Rye’s “Agent Akira” from SHG-Media

Rye's "Agent Akira" from SHG-MediaAre you like me?  Have you always suspected that Amanda, the lovely young model who played Silver Fox in such SHG classics as Dream Machine and InJustice Girl 2, was capable of giving a much better performance than in those (otherwise decent) videos?  Well if so, you’re in luck because Amanda’s acting is much better in Agent Akira, and this video is a fun, enjoyable episode and represents another successful collaboration between Rye and SHG-Media.

Rye's "Agent Akira" from SHG-MediaRye's "Agent Akira" from SHG-MediaRye's "Agent Akira" from SHG-Media

The video begins with Agent Akira walking to a training facility.  She works for some kind of mysterious secret agency and is led to believe that she will be participating in a training exercise.  However, we learn from a voice-over that her agency has decided to eliminate her using a big, mean, Frankenstein-like monster called “Weapon X.”  Weapon X has a few ideas of his own, however, and rather than take her out in an efficient manner befitting a mysterious government agency, Weapon X wants to kill her by beating her up slowly and torturing her.  (I have to ask myself… if I were Weapon X, would I feel the same way?  Probably.  I mean, why not enjoy your work when given the opportunity?  Especially since Weapon X seems to have a huge crush on Agent Akira and clearly enjoys seeing her suffer, at one point saying, “You are so beautiful when I hurt you… so… beautiful…”)

Rye's "Agent Akira" from SHG-MediaRye's "Agent Akira" from SHG-MediaRye's "Agent Akira" from SHG-Media

When Agent Akira arrives at the training facility, Weapon X walks in, and the two prepare to fight.  The first round requires both fighters to wear boxing gloves, which can be removed when either fighter scores a point.  Agent Akira gets in a few kicks and punches at first, (and even takes a break to apply some lip gloss… how sassy), but as you might suspect (with 100% certainty), things quickly take a turn for the worse, with Weapon X showing off his superior strength with some punches of his own.  Weapon X easily dominates the remainder of round one with a ton of belly punches, face punches and low blows.

Rye's "Agent Akira" from SHG-MediaRye's "Agent Akira" from SHG-MediaRye's "Agent Akira" from SHG-Media

In round two, Agent Akira changes into a hot pink body suit.  She basically stands no chance at all in round two, and the entire round pretty much consists of Weapon X beating the crap out of her.  Round three, with Agent Akira now clad in a tiny tank top and jeans, features yet more dominance of Akira at the hands of Weapon X.  Akira finally gets a chance to get the upper hand when Weapon X taunts her in a way that she finds extremely offensive, but I won’t give away how the video ends.

Rye's "Agent Akira" from SHG-MediaRye's "Agent Akira" from SHG-MediaRye's "Agent Akira" from SHG-Media

I enjoyed Agent Akira a lot.  I’ve always found Amanda to be a really beautiful model, and somehow Rye seems to have found a way to extract a really good performance out of her.  Whether she took some acting classes, ate her spinach that day, or watched Michael Caine’s Acting in Film, she gives a convincing performance here, selling the physical action with her vocalizations and body language, as well as doing a solid job of portraying a sassy, confident heroine.  I think she looks great, and she’s a big part of the reason why I enjoyed this video.

Rye's "Agent Akira" from SHG-MediaRye's "Agent Akira" from SHG-MediaRye's "Agent Akira" from SHG-Media

(Note: My favorite line of dialogue, which I just had to mention: “You have the most beautiful crotch… I cannot resist…”)

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i agree with you buddy….i would really like to see her most private part being hit with something blunt and hard……..


i would really like to see her fight three four bad guys like some of your punished heroines vids….thanks


I thought the low blows were great she really seems to be progressing on her acting skills but lets put them to the test by adding more low blows!! and not just ur average low blows id like to see like some real devastating ones that would definitely leave a dent on her maybe with like a blunt object or something or when shes laying on the floor she could have a heel driven into it? ID also like to see her get the wind knocked out of her hard and kicks to the stomach while shes on all fours. just some ideas. Overall I loved this one i usually get disappointed with some of the vids i buy but definitely not this one thanks Rye.

Glad you liked it! And yes she is a minx indeed!

Since Agent Akira is going to be an ongoing series I am open to requests 😉
The next episode will include a very sexy costume!



I just purchased this vid and this model is fit. She is such a minx!!!



Da Jinx

I think Amanda looks amazing and from what I see the story looks great!

Yes No