“Savaged by Sasha” from FightGirlz2000

Savaged by Sasha is a new POV-style video now available from FightGirlz2000.

By popular demand, we release our first POV featuring Sasha Brave, who shows us how bad she can be in this pounding video that demonstrates what a great actress she is, too.

Using her bare fists, and trash talking all the way, Sasha uses an assortment of punches, throatlifts, kicks, stomps, ground pounds and chokes that leaves you completely destroyed. She also puts on an impressive display with feats of strength such as squatting and pressing you overhead.

The most impressive thing about this video? Sasha’s trash-talking! She’s just awesome in this release, gang.

Starring Sasha Brave.

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She’s pretty. I’d like to see her on the losing end of things in a superheroine-themed video soon.