Rye’s Wonder Woman 1975 Project

Rye's Wonder Woman 1975 ProjectIn response to reader demand, here’s a place to discuss Rye’s rumored, upcoming Wonder Woman project, at this point called Wonder Woman 1975 (or something like that). What would you like to see in this particular video/series? Leave your comments below. 

Discuss Rye’s Wonder Woman 1975 project below!
  1. Few things I hope for:

    – For villains: Fausta the Nazi woman, Gargantua the gorilla, and Nubia the evil Amazon. Also wouldn’t mind seeing an alternate ending option like with Supergirl–one where WW wins and the other where she loses.

    – I don’t want to see Wonder Woman lose her powers when her belt is removed. Like I said in the other thread, it’s probably the comics purist/nerd in me, but I always hate when it when the “belt is the source of her powers” angle is pushed.

    – I’d rather she doesn’t wear nylons or high heels. I’m likely in the minority on those two points–especially the latter–but I prefer heroines bare-legged and in flats.

  2. @ Rye: An overdue thank you for considering the sequel and this Wonder Woman project. I appreciate your work, thanks again for all you bring to the genre!

    @ Gargantua fans:
    I get the Wonder Woman being overpowered thing, works for me. But Gargantua, a guy in a gorilla suit? I guess a lot more gut punching and bear hugs, but I can’t see this being anything more than a clumsy fight scene. To each his or her own of course, but can someone please help me see the interest in this character? Is it just that there was so little peril in the series or did people really enjoy that episode? I’d rather see Fausta and the Baroness combine forces to torment the Amazon.

  3. RalphM

    I disagree with WP. I would love to see pantyhose used, just like Lynda Carter wore on the original show. Bare legs always look so nasty to me on a superhero. Legs look blotchy and discolored, Pantyhose give that nice even look to the legs that people always love to see.

    I’d also like to see it as faithful to the TV show as possible. I think the closer you get to the original source material, the more people will be interested in buying it. If you’re going to base it on the television show, then the closer you get to that first season, the better.

  4. I find nylons/hose distracting and unnatural looking. Especially the really thick, shiny ones that make the legs look plastic and unappealing. The heroine may as well be wearing pants.

    As for Gargantua, I like the idea of WW rumbling with an overpowering gorilla–leading to some squeeze holds like bearhugs, skull-crushers, and such. Also some back-breakers and body blows.
    But, I wouldn’t want to see it as the primary fight. A mid-movie fight the leads to the main villains like Fausta and Nubia, who can torment Wonder Woman in other ways.

    Gargantua offers the overpowering wrestling fight, while Fausta would most likely implement bondage/torture stuff, and with Nubia you’ve got a physical fight between equals (edge in Nubia’s favor, ‘natch).

  5. Mike

    Listen, all you guys get are bare legged heroine videos by Rye. It wont hurt for him to have Wonder Woman wear nylons this time around, especially since it fits within the era he is representing here.

    With that out of the way, you should have Fausta as the villian and find a way to incorporate that famous chloroform scene in there. Hopefully throw an OTS carry in there as well. This could be incredible if its pg-13 and on par with your Supergirl 1984 project. I hope you take these ideas into consideration.

  6. James

    If Wonder Woman wears nylons, it may as well be rated PG. I know everyone has their preferences but just don’t see how stockings gets the nod over tan, gorgeous legs. Could you imagine Superiorgirl 1984 with nylon stockings under her skirt? I couldn’t either.

    Also, as much as I loved the WW series of old, those were granny pants Linda Carter was wearing. For a new version, her bottoms should be skimpier and higher cut.

    In that latest WW (mind stealers) remake from Korea, that was my biggest turnoff from the video. I ordered part I but couldn’t buy part two. The outfit was just a little to lame.

    Curious how many agree or disagree?

  7. Derek

    I agree with the need for higher cut costumes – sorry actresses, I know they’re a sore point when they ride up: sorry to the camera operator for the same reason, but the fetishist in me needs to see as much leg length as I can.
    There is little point in WW fighting super gorillas when we could have Fausta’s super soldiers, or an equally matched villainess for her to fight. Let the man in a gorilla suit stick to playing drums in the Cadbury commercials.
    As always there has to be a strong story: good triumphs, good loses and the heroine’s peril has to be serious enough to give us a jolt. I would like to see torture involved but how far you go, or even if it happens at all is up to the writer. As to a bad or good ending for the heroine – well that’s the writer’s job surely?
    On a personal note, my favourite moment in any superheroine “defeat” scene is when she realises she cannot win. How that is sold is often the difference between a “hit” and a “miss” for me.
    Much success to you with this I look forward to the results.

  8. I know the nylons thing is going to be a touchy subject… and I haven’t decided what exactly I am going to do about it yet…

  9. Clint

    If this is going to be a parody of the 1975 WW tv show, the actress should look very similar to Linda Carter and the WW costume should be identical to that used in the show. Everything the same top to bottom. Please, if it’s going to be a parody don’t sex up the costume, have it as was. Don’t add anything and don’t remove anything, that costume was perfect exactly the way it was.

    For villains, what’s better than one Gorilla? Correct, two Gorillas. WW getting double teamed, thrashed by two gargantuan beasts, would be epic. Their trainer, a scientist working for the Nazis, could deploy them to capture her.

    To add, lets have some fairness. There are, costume with bare legs fans, and there are, costume with nylons fans.
    Costume with bare legs fans, more than 90% of Rye’s movies accommodate you, you just had Super Girl 1984 and more than that you’re getting a sequel.

    Have you no empathy, is it just, ME! ME! ME!

    We are not asking for thick pant like tights. I agree that’s not attractive. We’d like the model to wear transparent nylons with her costume. Suntan or slightly darker like Linda wore on the show.

    If you need a bare legged WW in a sexed up skimpy WW outfit, you already have it. To be fair it’s our turn at bat.

    Here you go…..

    Wonderous Girl http://www.heroinemovies.com/wonderous-girl-the-prey-from-punished-heroines/

  10. I think the casting of the actress and her costume of Supergirl 1984 was fantastic and really made the movie. I would have the same expectation for any Wonder Woman film. I agree the 1970’s Lynda Carter costume is the benchmark (as was Lynda). The one thing I would really have loved to have seen with Supergirl and I think is a must for any Wonder Woman film is actually for the heroine to beat up (and I really mean pummel, pound & smash) a heap of baddies with martial arts before taking any punishment. They are superheroines after all! This would broaden the appeal I think and cover multiple “likes” to viewers out there.

  11. Fantasizer

    Please replicate the Lynda Carter Wonder Woman KO scenes (chloro, gas, etc). And have the villains take advantage of the fallen Amazon!!!

  12. Damon

    If you do the gorilla please be sure to fully cover the actors fingers. I found it hysterical when I think it was SHG media did that video and you can see the guys real fingers vs a full gorilla hand…lol. As for taking advantage of her if its PG 13 dont hold your breath

  13. Anthony

    yeah the whole gorilla thing seems to be, for me anyways, an unrealistic fight scene. Usually when I see that in heroine videos I laugh and move on to the next one. As to Clint’s commets, I have to agree. The way Rye is going on this one, it has to be traditonal with the tights. I mean not the real shiny ones that look unreal, but you have to have her wear them. Plus, it’s sexy as hell for me. And a big reason why she needs to have them on, that during shootings the actress might get bruises and it will show, which I find unattractive for example; there is a link that Clint posted that has a picture of a big bruise on the actress’s leg that is unappealing.

  14. James

    Anti-nylon Point…

    Pretty obvious Clint and Mike are the same person. But anyhow, if Rye is going to produce a killer WW video, the pro bare legs crowd has to make their case.

    @Rye…look at it this way… On site after site (Heroineperil.com , Wrestlingbabe w Hollywood, Hypnotics World, Christina Carter and at Clips4sale with Dawnstar and Rachel Steele) 95% of those videos have WW vids with nylons all the time.

    For me, that is why I just stay away. What has drawn me to your product from day one from the first TBFE Avalon video is the fact her gorgeous legs were there to bear. Same thing with Giga vids, when the heroine is wearing tights I never purchase. But if the costume shows bear legs, I will take a look.

    Last point, look at the giga vids in recent years. The first few Dynawoman videos were amazing- Gorgeous heroine, bare legs, perfect 10. After that, they started putting nylons on the heroine and kinda wore the novelty out. If you go to their site, notice how the character’s look evolved and its obvious it took a huge hit with the nylons.

    There may be arguments for one or the other. But I think altogether, you are better off with the legs look. If the actress pulls it off, I think you’d have very few people complaining.

    @ Mike or Clint, maybe Rye should produce a video with a nylon heroine at some point. But for this important production, this is not the time.

    Just my two sense.

  15. Decendingskulls

    Why would an amazon wear nylons?
    Nylons are for secretaries.

  16. RalphM

    It’s important for the model to wear nylons because Lynda Carter wore them. Real amazons don’t need nylons, true. THESE ARE NOT REAL AMAZONS, they’re models playing amazons.

  17. Mike

    Were most definitley not the same person, check the email addresses.

    My argument is that all you guys get are no-nylon vids from Rye. Just one time for one vid wont be a problem. And im clearly not the only person on here who wants nylons. Face it: ever since the old show nylons have been a part of the character. Maybe not her comic counterpart, but whenever someone cosplays as her they generally wear pantyhose.

    And if youre trying to emulate the 1975 theme, she undeniably would be wearing tights.

  18. Dave

    Yes, I agree …. thumbs down on the panty hose.
    The only thing that does is make the vid more tame.

  19. I for one wont buy it if she doesent wear pantyhose. My ultimate vision of this character includes her in them. After all, as Mike stated above, in the era Rye is trying to emulate here she wore pantyhose. And how can anyone look at pantyhosed legs and say they look bad as opposed to the bruise covered legs Ive seen in several of Ryes productions? Now that just looks gnarly.

  20. James

    Jay…what if the heroine didn’t have bruised covered legs?
    What if she had soft tan legs like the SG 1984 girl? You wanna cover those up with stockings?
    Look at the WWE divas now. They all wear stockings and it sucks!! Remember the
    short shorts and bare legs from Torrie Wilson and Kelly Kelly from 2002-2006? That is no more.
    As gorgeous as Kelly Kelly is, they tone her down with stockings now and some of her sex appeal is taken away to cater to the PG label.
    Another thing…can’t really enjoy a TRUE wedgie with nylons. Much better when it is with bare skin. And that is what Rye does better than anyone ..his signature!! Can anyone argue that??

  21. Dave

    James does have a great point. All the upskirt and wedgie shots of SG in the latest production…with nylons on, they are all out the window.

  22. Im not into the whole wedgie thing. Look, what it comes down to is personal taste. Were definitely not all going to agree on this. Its just a question of what makes sense with the story, And in this instance, it finally makes sense because of the 1975 theme. You guys already won with the Supergirl flick, youve won countless times in the past when you spewed hatred on nylons with all of Ryes other vid threads, and I think for once this is a chance to finally give us nylon guys something we’ve been waiting for. Just this once. I know theres more people than just me who like it. Hell, theres tons of us.

    Why not just throw us a bone for once Rye? To see you do a Wonder Woman vid has seriously been a desire of mine since the beginning. And to use the production values of Supergirl 1984 on one would be amazing. Lets just do this right and give us the throwback Wonder Woman vid we’ve always wanted, that retains the sexiness and ko’s but keeps it within the realm of pg-13.

  23. Dave

    I will add one more point and I will keep quiet.

    Rye…the ONLY other site which offers heroines WITHOUT NYLONS consistently is superheroinecentral.com. That site used to be awesome and dependable and now it is a disaster because you never know what you’re getting or when you’re getting it when you join.

    THAT IS A MAIN REASON WHY I AM HERE . YOU GET IT and share that same passion. From that first Avalon vid, I knew you were the man and I would support anything you produced.

    Please do not change over to nylons for this production. Maybe for some other random vid but not this one.

  24. Mike

    Damn Dave, one time isn’t gonna hurt man. Rye has promised nylons for a long time, as far back as that Ashley Rose Wondorus Girl vid. He didn’t provide then. But it makes logical story sense now. All I’m asking for is a serious consideration of this on Ryes part.

  25. Henchman

    Leaving aside the bare-legs/tights argument just for a moment, can I put in a polite request to improve on the biggest missed opportunity for peril in the whole of the 1970s. That is, the bit when Wonder Woman was (oh so briefly) trapped in the perspex tube.

    Please consider doing this scene justice, and give the tube a proper lid so that she can’t just jump out (what kind of amateur evil genius decided not to make the lid to the same spec as the walls – I hope they got sacked or at least severely reprimanded). I would like to see her trapped in a properly designed and inescapable tube, possibly filling with deadly or knockout gas. I know it will be expensive but don’t forget you could use the tube in loads of different films/scenarios on lots of different heroines…..

    Also, the Roddy McDowell scene where WW gets turned into a statue. That scene could really do with a re-vamp, starting with the villain being clever enough this time around to check she’s wearing the right electro-paralysing bracelet thing.

  26. sugarcoater

    Seems like the issue of leg-wear is moot as we have no idea who will be used to portray Wonder Woman. If the model has tan, tone legs, what would be the point of covering them up? Conversely, if the model has light-colored legs, it would make sense perhaps to use nylons. I believe that was mentioned before.
    A good point was made about “real Amazons” not wearing nylons. That said, isn’t Wonder Woman a fictional character? Perhaps to please all audiences, have Wonder Woman initially wear nylons as an attempt to fit in to American culture. She could then suffer a beat-down in the nylons. The villain could mock Wonder Woman wearing nylons (as well as other things), and as a result of the taunting and losing, Wonder Woman would lose the nylons in the second half of the video. In the end, as a way to appeal to a larger audience, this might prove an adequate solution to all.
    Just trying to find a manageable solution. Can’t wait to see both part 2 of 1984 and where the WW video goes.


  27. A lot people supporting the nylons keep saying, “That’s what she wore in the show, so that’s how it should be in Rye’s movie.”

    In the original ’84 movie, Supergirl didn’t wear high heels. In Rye’s movies, she does. I haven’t seen anyone complain.

  28. Burclee

    What could possibly be the point of trying to argue the nylons/no nylons business on the basis of what other sites do, what was worn by Ms. carter on the original show, what Amazons wear or don’t wear, the covering of potential leg bruises…or anything like that?

    This is fetish, folks. The folks with a nylon fetish have to have nylons, the folks with a bare leg fetish have to have bare legs. There is no right or wrong in any of this, only what individuals want to satisfy their particular sexual agendas. No one is going to persuade anyone else to give up their fetish. No one is going to say “Well, I really need the nylons to make this video work for me sexually, but gee, someone pointed out that Amazons don’t wear nylons, and that trumps my individual desires.”

  29. Mike

    So essentially what youre saying is that we should agree to disagree? Probably the best option at this point. I mean from past post Rye knows our opinions. I guess we can only just wait and see.

  30. Decendingskulls

    @ Burclee, you are absolutely right. I was merely finding a creative and humorous way to cast my vote. I think this argument is a bit silly honestly. If you want a video done your way, don’t beg or fight. Save up for a custom. Rye asked for suggestions, not demands.

  31. RalphM

    I think the idea that was suggested to have WW initially wear nylons, and then to be defeated and debased with them (causing her to reject wearing them or maybe to have them forcibly taken from her) is a GREAT way to compromise. One scene with her wearing them, one scene with her bare-legged. I’m all about finding something everyone will be happy with. Just please keep them on for that whole first scene!

  32. steve

    First off, I’d like to see WW in a costume identical to what Lynda Carter wore in the 1975 pilot. Second, I would LOVE to see a recreation of the fabulous catfight scene between WW and Marcia (hey guys, the two “fights” WW had with Fausta and the Baroness do not compare to this first womand-versus-woman encounter). Only this time, I’d like to see Marcia really take it to WW, smashing vases and bookcases over her, choking her senseless on a desk top, etc. I’d want her to smash a chair on WWs torso, then finish her off with a chandelier to the face. Oh well, just my fantasy of how that original fight should have ended.

  33. Clint

    RalphM: Compromise is great. To compromise, in the new Super Girl sequel she could be bare legged in the first half of the movie, then some guy could tell her “Nice outfit, would look evan hotter with nylons”

    Wanting to accommodate, Super Girl could then put on nylons with her uniform for the second half of the movie. Would love to see that hot model in 1984’s Super Girl wearing nylons. What a perfect compromise.

  34. Clint

    James, your two sense, is insulting and presumptuous.

    Pretty obvious Clint and Mike are the same person. Really, wow, does that mean when people have the same point of view they’re the same person. Well then by that logic I guess it’s pretty obvious all the bare legged guys, are you, James. The prolific poster.

    HM, on line 14 James made a scurrilous charge. Could you please inform James that Mike and I are not the same person. It’s wrong to attempt to bolster your argument by fabricating a lie.

    Additionally, to counter your case, James, tights are not the same as nylons, are you aware of that or are you feigning ignorance. A large number of those videos are girls in tights, I’ve already stated, I too find tights unattractive. And like you I just stay away. Hey! maybe we’re the same person.

    Yes, there may be arguments for one or the other, bare legs, nylons. However James, it appears we are diametrically opposed soothsayers. I think altogether, Rye’s model is better off with the nylons look. If the actress pulls it off, I think you’d have very few people complaining.

    Lastly, how generous of you to pontificate, maybe at some point, there should be a nylon wearing heroine in a non-important production. I wasn’t aware of the fact, Rye made non-important productions. Care to list them, James. Most, look forward to all of Rye’s productions.

    btw this is the perfect time for a classic 1975 WW.

  35. mell

    my only complaint with lynda carter’s wonder woman (who i loved, like everyone else here)…nylons. also, you have to admit that her star spangled panties in the first season were diaper-ish. no thanks. i think economics will drive this. rye and all the other producers know what drives sales, and i think that will be the deciding factor. since i (as a musician) like people to make money for their art, i will go with whatever they decide based on what is economically sensible for them, and support them with my business. i, for one, hope that it’s not covering up beautiful legs with tights. i respect you all, and all of your varying opinions and tastes, by the way. i love that we, as humans, can have such unique preferences and sensibilities. it’s what is good about us. y’all take care.

  36. James


    You are right! I don’t know the difference between tights and nylons…don’t exactly wear them often. So if I’m ignorant for that, I won’t lose any sleep. Wow buddy.

    All I know is, I don’t want to see WW’s legs covered. Nearly all of Rye’s vids of til now have gone with the bare legs and it has worked out so I don’t see why he should change. That is just my preference.

    As a fan and a customer, I have a right to an opinion and a suggestion. Whichever way Rye decides to go, I’ll still be a fan at the end of the day.

  37. Harlan

    I am totally in agreement with WP in the following.
    WP June 5, 2012 at 7:14 pm

    Few things I hope for:

    – For villains: Fausta the Nazi woman, Gargantua the gorilla, and Nubia the evil Amazon. Also wouldn’t mind seeing an alternate ending option like with Supergirl–one where WW wins and the other where she loses.

    – I don’t want to see Wonder Woman lose her powers when her belt is removed. Like I said in the other thread, it’s probably the comics purist/nerd in me, but I always hate when it when the “belt is the source of her powers” angle is pushed.

    – I’d rather she doesn’t wear nylons or high heels. I’m likely in the minority on those two points–especially the latter–but I prefer heroines bare-legged and in flats

    I would LOVE to see a WW 1975 type series!

  38. Harlan

    I also feel I must speak up on the side of the bare legged preference. As others have mentioned, on site after site, clip after clip there are superheroines, especially WW wannabes, who wear nylons, pantyhose, whatever. I for one would like to see more bare-legged Wonder Women.

  39. Darkside

    Me personally I loved everything about Lynda Carter on the show except her nylons,grandma panties from the 1st season, and her blue swimming suit. The movie doesn’t have to be exactly like the tv show thats why they do remakes of stuff. Everyone has thier own fantasies about how they would have done the scenes and how the characters shoud look like. The WW series that got cancelled from NBC was night and day from the 70s version. I’m sure thats why Rye wants to do his take on the show and how he would have done it. Either way I’m really excited to see how this movie turns out!

  40. Kirk

    She should wear stockings over her face….makes me giggle.

  41. I’ve decided what I want to do about the nylons vs bare legs in 1975… but I’m not going to announce it just yet because there is some other news that will be coming out soon that I don’t want to spoil and it pushed me into my decision.

  42. mike2

    Another possible villain: a version of the black-clad ant lady from the episode “Formicida,” in which she and WW had a too-brief skirmish. Villianovitch, an artist on deviantART, did a series based on this called “Bug Spray” that might be worth a look:


    The actress who played Selena in “Superior Girl 1984″ might be right for the part, if you were looking to use her again.

  43. mike2

    Unlikely, but worth considering: I wonder if Valerie Perez, or a similarly enthusiastic cosplayer who already owns a version of the costume (and knows and respects the character), would be interested in playing the heroine.

  44. Jobber Lover

    Has anyone weighed in on whether or not Wonder Woman should wear nylons?

  45. Jobber Lover

    I don’t really have a dog in this fight as I don’t care if the heroine wears nylons or not. I think that Rye’s SuperGirl is hot WITHOUT the nylons, I think that the Heroix Swift Moves SuperGirl is hot WITH the nylons.

    I assume the reason Lynda Carter wore them was that it was like a 70’s TV rule or something. Daisy Duke wore them under her shorts. (which I’m told by many women is really uncomfortable.) The 3’s company girls wore them under their “ruffelled-bum pajammas” (which I’ve also been told is uncomfortable.) etc…

  46. Owlan

    Another great scene I feel was cut shockingly short in the original series was the scene in the Fausta episode where WW was strapped to a table. Oh the endless possibilities!

  47. RalphM

    I’d love to see a variant version of when WW breaks free from the examination table. Maybe she gets free, only to struggle against Fausta, be overpowered by several people, then depowered, re-chloroformed, and slapped back onto the examination table once more as a helpless, strapped-down, barely conscious prisoner!

  48. MassEffectMan

    Hey Rye, I know you are going to make a great Wonder Woman movie. The actress and the costume I know you going to pick the best one but please for this movie could it be PG-13 with a lot of scene of chloroforming and a least sleeping gas one as well. Those two will make a cool movie in my part.

  49. mike2

    One inexpensive-to-shoot peril idea that cropped up occasionally in the 1940s Wonder Woman comics, but was never exploited in the TV series: Villains would get a hold of (or try to steal) the lasso in order to use it on WW and make her carry out their bidding. It reached the point where, if she suspected someone was luring her into a trap to steal the lasso, she would wear a fake lasso, while hiding the real one in her boot. She would allow the fake to be stolen and used on her, pretending to be mind-controlled in order to find out what the villain was up to. Afterwards, she’d break loose, whip out the real deal, and turn the tables. This might make a handy plot device for the video.

    For example, the heroine is taken. Lassoed and interrogated, she reveals her weakness is the ol’ Magic Belt removal. The bad guys remove the belt, thinking her powerless, but she surprises them by subsequently retaining her strength, et cetera. Later in the story, the baddies figure out that you have to shackle an Amazon’s bracelets to render her powerless, and plot to do so.

    This way, fans would get the best of several worlds: lasso mind control (or the illusion of it, for the MC fans), belt removal (for the belties), and shackled bracelets (for the bondage buffs).

    Just a suggestion.

  50. mike2

    Oh, and the boot buffs will be happy, too, because there’ll be an excuse for her to take off a boot. Later on, when she’s shackled, the baddies’ll will have a reason to remove BOTH boots, to make sure she’s not concealing anything else from them.

    Removing the bustier will have to wait for another video, I guess.

  51. Clint

    Mike: Thanks, appreciate the compliment.

    James: Wow buddy, if we’re talking nylons, it’s a little scary/creepy you wear them at all, unless you’re female, like James King, Model/Actress. She goes by Jamie now, but originally, James.

    I do thank you for elucidating my point, nearly all of Rye’s vids of til now have gone with the bare legs. Precisely why the opposite is needed. I, we, like Rye’s movies as much as you and your ilk. We too should be aloud to occasionally see our ultimately attired heroine, in his films.

    If things were the other way around, I would be magnanimous enough to say, we almost always have our desires fulfilled, let the fans on the other side of the fence have this one.

    Agreed, it has worked out with bare legged heroines, as it would with nylon clad heroines. Rye’s movies are phenomenal and don’t rise or fall on a single issue.

    Lastly, completely concur, when solicited, as fans and customers, we all have a right to an opinion and a suggestion. And hopefully, whichever way Rye chooses to go, not only will we all still be a fan at the end of the day, but there won’t be any whining from the opposing side when the movies released. It would be uncouth.

    That said, Rye’s decided, debate over.

  52. Harlan

    Beyond the aesthetic issues (pantyhose, old school costume etc), I’d like to weigh in on my desire to see a Wonder Woman done closer to her comic origins. I realize that the approach to the clip will be to do 1975 TV Wonder Woman, which is fine. But someday what I would like to see are the following elements in a WW clip:

    -Super strong on the level of superman (lifting cars over her head etc)

    -Flight. I know Marston didn’t create her with the ability to fly but this power is one of the things I like the most about the George Perez reboot of the character in the 80s.

    -Looses her powers when chains are welded to her bracelets by a man. No magic belt, no just because a man ties her hands. To me it should be HARD to depower her and mythological as Marston intended, not just ripping some velcro off her.

    -The magic lasso is indestructable and able to compel those bound in it to obey any commands, not just the ones to tell the truth.

    -A good villain like Paula Von Gunther, The Cheetah, or even Fausta (the lasso bondage and the chloroform/interrogation scene from the TV series are my absolute favorite fetishes associated with this character)

    -Personally I like the outfit from the 1st season if we’re going to do the Lynda Carter thing. Like Lynda I could probably do without the bullet bra look though.

    I have many more thoughts but these are the main ones I wanted to get out there.

  53. Aldous

    I’ve already expressed my love for the minefield scene (what I love about it is it’s not mind control, he’s physically moving her against her will and she is defiant and fights him every step!) which is my number one desire for this production but another scene I ‘ve always wanted to see expanded is that interrogation scene from “Fausta” – I wanted her on that table for longer and to see what those dials on the wall did! A little “pg13″ torture even! I love this direction Rye is taking. I mentioned before I never understood why some canny producer didn’t take classic peril/fetish scenes that were cut short and recreate/expand on them. Who among us wouldn’t want to see that whipping scene with Princess Aura in Flash Gordon last a good ten minutes longer eh? Eh? And to actually find out what a “bore worm” was? Bravo to Rye.

    P.s bare legs for me, since that’s the issue of the day!

  54. Sugarcoater

    Clint, for someone who used words such as “ilk”, “magnanimous”, and “uncouth” in a post, how are you going to misspell “allowed” by writing “aloud”? Lol.
    Seriously though, I think your points are valid but it seems the key issue is just numbers. As Rye is combining what seems to be a labor of love with any eye for business, perhaps the best plan is to take a poll to see how the numbers bear out regarding the nylon issue. If only 20% of potential customers prefer nylons, it wouldn’t make business sense to use them regardless of frequency. The posts may not accurately reflect the customer base but perhaps a quick poll would give an accurate assessment. That all said, seems like the issue has already been resolved. I’ll now be the idiot who asks when the Wonder Woman project will begin (as if Rye didn’t have enough on his plate).

  55. Clint

    Sugarcoater: What a trenchant opening salvo, from an inferior intellect. “Neener, neener, you spelled a word wrong.” Pathetic. What’s next genius? “Clint, your punctuation mark is incorrect, you used a comma, when you should have used a period.” As in life Sugarcoater, you’re firing blanks. Additionally, I wasn’t addressing you, oh nanner, titular hero. Do the universe a favor and put your pedantic, superfluous self, back in the closet.

    Seriously though, the debate has already been resolved.

    However, perhaps you’re correct. Perhaps the best plan is to take a poll to see how the numbers bear out regarding the nylon issue. A quick poll would give an accurate assessment.

    Yes, a quick poll, but not here. Rye’s customers are ubiquitous. We should have the poll at another superheroine forum, one where you can register. That would be best, you’d have registered members, only permitted one vote. And why stop at Wonder Woman, we should have a quick little poll for the upcoming Super Girl sequel. It would be enlightening to learn the majority of Rye’s fans want to see her in sexy nylons.

    “I’ll now? be the idiot. who asks when the Wonder Woman project will begin (as if Rye didn’t have enough on his plate)”

    Miniscule, correction. You’re welcome.

  56. Bert

    Sometimes I feel sorry for the talented, ambitious individuals, like Rye, who put so much effort into making these movies a reality. Writing scripts, finding actors, scouting locations, shooting and editing, music, special effects… it’s a huge undertaking. We are lucky that our little genre is being catered to with such fine work these days. In return we cluck away, demanding ever more specific elements be included, bitching about missed release dates, and in general behaving like a bunch of spoiled children.

    Ten years ago, high quality heroine peril movies were nothing more than a distant fantasy. Having the opportunity to buy movies like 1984 is absolutely awesome. Given that only a few short years ago this genre didn’t even exist, listening to people whine for days on end about nylons or lack of nylons being a deal-breaker seems like ingratitude of the highest order. Let’s strive for a little perspective here and be thankful for what we have rather than hurling insults at each other over what are, in the grand scheme, trivial details.

  57. Decendingskulls

    @ Bert, finally a little common sense around here

  58. Henchman

    @Aldous – yes indeed, and when they’ve done with Princess Aura, perhaps they could move on to putting Stella Star (the lovely Caroline Munro in StarCrash) into the mind probe – see here – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fSgHBbhEhO0&feature=related

    That’s not even mentioning Barbarella.

    I agree wholeheartedly, it’s a crying shame no-one has yet cottoned on to the rich seam of old SF movies and re-created them the way they were always meant to be!

  59. James

    Bert, I share your respect for Rye and appreciate you putting some things in perspective.

    Here is the way I see it…

    Look at the top of this page and I believe it says….
    “”’What would you like to see in this particular video/series? Leave your comments below.””’

    Isn’t that why this page is created??? So we can leave our preferences and what we would prefer and even perhaps …make a case??

    A heroine without nylons is one of the biggest reasons I enjoy Rye’s work so much. If past videos (Divinity, The Parolee, Superia, Bloodlines, Bad Date, etc) showcased heroines with nylons, I’m not so sure I would have purchased. In fact, I know I wouldn’t. Is it out of bounds to make that point? If I was Rye, I would be curious to know that.

    Final point, when you are in the business of creative arts and producing something, a big part of that business is listening to feedback. I agree…Rye is the best at what he does. I hope he makes a mint. I will continue to support his product because he has hit a home run with 1984.

    But feel sorry for him?? Isn’t that a little much?
    At the end of the day, reality is he is in business and we are paying customers.

    I agree…sometimes this board can get a little testy. But healthy debate is a good thing. Just like competition is a good thing.

    All that said, happy release day Mr. Rye!! Congratulations on a true masterpiece!!

  60. Drew

    OK which ever way you go on the Nylons concpet, is fine with me , you have shown awesome taste so far, so on to the subject at hand,
    Now I know this would be a real bugger to pull off, but I would like to see double the star action, so my vote would be along the lines of the Toy MAster story, maybe with this as the twist, Fausta & the Nazi have manage to capture the toy master & have used him to create a Wunder Fraulien of there own, The battle blpot is set,
    Just a thought, I know that this would probably be a grand slam seller (my opinion of course.
    the difficulty would obviously finding twins to play the role, but you would have a 1st in this Genre thats for sure :)

  61. matt

    Scenes that i would like to see, Fausta scene on the examination table with her trying to break free.
    Also the mind control scene were she forced to walk into a mine field and maybe forced to take her belt off.
    Cant forget the gorrila scene and also maybe the Zodor scene.
    And last the murdurous missle scene were she chained spred eagle in the jail cell.

    ps Id perfer bare leg

  62. Bert

    Here’s a scene I’d like to see. It’s a mash-up of two scenes from different episodes that were good on their own but deserve a more peril oriented treatment. Combine the fight from the pilot episode with the “Nuringburg Judo Champ” with the fight with the enormous guy from the Pied Piper episode. I’d love to see WW atop a huge guy, only to have him put his palm on her chin and slowly push her onto her back on a table and hold her down. Let the guy give her trouble by “not fighting fair”. There’s something about an ordinary (though huge and powerful) guy giving a superheroine trouble in a fight that really works for me.

  63. Larry

    The aforementioned examination scene sounds good, and of course she’d be in her bra and panties?

  64. RalphM

    As a general rule, although it’s nice to ask for fan input, it’s usually pointless. Fans pull in twenty different directions, everyone insisting that their way is the right way. Rye might be better off just making the video he wants and leaving all the wannabe mini-Hitchcocks sulking at the front gate.

    Getting fan input has quickly made everyone look petty and small-minded like the Comic-Book Guy from the Simpsons.

  65. mike2

    Another fetish suggestion: The spinning transformation from Diana to WW got increasingly repetitious and perfunctory as the TV series progressed. But it’s a fan favorite and might be nice to see, perhaps in slow motion or from different angles or with the parts of the costume materializing one at a time or something. Here is a fancy transformation scene from the 2009 Filipino superheroine series “Darna” as an example:


    Time stands still as Narda, the lame orphan, slowly transforms into the all-powerful Darna in a blaze of light and fog, et cetera. We probably could do without the obscuring fog, though.

    Ever encounter author Neal Pollack’s essay on his superheroine transformation fetish? A good read:


  66. chandelier

    the main mistake of the original wonder woman is that her plane was invisible but her clothes we not. 

  67. Darklord

    This has most certainly been a spirited discussion so far! I might as well offer my thoughts to, seeing as Rye was good enough to ask for input.

    I’ll get the contentious one out of the way first – and sorry to the bare leg brigade, but I would go for sheer to the waist nylons – shiny, and tan colour, but NOT opaque tights. Bare legs as second choice, and opaque tights a long last.

    Wonder Woman has always been one of my favourite heroines, largely because of the costume. It showcases the heroines atributes perfectly, accentuating her femininity and sexyness. I have never been keen on Supergirl’s skirt and long cape – hides too much interesting stuff ! Much prefer Powergirl, but her cape needs to be restricted to waist length.

    More specifically, from the TV series, in the first series the bottom half of her costume was rather baggy – needed to be a tighter fit. In the second series it was better, but as someone mentioned above, it bore an unfortunate resemblance to a nappy ! Something tight fitting and higher cut would be excellent. Having the panties higher cut does raise the one dis-advantage of nylons – the waist band sneeking into view during the action. This is a real turn off for me and should be avoided at all costs if nylons are used – sew them into the panties if need be!

    Ideally the costume needs to be a one piece, as per the original.

    Boots – WITH heels, please. Not very practical, I know, but heels just make the girl move that much more sexily!

    As for the action, several people above have mentioned above, and I totally agree, there were so many traps in the TV series that could have been taken so much further, and to a much more interesting conclusion, especially the exmination table with Fausta, and the tube mentioned by Henchman (25). I so agree the tube would have been much better with a lid and slowly filling with gas or water.

    I agree with Steve (32) thst the fight in the first episode was the best, but again could have been so much better. I like Steve’s take on this. The WW vs WW fight in the Toymaker episode was also excellent – be nice to see this as a more gritty and brutal “knock down and drag out” (possibly fatal) affair.

    Talking fights – scratch the gorilla – I’d much rather see WW going head to head with the Barroness or Fausta!

    That will do – ended up a lot more wordy that I intended.

  68. Jobber Lover


    Any chance of an ISIS 1974 parady?
    I believe ISIS was the first television superheroine in the United States. She predated Wonder Woman by about a year. Some argue she cleared the way for the Wonder Woman series to happen.
    Although Wonder Woman encountered considerably more peril than did ISIS. Wonder Woman would save the US from Nazis, ISIS would save a kid from drowning.
    The only problem with a parady would be finding an actress with a pair of legs like JoAnna Cameron had back in the 70’s… Ah, the memories!

  69. Thanks for all the suggestions guys! Keep em coming as you never know what might make it in the film 😉 A couple villains I want for sure one is a female German super spy and another (male) that can control inanimate objects.

    I don’t think I am familiar enough with Isis to pull something like that off… I would probably end up pissing Isis fans off more than anything lol 😉

  70. Justnorm

    @ Jobber I think ISIS is a great ideal….Thats when they had great Saturday Morning cartoons…

  71. mike2

    Speaking of villains who can control inanimate objects, another TV series scene with a missed opportunity was the confrontation with the disembodied telekinetic “Gault’s Brain” which essentially consisted of throwing props at WW. Here’s an artist’s reimagining with some decent ideas:


    Rye says, “I would probably end up pissing Isis fans off”

    All three of us! The script for an Isis video would be a literary challenge — all those cheesy rhyming magic spells. Probably only the actress who played Selena in SG1984 could manage them with a straight face. “O water, as you would a boat, / Help that drowning kid to float!”

  72. Jobber Lover

    “O water, as you would a boat, / Help that drowning kid to float!”
    Ha! Oh, how cool those rhymes seemed as a youngster and how silly they seem now.

    Lucky for Isis the world was never attacked by oranges.

  73. mike2

    “Oh, how cool those rhymes seemed as a youngster and how silly they seem now.”

    I know! And they would add echo to her voice so she’d sound even more impressive. But now the series is very tough to sit through when the heroine isn’t on view. If Rye or anyone wants to risk it, all 22 half-hour episodes are on Hulu.com (and YouTube, too, if you search a bit):


    Thinking about the echo on Isis’ voice reminds me of another suggestion for the WW video: those cheesy sound effects that would accompany the heroine’s various superhuman feats. You don’t hear them too often in modern adult “parodies.” Maybe they’re just too hard (or expensive or time-consuming) to make. There were distinctive synthesizer-based effects for her leaping and use of super-strength; the tiara hurtling through the air; a kind of musical effect when anyone was caught in the lasso; and probably some others I’m forgetting.

    There’s a fan edit floating around of a fight scene from a Wonder Woman JAV with music and sound effects from the ’70s TV series dubbed over it, to give an idea:


    I know Rye wouldn’t be able to use the music and effects for copyright reasons, but maybe a few choice “soundalike” effects here and there would be nice.

  74. crazyball

    I’d like to see intelligent villains who will plan their source of attack on WW. I’d like to see her kick some ass then the villain works out a plan to capture WW. And successfully do so but intelligently and not without a struggle.

    I’d like to see a tough & confident WW who can sell her moves when she is knocking the bad guys out & when she talks. Can also sell it exceptionally when she is beaten or knocked out, tied.

    Some peril where she is either strung up, boots removed so she’s barefoot. Maybe a gag as well. And strapped to the table and beaten.

  75. i like crazyball’s suggestions. what makes the original “fausta” work so well is its (for lack of a better word) “realism”… wonder woman is easily overpowered, but only after a tricky plan involving deception, an ambush, a lasso interrogation, some chloroform, and the removal of her magic belt.

    i feel like some of those elements should be in this new film… especially all the power item stuff.

    and i like nazis best as villains. they have a motivation for humiliating wonder woman that other baddies might not (ze third reich is at stake), and we ALL KNOW that ordinary dude vs. superheroine is the best way to go.

    just thoughts, of course.

  76. James

    I also agree with crazyball…nothing better than a well orchestrated and executed plan to capture a heroine. We see her dominating early but then we see the plan being created and it is so good, the next time WW is captured easily.

  77. mike2

    Rye mentioned wanting to include “a female German super spy,” but I wonder if uniformed Nazis and a 1940s period setting might be outside his budget.

    Suggested dialogue:

    STEVE: Don’t tell me you’re still fighting Nazis in this day and age!

    WW: No. Now I’m fighting more contemporary threats to American security. (VERY DRY) You know —- Democrats and Republicans.

  78. Agent E-45

    I am a broken record, I know, but I will ask that some F/F low blows be thrown in. I’ve actually had a crush on Linda Carter’s Wonder Woman since a little kid, so I’d REALLY love to see some F/F low blows even more than I normally would here. So there’s my input for Rye: F/F low blows, please please!

  79. Fantasizer

    Just wanna cast my vote on the nylons… No nylons please! I agree with the comment by James (June 6, 2012 at 11:46 am) and all those who endorsed it.

    I always feel very disappointed when I come across a website that produces movies with good superheroines, good costumes, but her legs are in some weird colour. WW Lynda Carter may have worn tights, but they were skin-coloured, so you couldn’t see a big difference.

    But better yet without any tights at all.

  80. Agent E-45

    Yea, I’m not a fan of tights either. I want to see those nice smooth legs :) Hopefully, no tights in this one!

  81. Fabio

    Im with Agent E-45!! Low blows! Especially with a villainess. Will the WW costume be high cut? Can we get a picture of the model wearing it when she does? If Wonder Woman goes through the same amount of pain or worse as Superior Girl did in Rye’s last video then I will for sure buy. WW is definitely a sexier heroine than super girl, tight athletic body, costume, dark hair and all.

  82. Fabio

    RYE, Just read about the german super spy villainess, I am already 100x more excited. I LOVE spies because the tend to have more of an athletic petite figure. Will she be dressed like Black Widow?? I’ll be sold as long as she’s wearing a black skin tight bodysuit, dont care if its leather or spandex! Hopefully she takes in a low blow or too as well as WW!! Also I hope her strength can match Wonder Woman’s so we can see a good cat fight. Im sure you have something awesome planned.

  83. MassEffectMan

    Hey Rye,
    Any update for this Wonder Woman movie? Can’t wait to see who the actress of this movie?

  84. Hey guys,

    I’ll probably have some confirmed updates over the weekend for Wondie and i’ll also answer as many questions as I can.

  85. Clint

    Fantasizer, voting’s over, polls are closed, Rye’s already decided. Don’t worry there’s no need to feel very disappointed WW legs won’t be in some weird colour, although weird is subjective. In contrast I am very disappointed when what should be indelible is altered to placate self absorbed individuals. Oh and btw just to enlighten you, you couldn’t see a big difference because WW Lynda Carter didn’t wear skin-coloured tights. 1975 WW Lynda Carter wore sheer suntan nylons. You and Agent E-45 are right about tights. So I concur, better without any tights at all. Best with sheer suntan nylons, accentuating those nice smooth legs.

    Rye, if you’re still taking suggestions for the 1975 Wonder Woman movie and if you go ahead and use the villain who can manipulate inanimate objects, I thought you might like the following, because as you know, Zombies are HUGE now.

    Having been contacted, via a message given to an individual she’s seen often with, Wonder Woman’s lured to a night shrouded Mausoleum. Where she encounters said villain, caretakers, and various inhabitants of the eerie structure. Victorious at first, she is eventually overwhelmed by an unending onslaught of corpses manipulated by the villainous controller of inanimate objects. Could be a milliary cemetery too. UNDEAD NAZIS, WOULD ROCK!

    They wouldn’t actually be undead, but that’s how it’d look. They wouldn’t necessarily be slow because they’re not under their own power, their movements are influenced entirely by the villain. Which also means their strength could be far superior to that of a Zombie’s. And unlike Zombie’s, if decapitated their advance would not be halted.

    Really think that’d be an excellent, super creepy setting, heavy with a feeling of impending doom. After Wonder Woman’s subdued the villain could bind her with her own lasso, so she can be transferred to some secret location, for intense interrogation, by the female super spy and her cohorts.

  86. Maar13

    @Rye: If you haven´t found your Wonder woman, may suggests This Katarina Waters for the role?

    She is female wrestler “Winter” in TNA and since they don’t use her much she might be good for the role, the girl is stunning and in her model mayhem profile says she is an actress, I don’t know her availability but she certainly would make a beautiful amazon.
    here is her profile there:

  87. James

    My vote for the new Wonder Woman… Emily Addison would be absolutely perfect.

    Reasons?? she is incredibly gorgeous and she can act with the best of them. Two more things I think this WW should have that Linda Carter had…a big bust and beautiful eyes. Emily gets double check marks in those departments. And as far as bringing that aura of innocence that SG 1984 possessed, I think Emily fits the bill here as well.

    I know she has made her name in more hardcore movies, but I think she could embrace the PG-13 and really knock it outta the park.

    Alex B, I imagine you may know her well…you think she would be up for a curtain call with this movie? Just wondering.

  88. Swampy170

    Emi’s out – she’s in a year long exclusive contract with Twisty’s.

    Katarina’s looking really good though – and her wrestling experience whould be beneficial with fight scenes!

  89. Still looking for a new WW?? Two words…CALI LOGAN !!
    Take a look at the heroineperil site right now. Cali is the
    latest WW and is amazing!! Just imagine if you mixed her
    with Rye’s producing skills…you would have pure magic!!!

  90. How about Valerie Perez? Dunno how fetish she is willing to get, but she’s really gorgeous and looks great as WW.

  91. The water scene is Superior Girl is awesome Rye. Any chance we could see Wonder Woman in a perilous water scene as well? It would be awesome to see her in a recreation of the water torture scene in Lethal Weapon. Thanks for the opportunity to voice our requests.

  92. sugarcoater

    I am with Dan 100%. Love any sort of water scene added to a movie. A soaked, skin-tight superheroine outfit looks really hot. Not sure if it’s possible, but a fight in rain with dimmed lights could look quite hot.

    A totally other way to go about it would be to have the superheroine seduced–unbeknownst to her–and then lured into a hot tub as the villain makes a move on her. A 70s style of sexy hot-tub action with a heroine like Superiorgirl, under the influence of red kryptonite, would be something I’d love to see.

  93. MassEffectMan

    Oh yes I agree with sugarcoater and Dan ideas. That will be so awesome. And if you are still looking for the actress to play as Wonder Woman I do believe there are some lovely ladies will do the part. They are from supersexyheroines.com and one is Tiffany and the other one I can’t tell her name but she is in comic strip called “Arrogance” as Wonder Babe. I really think either one of them will do the part.

  94. Here are some things I’d like to see if you consider doing another Wonder Woman project, or even a sequel to “1975”. If you can pull them off, awesome. If not then I understand. Just my ideas.

    -A scene like the episode from the show Darna where she’s attacked by bees. Youtube link is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HmqoLCE2e_M and it’s simply titled “Darna vs. Bees”.
    -Something similar to the start of Barbarella where she’s captured by the children, tied up and left to be “eaten” by the dolls.
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tzwZEEe9z0o (Diana and the butterflies)
    She’s Diana in this clip but someone comments on the vid saying how it would’ve been better if she were in her Wonder Woman costume. I couldn’t agree more!
    -Here’s a thought, it would have been super if Formicida used her ants to crawl all over Wonder Woman and defeat her (temporarily of course) because WW would totally be unable to get them off of her despite her desperate attempts. Even her attempts to “power up” would do no good against the ants. She would say things like “AHH!! They’re all over me, biting me! Can’t..get..them..off!”
    -Okay last one…for now lol! I remember the Power Rangers episode when they had to fight this plant creature that spit out tiny flower petals which had fangs. Even as a kid I was turned on seeing how the beautiful pink and yellow rangers (definitely not the guy rangers, ugh!) struggled against the little flowers. I couldn’t actually see the flowers biting them, just had to use my imagination I guess. But it was real nice when they said things like “they’re taking away all of my strength!!”.

    That’s my input. From skimming through the previous comments it seems nobody else shares my preferences. That’s ok, I don’t mind being unique lol! Besides I think there have already been enough videos with WW or other heroines having to face big opponents like gorillas, nazis, etc. Anyway, if you can pull off any of these, fantastic. If not then like I said I’m sure whatever you come up with will be great regardless. Cheers.

  95. After seeing that Darna clip, thinks it would be fun if someone like rye did there take on it

  96. Mostly I’d like to see her tied with the lasso a lot; compelled to obey or tell the truth or both.

  97. TifaHaruno

    A couple of people have said this already but I too would like to see a scene where Wonder Woman gets thrown into a pool ala Superiorgirl 1984 preferably while also being tied up in her lasso.

  98. sugarcoater

    Love that idea of WW being tied up and tossed in a pool/lake as in the 1984 movie.
    Another idea would be for WW to be tied up and forced to admit some licentious desires (or even sexed up while tied up and admitting being fondled feels good).

  99. ranger87


    I love where you’re going with that, but if this is Rye’s pg13 material like 1984 and Skyfire, I doubt we’ll get anything like that. I have no doubt there will be peril, sex would likely be absent completely, and fondling would be light, if any at all.

    There is no doubt in my mind the movie would still be incredibly high grade, once again like 1984 and Skyfire. But I would totally save the adult themed ideas in case Chris, the new Punished Heroines guy, does anything Wonder Woman related in the future!

  100. Sugarcoater

    Yeah, you’re right. Just wishful thinking. Rye’s current models look amazing and a little sexual peril seems in order 😉
    Perhaps having the villain say something lewd might do the trick. Or have a superheroine voice-over in which she voiced her fears of what the villain wants to do to her. Or, if the model from the last WW movie is used, perhaps some fondling could take place (as I assume the decision is based on what the models are okay doing).
    At any rate, I have no doubt that I will appreciate whatever Rye comes up with.

  101. ww old fan

    She needs to have a belt as power source if not she is not a real live action wonder woman

    she should be the strongest being in the movie, and only lose when a guy took her belt by accident, then she would be powerless and the guy can subdue her easily now that she is just a delicate woman.

  102. Fantasizer


    How is this project coming along?

    Really enjoyed SuperiorGirl1984.

  103. Michael Birch

    I would like to see her belt removed and used against her in any fight scenes rather than her just being taunted with it by the villains.

  104. Andrew C.

    What about this project??? Will we gonna see it or not????!!!!

  105. I don’t think it was ever seriously considered beyond whetting fangirl anticipation at the time. It’s classic advertising pap. U lure them in to judge audience response & retroactively begin production if demand goes high enough. It was probably just a empty cock-tease by rye,

  106. sugarcoater

    While that makes sense for most businesses, I haven’t seen that with Rye. He said a while back he was doing a retro-Supergirl video, and then 1984 came out a little while later. He said he was working on a second Skyfire video, and out it comes now. I think it has more to do with what models are available at the time. My guess is that a Wonder Woman video will be out by May (hoping for earlier though).
    That said, I think Hannah Perez was slated to take on her role one more time in a follow-up to the last Wonder Woman video she was in. Anyone heard anything in regard to that?

  107. Agreed, sugarcoater. I do seem to remember a bit more communication from Rye about the progress on the Supergirl project while he was finishing up other things than I have observed with the Wonder Woman project. That said I have always known that patience was going to be required.

  108. ranger87

    From what I know, the largest hold up on production of this video is casting. I know that Rye, especially with these newer pg13 films like 1984 and Skyfire, is VERY picky with casting. It’s hard enough for Hollywood to find an decent Wonder Woman. I’m sure Rye’s having the same type of issue…Nobody’s quite perfect enough.

  109. There will be an update SOON… I briefly spoke with HM about my plans for this project a short while ago but the delays have been 100% casting related and my inability to settle.

    I am sorry for not updating you guys on where I am at with everything. As time went on and I still wasn’t finding my WW I put this project on the back burner but its in full swing again.

    Your post gave me a good laugh…lol… I honestly needed that today!