Rye’s “Super Bad Date III” from Punished Heroines (Preview)

Rye's "Super Bad Date III" from Punished Heroines

UPDATE: See the trailer below!

[Warning: explicit content] Fans of Rye’s previous Super Bad Date videos will be pleased to know that Super Bad Date III continues the tradition of placing a superheroine in a dating scenario only to have her weakened, beaten, tortured, groped, humiliated, punched, and sexually assaulted.  (I would imagine that most dates with Nick Nolte end the same way.)  Fans know pretty much what to expect here, so a full review probably isn’t necessary, but check out the screen caps and story summary below, and if you purchase the video, feel free to leave comments about it here!

Rye's "Super Bad Date III" from Punished HeroinesRye's "Super Bad Date III" from Punished HeroinesRye's "Super Bad Date III" from Punished Heroines

Rye's "Super Bad Date III" from Punished HeroinesRye's "Super Bad Date III" from Punished HeroinesRye's "Super Bad Date III" from Punished Heroines

Rye's "Super Bad Date III" from Punished HeroinesRye's "Super Bad Date III" from Punished HeroinesRye's "Super Bad Date III" from Punished Heroines

Rye's "Super Bad Date III" from Punished HeroinesRye's "Super Bad Date III" from Punished HeroinesRye's "Super Bad Date III" from Punished Heroines

Superia aka Linda goes out on a date with a smooth talking Irishman (Shane). Superia decides to let go a little and makes all the advances forcing herself on him. After moving to the couch they are interrupted by Shane’s friend who asks to speak with him in private. He trys to convince shane that Linda is actually Superia. He laughs at the notion but agrees to make her a drink with liquid space rock to test her. After she appears to drink it nothing happens but he learns his friend used the blue instead of the green… Shane explains the blue is meant to make superheroines horny and excited and would kill a normal girl! They come back into the living room to find a VERY horny looking half naked blonde.. She goes to freshen up and comes back out dressed as Superia and boasts to pleasure the men but then grabs their junk and informs them that she heard everything they said and now they are in big trouble.

She tosses Shane across the room who disapears and his friend is left alone with a pissed off Superia but he stays cool as he knows Shane is going to turn the tables! Shane comes back just in time with a green space rock that weakens her and she is pinned and groped all over. Shane pulls out a rag and they knock her out and begin fucking her which awakens Superia but there is nothing she can do to stop them. As Shane fucks her harder and harder her face becomes stricken with an embarrassing orgasm that rocks her. Superia trys to escape after Shane is done and she is brutally beaten for it! Punches to her face, stomach, and crotch soften her back up and then Shane’s friend takes her from behind where Superia again struggles not to cum at the hands of these fiends!

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  1. ranger87

    Simulated intercourse, yes. Rye’s vids never feature hardcore.

    I personally am waiting for a nicheclips version, but I may give in and get this!

  2. Mantower


    will there be an extreme version of this one and the parolee? I was surprised you didn’t have one for the parolee on Niche clips.

  3. Yes there will… I am behind on my nicheclips movies but they will be ready soon.

    Both this one and Parolee 😉

  4. ladyjane

    Rye, will you be doing another Divinity vid? Or at least another with that actress? She was great and I loved that vid!! Keep up the good work.

  5. lostsheep1

    Rye, I was wondering, are you planning on making any new Supergirl / Superwoman clips, they were brilliant!

  6. Andrew Clayson

    Come on, guys. There is not necessary to make movies with that kind of a simulated violence.

  7. Ladyjane-
    Not sure at this point..

    Yes! In fact I already filmed one and we destroy her costume. Loads of fun :)

  8. lostsheep1

    @Rye A new one, or one that has been up for a while….what’s it called?

  9. Stagger Lee

    A few things.

    I like most of Rye’s work, and I find this girl to be really attractive, but come on… how many times are you going to make the same video? same girl, same bad guys, same costume, it’s just getting way too repetitious.

    Another big thing that’s turning me off from Rye videos is that I spent $40 bucks on the parolee just for it to drop to $30 a month later. That kinda pissed me off. I definitely would have waited to buy it had I known the price was gonna drop (and honestly, I did NOT feel like it was worth that steep $40 price tag). All this is making me consider permanently sticking with more reliable and inexpensive producers who put out better quality videos.

  10. RyanD

    @ Stagger Lee and Rye

    I have to agree with you Stagger Lee. I dig Rye’s work but the movies do get repetitive. The model is great and very very sexy but I would love to see other equally sexy girls playing super heroines. Maybe a lack of available talent is the problem?

    The costume is also very sexy and the French high cut bottoms were one of the main reasons I was drawn to this particular series of videos in the first place(the boob window also, heehee), but I would also like to see a change now. Keep you costume designer though because I sure did love the decision to go with sexy French cut bottoms. Love how they ride up.

    The main problem here though is that costumes and superheroines get used so much that it becomes stale. I was thrilled when we first started getting Super Girl characters and equally as excited when we got Power Girl but now it is too much, lol. Please address this in the future. I know most of these video might be custom orders but you can still address the frequency of each of these releases. I know that sounds crazy but you know what the say, “Too much of a good thing is bad.”

    There are other elements that are really bothering me about Rye’s videos, mainly that I haven’t seen any real improvement with the cinematography l’d list all of the examples here but this post is long enough as it is already and I don’t want to be rude and embarrass Rye by pointing these things out. I’d rather be courteous do it in the privacy of an email.

    Don’t get me wrong, but I am a huge fan of Rye’s work. I just want to see some improvement because his work has potential to be the best.

  11. Hey guys, thanks for the feedback

    A while back I announced that I hired a new blonde for June which is just around the corner 😉 My next release is already filmed but it features Carly as a superheroine and Ashley playing superiorgirl vs the Jeckle Demon. There are plenty of girls willing to be heroines but next to none willing to get naked with a bunch of men groping them… Its very difficult to find girls for Punished Heroines movies. This is why you will more often see new faces in my PG-13 releases because its so easy to find people :)

    If you missed her picture you can see it here:

  12. Andrew Clayson

    My god, this girl that you did show the picture is wonderful! With girls like that you don’t need to make movies with sex violence or nude situations. Just put them in danger, man. You can see how great are the movies from Next Global Crisis!

  13. Glad you liked her!

    I do both PG-13 and Adult videos however she is booked for the adult side of things.
    Here is a picture of a girl that is booked for the PG-13 side of things for SHG-Media:


    She will be a WW style heroine and has the legs and ass to really pull off a good WW.

  14. John Hugger

    Well, she seems to me just awesome! Is Her story ready to sell? Are there bearhugs and chloroform situations? I’m ready to buy it!

  15. Mantower

    I really like the look of both the new models, the brunette looks kinda familiar, has she done work with some other production companies in the genre before? I agree with the comments from the guys above, it does get a bit repetitive and I hope that the new videos will have some new moves and plots. I am a big wrestling fan so I would love to see a heroine beaten in a wrestling type match with a lot of bendy submission holds, the punching and hitting is fun but not as interesting to me. The guys who don’t like the extreme stuff, well I have to disagree. I like to see the heroines get well beaten and humiliated and it is interesting to see them pay the ultimate price as well. Rye makes great videos, I love the fact he tries to meet with the extreme and not so extreme crowd, I just hope the next video will breathe some fresh air into it all. Looking forward to them, no doubt!

  16. Stagger Lee

    I didn’t mean to sound overly critical in the last post, because I genuinely like Rye’s work… But I would like to see more costumes (it’s not having the same actresses that I mind), throw in some variety…. gloves, eye masks, mix it up!

    Also, don’t charge a bunch of money for a video and then drop it down when it doesn’t sell as hot as you had hoped. You should do the opposite! Sell it for slightly cheaper the first couple weeks, then knock it up to a reasonable cost (i know superheroineworld and other companies have done it).

    I ain’t mad at ya’ Rye… just want to see you’re videos live up to their potential.

  17. ximi


    I have a slightly different problem with several your recent works I bought. The actress, costume and camera work all look great to me, story/scripts are also pretty solid. I really have just a single complain: can the girls show a little toughness and defiance, instead of becoming a weepy crying little girl as soon as the peril begins? Some actress (like Ashley) actually is fairly good showing an “antitude” – but one second after her heroine pose and dialog, she starts squeaking like my little sis immediately, destroying all suspens of belief.

    If you could please fix this one little thing, no complain about the rest from me.

  18. John-
    I am sure the first video will have those elements 😉 As soon as it is scheduled I will announce something.

    She has not been in any superheroine vid before :)

    Stagger Lee-
    I have no issues with critical feedback, or even someone who is generally pist about something. I would much rather people feel like they can speak their mind and I will listen. As for the $$ concern… That is a practice I have been doing for quite some time with many of my titles and I am sort of surprised you just now noticed :) However I am happy to give the opposite a try for the next video release.

    My next big movie is scheduled to shoot on June 26th and I promise to accommodate that request.

    To all-

    The next movie features Ashley as SuperiorGirl and Carly as a Superheroine as well! She plays Nova and this video is classic PH. The superiorgirl costume is completely destroyed by the Jeckle Demon who we have not seen in a long time. The reason for destroying the costume is I have a new one being custom made that blows the hell out of my current one. The Jeckle Demon has been given some uniform upgrades by a new costume designer I hired who is also building me a Cyborg villain that looks BADASS. A cut above any other villain costumes I have seen in our small will world. I do not have a preview pic of the Cyborg but here is a pic of the new Jeckle Demon!


    The movie I am filming in late June will feature the blonde and I don’t have a date set for the other girl just yet. The blonde will be playing a supergirl style character and will be up against the Cyborg as long as the Cyborg is ready by then. Keep your fingers crossed!

    In conclusion you all have at least one more Ashley video but it is a different costume from the last few (not powergirl) and you get to see Carly get pummled as well :)


  19. ranger87

    I, for one, can’t wait for this vid that includes costume destruction. Fantastic.

  20. Dark J

    I haven’t ordered this latest video yet although I do plan to. Ashley’s the best looking model that I’ve ever seen in this genre and the costume is among the best, so I can’t get enough.

    Just wanted to comment and second ximi’s post. I like the defiant heroine and it only makes it hotter as she’s being defeated. I also wouldn’t mind hearing some more insulting/humiliating dialogue. Like the villains saying that the heroine has a big ass or commenting how skimpy her costume is. Maybe a joke about her having a wedgie. A humiliating slap on the ass would be good too (just a quick one – not the usual extended spanking/groping session).

    The new models look great. And Carley getting beaten – I can’t wait! Maybe I missed it somewhere, but any idea what her costume will look like?

  21. shane

    OMG it is me with Ashley :) what a dream come true that would be.
    Well it is my name at least, thanks Rye.
    I Love this Model & her cute expressions not to mention her amazing looks.
    Hell I even like the way she speaks with that slight lisp (so cute).
    Now I have a question, a few comments in here talk about an extreme version at nicheclips?
    What is that all about as I have never heard of this however would like to know more lol
    Keep up the good work Rye & please keep Ashley for all of us to enjoy :)

  22. ranger87


    Essentially, Superia is in her civilian form and getting freaky with someirish dude. After all, even superheroines need to get their freak on. All the sudden, the Irish dude’s friend shows up and pulls him away, claiming the girl is Superia in disguise. As coincidence would have it, these 2 SEEM to be hunting superheroines, and are looking for Superia. They plan to give her a drink that would do one of 2 things: Kill a normal girl, or make a superheroine REALLY horny. Long and short, she realizes who they are and starts kicking their ass until they bring out the green meteor rock, and beat her down before they take turns screwing her. As for the extreme nicheclips version, it ends with the heroine being killed post-orgasm by neck snap (which is cool, since I’ve been suggesting that as a cool alternative to the over-done strangulation).

    Anyway, at nicheclips, you will find alternative versions of many videos under the store name “Punished Heroines”. The biggest difference between the nicheclips and clips4sale versions, is that there is often a death scene, where as in clips4sale, the heroine’s fate is often suggested, but never shown.

    Hope this helps.

  23. shane

    Thanks Ranger :)
    OMG I would never want to see someone as sweet as Superia killed.
    Taken down yes, played with yes, kissed yes & stripped omg yes but no killing for me lol
    How could anybody do that to her, I mean look at that sweet face.
    She is just too nice to kill in my opinion.

  24. Lloyd Ferrigon

    BTW, thanks for not making your videos like Dominant Heroines or Heroine Academy or even the Japanese MC videos which were needlessly violent and with all that stomping and kicking.