Sleeperkid’s “Super-Becca vs. The Vampiress” – Review

I’ve always thought there was something intrinsically likeable about Sleeperkid and his team. I’ve never really been a big wrestling fan, nor have I seen a ton of Sleeperkid videos, but I’ve always noticed in the behind-the-scenes clips that they have a genuine love for the work they do and I appreciate that as a viewer. And it’s obvious that a lot of love went into the making of the very enjoyable Super Becca vs the Vampiress.

Sleeperkid's "Super-Becca vs. The Vampiress" - Review

[Spoilers!] The film stars Jacquelyn Velvets, who wears the hell out of a catsuit, taking on Becca, who wears the hell out of a bikini. Things start with a black and white flashback of the Vampiress (Jacquelyn) dominating a “Batgirl” in a fight.

The film really gets going when we flash to the present and Super Becca enters a room and starts taking blows from an invisible enemy. Unable to do anything to avoid the attacks, Becca soon finds herself unconscious on a couch. That’s when Jacquelyn finally reveals herself. Jacquelyn goes to suck some Kryptonian blood but forgets that Becca has a body of steel and her fangs break off and fall to the floor. But Jacquelyn stays in control of the fight, rocking Becca with several punches to the face. Jacquelyn then casually sits down and uses her telekinetic powers to land punches from across the room. She then strangles Becca telekinetically for a time until she passes out.

Jacquelyn then de-boots Becca. Actually, she de-socks her as I don’t think what Becca was wearing qualify as boots. But Jacquelyn gets a little cocky and when she goes to land a punch, Becca catches it easily and crushes her hand. She then puts Jacquelyn in a choke hold and keeps it on until she passes out.

Becca then decides to toy with Jacquelyn. She literally runs circles around her at super-speed which causes Jacquelyn to pass out a second time. After Jacquelyn awakens, Becca starts pounding her in the face with punch after punch in what I believe is a little nod to a scene in Avegers: Age of Ultron.

But in a moment when Becca turns her back, Jacquelyn disappears. Jacquelyn goes for another one of her invisible attacks, but this time, Becca is ready. She grabs her by the throat and super-speeds Jacquelyn outside. It’s daytime, but only direct sunlight effects Jacquelyn which Becca fully intends to expose her to, but before she can, she begins to weaken. Turns out that Jacquelyn has a big old piece of kryptonite at the ready. She ties it around Becca’s neck and throws her into a pool. Think the first Superman movie but instead of Christopher Reeve, it’s a super hot blonde in a bikini. Becca struggles for a time but can’t get the kryptonite off of her and she falls unconscious in the water.

To me, this was a classic PG-13 fetish film. But it’s a film you can enjoy if you’re not a fan of any of the fetishes presented. Just to recap, there’s kryptonite weakening with Becca being thrown into a pool, several knockouts, a de-socking, some super-speed scenes, invisibility scenes, face punches and choke holds. The leads actresses each give impressive performances here. Both are quite beautiful and I think each looks great in their respective costumes. One thing that some hardcore Sleeperkid wrestling fans need to know is there’s pretty much a total lack of wrestling action. You may notice there’s a wresting ring in the background, but they never enter it. There’s fighting, just no real wrestling. Still, this is an incredibly enjoyable film and probably my personal favorite Sleeperkid film. It’s fun to watch. Something I think that has been in short supply lately genre wide.

On another note, one thing I’ve always wanted Sleeperkid to take a crack at was an ongoing series with a storyline. Maybe one episode a month. Spy girl. Superheroine. Doesn’t matter. I just always thought that would be something his team could excel at doing. I imagine taking that on would be a major time commitment and take him away from his bread and butter wresting videos, but I’ve always wished he’d give it a go. And the one name that comes to mind as the perfect lead is Sumiko. “I just don’t like that Sumiko.” Those are words that have NEVER been uttered by anybody ever. I’d just love to see them give it a run.

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Oh my God that sounds AWESOME. Pre ordered. Take my card. Sold. Absolutely. High five to Miss Velvets because.


Mantower: As stated in the review, we tried to stay away from pure fetish on this one. That, and I didn’t have enough space in my luggage for SG boots…lol.

One thing a lot of fans have been saying about this release in particular is that they found themselves actually WATCHING the action and following the plot. Some even laughed out loud a few times at our brusque attempts at comedy.

It’s that kind of feedback that guarantees we’ll be making more of these in the future. 🙂

PS: Sidekick…

…a Fortress sequel starring Sumiko is a CAPITAL idea. 🙂


If she was in boots as opposed to thigh socks I would buy it, but the socks just put me off, a heroine walking around the world in socks is just not for me. Shame.


This looks great! A few years ago, SK released a film called The Fortress, and a few sequels after. This is when I really found a niche at his site. I’m not a huge wrestling moves only fan, but The Fortress offered a “spy girl” theme with several elements of peril that we love in our heroine movies. I have been dying for SK to make another one, and would love to order a custom