“Sibling Rivalry” from Heroine Legends

HL 1 6 2 175x98 Sibling Rivalry from Heroine LegendsLogan and his fine team over at Heroine Legends just keep pumping out episode after episode. They’re back with the sixth episode of their first season—Sibling Rivalry. Heroine Legends has also introduced a new way to watch their videos (details inside!)

Much like the other episodes that have introduced new characters, it takes a while for things to ramp up in Sibling Rivalry. Four girls are enjoying a hike and talking about how most men are jerks. Can’t really disagree with them there. Suddenly, two auras drop in the middle of all four and merge with two of them (who happen to be sisters) but with vastly different results.

HL 1 6 1 175x98 Sibling Rivalry from Heroine LegendsHL 1 6 3 175x98 Sibling Rivalry from Heroine LegendsHL 1 6 4 175x98 Sibling Rivalry from Heroine Legends

Karen, who’s sort of an emotional train wreck at the time, merges with her aura and takes on a decidedly salty personality. Her sister Katie, who seems happy and in a committed relationship, seems to be fine. Is that the secret to how the aura’s affect you? Meanwhile, in a park, a raven-haired beauty fights off two goons. She struggles to hold them off but is eventually successful. She is then approached by a mysterious man who offers her an opportunity to visit her father.

HL 1 6 5 175x98 Sibling Rivalry from Heroine LegendsHL 1 6 6 175x98 Sibling Rivalry from Heroine LegendsHL 1 6 7 175x98 Sibling Rivalry from Heroine Legends

We cut back to the sisters who also happen to be roommates. Katie’s boyfriend drops by for a visit and things are going swimmingly until Karen decides to kiss her sister’s boyfriend. If you don’t know that a catfight is coming after this moment, you just haven’t been paying attention. The girls take turns pulling each other’s hair, strangling one another, and punching each other right in the boobs. Yeah, you read that right. If there’s not a boob-punching fetish out there, Heroine Legends may have just started one.

HL 1 6 8 175x98 Sibling Rivalry from Heroine LegendsHL 1 6 9 175x98 Sibling Rivalry from Heroine LegendsHL 1 6 10 175x98 Sibling Rivalry from Heroine Legends

Karen figures out how to transform and begins to dominate her sister. The fight moves outside and Karen continues to control most of the action. After the intervention of an innocent bystander, Katie transforms, and it’s an all out ninja girl duel. Katie begins to strangle her sister but Karen is able to break her hold and choke Karen out. Actually, she may have killed her. It’s not totally clear which one it is and that may have very well been the producers intent. Maybe Logan can clarify.

HL 1 6 11 175x98 Sibling Rivalry from Heroine LegendsHL 1 6 12 175x98 Sibling Rivalry from Heroine LegendsHL 1 6 13 175x98 Sibling Rivalry from Heroine Legends

This is a good film, especially if you’re into cat fighting action. The combat varies greatly in this episode from old school hair pulling to well-choreographed martial arts fights. One of the things I find amazing is how many character the producers have introduced in this series. It may not be difficult to find actors in Los Angeles, but it’s not cheap either. I think everyone that they have cast, even in minor supporting roles, has been talented, and this film is no exception. I think this shows that Logan is not cutting corners and is trying to deliver the best films he possibly can.

HL 1 6 14 175x98 Sibling Rivalry from Heroine LegendsHL 1 6 15 175x98 Sibling Rivalry from Heroine LegendsHL 1 6 16 175x98 Sibling Rivalry from Heroine Legends

Among the things you might enjoy in this episode are the aforementioned boob punching, a pair of reverse bearhugs, knockouts , strangulations and several stomach punches. This was my favorite film of Heroine Legends’ since the premier, and I look forward to seeing more.

HL 1 6 17 175x98 Sibling Rivalry from Heroine LegendsHL 1 6 18 175x98 Sibling Rivalry from Heroine LegendsHL 1 6 19 175x98 Sibling Rivalry from Heroine Legends

Note: Heroine Legends has implemented a test-option for those who simply want to watch the series without downloading it. It’s available for Episode 1.1 now, and throughout the week, the other season episodes will be added. Please note that this will only apply to regular episodes right now. It’s $5.99 for a single view.

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  1. “The girls take turns…punching each other right in the boobs. Yeah, you read that right. If there’s not a boob-punching fetish out there, Heroine Legends may have just started one.”

    Oh, Sidekick. You are so innocent. ;)

  2. Whitman

    The boob punching scene alone might have sold me…please tell me there is at least a single low blow in this movie as well?

  3. Mell

    awful lotta clothes in this one, looks like. like the single view option.

  4. Yeah, I’m sort of with Mell on this one. Although I’ll probably skip it entirely.

    The video itself seems like it’s pretty good, with what appears to be a pretty lengthy f/f fight making up a fair part of the action, which noramlly would have been enough to persuade me to buy it (moreso than the more Girlpowery kind of stuff that comes before that fight). But the outfits then threw a wrench in that. To be honest, it’s not that I think the heroines are ‘overdressed’ or that the costumes aren’t tight enough… whilst on a very basic level, skimpy is always better, it ain’t essential to enjoy a good fight.

    However, what IS important (for me anyway), is that we can see both participant’s faces. You lose so much in the way of reaction, the facial expressions, the individual performances, once an actress is masked.

    I hope I don’t sound like I’m being fussy, particularly about an issue that I’m normally indifferent about when it comes to what a heroine is wearing. But in this case, it would directly effect my enjoyment of the action and so, for that reason, I’m out.

  5. Whitman: There is a quick low blow toward the end. Because these 2 characters are ninja-esque, it didn’t really fit with their fit style or the scene. Also, in reality, sisters wouldn’t do that to each other.

    Mell & Sym: We found that some viewers liked and asked for the mystery aspect of a costume to not see their face so this was our response to that request. Virga (the one in blue) does get a costume upgrade in Episode 13 where she isn’t as covered.

    We do have the single-view option available right now during our trial of that service so if you want to follow the story and see what happens, that may be a good option for you even if you don’t want to download and own the episode. Keep the feedback coming along so we can make sure we don’t miss important requests!


  6. Mell

    @logan – dude, love your stuff. i was just trying to be funny. i can’t imagine how challenging it must be to try and please as many people as you can with so many varying and (sometimes ridiculously) specific tastes and requests. you guys do a great job.

  7. @Logan Yeah, as ever it’s a case of trying to keep everyone happy and, as Mell said, that’s no easy task.

    I must confess, people wanting to see the actresses faces covered up (or not see, as the case may be!) does baffle me. But at the end of the day, it’s just another of the differences between fight fans like myself and the fans who are into ALL the aspects of the heroine genre. And ultimately, that’s who you’re making these movies for, after all!

  8. Mell: It’s not easy at all lol especially in this genre! We never take things too seriously so don’t worry about it… we appreciate the feedback as always!!

    Sym: Lots of different tastes – everything is always trial and error here… Some people, for instance, LOVED “The Torture Chamber”, some others HATED it… for us, it was a new way of filming an interrogation where we saw we could include some peril for those who really purchase for that aspect… “The Heroine Academy” will release in about a week… that will be encased in a storyline that unravels with each Heroine wanna-be… Something different we wanted to try – we’ll see how it goes!


  9. CORRECTION: We shouldn’t have said people “HATED” TTC. That was a very poor choice in wording. We actually haven’t really had any negative feedback on that mini-series. Just some criticism which is great!

    It seems that the $5.99 View Once / Streaming option has been working out extremely well – I wasn’t sure at first, but it seems that option may be staying around as a great alternative to purchasing and downloading! Thanks everyone for your support!


  10. K1shan

    This was my favorite episode. Nice neck break kills!

    Also, the pay once option of $5.99 is awesome! Keep up the good work!