I’ve been wondering about the purpose or goal of this production.

    If we say that it is a film in the fetish genre aimed at fetish fans, then most of the footage is superfluous. Fetish video purchasers are primarily interested in seeing their fetish portrayed. Does anyone have a fetish for watching mediocre actors reciting mediocre move-the-plot-along dialog while standing in a mediocre set? Does anyone have a fetish for watching low budget attempts at special effects? Ultimately the video is 30 % fetish presentation and 70% background to presenting the fetish material.

    If we say that the video is something more than a fetish film, then we are moving into the area where we would be comparing it to art…and here it suffers once more because while there is skill and competence involved in putting this together, it isn’t as though the non fetish material is really interesting, as though anyone would watch those parts of the movie again and again because they represented such good filmmaking.

    So I am left wondering about the purpose. It reminds me of what happened to the Mitchell Brothers in the pioneer days of popular porn in the 1970’s. “Deep Throat” had been the first “hit” porn movie, at least to the degree that it was being talked about in public. Shortly after that the Mitchell Brothers produced the second “hit” “Behind The Green Door” which was a novelty not for its superior value as a film, but because it starred Marylin Chambers who was then gracing the cover of Ivory Snow boxes.

    The Mitchell Brothers then got it into their heads that enhancing the quality of the porn meant bigger and bigger audience, in short they were starting to think about porn as though it worked the same way as regular movies. So they spent some record breaking amount of money to come up with the first ever big budget porn film complete with special effects, lots of dialog and non porn scenes. This was “Sodom and Gomorrah” and it was an immensely elaborate production for a porn film.

    And it lost a huge amount of money. No one was especially interested in sitting through 90 minutes of grade C actors and ho hum dialog when their true goal was a few sex thrills. Not quite grasping the lesson of this just yet, the Mitchell Brothers made one more attempt at a big budget porn film, a sequel to “Behind the Green Door” and this too was a money loser.

    That lesson is that in any film or video which is aimed at a porn audience, that audience is really only going to be interested in the porn parts. It does not matter if the rest is well above average because the rest is never going to be as compelling as the same sorts of scenes in a regular movie. It is a waste of time to try and turn porn into art because the result will always be diluted porn and ho hum art.

    Rye has executed a skillful video, but at whom is it aimed?

  257. James

    I know everyone is entitled to their opinion but still can’t believe anyone can actually bash this video.

    Malcolm and Burclee…I think this was the best superheroine vid ever produced. I don’t classify myself as “the porn audience”. And I think there is enough superheroine “porn” out there these days. Apparently so do alot of people and that is why this movie has gotten so much praise.

    Put it this way, I think of porn as sex. But I think of my love of Superheroines as more fantasy. That is what Rye taps into in this movie better than anyone else!!

    But here is where you are really missing the point….
    What Rye did was different. He drew us into the character, gave us a real movie feel, also gave us the little things (sexy camera angles, upskirt shots) that a Hollywood movie would NEVER give us today or yesterday.

    That element of tease only makes me want MORE and has made so many of us waiting on the edge of our seats for Part II . This movie touches a nerve in our imagination. That is what makes Superiorgirl 1984 such a hit.

    So to say this is just a movie for “the porn audience” comes up way short.

  258. ranger87

    Yeah, I don’t know where Malcom and Bruce are coming from. What are their points of reference? We know this is a pg13 superheroine film. So lets look at the other pg13 producers. TBFE and NCG. That’s it. Nobody else. NCG is good. I’ll admit that. But TBFE, post Rye, just makes me weep every time. They get super hot girls to play their heroines, but the stories, acting, and even the action, miss the mark.

    This video was made to parody the Supergirl film. Not with porn, but with more superheroine peril, of which there was practically none in the 1984 film. The phantom zone and the shadow creature were it.

    This film, 1984, is capitalizing on the base story of the Supergirl film, but with more emphasis on the heroine’s peril. And honestly, I feel more connected to Superiorgirl in 1984 as a character than I did to Helen Slater as Supergirl. Slater was alright, but she was too…alien to connect with.

    Now, there is a whole set of people who love the superheroine “fetish” if we NEED to call it that, who purely enjoy the peril, and not the nudity or sex. This movie is for them. Sure, I enjoy nudity and sex in superheroine films, but the peril, and the acting around it, is so well done in this that even I like it. And they are even bringing some aspects from Superman’s film into play with the pool scene and crystanite necklace in part 2.

    This is a long way from “just another Rye video”. I love Rye’s vids, but I will be the first to admit that story isn’t always his strong point. This video proves that he can get away from the sex and focus on building a world. The heroine beating just puts his own style on it. And I’m willing to bet some people here wouldn’t have enjoyed it without that final fight scene.

    And the “garage” comment. Yes, there is A garage. It’s not a household garage. It looks to be that of a company or studio. If your filming a peril film, I happen to think that’s a great place to film it while keeping away from the public.

    I guess I would just like to hear how Burclee and Malcolm would have done better.

  259. Well said James, couldn’t agree more with you. I’m not sure it’s the best out there, that’s so subjective anyway, but it is way different than anything I’ve ever seen. It seems to me the audience is clear; people who like to see super heroines in peril without the porn. That’s me, thanks Rye! I’m definitely buying part II, maybe I’ll think about critiquing it after I’ve seen the whole thing, but I doubt it!

  260. Burclee

    From Ranger:
    “I guess I would just like to hear how Burclee and Malcolm would have done better.”

    That you would ask the above tells me that you did not understand the thrust of my comments at all. I was questioning the concept, not the execution.

    What I was saying was that the distinction of being the best fetish film ever made is akin to being the tallest Munchkin.

  261. James

    The concept is fantasy and not porn because it is much different from the Superheroine fetish.

    You are basically going into a PG-13 movie and complaining there was not enough sex. There was not meant to be any!!

    Because of that, you may think this movie is worthless…I think it enhances the product. That is obviously where the difference lies.

    Would I go to a porn site and complain of there being too much sex? Of course not! Because porn lovers are what they are catering to.

    It’s like going to Dunkin Doughnuts and asking for an egg-white omelet. You just came to the wrong place.

  262. Burclee

    From James:
    “You are basically going into a PG-13 movie and complaining there was not enough sex. There was not meant to be any!! ”

    As with Ranger, I have to question whether you are really reading and understanding my posts. Please go back to my posts and identify the section which caused you to conclude that I am “complaining that there was not enough sex.”

    And when you can’t, spend a moment to think about why you responded the way that you did when clearly that which offended you was only in your imagination.

    I am very much a fan of non sexually graphic fetish presentation, I require neither nudity not sex acts of any sorts to satisfy my desires in this genre. I like Supergirl in peril material and I like it less the more her costume is removed or overt sexual elements are introduced.

    What I have been addressing is the superfluous material, the material in the video which sets up the peril scenes. To wit: Part One opens with the scene of Superiorgirl being picked up and carried away, I count that as a peril scene. It ends at 2:25 into the video and the next peril scene does not take place until the Shadow Monster business which begins at the 26 minute mark. It is those 23 and a half minutes in between that I have been talking about all along, but neither you nor Ranger seem to be able to grasp this.

    Those scenes contain no peril, rather they are attempts to portray conventional movie making plot progression. They certainly are not on par with any similar scenes in conventional films, they aren’t clever or witty or filmed in an exceptionally artistic way…they are just dud filler material. Those are the scenes I am saying no one is going to want to watch over and over, why would anyone want to?

    In truth, which would you rather purchase? A 30 minute video with 30 minutes worth of heroine peril, or a 30 minute video with 15 minutes of peril and 15 minutes of bad actors standing around exchanging bad dialog about their plans for getting the heroine into the peril situation?

    What Rye has delivered is a percentage of peril scenes, surrounded by a great deal of ho hum set up material.

    Finally, you could not be more wrong when you assert:
    “The concept is fantasy and not porn because it is much different from the Superheroine fetish. ”

    Of course this is porn, something does not need to have nudity or sex acts to be porn, all that is required is that it is material is designed to appeal to sexual interests, which is exactly what this video is designed to do. It wasn’t made to compete for an Oscar, was it? It is being sold at a site which specializes in sex fantasy material, isn’t it? It isn’t going to turn up as “Ed’s Pick” at your local video store, or as the Lifetime Channel Movie of the Week, is it?

    Perhaps it makes you feel better to pretend that this is something other than pornography, but that does not alter the fact that it is.

    Peril scenes, with or without nudity or sex acts, when vended to people who find such things sexually interesting, are porn.

  263. Jason

    It doesn’t have to be all peril. Hey,I love the Punished Heroines stuff with the sex and peril.

    But I also equally love the simple 30-second scene of SuperiorGirl drinking a caffeinated beverage.

  264. kingles

    @Burclee: “I was questioning the concept, not the execution.”

    The concept of this movie should be apparent. The “Supergirl” movie upon which this is based, represented something of a missed opportunity for a fan of superheroine peril. To use your example of those, overly plot heavy- hardly any sex- porn movies, in superheroine peril terms this could be applied to the original “Supergirl” movie. If you don’t see the benefit of someone with the eye of a superheroine peril fetishist attempting rectify those areas where the original missed the mark…I guess you just don’t get it. Which is fine, of couse.But the fact that this thread is approaching 300 replies,with almost all of them being positive,should tell you something about whether making this movie was a good idea or not.

    “What I was saying was that the distinction of being the greatest fetish film ever made is akin to being the tallest Munchkin.”

    I’m not sure I get this. Are you saying that because those who make heroine peril movies can’t match mainstream Hollywood movies in production values, etc., there’s no point in trying to make their movies as good as they possibly can? Should there be nothing but disconnected scenes where women in superheroine costumes are in various forms of peril? No story, no clue as to who these women are, or how or why they got into whatever predicament they are in? I’m sure I wouldn’t like that.

  265. Burclee

    From kingles
    “.But the fact that this thread is approaching 300 replies,with almost all of them being positive,should tell you something about whether making this movie was a good idea or not.”

    Actually that tells us that we are dealing with a novelty within the genre, besides, aren’t half of those 300 posts from JOHN who seems perpetually concerned that we will forget that he favors a triumphant ending for Superiorgirl? What will reveal whether or not it was a good idea will be the sales.

    “I’m not sure I get this. Are you saying that because those who make heroine peril movies can’t match mainstream Hollywood movies in production values, etc., there’s no point in trying to make their movies as good as they possibly can?”

    You’ve done a better job than Ranger or James at getting it. The above is expressed more extremely than I would put it, but at bottom, yes, there is little point in filling up with blah acting and blah dialog, what is primarily designed to be sexual stimulation. That does not mean that they need not strive to produce a good product, it means that adding mediocre imitations of real movie scenes does not make it a good product, it makes it a duller product.

  266. ximi

    the movie is a fine production – it is just never MEANT to cover certain segment of fans, like myself :-). I am plainly not interested in PG13 stuff, period.

    As for comment made by someone above that this is “just another Rye video”, man you are wrong, my main disappointment is precisely this is not a normal “Rye video” :-)).

  267. ranger87


    This movie wouldn’t be at all remeniscant of the Supergirl film it was trying to parody if there weren’t the scenes that you refer to as “filler”. A film shouldn’t be all peril. There should be a give and take. A story. And this is what Rye is doing. You can call it dull all you want, but it appears you missed the point of the video. If the peril was all people cared about, they could fast forward to the two scenes in part one that have peril. But, judging from most replies on here, people are liking the movie as a whole.

    Is there a sexual stimulation aspect? Yes, of course. But by putting it in the context of a story they make it more than just a girl in a costume getting pounded on. If it was just peril, yes I would enjoy that. I find this girl extremely sexy, and she acts the peril very well. However, by giving us the story building elements, I, and I’m sure others, come to care about the Superiorgirl character on more than a sexual level. That’s why i think the alternate “Superiorgirl loses” ending that will be available will be much more impacting than other Rye videos. The time has been taken to build up this character, so the eventual defeat or destruction of the character makes it less arousing and more tragic.

    I’m just trying to express how the “filler” you refer to effects the overall outcome of the movie. But if you don’t realize that, then it’s not really worth the time debating this further with you. We will just have to agree to disagree.

  268. Mitchy

    @Malcolm – Calling this just another Rye video is down right stupid and makes me question whether or not you have seen any of Rye’s other movies. I personally didn’t find anything in this movie underwhelming, but anyone with three brain cells can see this wasn’t just another Rye video. I mean come on let’s be real here… I think most would agree that 1984 is in it’s own category when compared to his other works even including Avalon.

    If you want to talk about underwhelming and repetition I woud suggest checking out heroineperil.com. To me, those guys are the masters of repetition! Just look for yourself at how many videos inlcude this old, out of shape bald guy as the villain in the same poorly decorated living room. I stopped buying their movies because I just couldn’t believe someone like that was capable of defeating a superheroine unless she was dying of stage 4 lung cancer.

    Burclee – “I’ve been wondering about the purpose or goal of this production.”

    @Burclee – The answer to this question is abundantly clear to me so I’m not going to bother arguing. But to answer your other question…Yes, I do have a fetish for what you are calling superfluous material and Rye might be one of the only producers who understands it, and for that I am thankful.

  269. @ Burclee:
    “Burclee May 20, 2012 at 12:52 pm
    Looks like great production values, but all the effort and skill is a waste for me because the lead performer doesn’t have the body type, (lean, athletic) which I associate with the character being portrayed. This does not seem to matter to many of the potential customers, but it is a make it/break it in terms of my purchasing it.

    A real shame because otherwise this video would be very much to my liking..”

    Hmmm…let me see if I get it:
    “…but it is a make it/break it in terms of my purchasing it.” The tonight you said:
    “”What will reveal whether or not it was a good idea will be the sales.”

    Seems like it wasn’t so make it or break it after all. If it can make someone change their mind from deal breaker to buying and watching it, it can’t be that bad an idea. We get it, the 23 minutes or so of developing characters and the story lags, the scenes without peril in the super heroine in peril genre aren’t riveting. Not a shocker there. Nobody nominated it for an Academy Award, I simply enjoy it for what it is and appreciate the effort to give us what the 1984 movie and the Wonder Woman tv series didn’t. I’m buying Part II, you probably will too.

  270. @Burclee
    I think I can answer your orignal question which was something to the effect of what was the goal of this movie..?

    My thoughts on this are pretty simple **This movie was more than a dream come true for anyone that got all tingly watching the original with Helen Slater.**

    In the words of the mighty JOHN himself

  271. Malcolm

    What i mean by another Rye video is it goes right back to the same formula…climactic fight in the same location. Repetetive belly punches,guy with a weird voice under some power to destroy superior girl,thats it. Given this bigger budget all I expected was a little more and as Burclee mentioned I at least found myself fast forwarding the other parts and all the dialogue. Sorry if i dont bow at the altar of Rye and think everything he does is a classic or the best ever. its just one guys opinion


    /RYE/ how are you doing this evening and how is your SUPERIOR GIRL, part 2. the original 1984 supergirl, good and now the remake SUPERIOR GIRL. runs it over, excellent, now part 2. will run over everything as long as the right version comes out, /SUPERIOR GIRL/ winns and that is the right ending to this project. period,

  273. James

    -“Perhaps it makes you feel better to pretend that this is something other than pornography, but that does not alter the fact that it is. Peril scenes, with or without nudity or sex acts, when vended to people who find such things sexually interesting, are porn.”

    With all due respect, I think you are the one who doesn’t get it. If this movie is porn than WWE divas wrestling is porn, the Linda Carter Wonder Woman series was all porn…hell the Miss America pageant swimsuit contest-lets just call that porn also!!

    Just because something turns somebody on, doesn’t classify something as porn. But I guess in your world it does. That is where we differ.

    -“That lesson is that in any film or video which is aimed at a porn audience, that audience is really only going to be interested in the porn parts.”

    It is funny how you state this and at least 95 % of the reviews have been off the charts about this production.

    For most heroine movies, I do find myself fast forwarding to the peril…But for this one, I just hit play and enjoyed the movie as it had me hooked from the beginning. Again, your statement could not be more false.

  274. Rye,
    You really need to release part 2 so these dude can stop fighting, and stop trampling all
    Over this record breaking discussion thread.

  275. I agree with Burclee and disagree with him.

    I definitely agree that 99% of the videos reviewed on this site are FETISH videos, which is just a convenient way of saying that they are videos which are designed to appeal to a particular sexually charged interest. Which means this: NO ONE who doesn’t “get” the sexual interest will have much if any interest in ANY of the videos reviewed on this site. That’s the difference between, say, The Avengers and a video reviewed here: even people who have no sexual interest in superheroines in peril can enjoy The Avengers; I dare say not one of those people would have much if any interest in any of the videos reviewed here. The only reason anyone will watch any of the videos reviewed here is because they get a sexual thrill out of hot chicks fighting, or superheroines in peril, etc. For that reason, I don’t see anything is gained by distinguishing between a “fetish video” and “porn”–really that kind of distinction is just something that people make up to make themselves feel better about what they’re getting aroused by.

    My hunch is that Rye would be the first to say that this Supergirl movie is a fetish video in this sense–it’s for the fans who get a particular sexual thrill from the Supergirl character, and specifically as immortalized by Helen Slater in 1984.

    Where I think Burclee gets it wrong is when he says he doesn’t get why all the story-development and dialogue and such is necessary. The original 1984 Supergirl movie IS a fetish unto itself at this point: that movie was formative of a great many superheroine fetishists, it’s where a lot of these fetishes come from. And so, making a more sexy, fetishy version of that movie, with all the requisite plot and dialogue and development, etc., is absolutely BRILLIANT, and it’s just more proof of how Rye gets this niche better than anyone.

    And of course, giving a superheroine character a more genuine movie or tv show feel, complete with a whole narrative context and story development, can also enhance the fetishy sexual thrill you get from it, which is why a lot of people really like the improving production values you see all around.

    If you don’t care about a particularly developed narrative context or production values–and there are TONS of people who don’t–then that is great, just skip the movies that seem to expend a lot of energy on that stuff. But don’t complain when you see those things–it doesn’t really do anyone any good. Likewise, if you really LOVE a developed narrative context and high production values, great! But don’t go around pretending like your tastes are better than those who really just want the risque stuff–they’re not. Everyone here is looking for a sexual thrill, it’s just that those thrills are found in different places by different people.

    That might sound tepid, like some milky different-strokes-for-different-folks moral lesson, but it’s the straight truth as far as I can see…

  276. I always thought the term ‘parody’ was used in many of these productions for legal reasons…Isn’t the current interpretation of the Copyright Laws that ‘parody’ is a permissible form of artistic interpretation for something that would otherwise be a violation of Copyright? I have no doubt that, like any media company, Sony/DC has an army of interns surfing the internet for copyright violations…Producers, by calling their work a ‘parody’ do so to avoid unpleasant correspondence with the Legal Department, threatening fines, jail time and the like.
    Not to keep flogging a dead horse, but I guess this whole ‘it’s porn’/’it’s not porn’ debate comes down to this: Would any of you who have been touting this film’s virtues (which I think are primarily fetish virtues) feel comfortable watching it with friends and family who do not share your fetish? Would you show it to someone as an example of a well-made film? And, if not, doesn’t that kind of make it ‘porn’..lack of nudity and sex notwithstanding? Recently, a friend of mine was over fixing a computer glitch, and I showed him one of the NGC ‘Training Rooms’…”hmm, interesting..it’s like ‘The Avengers’, or something” was his response..I felt somewhat vindicated!

  277. @Gil: I disagree with that way of distinguishing porn from not-porn entirely. There are people with smoking fetishes: they masturbate to videos of women smoking cigarettes. Some of them are quite stylish and well made. Nothing in those videos that you couldn’t show your mom. She might even think it’s “artsy.”

    No, the real question is: Would the guy who came over to fix your computer have any interest in paying $10, $20, or $30 to watch one of your superheroine videos, even if he didn’t have any sexual interest in girls fighting, or in superheroines in peril? If the answer is no, then it’s because it’s basically a form of porn.


    /RYE/ what is your take on all these discussions on all your films, there are superheroine films out there that are nothing but pure /porn/ and others close to the cutting edge. your SUPERIOR GIRL/1984/ remake /clean/ and to the point. everybody has a right to their own opion. you are right on track. /RYE/

  279. Burclee

    From Alex Bettinger:

    “Where I think Burclee gets it wrong is when he says he doesn’t get why all the story-development and dialogue and such is necessary. The original 1984 Supergirl movie IS a fetish unto itself at this point: that movie was formative of a great many superheroine fetishists, it’s where a lot of these fetishes come from.”

    Yours was a thoughtful, articulate post. I do not have the above “wrong” nor do I fail to understand what was being attempted with the 1984 video. My thinking was that the reproduction of those filler scenes, when made on such a low budget, featuring a linear, nothing notable script, and performers who are not really actors, fails to establish that feeling you are seeking from the original film, at least it fails for me.

    I would add to that that the orginal Supergirl film didn’t do a very good job with its filler material either. It was pretty boring and devoid of credibility, there wasn’t much reason to watch that film apart from a fetish interest in the Supergirl character. It can only be worse when that stuff is recycled, only this time it isn’t even as good as the orginal, where it wasn’t good in the first place.

    What I cannot argue with is anyone who says “It works for me.” If so, then nothing I write has any relevance to your enjoyment. I have explained why it does not work for me, but not with the idea that “If it doesn’t work for me, then it can’t or should not work for anyone.”

    The debate then should probaby be….is there a future for this sort of production? There I have to come down on the “no” side. I do not believe that these sorts of efforts will be practical, at least not in terms of making back the money it costs to produce them. Consequently, the only way that they will get made is if someone so strongly desires them that this person is willing to bankroll the production and does not care about whether it makes or loses money, that person just wants the video.

    I base my conclusion on the history of pornography. When porn first began to become more accepted in the 1970’s, the movies being made were still attempts to make it seem like there wasn’t that huge a difference between them and legit film productions. So, we got movies with a lot of plot thrown in, as illustrated by the “Johnny Wadd” series with John Holmes playing the same detective through numerous offerings. Those films featured horrible scripts, bad acting and the embarrassing presentation of kung fu fights performed by people who were physically awkward.

    Eventually the porn producers caught on that the audience did not give a ding dang diddly about that stuff, and that the videos produced without all the plot elements, which were easier and cheaper to make, made as much or more money than the ones where an effort had been made to make it seem like a real movie.

    I don’t think that dynamic has changed. I accept that you find the plot elements of 1984 to be enhancing, but I doubt that there are very many out there with the same attitude. (I think all of them have probably checked in here already.)

  280. James

    Burclee, nobody thinks like you do so take your history and throw it out the window.
    You bought part 1 and you will buy part 2.


  281. ranger87

    I’m ridiculously confident that this video will make back the money expended on it. The largest cost, from what I can gather, would have been the actors. The effects and all of that are done by Rye himself. The only thing they really cost him are time.

  282. Scwank

    I guess only time will tell. The only other similar project I can remember of this scope was the Wonder Woman redo of the MindStealers from Outer Space by a Korean outfit, and I recall reading on another forum that that production sold insanely well. I wish I could remember where I saw that, even though I know “I saw it on a forum” doesn’t exactly count as reliable data.

    The short answer for me is that I like these kind of ambitious productions. I rarely buy productions with just the fetish stuff, as all they are to me is some girl in a costume getting beat on or taken advantage. She doesn’t even feel like a superheroine. A production like this, with story, plot, and several locations, helps make the heroine three dimensional, and makes the fetish stuff have that much more of an impact. To each his own, but using porn movies as the historical measuring stick is a bit off base – imputing your own valuation or desires (i.e. the value of this movie is as a porn movie) to others.

  283. As ranger87 mentions, the time aspect alone may kill future projects like this in the long run. Our Garganta films (giantess movies) are hugely successful as compared to our superheroine releases… but they take an extraordinary amount of time and resources. We can release 4 Stormy Tempests in the time that it takes to do 1 Garganta. While Garganta does great, it does NOT do as well as the combined return of 4 other Stormy releases.

    Productions like 1984 are a huge risk when you don’t have money to burn. Not only does 1984 have to be successful… it has to be MORE successful than SEVERAL Punished Heroine-style productions. This one film has basically taken Rye our of circulation for nearly two months or more and its budget clearly exceeds that of several of his normal products. How many easier and cheaper and less risky films could he have produced in that time frame?

    It seems that THIS TIME the risk has clearly paid off, but that doesn’t guarantee that it’ll work on a consistent basis… or that the people that “tried” 1984 actually enjoyed it and will be back for more. It’s always a roll of the dice.

  284. I appreciate Burclee’s clarification, and it makes sense to me–though I suppose I don’t agree that there probably isn’t much of a future in this kind of project.

    On the one hand, I can second CultRetro’s explanation of cost/payoff for fetish movies. When we really work hard and put together a cool script and have a big cast and multiple locations, etc., the movie typically sells better than our smaller productions. BUT, it also takes a lot more time and energy and resources than those smaller produtions do. And so, while a smart low budget fetish video with a small cast and some hot action has a huge profit margin, a big budget production with a big cast and multiple locations has more profits, but a lower *profit margin*. From a *pure business* perspective, the bigger budget productions don’t necessarily make much sense, since you can make 2 or 3 smaller budget videos and make twice the profits from a fraction of the work.

    On the other hand, I think there is definitely a future for these kinds of projects, for a few reasons: First, they help solidify the reputation and the brand of the producer. Second, they are typically done out of love and passion for the subject matter, so it’s fun and keeps the work interesting. Third, they DO make a nice profit, even if not at the same rate as the smaller productions.

    Most producers today I think follow the same model Rye is using: shoot a few low budget, high-profit-margin videos, amass some capital, then shoot a bigger budget project, then shoot some more lower budget projects.

    Case in point: I just shot a HOT video with Randy Moore, with the lowest budget I’ve used in years. It was incredibly fun, it was a great way to try out a new actress, and if people dig Randy Moore as much as I do it should be very popular. We have some bigger budget projects coming up after that. I think that’s Rye’s basic business plan as well.

  285. That’s true. Passion is certainly a factor and I think those producers with any sort of artistic interest in this medium aspire to do bigger and better things, even when “the bottom line” is NOT necessarily the bottom line. We didn’t just make a girl catch an airplane falling out of the sky because it was cost effective; we did it because it’s fun and we wanted to see if we could pull it off.

    I spoke too strongly when I indicated it would “kill” future projects like this. I guess I was trying to say that the interest in 1984 doesn’t necessarily represent a paradigm shift in the way these films will be approached. The occasional risk is healthy and fun, but pushing the limits rarely works as a long-term business model.

  286. Burclee

    From James:

    “Burclee, nobody thinks like you do”
    Why, thank you. I’ve long prided myself on individuality.

    “so take your history and throw it out the window.”

    Whether inside the window or outside, the history remains the history.

    “You bought part 1 and you will buy part 2″

    Hmm, there does not appear to be room in your thinking for the idea that I purchased the video not for any of the elements which you are touting, but rather despite those elements.

    I made it clear in my very first post that this video was already a lost effort for me in terms of the sexual appeal because I did not find the lead performer to have the sort of looks I associate with the fantasy. However, in that this was an attempt at something different within the genre, I retained a curiosity about how it was being executed. I also wanted to join in on this discussion and figured that the minimum entrance fee for that would be at least having seen the video.

    The fact that it did not have sexual appeal for me was a factor in allowing me to step back and take a clinical look at what is going on here. My following posts were all products of my reactions within that framework.

    “As John says…AND THAT IS THE BOTTOM LINE !!”

    This is the second time you have elected to quote JOHN in support of your posts. If you wish to be taken seriously, I would suggest finding a more credible source to quote.

  287. James

    “To each his own, but using porn movies as the historical measuring stick is a bit off base – imputing your own valuation or desires (i.e. the value of this movie is as a porn movie) to others.”

    You could not have said it better!!


    /RYE/ have not heard from you in awhile hope everything is ok. and hope your production of SUPERIOR GIRL /1984/ part 2 puts everything and everybody in their place and makes non-believers into believers and that is the /bottomline/

  289. Hey Alex, thanks for the massive compliment! That was really awesome to read when I got up.

    So I think a possible date for part 2 is Thursday! As usual please don’t run me over if Thursday turns out to be wrong πŸ˜‰ I probably wont have another preview ready until its release date. Im also excited to announce that Richard has approved the Sequel! Woot!

    In other news, there has been some interest in me taking on a Wonder Woman movie in the same fashion as 1984. I had a few chats with Richard about this possibility and we came to one conclusion… So… please start thinking about who and what you might want to see in a movie titled 1975 πŸ˜‰ hehehe


  290. ranger87


    I personally like Supergirl more, but I think everyone would dig a Wonder Woman version from you. However, people will lose their shit if you DON’T include a Gorilla fight, Nazis, and Chloroform.

    As for WHO, if it’s going to be PG13 like 1984, I would advise a relative unknown, like your Superiorgirl. Yes, she did a random vid for TBFE, but she wasn’t really “known” in the genre. That way you aren’t restricted to people’s suggestions, and can work out your own take on it. I just hope the WW costume you use is more flattering than the 1970’s one. It was great for it’s day, but not so much now.

    If you keep doing these pg13 parodies, though, somebodies going to demand something remeniscant of Yvonne Craig in the 1960’s Batman series as Batgirl. Although, with the camp in that, I don’t think you could pull off as solid a story as this.

  291. MassEffectMan

    Great Rye!!! I can’t wait to see it. I know it is going to be awesome because you did an excellent job on this Supergirl.
    Also, yeah that will be ultra cool for you making a Wonder Woman movie ’cause I a huge fan of Wonder Woman!! For the actress I not sure yet but for this movie could it be a PG-13 movie as well with many actions, peril especially a lot chloroforming scenes those are my favorite scenes. Can there be also be sleeping gas as well? Please let me know what you think. I might have some more ideas later if you want to hear them.


    /RYE/ sequel. where would that fit into this after the 2 alternet endings and such,

  293. Rye forgot to mention that the Wonder Woman actress will be an unknown and hand selected by him and Richard. His question was geared more at which Villains and and other suggestions do you guys have in mind.

    @John, Rye doesn’t want to spoil the approved sequel so you will have to wait and see what happens in part 2.

  294. G-Reaper2001

    I’m sure you’ve allready heard this quite a bit, but i loved your character and acting in part one of 1984. You and the actress playing Selena really played well off of each other. when your character said that it was a shame she wasn’t going to be able to play with with Superior Girl while watching the fight, I must say I agreed whole heartedly πŸ˜‰
    I’m sure you will be very good in part two and hopefully kick some super butt!


    /RYE/ and /CARLY/ Thank you for that and hope you have a wonderful day…………..

  296. If you do a WW movie and leave out the Zardor it’d be a shame. That guy didn’t get a fair break!

    Also, bring back Frank Gorshin’s character from The Deadly Toys, if for nothing else than to watch WW fight WW. Again :)

    Not sure how you’d get both in the same movie, though…

  297. Aldous

    Please Rye, for the sake of history, recreate the “Wonder Woman forced to walk across the mine field” scene from “The Man Who Moved The World” episode but make it longer. That would bring me joy.

  298. Some basic Wonder Woman villains I am tossing around at the moment are:
    Giant gorilla, Zandor like Alien, deadly German military female, super cyborg, and a mind controlling warlock type who can also control inanimate objects.

    Aldous, that is a very easy scene to recreate so I can probably toss that in πŸ˜‰

  299. TifaHaruno

    Fausta should be the villain of the Wonder Woman movie.

  300. James


    Few things come to mind as necessities….they are subtle building blocks also that could draw us closer to the character.

    1. a scene where WW is in training back home in Paradise island. Remember the scenes with tight Leos and mesh skirts as she was competing against her sisters?? Amazing if you could recreate that with an even sexier appeal.

    2. Introduction of the costume…when WW first receives/spins into her costume, she is in awe and very humbled at her new look and responsibility. Linda Carter and Debra Winger executed this to a T. If that costume is ultra sexy with your new heroine, it would make it that much more awesome!!!

    3. Something about having her tied in her own lasso and chloro’d . They did it in the fausta episode and I think it should be brought back to life here.

    4. Poisonous kiss…it was mentioned earlier in this forum, but at some point, how awesome would that be if Supergirl or WW had this planted on their lips??

    5. No Nylons!! I love the sight of SG’s bare legs. I would love for WW to have bare legs as well. I know she had hose on in the original series. I think the site of bare legs in the costume is the better way to go.

    Just my thoughts Rye !! Good luck!!


    AS this is my last and final statement and testamony. the only 2 beautiful women in the world that should even be considered to play wonder woman are as follows /LYNDA CARTER/ and the actress playing as /SUPERIOR GIRL/ in the 1984 remake movie, this actress is a superior girl and a wonder woman, /RYE/ hit a homerun when he found this actress, and that is the //BOTTOMLINE/ thank you,

  302. So the movie might be ready Thursday and a sequel is on… sounds like great news to me. I know no details are available about the sequel yet, but 3 villains in black from her home planet? Krypto rays? Metallo, Parasite, or Livewire styled villains? Whatever the case, these are two definite purchases for me.

  303. Scotty2788

    For wonderwoman if you can here are my suggestions;

    1) can the actress be quite well built? Not really muscley but toned with
    Well shaped definition like an athlete, but fairly big assets.

    2)plently of strength scenes. Loved it when Linda would bend bars and guns.

    3) can the hot pants be high cut to show off plenty of curves.

    As for villians the nazis are classic and would love to see them.

    Last note. I loved supergirl 1984, such a great job and will buy part
    2 as soon as it comes out!


  304. For Wonder Woman, I like Scotty288’s suggestions.

    I’d also like to see WW fight Gargantua, the gorilla.
    I think it’d also be cool if Nubia appeared to fight WW. She was an evil Amazon who was going to be on the show, but it was cancelled before she appeared. Maybe after Wonder Woman fights the gorilla, the Nazis–led by Fausta, natch–send Nubia to take her down.

    Personal suggestion–and I already know I’m probably going to be in the minority on this–but I DON’T want to see the belt as the source of Wonder Woman’s powers. Might be the comics purist/nerd in me, but the whole belt thing always bugs me.

  305. The Wonder Woman series was so awful, sticking to it seems limiting to me. I always wished the writers of the Batman series were writing the Amazon’s adventures. There was good use of campy humor and peril in almost every show. I like the idea of villains from the Batman series teaming up on the Amazon. Something like Wonder Woman vs. Poison Ivy and Catwoman together. It ends with that poisonous kiss that’s been mentioned before and then Wonder Woman awakens bound and in a life-threatening situation from which she of course escapes only to be captured by the Penguin, Riddler, Joker, etc. I’d like to see what you would do with those characters Rye.

  306. @ anyone about to tell me Poison Ivy wasn’t on the Batman series:

    I know, but she’s a hot character!

  307. sugarcoater

    How about using a costume similar to the one used for Wonderful Girl – Starring Hannah Perez? That outfit looks fantastic!

    As for action, I like the idea of a gorilla or some other strong villain that could abuse Wonder Woman. An incapacitated Wonder Woman, bound (and possible gagged?) to a chair and slapped around.

    At some point, having a super-powered male character fight Wonder Woman, initially to a standstill and then gain the upper-hand on Wonder Woman, would be quite entertaining to see.

    Any sort of sexual peril or overtone would be fantastic πŸ˜‰


  308. Burcleemi

    I think the WW video should open on Paradise Island and Rye should show us how Princess Diana’s mother managed to get knocked up with her on an island where it was forbidden for men to set foot.

  309. I think the leotard should be a one piece that is high cut and there should be plenty of peril- with a gargantua type villain overpowering her at some point.

  310. Clint

    If this is going to be a parody of the 1975 WW tv show, the actress should look very similar to Linda Carter and the WW costume should be identical to that used in the show. Everything the same top to bottom. Please, if it’s going to be a parody don’t sex up the costume, have it as was. Don’t add anything and don’t remove anything, that costume was perfect exactly the way it was.

    For villains, what’s better than one Gorilla? Correct, two Gorillas. WW getting double teamed, thrashed by two gargantuan beasts, would be epic. Their trainer, a scientist working for the Nazis, could deploy them to capture her.

  311. Mike

    Fausta needs to be the villian of this Wonder Woman movie, and Wonder WOman should wear nylons. You never put nylons in your movies, and doing it just this once shouldnt be a problem. It also fits with the theme your going for, as Lynda Carter wore them in the old show. Please do it!

    Also, if you do Fausta, you have to throw in a variation of the famous chloroform scene!

  312. sugarcoater

    What about setting up a poll for the favorite scenes from the Wonder Woman series? I’m sure we fans could come up with the various scenes that stand out in our mind. HM or Rye, if you don’t mind setting up a separate thread (or I suppose we could use this one, though it seems to be taking away from the phenomenal Superior Girl topic), members could post their favorite Wonder Woman scenes. A post requirement of the top 2 or 3 (no more than 3 per person as there is only so much material per video) action/peril scenes may help bring out the best. Otherwise, I may just post a novel.

    What about favorite comic scenes as well? Seems like the video doesn’t need to be a parody of the 70s show, especially as there were several shows as opposed to one Supergirl movie.

    I absolutely love to see how this superheroine genre has expanded and improved over the years!


  313. Bert

    I’d like to go on record saying that I’ll only buy a Rye produced Wonder Woman movie if it includes:

    1. Lynda Carter playing Wonder Woman.
    2. The actual costume used in the original series (season 2 and 3) including the original nylons.
    3. Four gorillas, all named Gargantua, who beat Wonder Woman senseless while she is being chloroformed, while tied to a chair, under hypnosis.
    4. A perfect re-enactment of the original series, with heightened peril, but no boring filler scenes that don’t match the quality of the original, which wasn’t any good anyways.
    5. 14 low blows, no more no less, with perfect reaction shots that aren’t arty or interesting but show the whole scene including minute detail of Lynda Carter’s face as she cries out with sexy but desperate vocalizations that everyone will like.
    6. A studio quality trailer that hi-lights all the important scenes, lets the viewer know what they are buying, but doesn’t give away any important plot points or contain all the best scenes.
    7. Has a story that contains scenes from my favorite episodes, seamlessly stitched together in a loving homage to the series, but is original and not derivative while being a parody that doesn’t make fun of the source material.
    8. Explicitly states the number of low blows in the trailer and in all advertising.
    9. Rye answers promptly whenever someone posts a question asking how many low blows the video contains.
    10. includes a helpful manual with the definitive definitions of the terms “porno”, “kink”, “fetish”, and “genre”, including a pronunciation guide and examples of each term that the entire community can agree on.

    So Rye, do you want my business or not?

  314. I agree with Sugarcoater’s suggestion of creating a separate thread for the WW stuff. The Superiorgirl movie has been fantastic thus far and fan reaction has been great. It shouldn’t become a mix of WW and SG when the second half of the film is released.

  315. Darkside

    For the WW movie I hope it can incorperate a few thing in the plot and I will be a happy camper!
    1 Chloro scene(obligatory)
    2 OTS carry. Only once on the show i can remember WW beign carried of .That was in the Fausta episope.
    3.Bondage. There were some nice scenes in season 1 of the tv series but they went away from it in seosons 2 and 3.Hopefully a gag scene too.They gagged the guys a few times but not WW.It would have been classic.
    4. Sexual peril. This doesnt automatically mean explicit sex scenes but suggestive situations that imply WW is in danger of loosing her virtue.Even in the tv series they kind of touched on this. When she was chained spread eagle in a cell while the gang was busy get drunk and partying in the next room! In the Feminin Mystique episode the captain was telling one of his soldiers the amazons where going to be shipped back to germany for experiments and “breeding”. Just as he says the word “breeding “they intentionally put the camera back on WW for a second so eveyone knows what they intend to do with her!

  316. Drake

    Rye, upload more trailers from episode 2?

  317. Burclee

    For the Wonder Woman movie I demand all the things that Bert demanded, only doubled, and in addition make sure that there are at least six alternative endings made available.
    One should be where WW is triumphant (details on the exact pose she needs to strike and the precise facial expression which balances her feminine and butch sides, will be provided later),
    One where WW is defeated, you know, unconscious, or dead or really wasted on some killer weed, whatever, just make sure that she is both naked and in full costume, with one leg bare and one in a nylon stocking.
    One where WW is hypnotized and turned into a tool for her underworld bosses.
    One where WW is defeated but Superiorgirl arrives cavalry style at the 11th hour to rescue her.
    One where WW is defeated but Superiorgirl arrives cavalry style at the 11th hour to rescue her, but instead is defeated herself in a challenge ping pong match.
    And finally one where WW is victorious, but then gets arrested for her vigilante approach to law enforcement.

    Give us that Rye and you got a customer here.

  318. I’d like to place my vote against nylons.
    Hate them.

  319. Clarky

    Anyone can create a new topic, because here it’s Supergirl/Superior Girl, sorry but I think I’m not the only one who have not interest by W.W, I receive tons of reply to this post, hoping from Superior Girl.

  320. J.R.

    when is RYE. going to post more trailers or updates on superior girl part 2. i am on a cliff holding on to the edge, when RYE. we need more updates here please, i saw the first one and now the suspense is killing me for the second one, thank you,..,.,.,

  321. Masmune

    Hi everone,

    In case anyone is interested, here are my thoughts on part 1:

    Overall, I think this video is a vast improvement on the original movie. The acting is better. The actress playing Selena is particularly good. As has been mentioned, the trucker scene is much improved. In fact, all the scenes that Rye parodied are superior (pun not intended) to the original ones. There is more peril as well (and a good number of upskirt shots, which makes sense as in the original, her skirt at times seemed to defy physics to stay down). The production values are very high and a nice variety of locations was used including plenty of exterior shots.

    My main criticism, oddly, is that Rye didn’t go far enough in distancing his version from the original. Although there are fewer plot holes than the 1984 one, the characters’ motivations and limitations are still not always clear. Also, the villain reaction scenes (often used in the originl movie) are used here as well, sometimes so much so that it distracts from the action. For example, while Superiorgirl’s battle with the Shadow Demon is good overall, the large number of cuts both to the villainesses and to Christian interrupts the flow and takes the viewer out of the experience. That said, this is a parody, so I can understand why the choices were made.

    Overall, if you enjoy the original Supergirl movie or a Supergirl-themed video with good acting, story (minor holes notwithstanding), and light peril, I highly recommend this video. My criticisms are minor, and this is probably the most ambitious (and successful) video in this genre that I have seen.

  322. mantower

    I don’t really have much to contribute to the WW thread in terms of wish list, but I second WP’s feelings on nylons – I don’t like em, I don’t really see the purpose of wearing them and would like there to be none. However, this raises a question I have been meaning to ask the producers for a while, and that is why do so many supereroine costumes feature nylon stockings? Is it something to do with the comfort of the model or is it just because you guys like the way they look?

  323. skinner winner

    I still need to know if i can purchase this with a pre paid visa, not an actual visa thats in my name, but one i just buy from the grocery store, does it have to be a legit card that I put money into, or cn it ba one that is disposable, a reply would be greatly appreciated.

  324. TifaHaruno

    So Rye is Part 2 coming out tomorrow or isn’t it?

  325. Skinner,
    That’s what I use most of the time for my purchases. You should be good to go

  326. I’m struggling with a couple of krystanite effects atm… I “Think” that late tonight is still possible.. but at some point I need to go to sleep so it could be Friday..

    One thing I do want to say is that the “Alternate ending” version will likely have to come at least a day after the normal release.

  327. THANK you for the update /RYE/ that is the way it should be the normal ending and then the alternet ending. which ill have no use for. i saw SUPERIOR GIRL 1984 that you put together and that is a award winner beating the original film from 1984 hands down. you are the best in your business and keep up the excellent work and looking forward to SUPERIOR GIRL 1984 PART 2. ill recommend you for a /oscar/ have a great day/RYE/

  328. /RYE/ out of all the superheros and all the superheroines depicted on tv, movies, websites.downloads, videos, whatever, / well /your excellent work on this whole movie project, there was one hero left out. william katt played a character on tv. /the greatest american hero/ any chance that be your project and YOU recreate it and repair the damage that the creator of the show did and you make a homerun out of it with another character, you hit a grandslam with Superior Girl 1984, parody, thank you. /RYE/

  329. Well I don’t want anyone waiting around tonight so ill just come out and say it.. its not happening today. Im just not happy with some of the krystanite effects, I don’t want to half ass anything, and i’m sure you guys would agree. Im going to get some sleep and hit again tonight but rest assure we are very close! Very close…………………….

  330. Jason

    I understand, take your time. Is it going to be the same price as Part 1 as well?

  331. TifaHaruno

    Man….I was so looking forward to downloading it today too…. :(

  332. I’m glad you’re not releaing it til you’re happy with it Rye, appreciate your attention to detail. Are the trailers you provided done in high definition?

  333. We all appreciate the effort. I can wait a bit more if it means getting something of similar quality to the first half. Part one was all kinds of good.

  334. James

    While we wait for the big day tomorrow… ie the main event, Rye’s crown jewel…if you need a little appetizer to tide you over to Friday, I am watching giga’s newest Superlady movie. FYI…it is HOT!

    Not on SG 1984’s level, but if you are like me and were looking forward to Rye’s production coming out today and now need something to warm you up, this is it!!

    Superlady is getting turned evil and is fighting her inner senses. WOW !

  335. Masmune


    Thanks for the update! I’m glad you’re taking the time to do it right!

  336. It’s done!… but I still have to render it… Going by part 1 we can probably expect at least a 5 hour render time and then I have to proof it once just to make sure I didn’t missing anything crucial. As long as nothing needs to be fixed we should be live in about 6 hours if my alarm wakes me up because im dead tired again..

    I am really excited for this episode! Fans of green colored space rocks should be pleased! The scenes in the theatre went above me expectations and you get a real sense of pure evil from Selena.

    Now the running time is a tad shorter on this coming in at 42mins but still plenty of great scenes. I had to cut one of Carly’s fight scenes because to much stuff was out of wack… If Richard decides one day that he wants a directors cut made with a “making of”, cut scenes, extended scenes, etc etc this will for sure go in but not today I am afraid.

    Ok… im gonna hit render just after I finish this message and then Im going to sleeeeeep!


  337. Sasha

    Cant wait! Are both versions to be available at the same time?

  338. TifaHaruno

    Is Part 2 almost done rendering Rye?

  339. Rye is proofing it now BUT he forgot to mention that the render time is 5 hours per version and its the HD version that rendered first.

  340. Ok… So there are a couple of very small things that are bother me with the render and one of those issues I am not sure what is causing it just yet. There is a sinlge line of pixels on the far right edge and top of the screen that goes clear for a few seconds about 6 times throughout the movie. Now this happened in the first one but it only happened twice that I remember and I let it slide and no one seemed to care. There is also a 2 second shot where the omega hedron should be glowing and its not… lol..

    These are very minor but I want to fix them.. So count on being live tomorrow night for sure. I’m very sorry about the delays!

  341. Those damn omega hedrons never work when you want them to.

  342. ranger87

    It’s almost better not to have a day given. That way you don’t have anybody disappointed. Just my opinion.

  343. TifaHaruno

    *Sigh* Once again I wake up hoping it’ll be available when I do and once again I am disappointed. Don’t take offense to this Rye but I don’t think any of us would’ve noticed those errors just you.

  344. Thanks for the update Rye. What’s one
    more day – I’ve been waiting since 1984 for this:)

  345. Tifa-
    You are probably right, no one would have noticed but it would have drove me crazzzzzzy πŸ˜‰

  346. It’s done :)
    SHG-Media should have it live around 2pm Pacific time. I haven’t made a new trailer because it would have just delayed things even further.

    Time for some zzz’s :)

  347. TifaHaruno

    Have a nice rest Rye you deserve it. :)

  348. /RYE/ shg-media has not released yet and heroine movie site does not mention it except with message board no superior girl part 2 yet. not a problem ill see ya……..

  349. RYE. disappointed again, went to work worked 12 hrs and came home got my credit card out ready to purchase superior girl 1984 part 2 and watch it and superior girl 1984 part 2 does not exsist. shg-media does not have it. thanks anyway………….

  350. It should be live any time now… I would cut it live myself but this one requires being placed on a server that I do not have access to.

    Just a tiny bit longer… :)

  351. ranger87

    Chill out, JC. It’s out of Rye’s hands now. Those of us who want the alternate ending are going to have to wait a minimum of a few more days.

  352. TifaHaruno

    Part 2 is up on shg! *Rushes To Go Download*

  353. /RYE/ I take back what I said shg-media has what i was looking for thank you and wish you all the success in the world on that project take care and good luck

  354. /RYE/ THANK YOU and I wish you all the success on this project also and take care and now you can get some sleepzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  355. TifaHaruno

    Just finished Part 2 4/4 stars! This was a masterpiece! Thank you Rye, Carly and everyone who worked on it!

  356. G-Reaper2001

    Hey Rye! from the out takes it looks like you guys had a little to much fun filming the movie! :-> seriously tho, great job! It was as good as I thought it would be! my best wishes to the cast and crew!

  357. Masmune

    My Part 2 Review:

    If you are a fan of superheroine peril and/or action, you will enjoy this movie. As in Part 1, the acting is fantastic (with particular kudos to Carly and the actress who plays Selena). Seriously, the performances here are better than one would see in most mainstream productions, and definitely better than those in the 1984 film.

    Also, whereas Part 1 was pretty faithful to the film, Part 2 has some nice twists and more originality. As I mentioned earlier, there is plenty of punishment and action. The pool and liquid krystanite scenes are great. I just, greedily, wish they were longer.

    So, to summarize, if you are interested in an extremely well-done PG-13 superheroine video with great acting and some story, I highly recommend both parts of 1984.

  358. Sasha

    Amazing.. Rye is officially the best in the genre! Thanks so much!

    I look forward to the alternate ending version :)

  359. Thanks guys! Carly and I are both really excited to get working on the sequel but there are now two other movies ahead of it that Richard has tossed at me!

    I also wanted to drop a quick note and say that the alternate ending should be out Friday. I’m still trying to figure out how to incorporate the sequel setup into it…

  360. Agent E-45

    I’ll feel a bit sheepish after Bert’s funny rant about people demanding too many little things, especially the low blows, but..

    Does Part 2 have F/F lowblows Rye? I anticipate the wrath of Bert… πŸ˜‰

  361. I know I had a cheap shot in part 2 and I think the General has a couple as well. Rye went to bed so I can’t ask him, but if I am missing something please correct me if you have seen it.

  362. steve

    All I can say is, part 2 does not disappoint in the least. The acting is great, the action tremendous, and the peril scenes both satisfying and tasteful. The girl who plays Superiorgirl is incredibly pretty and tremendously talented. I have seen many, MANY superheroine films, but this ranks as the best, most professional I have seen. Fantastic work, Rye and others–you should be proud of what you’ve accomplished.

  363. James

    I always like to look big picture so here is my take after watching this series…

    If Rye can continue to put out a product like this, he will literally revolutionize the industry. Few points here…

    1. Love the heroine again…She is incredible… Little things like the way she walks out the door at the beginning and down the hallway, the way she puts her hands on her hips. Her mannerisms… She is so adorable that your literally fall for her.

    2. Selena was brilliant. She is a big time actress and she sold the part to perfection.

    3. This was also Carly’s best work. She elevated her game no doubt.

    I’ll sum it up with this…I was thrilled when this genre got legs on the internet in the late 1990s. Over the years, I have seen some awesome stuff. This is by far the best.

    Over the past 5 years, the genre has taken more of the hardcore/sex turn. Not that I always hate that but I don’t like when it overshawdows the character and dominates the movie (ie giga)

    To me, the quality and attention to detail, the building of the heroine and the character combined with the PG-13 rating …it is all perfectly served up.

    All I can say Rye is please keep it up. You have my full support as well as I’m sure many many on this board.

  364. Jason

    First picture, is that- does she attempt to fly and-. Can’t believe I didn’t think of this for suggestions. I’ve wanted to see this in a SG-type film for so long! It always bothered me that in the 84′ movie, she’d jump and she’d disappear behind the foreground (probably hiding a mattress or something). I’m excited for this part!

  365. Agree with everyone, especially James! I feel both spoiled and ruined for all other SG movies going forward. The question now is can he do it again?

  366. Sideshow Bob

    Bravo! This is a wonderful, wonderful achievement and I hope it goes on to influence many, many others to come. I’m with many here – I love the genre, but the more hardcore bent of the most recent ones has been a bit of an off-putting thing for me. This is such a perfect balance of acting, story, fetish and fun that it works as a great movie on top of everything else. Thank you for all of your hard work and for incorporating so much from the fans.

  367. Thanks guys!
    So what do you all think of the sequel setup at the end…? I’m not exactly sure how im going to execute it just yet, but I will figure it out!

  368. G-Reaper2001

    Hey Rye! I think the setup promises a very interesting sequel in deed! one sugestion I would have though, is since the DNA is from Superior Girl, have you thought about making Doomsday a female character? On second thought, maybe it would be better if it was a large male. That may be better for the peril angle. or maybe two of them one male and one female. okay now I am going too far lol

  369. Part 2 was equally awesome. Great job all around. Definitely my favorite of these superheroine videos thus far.

    I was glad to see the sequel setup as well. I kind of like the female doomsday angle as well. Maybe a little more like the Galatea clone than comic book doomsday: more personality; hatred of Superior Girl. I know in the cartoons they had a couple of fights. In the first, they were equally matched but Supergirl ended up winning. In the second, the clone was powered up and Supergirl was no match for her. I like that scenario, but I’m along for the ride whichever way you take us.

  370. Jobber Lover


    This looks great! I’ve been a big fan of your stuff from even back in the Double Trouble days. (Aren’t you in Accept No Substitutes?) I admit I’ve been holding out before purchasing because I’ve heard talk of an alternate ending.

    I was going to buy the combo pack off SHG-media, does that come with the alternate ending?

  371. I actually want to do both a male and female created from her DNA. I think it would be a fun combo and allow one of them (female) to have a real personality.

    On a completely unrelated note:
    The very next project I am working on for Richard is an original Superheroine called Skyfire (Aka Madison Sky). The lead actress that I hand selected can be seen below.

    This will also be a pg-13 title.


    This actress is a 19 year old black belt, gymnast, cheerleader, and professional dancer. She came to a casting call and blew everyone right out of the fucking water so it was an easy choice.

    Most likely yes πŸ˜‰

  372. Whitman

    may I humbly ask for a low-blow count from someone who has seen the movie? Also: are the cheap shots M/F or F/F? Thanks in advance!

  373. Whiteman,
    There’s three! And all three are award winning reactions!!! You will not be disappoint in the least.

  374. Whitman:
    M is correct about teh quality of teh low blows and reactions. to answer your second question: 2 are M/F (punches) and one is F/F (knee)

  375. Green-K Fan


    Saw part two and I must say great job! The cast was great especially SG and Selina. Loved the kryptonite scene. Eagerly await to see how you tackle WW if that’s a future project.

  376. TO anyone on the panel or maybe /RYE/ or /CARLY/ or anyone can answer 2 questions for me. I saw superior 1984 part one and part two and saw the best ever written in superheroine vs villians history oscars for everybody. questions where does a sequel fit in what is the alternet ending I keep hearing about, all i wanted to know , THANK YOU

  377. James

    Watched this movie again tonight…

    Feel the need to compliment the phantom zone scene…the way SG is captured is HOT, the music was a perfect compliment and watching her struggle was even hotter.

    What also stood out is how the movie flowed. Even though it was 45 mins opposed to 51 in part 1, this part flowed better. Less was more. It was action packed and the way it went scene to scene gave it the feel of a big motion picture.

    Finally, am I the only one who noticed the scene at the end where SG jumps in the air to hug Christian?? WOW !! The money shot followed by the kiss….I think I’m in love. haha

    Just wanted to add that because I think those elements also made this one a classic.

  378. /WELL/ as this is my last offically statement on this message board, my buddies included, I want to thank everybody for answering all my questions. ILL figure the movie out for myself and /WELL/

  379. “This actress is a 19 year old black belt, gymnast, cheerleader, and professional dancer.”

    Damn! She sounds perfect.

  380. Clarky

    Superior Girl is a super great movie, all characters are perfects but we don’t know who is that Superior Girl, she wants to stay unknown?

  381. PoisonIvy

    I LOVE the look of the new Supergirl and I cant wait to see it, but being the villianess that I am, im waiting until the “alernate ending”. Any ideas when that will be available? Thanks so much and keep up the good work! xoxoxo Ivy

  382. James-
    Thanks a lot! I took a lot of time on that scene so Im glad it was noticed :)

    Yes, however its not as long as part 1 but its more painful I would say.

    Im still shooting for Friday… but of course its hard to give an exact date.

  383. Does that mean there is no ‘extra/different’ footage in it, just the regular version stopped earlier before she becomes triumpahant?

  384. Lake-
    Yep that is pretty much the case minus a small change in dialogue. After wrestling with this idea I just came to the conclusion that those that requested it in the first place simply don’t want her to win… and well.. she doesn’t win. I also wanted the footage for the sequel setup to be included so it sort of ends with a few questions unanswered (Like does Christian make it to superior girl..) but it was the only way it worked.

  385. Malcolm

    With both part two’s up how do you distinguish between the alternate ending? they are not marked any differently


  387. Malcolm-
    Part 2 Alternate is clearly marked as such. If you can’t see the difference then you have not found the alternate ending version, which is most likely due to it not being cut over to the main shg-media page.

  388. So if youre saying theres no reason to buy the alternate ending if youve already purchased part two then why not say that upfront?. Just seems like a way to get more sales from people expecting a radically different video. To me at least thats not cool

  389. MALCOLM. or anybody else when you go to shg-media and go to the top and hitt video down loads and go to page 2 and half way down is the alternet ending, clearly marked but only for people who want the wrong ending not the right ending….

  390. So if youre saying theres no reason to buy the alternate ending if youve already purchased part two then why not say that upfront?. Just seems like a way to get more sales from people expecting a radically different video. To me at least thats not cool

  391. Didn’t mean to hit post on that above message, I wanted to include this first:

    I can’t believe someone would think that!!! Here Rye works his tail off to give people what they wanted, and he has to read this crap? It is, in fact, beyond cool and Rye couldn’t have been more up front about it. How much more gracious and accommodating can he be? It was NEVER intended to be different, just an alternate ending for those who wanted to see Superior Girl defeated at the end. Wow, what an incredibly inept take Matt.

  392. @ Rye: Thanks for working so hard to provide us with the alternative ending!!!! And a day earlier than expected? Awesome work!

  393. Dan-
    You are WELCOME my friend πŸ˜‰
    This release is simply driven by trying to provide exellent customer service. The only intent I have is simply to give those wanting her to lose an option.

    I am really struggling with how you assumed this version was going to be radically different….? I mean we all know filming ended 6 weeks ago right? And this suggestion didn’t surface until late May.. I can’t go back in time and change how it was filmed πŸ˜‰

  394. RYE, I went over to SHG-MEDIA and can not find part 2. the alternet ending can you help me. I can not find it thank you

  395. Hi Rye

    Great work on both episodes, i am desperate to also see the alternate ending and have followed your instruction to page 2 under video downloads but cant find it, help please


  396. PoisonIvy

    Hey guys, here is a direct link to the alternate version, I’m sure Rye won’t mind me giving it to you. I found it on another forum and thought it would help. BTW Lucy, do you ever roleplay online? I am always looking for another girl to discuss the genre and have a good time with. Please let me know, and I hope this help everyone! Thanks again rye for doing OUR Supergirl! Xoxoxoxo Ivy.
    http://www.shg-media.com/Default.asp?pa … 2385702264

  397. PoisonIvy

    If the link Dosnt work, there is a direct link on the superheroinesforum.com under supergirl 1984 thread. Hope that works for eveyone and let me know Lucy. Xoxoxoxo Ivy.


  399. PoisonIvy

    Jack, Lucy
    I posted this eariler but you might have missed it, Rye had posted a link on http://www.Superheroineforum.com, under the Supergirl 1984 thread. This link will take you DIRECTLY to the alternate ending version! I hope this helps everyone as its the only way I could find it as well, and Lucy, please message me back about my question!! xoxoxoxo Ivy

  400. Ivy

    Thx for taking the time to point out the link


  401. GEORGE


  402. Robopope25

    I got the alt. version. Great ending but the sequel setup was kind of distracting. You know what you could’ve done? freezed it on Superior girl’s body and had a quick voice-over from Carly explaining what they did with her body, etc. I loved it overall. I do think you should do this for future films i.e have a happy and sad ending. Like Wonder woman.

  403. Poison Ivy

    I agree with Robopope25, doing different ending for wonder woman would be great, but this time make the original ending a heroine defeat and the alternate one a victory. Since the “good end” people got the complete ending this time, its the villians turn! Keep up the great work! xoxoxox Ivy

  404. Robopope25

    I don’t really care about missing the extra footage I just feel the camera should’ve lingered on her unconscious body and then like a text crawl or even a voice-over by one of the evil women explaining the aftermath of what happened. The 2 lead villanesses were so good it would’ve been nice to hear them give a good satisfied speech gloating over their final victory. I know rye was excited about the sequel set-up but i think the fans of the bad guys would’ve understood if it was gone. I just wanted a lingering sense of failure after the last shot and the sequel setup made it feel like “Eh maybe things will be okay after all or something.” her last words were so sad and fitting but then if you paused on the image of her koed and played the credits over her body….the video would have been perfect

  405. Peril Hotel

    Hey guys!

    I recently stumbled upon this site a I’ve got to say – I’m stoked! I like the independent producer realm in this genre – I’m a huge fan!

    I am putting together a site of my own called “Peril Hotel” and just wanted to put this post up here (sorry for double-posting on this board) to get some feedback to see if it’s something anyone besides me would be interested in!

    The concept is about a Hotel that SuperHeroines and Villainesses stay in, visit, frequent, whatever – and it is run by a secret society of Villains who wish to capture the Heroines to do tests on them… of course, not before sexually humiliating them!

    The whole idea is to film a fetish-type series without nudity (I like the intrigue of skimpy clothes) but touch on all the types of peril and fetishes out there. Let me know either here or just email me so I don’t intrude on this producer’s board and let me know what you think! If you have ideas about the concept, types of fetishes, what the website should include, anything! Let me know!

    Email me at PerilHotel@gmail.com

    Thanks for letting me put up my post and I hope the idea is something that more than a few people would be interested in!


  406. Michael Birch

    I watched part II of 1984 earlier today and enjoyed both parts and look forward to seeing future productions like this. One idea that I would suggest for future videos is that in both parts of 1984 Superior Girl is on the receiving end of several punches to the stomach and in future episodes maybe have the hero or heroine spit up blood. I know that these are fantasy videos so my idea might not be plausible for future productions but I think that it would add an extra element of peril for the hero or heroine. I would like to know what other people think of this idea if they would like to see that element in future productions or not. Any feedback would be appreciated.

  407. ranger87

    I just watched part 2. I thought it was fantastic! It’s all the same amazingness of part one, but with more emphasis on peril! My ONLY complaint is that I wish the Crystanite Goo scene were longer before she got saved. I’m speechless. I don’t really have any suggestions. As far as pg13 material goes, I don’t think there is any better.

  408. GEORGE

    RYE, congrads, on the success of your superior girl 1984 part one and superior girl 1984 part two, you made a superheroine vs villians, and had the superheroine come out on top with the victory, you made a movie and blew all the other movies out of the water like a bomb and and RYE. you get the oscar and keep with the excellent work you do and congrads to all your success………………………….

  409. PoisonIvy

    Hey Lucy, I usually play on yahoo messenger, but I use other messengers as well. If you have yahoo messenger then just message me there, my name there is everdangerousivy. If you don’t then just email me at everdangerousivy@yahoo.com. Then we can discuss roleplay ideas and such, can’t wait to talk! Xoxoxoxo Ivy.

  410. RYE, if you do not mind me asking how will a sequel be hooked into superior girl 1984 part 2 as successful as she was with the whole series how and where will that work, thank you and have a great evening……………………

  411. WELL, last night I watched SUPERIOR GIRL 1984 PT 1 AND PT 2 and still I am blown out of the water on how much better it is then any of the other superheroine vs villian movies and I mean better.hands down no nudity just a down right excellent movies and there has to be an oscar for superior girl herself, and for RYE and his whole production team, SUPERIOR GIRL 1984 pt 1 and pt 2. that should be the begining on how movies should be put together./no nudity/ and the superheroine winning at the end. my opion and that is the /bottomline/

  412. Rye, any more info and/or photos from the Skyfire shoot? Pretty excited about that one based on the pics and qualifications of the model. Thanks!

  413. Skyfire will have it’s own details thread soon. More than likely tomororw, but I just need to confirm a couple things before I send it over to HM.

  414. Jason

    A very nice 2nd part Rye! Yes, I did enjoy the arcade machine scene you told me about. Came at a very inappropriate time in the story haha! Liked the transition from Part 1 in where SuperiorGirl’s attitude, and fighting tactics undergo a sudden transformation. I’ll check out that band you used as well. You’ll do great on the sequel!


  416. Whitman

    I know I’m pretty late to the party, but I finally picked this one up. The two low blows in this movie are EXTREMELY well done, and if Rye continues to throw a few cheap shots in his movies, he’s got a guaranteed customer for life!


  417. andres c

    De acuerdo con Juan como se llama la chica que interpreta el papel y si se pueden descargar las fotografias para ponerlas como fondo de escritorio que hablan sobre las 2 partes y cuando estara disponoble para verlo en linea

  418. andres c

    de nuevo, se me olvidaba ya que el nombre esta que su nombre es kris pero falto el apellido para poder buscarlo con calma

  419. andres c