Slayer Paris – Episode 4

The Slayer Paris movies are what you wish Buffy the Vampire Slayer had been.  Starring adult fetish film star Paris Kennedy, Slayer Paris features action, heroine torture, sexual situations, and other elements that would have made Buffy much more exciting (and much less suitable for mainstream television).  Each video is made to resemble an episode of a TV series (complete with theme music and opening credits), but this time, the heroine is usually physically and sexually tormented by her vampire enemies.

Episode 4 of the Slayer Paris series (“The Vampire, the Witch, and the Daughters of Eve, part II”) is the best one I have seen.  It’s full of action, low budget effects, and, most importantly, an extended torture scene in which Paris is tied up and tormented by her captors.  This scene alone will probably satisfy most of the viewing audience of this episode, although there are a few other interesting sequences as well.

The movie begins with a recap of the “previous episode,” in which Slayer fights a team of three evil female vampires and eventually loses the battle.  This narrative device is actually pretty interesting, and I don’t know of any other heroine movie producers who do this.  Most heroine movies are standalone products.  If you watch, for example, the sixth Relic Raider video, it makes absolutely no difference what happened in the previous five.  So there’s no need for a recap.  Slayer Paris, however, follows the form of an episodic television series, and therefore features an ongoing storyline with recurring characters and events.  I’m not sure that this results in a superior heroine movie, necessarily, but it is an interesting idea.

In the recap, the evil female vampires (I guess these are the “Daughters of Eve”), defeat Paris and her witch friend (played by Mina Meow). After the recap, we’re treated to the opening credit sequence (and theme song).  Now, this certainly adds the “TV show” flavor that the producers are looking for, but I have to wonder if this it really necessary in the age of the internet.  This is taking up precious time, megabytes, and bandwidth, all for a credit sequence that really isn’t necessary except to maintain the television vibe.  It’s clever, but at 1:20, it goes on a little too long, and really doesn’t add anything meaningful to the experience.  But that’s a minor complaint.

After the credit sequence, the movie resumes as Paris is tied with her back to an X-frame (or a St. Andrews Cross).  The two vampire daughters torture Paris while the evil, motherly vampire watches.  Paris is punched, slapped, and whipped for several minutes by the evil vampires.  When it comes to acting in these kinds of films, Paris Kennedy is probably the best, at least in American heroine movies.  Her reactions are great, and she’s really good at portraying all of the right emotions during this scene.

Eventually, Paris’ friends come to the rescue, and a fight breaks out between the bad vampires, the witch, and a vampire hunter played by Diana Knight.  Now this is another area where I feel the movie is hindered by its adherence to the “television” formula.  It’s one thing for the main character to get rescued in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but this is an online heroine torture / heroine peril video.  I’m willing to guess that for a majority of the viewing audience, having Paris get rescued by her friends is probably the last thing they want to see.  Unlike a regular film or television show, we don’t actually want things to work out for Paris here.  We’re really not rooting for the good guys and hoping they win.  If the Paris torture scene had gone on for another 5-10 minutes and simply faded to black, I don’t think the producers would have received any complaints.

But, the makers of Slayer Paris decided to stick to a formula, and they do. A climactic fight breaks out with characters showing up, fighting, getting knocked out, getting back up, getting blasted with magical laser beams, etc.  The evil vampires torture Paris’ friends (by lightly spanking Mina Meow and gently squeezing the breasts of Diana Knight… breasts seem extremely sensitive in this movie) before Paris is freed.  Paris scares away the evil vampires, and the movie ends.

Slayer Paris, Episode 4 features pretty good production values despite the low budget, and contains a terrific heroine torture scene that in my opinion is worth the price.  There are a few elements, though, that don’t appeal to me.  There’s a lot of cheesy dialogue just about every time anything happens, even in the middle of action scenes.  It doesn’t really work for me to have characters talking to each other during fight scenes, and stopping to deliver speeches every time a new character appears.

There’s also an attempt to interject humor throughout the episode, as if to make the whole thing “tongue-in-cheek” and campy.  There’s nothing wrong with humor or camp, of course (and this whole genre of heroine movies is totally ridiculous anyway), but it really doesn’t work for me in the Slayer Paris movies.  In my opinion, the best heroine movies – Zen Pictures, Giga Freeks, Ring Divas’ Girls of War and Sayuri Blood Chronicles II – are always treated with total seriousness.  There’s not a single trace of humor in Girls of War III, for example, or in most Japanese heroine videos.  The humor of the Slayer Paris movies has the effect of alienating me from the story, as if the whole thing isn’t really made to be sincerely enjoyed or taken at all seriously.

However, judging from the apparent success of these films (the Slayer Paris site continues to make this and other series and the company has expanded to several other heroine-themed web sites) this formula may result in more mainstream success than a lot of competitors.  So even though the humor makes it harder for me to enjoy these films, that may not be the case for the majority of viewers.

In any event, I did enjoy Slayer Paris, Episode 4, and give it a B.  The extended torture scene is very good, although several other elements prevent the movie from being totally enjoyable (to me anyway).

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