Steve Noir’s “Revenge 1: Beaten Down”

In the first of the REVENGE series, steve noir creates a fast and furious 10-minute beating of beautiful, athletic Stell in her own home. After exercising, while stretching out, Stell is confronted by a masked intruder in black who beats the daylights out of her, wordlessly, dispassionately. After taking almost 100 strikes in this beatdown, Stell is left stretched out on her own exercise mat, the intruder standing over her in triumph.

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Steve Noir

Steve Noir

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i LOVED this.

I’ve been looking for more heroines / performers of color, and here we got one and she sells a whale of a beating.

I hope we see her again, maybe in something a little more revealing (and a cape), and I think we got something here.


Get’s my seal of approval. I could only have improved on it for my taste by having a few slaps in there and the victim more femininely attired. That aside, an excellent beatdown.