Rye’s “The Parolee” from Punished Heroines

Rye's "The Parolee" Now AvailableRye’s latest epic, The Parolee, is now available at SHG-Media. This is an epic production in terms of length, clocking in at over 70 minutes, most of which features our heroine, Superia, being abused and beaten in just about every imaginable way, which should make fans of Rye’s Punished Heroines style very happy.

Rye's "The Parolee" Now AvailableRye's "The Parolee" Now AvailableRye's "The Parolee" Now Available

Here’s a plot description from Rye himself:

“A notorious sex crazed criminal is released on parole and the mighty Superia is sent to act as his second parole officer. This doesn’t sit well with Jackson but Superia makes it clear that its her way or nothing. The young heroine walks in on Jackson playing with a sack full of panties and roughs him up for getting out of line. After a much deserved ass kicking Jackson’s friend Leroy comes over to pay his old friend a visit and receives the same treatment from Superia. Down and out, Jackson decides he doesn’t want to face her wrath again until Synestra drops by to offer some help.

Rye's "The Parolee" Now AvailableRye's "The Parolee" Now AvailableRye's "The Parolee" Now Available

She casts a spell on the half way house and Superia is rendered powerless during her next visit with Jackson. He wastes no time and teaches the cocky superheroine the most humiliating lesson of her life. Leroy joins the party and Superia finds herself completely overpowered by the two horny criminals. She takes a severe beating just before they take turns ravaging her body. Superia later wakes up at Synestra’s lair and retreats to regain her strength. After returning she comes face to face with Synestra who somehow is able to force Superia to become overwhelmed with pleasure during her fight against Jackson and Leroy. The blistering forced orgams slowly drain her strength and make it harder for her to handle the two thugs. Once Synestra has all of her power she transforms and speaks with a thundering demonic voice of evil challenging Superia to a fight. Synestra mops the floor with Superia leaving her helpless once again in the clutches of Jackson and Leroy who waste no time stripping her costume and ravaging her once more.”

Rye's "The Parolee" Now AvailableRye's "The Parolee" Now AvailableRye's "The Parolee" Now AvailableAs you can see from that plot description, this is a fairly convoluted story with a lot of twists and turns. But the essential elements remain in place—Superia looks great, and gives another winning performance as the doomed superheroine. I particularly enjoyed the performance of Carly Quinn as Synestra. She’s a regular performer in Rye’s work and always manages to make a convincing villainess.

Rye's "The Parolee" Now AvailableRye's "The Parolee" Now AvailableRye's "The Parolee" Now AvailableSo if you’re a fan of Rye’s more sexually explicit work, then this video should be exactly what you’re looking for. Fans of non-sexual content might be better off waiting for one of Rye’s PG-13 videos, but everyone else should (and probably will) check out The Parolee, which really puts the word “punished” in Punished Heroines.

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  1. if she has her boots on in the last 2 screen caps this is an instant buy for me

  2. evilyan

    Can’t wait to download 😀

    Though I do need to say, I do like this actress and these vids, it would be nice to see a new face.

  3. Td-
    Her boots never come off, so yes they are indeed on while they are taking her on the car and wall 😉

    I am working on securing a new actress as I type this 😉

    To all-
    This is the longest Punished Heroines video to date with tons of classic PH action. The Parolee was a custom order but rest assure that the content and story will please :)

  4. evilyan

    Daaawwwwww, the SHG-Media shop isn’t working. Ah well, guess I’ll have to wait

  5. gundam20012005

    I’ll definitley look into getting this one. This just looks like a series of films that keeps getting better and better.

  6. Scott-
    I am making a new trailer as I type this 😉

    Still having issues? Plenty of orders have processed through SHG-media now. Give it another shot. 😉

  7. Well maybe I am missing something, but I certainly can’t find this order on the SHG-Media site. Anyone has a full link?

  8. Sorry, ximi. It was there on the home page when I posted the link to SHG, but it seems to have been removed.

  9. Hey guys,

    There is more interest in this video than expected and it created a bandwidth issue. SHG-Media is fixing the problem now and the movie will be for sale again on their site later tonight or tomorrow at the latest. Sorry for the delay!


  10. Rye, that’s a good problem to have! Once I free up some hard drive space I’ll be buying this one

  11. G-
    There are low blows in this video from Leroy and Synestra however its not a low blow fest. I wanted the crotch shots to have more meaning and impact to the viewer so they are built up more than usual and far more devistating to the superheroine. For instance, Superia is being fondled on the bed and manages to hit Leroy in the nuts but then takes a severe beating from both Jackson and Leroy. Jackson then tells his friend to give Superia the “Leroy special” and he kicks her legs apart, Leroy laughs his ass off, pulls back a giant swing and goes right for her crotch. This completely levels Superia…

    The Parolee is a great vid with tons of the good stuff. If you liked The Vengeance Factor then you won’t be disappointed 😉 This is 4 times the action.

  12. sugarcoater

    Just wanted to say that this video is fantastic! One terrific idea was soaking Superia’s uniform–definitely consider doing more of that! The shot of her on all fours, soaked, pleasuring herself was incredibly hot stuff! Do consider doing more of it in future videos please.


  13. Stagger Lee

    I’m downloading this right now… Hoping it’s good considering the steep $40.00 price but, after seeing the trailer I felt this would be a worthy purchase.

  14. SC-
    Glad you liked it! A while back when I mentioned that there were ways a Superheroine could have an orgasm and be really hot… well here we go :) I have some other ideas for future vids as well.

    Stagger Lee-
    If you liked Divinity then The Parolee should be a slam dunk, especially if you want a sexual aspect.

    To All-
    What I have yet to edit is the Wonderous Girl vs Gigantor vid, a double date video with Superia :) and Carly Quinn puts down her evil ways and plays a Superheroine in Nova vs the Spider.

    I also have a new SMOKING hot model booked and you can see a picture of her here.

    It will be a punished heroines shoot but the story isn’t ready yet. If you have some requests let’s hear them.

  15. sugarcoater

    Thanks for letting us know about the new model. If at all possible, how about using an Ultrawoman-style costume for her? That was my favorite SHC character–I don’t know why the guy in charge of SHC doesn’t use that outfit/character more often. If you could work in some variation of it, I think that outfit would look amazing on the new model (i.e. red boots, blue unisuit w/ logo on chest, mini-belt, cape [optional], and an eye mask [for half the video perhaps]).
    Just a thought/hope.


  16. Charles


    Regarding the new model… thanks for an amazing video in advance haha.

  17. Dark J

    Wow! “The Parolee” is just amazing. So, so good. “The Vengeance Factor” was my favorite super heroine peril movie and “The Parolee” totally surpassed it. It’s basically everything good about “The Vengeance Factor” times 10. I’m always raving about that Power Girl-inspired costume and it never fails to please. I also always rave about Ashley and she just looks incredible, of course. What a body! I love the bearhugs Rye uses in his videos and there’s an amazing one in this movie. And besides super heroine peril, I’m just a huge fan of ass and wedgies (on a fetish level) so there’s so much eye candy for me in this one. The bear hug where the costume just goes up Ashley’s ass is incredible and i LOVED the scene where they pulled her out of the back of the car. What a beautiful ass shot and of course she was getting a major wedgie. Cool story, great use of music, I love hearing Superia’s thoughts, and Synestra is so damn sexy too. One minor complaint – I would have loved to see Synestra handle Superia a little more during the fight. Perhaps a bearhug even if she didn’t lift her off the ground. Maybe spanking her or grabbing her ass just for a little humiliation. Something more than just punches, I guess. And Carley Quinn as a super heroine?? Can’t wait to see that! Great work, Rye, and an amazing value for the money with a film that long (that kicks ass throughout).

  18. DeathCake

    Wouldn’t mind a tomb raider type thing done with the outfit i mentioned last time!

  19. evilyan

    TT_TT Still can’t order it. Just won’t let the order go through. Sent an email, D: here’s hoping it starts working.


    New model = WOW 😀

  20. uhzoomzip

    The “Citizen Kane” of the genre. Fires on all cylinders; hits all the right buttons. Only qualm lies with the massive filesize.

  21. SC-
    I was kind of thinking something Pink, Black and shiny but I know the style your thinking about and that is a good possibility as well.

    You’re welcome :)

    Dark J-
    Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for the feedback on the f/f fight. I don’t do a lot of those so I am happy to take suggestions for the next time it comes up. I am happy to throw that stuff in 😉

    There is a TR idea in the works… hehe

    SHG-Media said they emailed you and got it working.

    Thanks so much! I understand what you’re saying about the file size… Tis the problem with movies this long but I plan on getting a new camera and software soon that should allow for smaller file sizes without killing the picture quality.

    A special thanks should also go out to the person that ordered this custom. They gave me a great story to work with and they were really patient with me during its creation.


  22. SpandexFiend

    Wow, that was really good. I kept thinking of Giga movies while watching it, the way they have the heroine “think” and you can hear those thoughts. The story was great and I wound up watching it all the way through.

    I have to admit, I was a little wary of buying it, I bought the Hex Girl a while back, and it was…pretty bad. But this one blew me out of the water.

    I really only have a few gripes about the movie, and they’re pretty small things. One is the parts where you could see that she wasn’t actually sucking on the guy’s dick. I know you don’t do that, it was just a couple of parts where it was visible that she wasn’t doing it. Though I like that you put that kind of stuff in there.

    I would have preferred some cum being splashed onto her face, or at least it falling out of her mouth as she was coughing after the fact. Fake cum is cool too, not sure how you make it, but with google you can find anything, right?

    I did like how Synestra was stroking Superia with her mind, but it wouldn’t have been bad for her to actually do it too. I did love that you wet Superia’s costume to show that she’d had an orgasm. I do like how Giga has the badguys rub their fingers together after touching the heroine and show it stringing between their fingers. Just adds something to it.

    Mostly these are tiny things, that really don’t bother me so much as that I would like to see them in future videos, but if you continued along this path that wouldn’t be so bad either.


  23. Rye,
    From your previous releases, which ones would you recommend for crotch shot fans. Everyone has there likes.

  24. @ H

    There is an extremely sexy crotch shot that is done in this video. One villian has Superia in his arms while the other one delivers the blow. It is done really well with Superia folding over in pain and then the villain lifting her head up by her hair and telling her to “Shhhhh!” I just the sexy expression on her face.

    I second Sugarcoater’s motion to have an Ultra Woman like heroine from Superheroinecentral.com That costume is money for the sole purpose that it is a sexy alternative to the Supergirl costume.

    I would only like to see it if it is done right though. The shiny blue spandex material, high cut bottoms, and a logo (doesn’t have to be an Ultra Woman logo but something orginial). I would prefer a mask but only if it isn’t overtly huge and as long as the heorine is unmasked early on in the video, so the majority of the time we see her sexy face.

  25. Stagger Lee

    Rye – it’s great that you’re bringing back the nova character, but this time give her some gloves and possibly and eye mask. would make her SO much sexier!

  26. Scott

    Hey Rye, not to keep badgering you with this, but when we will see the new trailer? It’s the only I can watch until I get a higher speed connection to download

  27. Spandex Fiend-
    Thanks! Glad you enjoyed the movie! I have received requests for those types of scenes before and I am strongly considering it in the future ;). Hex-Girl was a far different style movie than the Parolee which was also a Punished Heroines release.

    I would say the Shadow Strangler probably has the most crotch busts 😉

    Thanks for the suggestion :)

    Stagger Lee-
    The movie is already been shot but I will try to remember that for the next one.

    Tomorrow :)


  28. Dark J

    I’m with Sugercoater and Jose on that Ultra Woman costume. My favorite super heroine costumes are without a doubt the one-piece with the high-cut bottoms. There are so many good things about these two Superia films, but that style costume is still the biggest draw for me. I’d LOVE to see Carley in a costume like that :- )

  29. Sasha

    I agree with sugarcoater, Jose and Dark J… that UW costume with the blue high cut leotard was amazing and hope that Rye could consider doing something with that idea..:)

  30. ExplodingTissue

    hey Rye, When is the next supergirl video?

  31. Joe Langston

    I’m also agreeing to revive the classic Ultra Woman. One of the sexiest costumes to date.

  32. Some retard is pretending to be me and some other producers. The post was deleted by HM but if anyone read the post it was complete BS.

    To the duche that posted it-

    You are playing with FIRE…

    The real RYE

  33. DeathCake

    HM, can’t you set up accounts for people? Would be good to retain your name and people will know if you are the real deal :)

    @ Rye, will the TR idea have the outfit I linked to in that picture?

  34. @ DeathCake – Absolutely! In fact, this is one of many things I’m working on right now as part of a complete site overhaul. The ability for users to create individual accounts will be among the new features available. Stay tuned!

  35. Pretending to be a producer? That sounds really fucking gay. I mean what’s the point? Some people are just idiots.

  36. Lloyd

    I watched the trailor and it looks good. I did download it but for some reason i can’t view it. I hear them speaking but the screen is black.

    I love your movies though.

    BTW, have you ever thought of one where the Heroine is hypnotized to enjoy the villians having sex with her?

  37. Lloyd

    It was from Superheroine Fights from Clips4sale.

  38. Where is the trailer for this? (Plz put a lot more scenes into the trailers)

  39. hola rye como estas estoy contento y muy asioso de poder vover a ver a ashley rose de nuevo

  40. Hola Juan, estoy rodando con Ashley el próximo sábado como Chica maravillosas. Debe ser una película divertida