Giga’s “Superheroine In Grave Danger Vol. 47 UTSUSEMI”

[Adults only] Not exactly sure what to make of this. It appears to be a spy-girl/girls with guns kind of thing, but I see a glimpse of Super Lady (Giga’s version of Supergirl) in one of the images. I’m so confused. But I’ll most likely be viewing this at some point, given my Giga obsession.

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I’ve seen this….

Can’t say I recall Supergirl – if she is in it, it must be a fleeting glimpse, so slightly misleading.

As for the main video, the costumes are great and the girls are very attractive.

One of the heroines has quite impressive high kicks, but there isn’t much back and fourth fighting in this…. there’s a lot of kind of electric whipping torture which to be fair the actress plays very very well.

Not a Giga classic, but enjoyable all the same.

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