Stormy Tempest: Prisoner in the Present from Cult Retro

Stormy Tempest: Prisoner in the Present from Cult RetroDo you know when you have a great producer on your hands? I think it’s when the wait between releases seems interminable. Well it’s feels like forever since we’ve seen a new Stormy Tempest film, and I’m pleased to announce that Cult Retro has finally released Stormy Tempest: Prisoner in the Present

The last time we saw Stormy was in the film Stormy Tempest: Torment in Time. That episode had an injured Stormy Tempest being chased by the Gorla Monks and trapped in a drug induced peril nightmare.

Stormy Tempest: Prisoner in the Present from Cult RetroStormy Tempest: Prisoner in the Present from Cult RetroStormy Tempest: Prisoner in the Present from Cult Retro

After a tremendous opening credit sequence that looks like it could have been made by studio professionals, we get a little exposition from two Gorla monks who have had no success in tracking Stormy down. We are then introduced to a character by the name of Lacy Slater. The actress who plays her is a blonde bombshell and fills out what her character considers a Stormy Tempest costume quite nicely.

Stormy Tempest: Prisoner in the Present from Cult RetroStormy Tempest: Prisoner in the Present from Cult RetroStormy Tempest: Prisoner in the Present from Cult Retro

We finally catch up with Stormy who is still fading in and out of her peril filled consciousness. If you remember the last episode, Stormy’s outfit was slowly being stripped off of her. Thing are taken up a notch in this episode, because it all comes off and comes off quickly. Stormy is completely stripped of her outfit. Be advised that this scene is very much PG-13 and is shot tastefully—mostly from behind.

Stormy Tempest: Prisoner in the Present from Cult RetroStormy Tempest: Prisoner in the Present from Cult RetroStormy Tempest: Prisoner in the Present from Cult Retro

Stormy awakens, still under the protection of Edward Karbunkle at his home. She jumps in and out of her mind-controlled torment but eventually summons the willpower to escape. While the Gorla Monks continue their pursuit, we learn that Lacy Slater is crushing on Edward only to be put off time and again because of his fascination with Stormy.

Stormy Tempest: Prisoner in the Present from Cult RetroStormy Tempest: Prisoner in the Present from Cult RetroStormy Tempest: Prisoner in the Present from Cult Retro

That’s about it for this episode. You may notice that I didn’t write about any intense action scenes, and that’s because there weren’t any. This episode’s main thrust is story; it has interesting characters, good acting, and much more of the mental torment/peril that occurred in the last episode.

I wouldn’t let the lack of action put you off from checking this one out. The production values are first rate, and the sheer scope of this story has been fantastic to watch. There is an entertaining blooper reel and a trailer that indicates the next episode will be heavy on the action. A scene in the trailer shows that the character of Lacy will somehow be gaining superhuman powers, so that should be interesting.

I understand that great work takes time, but my only hope is that the next episode comes out much more quickly. It’s only been a few hours since I watched this film and the wait for the next episode is already killing me. Unless you go by the internet name of mauro, I highly recommend this episode.

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We don’t intend to make a trailer for this one.

One third of this video features Stormy Tempest not wearing clothing, so any trailer that we might make would probably DESERVE to be flagged and banned. Our other videos were certainly banned for less.

This is our 7th Stormy Tempest release. Hopefully at this point you have some idea of what to expect even without a trailer, but if you have any questions about the film please feel free to email us or ask questions here.


this time no videoclip previews ?


season 3 can’t come soon enough! looks great


Ask and you shall receive:

Well… not always. But this time you’re in luck. 🙂


Oh man… dude what are you waiting for?!?! lol jk.

Can’t wait to see that though, this video was good but def looking fwd to the return of some more action. Any chance we get a teaser trailer or pics of the vines?


She is tied up in tentacles AND vines!


I think stormy is my fav and cult is my fav production. They are very unique with their production values and have a Wide range of pluses (effects, costumes, actresses, etc are all top notch)

And with a promise for more action… You can’t beat that! Keep up the awesome work guys!

Swamp monster pic is hot! Would love to see stormy tied up in tentacle like vines or something that’d be insanely hot


There is MUCH more Stormy coming soon and coming fast! We can’t let Claire Yellowlees just walk away with this hypothetical “best superheroine actress” award without giving her some competition. 🙂

There are two more episodes to go in this current “season 2”. This particular episode was filmed in August of 2010, so you’ve actually been waiting longer than you may realize.

Stormy releases have been traditionally slow because we also release Ghost of Garganta, Nyoka and the AngelAvengers in between. But we are working on the next Stormy chapter RIGHT NOW and hope to finish it later this month. The plan is to stick with Stormy until atleast all of this season 2 is complete. No more detours. It’s all Stormy, all the time!

After that there are 3 or 4 MORE episodes for Stormy’s “Season 3” that we have already filmed. It has more action, peril and combat (and swamp monsters) than anything we’ve done before and Nicola Rae looks even hotter. I’m dying to get to work on it, but i guess I should finish Season 2 first.

Here’s a quick preview pic for Season 3:

Also in April we are now planning to shoot ANOTHER two or three episodes of Stormy Tempest! So basically ALL YEAR we will be cranking out new Stormy episodes as quickly as we can.

@ Aldous, Jerkstore and Sidekick
Thanks for the praise! More action is most definitely coming. We figured that if you’re going to build a film series around one character, it’s necessary to take the time to add some depth to her…especially when you have someone like Nicola Rae to bring her to life. It was time to show that Stormy is a unique heroine with goals, flaws, vulnerabilities and a really cool personality. There is also a larger story at work here. We want folks to cheer for her when she’s winning, and really feel for her when she’s down (that last part seems quite popular around here). 🙂


Even without big action sequences I thought this video was great. One of the best ever made in the genre. The trailer at the end was incredible. Can’t wait to see what is next. Hope Cult Retro can edit the next one a little more quickly. It was a long wait for this video.


I too was climbing the walls waiting for this to come out – Cult Retro are in my top three producers and the last Stormy Tempest was terrific. This new chapter raises the bar. A fantastic lead performance, first rate production values and a peril plot crafted with real intelligence. This is, so far, my favorite heroine film of the year and I recommend it highly. Congratulations Cult Retro.