Rye’s “The Collector II” from SHG-Media

The Collector II from Rye and SHG-MediaSHG-Media has just released The Collector II, directed by Rye and starring the lovely and popular model from Rye’s previous Superiorgirl adventures.  This particular video is in the “PG-13″ realm and features no explicit sexual content, unlike the Superiorgirl videos from Punished Heroines featuring the same actress.  So I figure fans of The Battle for Earth and SHG-Media’s usual fare will probably get a kick out of this one.

The Collector II from Rye and SHG-MediaThe Collector II from Rye and SHG-MediaThe Collector II from Rye and SHG-Media

Here’s a story recap from SHG-Media:

“Superior Girl comes home after a long day of fighting crime and changes out of her uniform. She falls into a deep slumber trying to block out the day. Little does she know that the Syndicate had learned her secret identity and sent one of their top agents to her home armed with a super chloroform. While passed out Superior Girl doesn’t notice the agent sitting next to her admiring her pert and ample body. After a quick examination he starts applying the super chloro to her mouth and her powers immediately begging to drain. Superior Girl eventually awakes but only to find herself in dire peril and a weakened state. She struggles tries to remove the rag from her mouth but can only slip further into its effects. Superior Girl wakes up on the floor and changes into her majestic uniform. With her memory of the last hour erased she is unaware of the crazed villain standing right behind her. Superior Girl stretches and feels his presence as she twists around to face the intruder. Superior Girl learns that his intentions are to bring her into a life of human trafficking to repay the Syndicate after locking away many of their leaders.

The Collector II from Rye and SHG-MediaThe Collector II from Rye and SHG-MediaThe Collector II from Rye and SHG-Media

“Superior Girl of course finds this ridiculous and the villain confidently attacks but it has no effect on her body of steel. He becomes worried that the super chloro might not have had the anticipated effect on the young superheroine but he goes for broke and delivers a massive front kick to her unprotected crotch. To her surprise she feels tremendous pain from the blow but pretends that it had no effect. The villain is sceptical and delivers an even harder kick to her nether regions that are still only protected by one tiny thin blue strip of fabric. Superior Girl isn’t able to bluff this time and falls to her knees in pain. The agent laughs at her situation knocking her to her back and stomping the over confident crime fighter between her legs. Superior Girl doesn’t understand how this is happening but realizes the dire and perilous situation. She tries to attack her foe but becomes a super punching bag with brutal shots to her face and mid section.

The Collector II from Rye and SHG-MediaThe Collector II from Rye and SHG-MediaThe Collector II from Rye and SHG-Media

“Superior Girl now stands no chance as her powers are nearly gone. The agent knocks her out and she finds herself tightly bound in a tarp filled dungeon. The agent wakes Superior Girl and the Punishment really begins! Superior Girl finds herself on the receiving end of a barrage of attacks to her already sore private areas, stomach and face. The villain decides to explore the bound heroines body and she can only protest as his large hands explore every inch. “Does Superior Girl get free and teach this would be villain a lesson? Or does Superior Girl become the worlds first super powered slave? Don’t miss out on the Collector II!”

The Collector II from Rye and SHG-MediaThe Collector II from Rye and SHG-MediaThe Collector II from Rye and SHG-Media

I enjoyed The Collector II since I happen to prefer non-explicitly sexual torment.  I’m also a fan of this actress and think she does a great job with her reactions to various punches, low blows, etc.  And even though this isn’t technically a “Punished Heroines” release, there is a ton of punishment in this video, including low blows, chloroform, stomach punches, face punches, AOH bondage, kicking, humiliation, etc.  Although there’s no graphic sexual torment, there is some mild groping of the superheroine’s nether-regions.  Superiorgirl even gets a chance to beat up on the bad guy towards the end of the video.  I recommend The Collector II for fans of Rye’s non-explicit work (i.e., his work with TBFE and SHG).

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  1. Nice release Rye! I wouldve liked to see some cleavage and or belly, but the AOH action sounds great!

    HM-thanks for the heads up!

  2. Thanks guys, it was a fun little movie to make. There is a particular low blow in this vid that I absolutely loved Ashley’s reactions on.

    Ashley’s next video will have all sorts of cleavage :)

  3. deathcake

    Hey Rye, really loved this video. Ashley is just so hot. Loved the jeggings at the start too. She fills them nicely.

  4. Mass Effect Man

    I love this episode. Ashley did excellent job being chloroform and laying on bed all unconscious. I hope you SHG-Media or Rye are going to do more like this. Because to me it is the best one they did. If it is going to be another Ashley video could there be more chloroform because I’m big fan of chloro. Thanks

  5. Wow, I am very impressed that you managed to get Gwyneth Paltrow to work for you!

  6. capesu

    Hey Rye, I was just curious on what this is a sequel to. I kinda want to think “The Collector” from Sleeperkids World, which I thought was an excellent peril film without the nudity.

  7. Well its a funny story actually…

    I thought I had a movie called the collector as I was naming this one and later figured out I have a movie called the Controller, and Slaver… lol. It was already released as such so now I get to make a part 1 at some point :)


  8. capesu

    Oh really? Guess there’s only so many titles to keep track of haha. Great job on the video. I got out a good laugh out of the irony towards the end, I assume that was the idea of the one who ordered the custom.